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Trump Declares for 2024, Indictment Likely Imminent, War Drums Amplify Again, Trump-DeSantis in 2024 Delivers American Greatness for the Foreseeable Future

-16 Nov 22-

Last night, we all heard the announcement that we all knew was coming when President Donald J. Trump declared his candidacy for 2024 from the grounds of his Mar-a-Lago estate. Today, if one enters “Trump declares for 20204” into their search engine and examines the headline returns, they read exactly as one would expect the U.S. Goebbels propaganda machine to read: he loses control of $103 million; he gave a 2020 speech; he is running after inspiring a 2021 riot and other patently garbage angles.

The extent to which the minds of Americans are abjectly poisoned with lies and tripe is truly remarkable and as I continue to say, George Orwell would be slack jawed and Joseph Goebbels would be blushing. The net effect can be summed up in two images derived from two nations with citizens that are by far more American than today’s Americans: Brazil and Mexico, respectively, and relative to their nation’s fraudulent elections.

To-date, Americans have yet to act like Americans respective to either 2020 or 2022. Rather they left a two-year window for the actual redress of grievances on the table and essentially untouched preferring to run out and vote in the next stolen election as the remedy for the last stolen election.

That is intellectually pitiful and pathetic.

What does it portend for 2024? Do you have the same concerns as do I because mine stack up deep and wide?

Consequently, Americans are self-subjugating as Amerikans and it equates to a future living on the technocratic global plantation that’s being installed with China as the model and the beta test.

Brazil Election Protest

Mexico Election Protest

*Images sourced at The Gateway Pundit

It bears the question that I continue to kick like a dead horse: “WHERE ARE THE AMERICANS?”

The net effect of perception management [psychological operations] and propaganda is a very real thing and it has had the very real outcome of poisoning the American mind thus making Amerikans impotent and predisposed to the aforementioned self-subjugation. How intellectually pitiful, pathetic and tragic. I’m going to keep saying that until there is change.

It behooves Americans to remember that the fall of the United States has very distinct and direct parallels to the fall of the Roman Empire. Ergo, it bears this reminder from Marcus Aurelius:

When a bunch of known corrupt people unite against one man and spare no effort to ridicule him, blackmail him and attempt to assassinate his character, blindly follow that one man!

Marcus Aurelius

Today’s elite and political class are the most sinister and corrupt miscreants in all of U.S. history and President Donald J. Trump is unquestionably the most ridiculed, assailed and attacked individual in all of U.S. history; however, blindly following any one man is a fool’s endeavor save Jesus Christ himself.

Therefore, no one should follow President Trump blindly rather everyone should come to comprehend that Mr. Trump is a truth teller and therefore, they should follow Mr. Trump on that single fact alone for it’s our only exit from the horror of the status quo.

How can Mr. Trump win; however, given this status quo of a system of total control that routinely delivers one stolen election after another? I don’t know. Well, I do, but I don’t know if it’s feasible – see 2016 as the basis of that and where a certainly rigged election was “un-rigged” to allow the people’s will to actually prevail, for once.

Can that happen again? No. Not unless Americans start acting like Brazilians and Mexicans. Only time will tell.

Who should be Mr. Trump’s 2024 running mate and who poses the biggest threat to Mr. Trump’s second term during the primary?

The answer is found in one man – Ronald Dion DeSantis.

A Trump-DeSantis ticket is the remedy we need. It is the juggernaut that can undo the entire thing and revert this Third World banana republic back to American greatness.

Is it likely? Perhaps not but that doesn’t preclude it from being the absolutely smartest play.

A Trump-DeSantis ticket stands to permit Americans to get their country back for the foreseeable future and perhaps forever as the political establishment would be gutted and the end of the Democratic Party as we know it would be eviscerated forever because it would be forced to change or disappear in irrelevance.

Here’s how: Trump-DeSantis would hold the Executive 2024-2028 which positions DeSantis and his selected DeSantisesque running mate to carry on in American greatness for 2028-2032 and 2032-2036; and from there, it’s rinse/repeat.

The Democrats change or disappear forever.

The U.S. Constitution holds that the president and vice president may not hail from the same state; however, there is a verifiable circumvention and Dick Cheney used it in 2000. It would apply to President Trump. By registering to vote in a state where he maintains a home [New Jersey or New York], Mr. Trump’s residency is transferred outside of Florida representing a legal and ethical vector. to this constitutional snag.

Trump-DeSantis for 2024 – that’s what I would like to see and it’s America’s best bet to return to American greatness for the foreseeable future; if not forever.

Trump-DeSantis is the smartest play, which is a different thing than saying it’s going to occur. Time will tell and we will see.

The criminals in the political class aren’t done, though, and they’re leveraging DeSantis as the mechanism to finally dispatch the single greatest threat to their personal freedom and their criminal enterprise: Mr. Trump. I covered that emerging plan in great detail in this article: THE STEAL IS REAL: Midterm Thieves Continue “Counting” [Stealing] as the Plan Forward Clearly Emerges [on Substack].

An aspect of this plan, which centers on throwing establishment money behind DeSantis, will be the indictment and potential arrest of Trump respective to the Mar-a-Lago raid, which amounts to an entrapment operation akin to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation, which sees real Americans sitting in real Amerikan gulag. Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the entire thing.

Trump’s post-announcement indictment/arrest is the final move to dispatch the single greatest threat to the establishment and its money will thrust DeSantis forward where he could stand to be influenced and perhaps controlled assuming he were elected.

Otherwise, after the primary and in the general election, they’ll just steal the election from him like they stole the elections in 2020 and 2022. We call that rinse/repeat mode and it makes us the Third World banana republic I say we are. Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.

As we reach another round of electoral insanity, the broader insanity across the board is also peaking.

No sooner did they soften the tone of the multiple-front war drums [Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan] as I wrote about in this article [on Substack], did they resume pounding them more loudly. Recent developments include:

  1. Recalling that there is much controversy in the special security operation that Russia is conducting in Ukraine – it’s not a war but rather and operation targeting NATO installations and U.S. Department of Defense biolabs engaged in biowarfare and posing a direct threat to Russian national security [and the rest of the world] that directly ties to the Biden Crime Family via Metabiota [all arduously evidenced work to be found in the War, Famine & Disease series I’ve written] – consider this: “Palpable divisions over the war in Ukraine have become apparent at the G20 summit in Bali as the US tries to make the case that Russian aggression is to blame for the global rise in food and fuel, and cost-of-living crisis generally. […] So this year the “joint G20 communique” will perhaps only serve to highlight the deep division on how to assess the nature of the war in Ukraine. As for the Russian side, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov blasted the attempts at “politicization” of the G20 meeting by Western countries, underscoring their failed attempts to manipulate the communique.” SOURCE
  2. Not surprisingly, the Chinese funded and controlled United Nations is further stomping on the neck of the required Russian “boogeyman” in this development: “On Monday the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for Russia to pay war reparations for its invasion of Ukraine, now nine months in. This is to include the billions of dollars in damage and destruction, as well as reparations for loss of life. The UN resolution states that the Russian Federation “must bear the legal consequences of all its internationally wrongful acts, including making reparation for injury, including any damage, caused by such acts.” It further seeks to establish “an international mechanism for reparation for damage, loss or injury” as a result of the war, and further calls for an “international register” to document evidence and claims of “damage, loss or injury” to Ukrainians and public buildings and entities.” It is important to note that China is one of the 14 dissenting nations refusing and voting “no.” One reason for that is most certainly China’s stated objectives to invade and capture Taiwan, which it covets and considers a part of “One China.” Voting “yes” here sets a precedent where China would subject itself to reparations when [not if] that happens. SOURCE
  3. Recalling that the U.S. is the primary funder and weapons supplier for its proxy war in Ukraine [see above], an “errant” missile said to be from Ukraine seems to be the impetus for Proxy Joe Biden to send another $37 billion to one of his two epicenters of corruption, Ukraine; with the other being China. Consider this: “At the close of a wild roller-coaster of a day following the alleged “Russian missile attack” on a Polish border town, and despite little to nothing in the way of official confirmation of just what happened or whodunnit, and urgent phone calls flying between Western heads of state pledging “solidarity” – it’s perfect timing for the US to shovel out another nearly $40 billion to Ukraine… President Joe Biden is asking Congress to provide more than $37 billion in emergency aid to Ukraine, a massive infusion of cash that could help support the nation as Russian forces suffer battlefield losses in their nine-month-old invasion,” Reuters is reporting late in the day.” Not surprisingly, Ukraine demanded access to the Polish missile strike site and doubled down on it asserted “Russian attack” narrative. SOURCE SOURCE
  4. Recalling that we’ve already discussed in depth the drawing of sides and the impact of war games, both pre-war vectors continue to escalate. Consider this: “The US and Japan are set to kick off large-scale joint war games on Thursday. The military drills will involve over 35,000 troops and take place just days after President Joe Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping aimed at lowering tensions. The war games, dubbed “Keen Sword 23,” will run for three days. The military drills come as Japan is increasingly worried about China’s growing presence in the region. The exercises simulate the defense of Tokunoshima Island, located in the East China Sea. Biden’s administration has previously pledged the U.S. will defend Japan’s claims to the East China Sea’s disputed Senkaku Islands. The Senkaku Islands are also claimed by Beijing and Taipei.” SOURCE

Not without a sense of deep, dark irony, we live in a time when the most reliable news about Amerika comes from Russia:

Trump in 2024 ends all of this madness.

Trump-DeSantis in 2024 ends all of this madness with the full force of the will of the American people replete with unmatched style and authority.

That is what we need and that is what I will hope and pray for.

Time will tell.


This is the 85th article in this series: WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE [On Substack]

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