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The War Drums Soften Immediately After Stolen Midterms – Coincidence or Clarity?

-15 Nov 22-

March 2021 was the time frame for two emerging story lines to converge in a way so as to paint an ominous and foreboding picture that cast a very dark and dismal shadow on America and the rest of the world. We were only a couple of months down the line from a patently obvious stolen 2020 election that resulted in an illegitimate president serving unquestionably as a Chinese proxy. No one else was really talking about this multiple-front war scenario before it manifested in 2022 and now that confluence of forces appears to be waning.

*See a full slate of illustrated graphics here [beneath the timeline.]

Don’t think Joe Biden is a Chinese proxy? Really? Okay then, who dresses like this as “President of the United States?” This is messaging and China is telling us, “WE OWN YOU. YOU BELONG TO US.” It makes us Amerikans; not Americans. How tragic.

How rich that “Justin from Chinada” is escorting the geriatric; both dressed like CCP officers.

Depending on whom you read, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the United States has not had elections free of influence since at least 2004. This means that for Donald J. Trump to win the Executive in 2016, forces of good had to intercede on the same tactics and assets that the intelligence community was using in conjunction with corrupt politicians and hostile foreign nations; some of them supposed “allies,” to steal elections to literally “un-rig” 2016 to the extent that it permitted the will of the people to prevail and prevail it did.

That’s what made the 2020 result so staggeringly unbelievable; leaving millions of Americans slack jawed about how President Trump could have possibly “lost” that election.

Mr. Trump didn’t lose rather they stole it; just like they stole 2022.

Relative to 2016 and moving into 2020, I always put it like this: Who stands on the train tracks for four years knowing that the freight train of corruption, crime and treason is barrelling at them only to remain firmly in place allowing oneself to be run over?

No one. That’s who.

This is especially so for someone of the intellectual prowess, tactical savvy and intestinal fortitude of Donald J. Trump. Or so I thought but more on that momentarily and before we pass final judgement on whether the unthinkable happened or not.

Even before the 2020 election, I had marked inauguration day 2021 as the most important date on the calendar for contemporary U.S. history for two critical reasons; maintaining a countdown to it in the sidebar of the Moonshine website:

1-In a worst case scenario, by certifying the election and inaugurating Joe Biden relative to aspects of criminal law, it would qualify for the completion of the crime respective to any forthcoming prosecution but prosecutions never arrive when all of the institutions, agencies and departments are firmly in the grasp of traitors, tyrants and Marxist communists.

2-In a best case scenario, Mr. Trump the savvy tactician would have certainly taken appropriate measures to avoid being run over by the election theft freight train he assuredly knew was coming and therefore, there is no way he would allow Biden to be inaugurated because it would qualify as Trump abdicating his rightful office to people who would never relinquish it or the power and authority within it that permits them to capture the entire nation in all of the right places and which results in the final step to eliminate any and all remedies for the redress of grievances [like stolen elections.]

Another way to state the second reason is this: If they hijack the Executive to align with a corrupt Congress led by all of the usual suspects [Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, et al.] and all that Congress had done and would do, their brand of Bolshevism and Marxist communism would become permanent and they would steal every election they needed moving forward from here to eternity to galvanize and preserve power permanently.

Take a look around you.

I still don’t understand how feeble-mindedness, incapacitated intellectual ability and the unwillingness to assume personal risk to actually fight back for all that is right and good plagued Amerikans following 2020 and all of the way into 2022.

With even a single grain of common sense or just a modicum of independent and critical thinking, who in their right mind decides that the only remedy to fix one stolen election is to run out and vote in the next stolen election?

That’s intellectually pitiful and pathetic and yet, that’s precisely what Amerikans have done; and they’ve done it to themselves.

Immediately after 2020, I went on the record saying that I’d never vote again until 2020 was fully remedied. I stand by that. I don’t participate in bullshit of any kind, especially rigged, fake and bullshit elections that hoodwink Americans into becoming Amerikan subjects under the rule of tyranny.

This sums it up fairly succinctly:

This is what should have occurred after 2020 and has yet to occur to my amazement, but not really. What has happened to us? Rhetorical question; I’ve written copiously about it. Americans could and should take a long set of notes from the Brazilians who have embraced our revolutionary heritage to become entirely more American than we spineless Amerikans, who are now subjects under the rule of tyranny and behaving like passive Western Europeans.

The two emerging story lines that converged in a way so as to paint an ominous and foreboding picture that cast a very dark and dismal shadow on America and the rest of the world were found in the prospects of war. Importantly and in ways no one else was really discussing to any extent, the possibility of war was emerging on two fronts: Ukraine/Russia and China/Taiwan/South China Sea.

I’ve written an entire series [on Substack] exclusively delineating and evidencing this multiple-front war scenario and this is the 84th article in it.

The original premise is rooted in the lessons learned from the date of 06 Jun 44 when America opened a second front on the Nazis on D-day. That second war front was the beginning of the end for the Axis powers and the Nazis in World War II. It’s a simple as divide and conquer and a second war front can divide lethally and with surgical precision.

The original premise also held that the Ukraine/Russia front stood to go kinetic first and whereby China and Xi Jinping would immediately follow by opening the second front in Taiwan.

Intelligence leaking out of China included audio from Chinese military officials and CCP officers indicating that the potential flashpoint for the China/Taiwan front was August 2022 and I maintained that typhoon season stood to impact and expedite the schedule as suggested to me by one of the Marco Polo team members.

Recall that Nancy Pelosi stuck her broomstick – that’s what witches ride – into the cauldron to stir it up when she began her multiple trips to Taiwan and the region. It indicated that the timeline for the flashpoint was on point as the cauldron began to boil with severe retaliatory messaging and threats from China resulting from it.

Then things tempered and it never manifested despite continued rhetoric from all sides indicating that we were still moving in that direction.

Flash forward to the theft of the 2022 midterms and the breaking of the FTX scandal that once again verified exclusive Moonshine positions that were entirely and precisely accurate and which no one else was discussing.

I branded Ukraine as the “keystone of corruption” back in 2018 and have chased the Bidens all over the globe stacking up evidence to prove it.

On 01 Jan 20, I said this:

The corruption is massive and I’ve contended that the Democrats had rigged the global energy sector; not just the one in Ukraine. Moreover, I’ve also contended that the bulk of the corruption is funneling through Ukraine such that it’s serving as the laundering mechanism for it all. That’s what I believe is really happening.

Political Moonshine on 01 Jan 20

I covered the FTX scandal in two articles and the second one is about guaranteed to stand alone because few have pieced together the truth in the ways I have and it links the FTX scandal to the long backdrop of evidence and analysis on Ukraine drawing back on that 2018 timeline:

  1. The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine and the FTX Scandal [on Substack]
  2. The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine, the FTX Scandal, PrivatBank, the National Bank of Ukraine and Ihor Kolomoyskyi [on Substack]

I’ve covered the 2022 midterms as already stolen in many races and currently being stolen in others. Recent articles include three plausible and projected scenarios for the outcome and I immediately ruled-out the first leaving just two:

  1. The Democrats maneuver to steal all of the right elections in all of the right locations so as to cling to power and further galvanize their illegitimate control of the House and Senate.
  2. The Democrats maneuver to steal just enough of the right elections in some of the right locations so as to cling to those offices while politicians from the other side of the coin give the illusion of a change but allow the political class to preserve its power.

The second scenario is currently ongoing and the first one is moving in a way to overtake it.

I’ll remind you that in no fewer than 22 articles and countless social media posts drawing back to November 2020, I reiterated a version of this: THE 2022 MIDTERMS WILL BE STOLEN. WRITE IT DOWN.

The recent midterms coverage is found in these articles and the accurate projections [again] appear in the first and are revisited in the others:

  1. TWO SIDES OF THE SAME CORRUPT COIN: Scenarios for the 2022 Midterms [on Substack]
  2. 3-2-1: The Midterms Arrive Under a Dark Cloud of Bolshevism, Marxist Communism and Promises They’ll Be Stolen, Will They? [on Substack]
  3. Eye to Eye: Martin, Moonshine and Midterm Mayhem [on Substack]
  4. AMERICA Went to Bed a Winner and AMERIKA Woke-up a Loser…Again…As Warned Repeatedly Since November 2020…And This Time It’s Forever…Unless… [on Substack]
  5. THE STEAL IS REAL: Midterm Thieves Continue “Counting” [Stealing] as the Plan Forward Clearly Emerges [on Substack]
  6. The Senate Has Been Stolen Again and Why It Really Matters [on Substack]

Of course the 2022 midterms were going to be stolenIT WAS THE ONLY VIABLE OPTION ON THE TABLE.

That few understood this and rushed out to vote in 2022 while leaving a two year window for redress untouched, is equally three things: madness, insanity and stupidity. We reap what we sow, folks.

We are now in the closing moments of the finality of the steal and with the House apparently standing to slide back to the Democrats as the witch recently and implicitly told us.

Given everything outlined heretofore, it’s us incumbent upon us to reconcile two headlines that overlay the 2022 midterms timeline and respective to our broader position on whether we are seeing coincidence or clarity relative to the multiple-front war drums:

  1. 08 Nov 22: Zelensky only open to ‘genuine peace negotiations’ with Russia
  2. 14 Nov 22: Biden Sees ‘No Imminent Attempt Of China To Invade Taiwan’ After Xi Meeting

The war drums have softened. Why is that?

Does it represent a coincidence or does it provide clarity?

The answer lies here as enmeshed in the full body of work dedicated to enterprise fraudfraud is Moonshine’s specialty – but only time will tell:

*Image source

Apply that and enterprise fraud considerations to this as sourced from the FTX articles above:

Whereas and for over two years the multiple-front war scenario stood as a realistic and plausible outcome, it just may be that the entire thing was a ruse within the broader aspects of enterprise fraud to serve as the impetus and rationalization to send money to one of the two evidenced epicenters of Biden’s corruption, crime and treason; and whereby the politicians voting to send U.S. taxpayer money to Ukraine received it back after it was laundered into cryptocurrency.

And what was the purpose?

To steal the 2022 midterms.

In case Amerikans haven’t figured it out yet, everything they care to steal, leverage or manipulate, they convert to a digital platform and this certainly includes money laundering via cryptocurrency.

With their base of power and authority galvanizing into permanence, they are positioned to soften the war drums and it looks like that is exactly what is happening; and for the reasons stated.

That’s clarity, not coincidence.

Time will tell.

God help us.

More importantly, Amerikans need to stop acting like Amerikans, return to their revolutionary roots as Americans and HELP THEMSELVES.


The full slate of articles in this series: WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE [on Substack]



  1. JP Maxwell November 15, 2022

    Consider this, Trump also called for Amerikans to support Ukraine. He is knee deep in Burisma, as are the rest of them. Are Amerikans truly undaunted? If Brazilians had to endure the constant U.S. Military and CIA psyops, in tandem with constant MSM programming I wonder if they’d be so boisterous when defending against stolen elections? Some of us are not susceptible to their programming, not only because we drink the moonshine, but because we do think critically and question everything.

  2. Milt Parker November 15, 2022

    Thank you for the enlightenment you have provided.

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