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Dreadful Dictators and Dead End Durham

Two recent developments are imperative to understand for properly comprehending the controlled demolition of the US. This process will eventually render America to Marxist communism under global governance and sooner than later.

The scope of controls and mechanisms wielded for this Marxist transition include things like cultural Marxism, which is devised and deployed as “identity politics” to keep Americans pitted, divided and at each others’ throats; and certainly not resolutely unified and advocating for an overhaul to the entire corrupt, criminal and traitorous system of technocratic enslavement.

There is remarkable symmetry found in the nexuses and relationships between our two developments as overlaid by their even more remarkable timing.

Timing matters. It always does and in the most important ways.

The timing of the purposeful delivery of two new developments bears down:

1-US China relations under the Biden regime featuring a scripted exchange between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden where Biden called Xi a “dictator” eliciting a scripted response from Beijing

2-The John Durham Special Counsel and its flawed and narrow scope authority that concluded exactly and precisely where I said it would about 3.5 years ago on 01 Jan 20: at a dead end

Putting the sharpest brass tacks on the table first, there is a buried lesson herein and it’s this: America has a deficiency in discerning, reconciling and accepting the truth.

This is especially so when evidence and analysis is presented in water-tight ways but with summary findings that contradict or conflict with the vision and expectations of what Americans want to see happen.

Bearing with me for a moment, here’s what I mean by this.

It requires kicking one of our oldest dead horses for proper context and meaning:

Of course, the focus on Durham applied to scenario 1 – as a concealment and cover-up operation.

This is presented in the above short thread respective to the cover-up of Hunter Biden’s criminality that is so well evidenced at Garrett Ziegler’s Marco Polo outfit where the Biden hard drive is unpacked in accurate granularity.

The Hunter Biden example evidences both the cover-up operations of the DOJ and its brazen two-tiered justice system that has been weaponized against 74 million voters and perhaps as many as 100 million Americans altogether. They further qualify as Biden’s political opposition ergo they qualify as targets for the Departments of Justice, Treasury, Revenue, Defense and more.

Make no mistake – the HUNT IS ON.

The key to examining then AG William Barr’s narrow scope authority of Durham was to make Barr ‘the man’ as the crux of Durham. It delivered the truth about the John Durham Special Counsel and its eventual outcome accurately projected years ago.

As I said in November, 2021: Here’s the most basic sniff test for Durham – Do you think a 2-time U.S. Attorney General in Bill Barr was dumb enough to appoint a special counsel that stood to undo himself? Not in a gazillion years, people, Durham is clean-up or I have it all wrong and Barr is a hero.”

I wasn’t wrong and Barr sure as hell isn’t any sort of hero. Far from it.

Understanding Barr ‘the man’ begins with tracing the threads emanating from him and to their eventual termination points, which are in China respective to Dominion Voting, the stolen 2020 election and a 2017 timeline relative to Kirkland & Ellis:

This is the mother lode article on Barr for anyone caring to go granular: A Beholden and Bad Bill Barr Betrayed the Boss.

I delivered Dead End Durham as a clean-up and cover-up operation on 01 Jan 20 before proceeding to write a short series on the matter. Altogether, Durham appears in 81 Moonshine articles.

This is the short series on Durham; paying particular attention to the second item as a timely recapitulation:

08 Nov 21: Durham: Deflection and Clean Up or Delivery of Justice?

*14 May 22: An Evidenced Reminder to Temper Expectations About Durham – He’s the Clean-up and Cover-up Operation

19 May 22: Clinton Duped ‘Em All! The Fraud Extends to Durham in Flimsy but Clear Cover-up and Clean-up Strategy: Days 1 and 2

20 May 22: Durham Day 3: Carve-out for FBI General Counsel James Baker Confirmed in Clean-up, Cover-up Operation

21 May 22: Durham Day 4: Mook Maligns Clinton and It Matters Not, Clean-up and Cover-up Moves Forward

27 May 22: Durham: Barr Circles Back To Clinton With Highly Revealing and Confirming Remarks

31 May 22: Sussmann Acquitted, Truth and Mission, Willing to Accept that Durham is the Clean-up and Cover-up As Outlined and Evidenced Drawing back to 01 Jan 20?

Here are several of countless reminders that Durham was always going to be a dead end; this one from Nov. 2021:

These are more recent:

As you can see, over and over the truth about Durham that eventually played-out in exact alignment with my analysis; as focused on Barr ‘the man’, was disseminated for all and for a very long time.

It was made public.

It was also intensely shared in private with many of the best minds in this game including the entire team and crew at Marco Polo and other folks with giant bullhorns whom you all know.

Save a few privately and slightly more folks publicly, everyone essentially ignored or swam upstream on the accurate Durham evidence and analysis.

That last point is our case in point; thank you for bearing with me. Let’s talk about it with the understanding that I’m generalizing about Americans here and no one specifically.

Teammate and friend Brian O’Shea is former military/special operations/military intelligence/3-letter contractor and he was the tip of the spear in information warfare in the Middle East. It’s more commonly known as ‘psychological operations’ or more accurately, ‘perception management.’

O’Shea informs my other analysis evidencing how Americans writ large are highly susceptible to weaponized propaganda as made possible by a conditioned reflex to propagandized content.

It’s all very Pavlovian; making it an even sadder reality.

American information systems like television, radio, media, social media, “news,” “reporting,” etc. have been state-sponsored and weaponized against us for decades.

The net effect for many [most?] Americans is a predisposition towards a deficiency in discerning, reconciling and accepting the truth; especially when the truth is drawn into conflict by the very real effects of ‘perception management.’

This social programming stifles independent and critical thinking at treacherous levels.

The effects of perception management cause the mind to adhere to information aligned with the outcomes that people want to see instead of the outcomes that are most likely to occur according to the evidence.

The information systems propagandize the lying state-sponsored narrative while marginalizing, branding and attacking the purveyors of truth.

The off-reservation purveyors of truth then get dismissed writ large and the truth gets dismissed right along with them.

It’s a vicious cycle that to this point, appears unbreakable.

See “Orange Man bad!”

It’s easier to feed the lie [Orange Man bad!] in order to preserve the ego [programmed to be a certain way] than it is to admit being duped by a weapons-grade propaganda system and admitting that President Trump is exactly what this nation requires.

These are the same people who removed their Biden yard signs long ago but still talk shit about their progressive liberal ideology and political party while dismissing or making excuses for the unmitigated disaster that is their president, Joe Biden.

Also see John Durham.

“Wait for Durham!” they said.

“Trust Durham!” they hollered.

Examine Barr ‘the man’ respective to 2017, 2020, Kirkland & Ellis, Dominion Voting and China, I said.

Durham is the clean-up and cover-up, I hollered.

And I hollered it over and over.

Now that cover-up is in the bag.

Now and 3.5 years late, Matt Gaetz is hollering the same thing:

Please. This is all kabuki theater. It’s all gaslighting and fodder for the functional idiots and partisan parrots.

Are we catching on yet?

Would it be more helpful if people read accurate analysis like that found at Moonshine?

Would it be more helpful if more people were reading the accurate analysis when I delivered it 3.5 years ago?

Like when I projected the summer 2020 riots 3 weeks in advance?

Or identified the COVID-19 “pandemic” as ENTERPRISE FRAUD in January of 2020, which landed me on a team of Senators, doctors, judges, attorneys, investigators, researchers, etc. litigating this fraud?

Or evidenced how “variants” are introduced to bridge a “pandemic” construct from one flu season to another during times when there is no flu/pneumo data to steal and propagate as COVID-19 data?

Or projected the WHO’s reduction of cycle threshold levels relative to RT-PCR testing to make the “pandemic” disappear for Joe Biden as happened within one hour of Biden’s inauguration and with the empirical data to prove it by that March?

Or evidenced how the entire first impeachment of President Trump was a deflection point construct away from what was really being unpacked on America as we were being told not to worry about a viral outbreak in China beginning in December 2019?

Or accurately projected over 2 years ago that in unprecedented fashion, China and Russia would defy conventions and align militarily, as they have done?

Or said on 06 May 20 in the article Making the Case for Treason that President Trump was a wartime president resulting from an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China in alignment with Chinese doctrine and China’s stated and preferred primary warfare vector, biowarfare?

Days ago and over 3 years later, President Trump said this: “Treason. Treason. It’s treason.”

Intelligent analysis for intelligent people. That’s what Moonshine is. Please consider sharing the work.

Let’s extend our analysis to a couple of dreadful dictators in a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

There is significant importance in this exchange and we begin by accepting that all of Biden’s personal appearances are carefully scripted and managed by people in the backdrop.

The same is accepted for Biden’s social media content.

It’s all scripted so it’s all deliberate and purposeful even if to ulterior ends.

The years-old analysis here holds that Biden is a Chinese proxy. The Biden’s private equity deal with the CEFC China Energy Company presses down firmly.

Tee-ball is the analog to understanding Biden’s scripted remarks, where as a proxy for the Chinese government, Biden called Xi Jinping a “dictator.”

In this scenario, China is teeing up “dictator” to justify stepping up to the plate with a bat and swinging at the Biden Administration with a strong rebuke that creates a portal for China to advance its geopolitical, diplomatic, economic, national and military objectives through that context.

From the manufactured exchange, we see significant fallout.

China’s set-up permitted Beijing to hit back as curiously timed with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip and meeting with Xi Jinping.

Recall that Beijing essentially characterized the trip as a disaster in what amounted to an embarrassment for Blinken.

Biden’s remarks were characterized as “extremely absurd and irresponsible” by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and “go totally against facts and seriously violate diplomatic protocol, and severely infringe on China’s political dignity” according to FM spokesperson Mao Ning.

It is a blatant political provocation. China expresses strong dissatisfaction and opposition,” Mao remarked. “The U.S. remarks are extremely absurd and irresponsible,” said Mao.

“The U.S. should have handled it in a calm and professional manner,” she said. “However, the U.S. distorted facts and used forces to hype up the incident, fully revealing its nature of bullying and hegemony.”

Chinese FM spokesperson Mao Ning

Of course, the Biden regime simply downplayed the incident citing no impact on future bilateral relations.

Beyond the obvious constructed nature of this exchange, it’s the assertion that the US used force that China can point to in its objective of taking kinetic its ongoing undeclared war against the US.

Critically, China is also positioned to blame it all on the US, which is important for the UN and international audiences.

That’s what proxies do. They put the ball on the tee. That’s what Proxy Joe did here for his Chinese sugar daddy.

While the fallout gains in intensity, we see the timing of Durham take effect: “Look here! Durham’s dead end! Don’t look here! Everything else.”

The everything else includes:

1-“President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland may face tough questions after Thursday’s release of the testimony of an IRS whistleblower, which was released by the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee. Republicans released transcripts of two whistleblowers, one of whom said he had seen evidence that Joe Biden was present when his son, Hunter, attempted to pressure a Chinese investor to send them millions of dollars. The whistleblower, IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent Gary A. Shapley Jr., also said that the Department of Justice had interfered in the effort to investigate Hunter Biden for tax crimes — contrary to Garland’s claims.” Source

2-“Several bombshells dropped by two IRS whistleblowers on Thursday reveal, among other things, that Joe Biden’s DOJ buried evidence of Hunter Biden’s tax crimes – and stopped US Attorney David Weiss from bringing charges against Hunter in two different jurisdictions last year.” Source

3-“As two IRS whistleblowers prepared to go public with more damning information implicating the Biden administration in a scheme to bury evidence of Hunter Biden’s tax crimes – as well as the revelation that Joe Biden was ‘in the room’ when Hunter shot a threatening message to a Chinese business associate demanding payment, a story which some have called “the biggest political scandal this country has ever seen”, another story captivated the nation: the deaths of missing submarine passengers who set off last weekend to see the Titanic, only to lose contact shortly into the trip.” Source

4-“Hunter Biden demanded in 2017 to be paid by CCP-linked Chinese businessman Henry Zhao while President Joe Biden was “sitting” next to him, according to a screenshot of a WhatsApp message from an IRS whistleblower. Henry Zhao was influential in forming Harvest Fund Management. “He was elected the chairman of the board in November 2017. Under his leadership, Harvest has become one of China’s leading asset management companies serving more than 100 million investors,” Harvest Advisors’ website reads. Zhao was also the chairman and Chinese Communist Party general secretary at the firm, according to Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer.” Source

5-“A supervisory IRS agent divulged to Congress widespread interference in the probe of Hunter Biden, including the blockage of two search warrants and more extensive criminal charges, while also confirming the government had evidence that Joe Biden met with his son’s Chinese business partners, according to testimony released Thursday. Shapley also confirmed prosecutors had evidence that Joe Biden met with officials of his son’s Chinese energy client called CEFC, describing an interview that family associate Rob Walker gave the FBI.” Walker went on to describe an instance in which the former Vice President showed up at a CEFC meeting.” Source

Note Joe Biden’s meeting with respect to CEFC. Find the Bidens, CEFC and China in the illustration above where we examined Barr.

Overlay it all with this:

By stepping far back to examine everything from a broader perspective, the true nature of the Durham Special Counsel can be identified.

Identifying it is salt in the wounds, though.

This is because Durham has always been the clean-up and cover-up operation and now Durham is being used to distract you from what’s really going on.

What’s really going on is the criminality and treason of the Obama cartel and the Biden Family that has this nation on the brink of a kinetic World War III. We are facing a two-front scenario against Russia and China that by design we are predetermined to lose. Again, that’s all old Moonshine.

Dead End Durham is the talk of the town while two dreadful dictators continue our unmitigated march to a war we’re being set-up to lose.

I’ve been hollering about the designed WWIII loss since March 2021.

I’m also on an extensive roll accurately analyzing constructs and set-ups to project their outcomes.

Y’all better hope I’m wrong on this one.



  1. Michael Buhagiar June 23, 2023

    Great to see Brian O’Shea on the team. That means a link to his spouse the wonderful Naomi Wolf. What a trio – PM + the O’Sheas. I note also the common Pavlovian reaction to Russia, mistaking it for the USSR.

  2. Kevin June 25, 2023

    Thank you for all that you do in highlighting the truth that we ALL need to be aware of in these very troubled and controlled times. I sincerely hope that all those individuals involved in the crimes so clearly documented and evidenced by you, will meet the end that they all deserve very soon!

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