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Clarity on Rogue FBI Trump Raid and Critical New Developments with Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan

10 Aug 22

Now and in the aftermath of the rogue FBI’s raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the dust is settling, the picture is clearer, the understanding is better and the infiltrators and occupiers have never been as emboldened and treasonous as they are in their current state, which gives all indications of being the final and galvanizing measures designed to deliver Marxist communism to the United States. The timing of it all relative to Pelosi’s also rogue Taiwan trip was compounded by Proxy Joe Biden’s COVID-19 isolation and collectively it all stinks to high heaven. Queen Pelosi is running D.C. and Biden is a sideshow of destruction functioning according to the bible of Cloward-Piven.

Initially, I laid-out seven immediate reasons a rogue FBI raided the private residence of President Trump in a brief article that is required contextual backdrop for this piece. Perhaps that list should have been eight items and not seven because targeting President Trump in such a manner is sure to galvanize one side of the civil war they are most certainly itching for us to have. I’ve written much about that plausible civil war. The unintended consequence for this unprecedented, astonishing and extremely risky political maneuver is that the politburo comprised primarily of both sides of the political coin – Democrats and Republicans – will have galvanized their own opposition while providing President Trump with a highly effective 2024 platform from which to run. Evidence of this is found in Trump’s post-raid fundraising numbers.

Clarity is obtained from Democrat attorney and fixer Marc Elias and Techno Fog. First is Elias and he; along with further evidence from Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, confirm the obvious political angles:

This is the same statute referenced by Techno Fog, who provides further clarity by delineating the legal vectors that call into question whether or not the federal sentencing guidelines apply to a U.S. President, from the earlier article. Black letter law holds that they do not apply while Trump’s opponents will continue down the path of tactical lawfare as an attack mechanism to ensure that they do. This means they will seek to litigate the entire matter in an attempt to circumvent the original intent of the law and apply it to President Trump as a mechanism to prevent him from running and winning in 2024 to galvanize MAGA in an effort to redress the nation’s woes.

The most frustrating aspect of it all is this notion of Americans trying to fix a stolen election with annother election that is guaranteed to be stolen. The 2022 midterms will be stolen and once again, you can write that down. I’ve written about that a bunch.

More clarity is found in disturbing evidence centered on Attorneys General, the Department of Justice and the FBI. According to reporting by Paul Sperry, “DEVELOPING: Investigators reportedly met back in June w Trump & his lawyers in Mar-a-Lago storage rm to survey docs & things seemed copasetic but then FBI raids weeks later. Speculation on Hill FBI had PERSONAL stake & searching for classified docs related to its #Spygate scandal.”

Recall that two U.S. Attorneys General [acting AG Monty Wilkinson and AG Merrick Garland] have refused to comply with then President Trump’s 19 Jan 21 [the day before Biden’s fraudulent inauguration] executive order to release a declassified binder on Spygate. Trump’s compromised and incompetent Chief of Staff Mark Meadows bungled [intentionally?] the handling of the declassified binder as it relates to applying 1974 Privacy Act redactions suitable for agencies but not the White House; it’s not an agency. The square pegs in round holes bungle resulted in a 3-4 week process becoming 19 months and counting.

It’s likely that at the time the FBI met with Trump as noted, the declassified Spygate binder was identified as contents inside Mar-a-Lago and subject to the search. Reporting from Newsweek indicates that an inside source briefed the FBI on the Mar-a-Lago contents. Otherwise, the piece reads like the state-sponsored propaganda nonsense that it is.

Recall that the FBI was heavily implicated in Spygate and as Sperry accurately identifies, a primary objective for the raid of a U.S. President’s private residence was out of self-preservation. This is the institutional preservation I cite so often and this is how it routinely functions.

I’m sure there are still good men and women in the rank and file of the FBI but they’re being used as political assassins by the FBI and DOJ hierarchy of leadership; and it’s occurring at the hands of infiltrators and occupiers. There is no question that the FBI is now a full-blown Bolshevik agency that is being leveraged as a juggernaut political weapon. In fact, if the FBI gave fidelity to it’s own work replete with politically unbiased and objective positioning, its anti-terrorism unit would be investigating its own agency and agents on up through the DOJ and the federal apparatus writ large.

Life becomes tough when the criminals are the ones with all of the authority. It leads to revolutions. Maybe.

That the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was executed to vacuum-up Spygate evidence makes it is as reprehensible as it is egregious and unlawful. Period. There’s no way around it.

We know that the charges affiliated with the warrant carry politically convenient sentencing guidelines that lie outside the scope of application to a U.S. president but they will be applied to that President nonetheless. That was a primary objective for them but remember two things I always say: 1-mechanisms rarely serve a single purpose and are most often devised with deliberate timing to achieve several objectives; the raid on Trump qualifying as such and 2-investigations [and raids because they attach to investigations] are conducted for one of two reasons and they are to either expose and prosecute crimes or to conceal and cover them up.

The declassified binder on Spygate and the raid on Mar-a-Lago tell us much. They’re in cover-up mode while also vectoring to further target Trump for an October Surprise arrest as I discussed in the earlier article. That attack will then extend to Trump supporters to begin tidying-up any political opposition this illegitimate and tyrannical regime may face.

As the MSM attempts to normalize the outrageous and unprecedented raid as stripped of political overtones and routine bureaucratic law enforcement procedures, other concerning issues arose out of the raid. For one, at least three attorneys from Merrick Garland’s DOJ accompanied the FBI on the raid for self-incriminating evidence. At the same time and for another, Trump attorneys were forced out of the estate and made to wait outside thereby not being afforded the opportunity to perform duties for their client.

Further aggravating it all are conflicts of interest and conflicted parties that are so ridiculous and so in-line with Third World banana republics, that it evidences the U.S. as being exactly that – a Third World banana republic. As I reiterate so often, welcome to the United States of Venezuela.

Here are several examples: Nicholas McQuaid [Hunter Biden, Michael Sussmann‘s criminal attorneys], Lisa Monaco [Obama aide, Russiagate and central to core positions at Political Moonshine relative to biowarfare and the off-shoring of U.S. bioweaponization work (SARS-CoV-2, gain of function)], and Maggie Goodlander [Jake Sullivan, Russiagate].

It gets worse, though. Way worse. Consider this. This is Judge Bruce Reinhart, who signed the bogus warrant for the Trump raid:

The New York Post reports,

Sources tell The Post that Judge Bruce Reinhart approved the warrant that enabled FBI agents to converge on the palatial South Florida estate on Monday in what Trump called an “unannounced raid on my home.”

Reinhart was elevated to magistrate judge in 2018 after 10 years in private practice.

Months after his appointment, the Miami Herald reported that he had represented several of Epstein’s employees in connection with the sex trafficking investigation against the financier.

The New York Post

Third World banana republic, y’all. I read an item yesterday claiming that the American people were no longer exceptional. I’ve written that over and over in different ways.

That author is exactly right. The volume of American blood spilled to deliver the greatest nation on earth is being met with American acquiescence, division, inaction and nothing that represents our revolutionary American spirit; save pockets of people doing the best they can here and there.

Forever, Americans have been the planet’s most effective rescue operation for people of other countries. In this moment and when their own nation has fallen victim and they are the victims themselves, Americans writ large just sit their disengaged and fat asses idly by waiting for someone else to fix their problems and rescue them because they appear afraid to assume any personal risk to actually fight back.

Muh job. Muh salary. Muh benefits. Muh kids. Muh car payments. Muh mortgage. Muh, muh, muh, muh….. I’ve hear it all and none of it matters. If Americans keep sitting around and fattening up over a long enough timeline, which is already short, then all of the reasons for not doing something yet or right now will be gone and forever. It’ll be life on the technocratic global plantation as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism.

This trend of idle behavior must end. The revolutionary spirit must be embraced. We’re next after President Trump. I’ve already written several articles outlining the plan that converges white nationalism, “domestic terrorist”, “domestic terrorism”, the Second Amendment and disarming the public as a political continuum extending out of the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation.

On 14 Aug 22 in St. Louis, MO, there will be a rally in support of Trump and in opposition to the FBI. I would give careful consideration to the prosecutor in St. Louis, St. Louis law enforcement, the general nature of St. Louis as a city [crime rates] and the possibility for something to go wrong. It’s another perfectly ripe situation for a Capitol-type entrapment operation again leveraging Antifa/BLM boots on the ground. This is not a warning to not go but rather to go wisely and prepared if you do. If so, keep your head on a swivel. St. Louis reeks of a false flag opportunity.

Some of the following developments are critical. In brief [headline: analysis], here are new developments in the Moonshine series on war, famine and disease:

  1. HERE WE GO: New “Langya” Virus in China Infects 35 People…”More Fatal” than COVID: Deciphering real v. fraudulent viral threats becomes more difficult with each newly emerged virus. This is not an accident rather it’s by design to keep people living out of fear for something they can’t see or touch and don’t fully understand. With SARS-CoV-2 a declared fraudulent “pandemic” and with monkeypox in the queue; and with Marburg, Ebola and 40,000 identified variants of SARS-Cov-2 in reserve, we’ll have to strictly monitor any possible developments to see if Langya Virus jumps onto the same track as SARS-CoV-2 and monkeypox; ergo in the direction of another fraudulent pandemic to extend perpetual medical tyranny.
  2. Biden’s New Iran Deal Offers Iran $1 Trillion by 2030 – This Is Treasonous: Recall our previous work into Obama and his development and illegitimate funding of Iran as the Western Empire’s rogue nuclear arsenal. Now compound this by another Moonshine position holding that we’re currently in Obama’s third or fourth terms, depending on how you want to look at it. Biden’s $1 trillion Iran deal is an extension of the Obama policy and it’s significant.
  3. Russia Suspends US Inspections Of Its Nuclear Arsenal Under New START Treaty: Wars normally begin with the severing of diplomatic relations. Relations between the U.S. and Russia have deteriorated in this proxy war on Russia and that does not bode well for avoiding war. Suspending U.S. inspection of Russian nukes as per treaty is another plausible pre-war maneuver that inches us closer to a flashpoint in light of deteriorating relations. From the angle of ongoing perpetual fraud, it lends towards creating another Cold War that would enable enormous funding flows to follow in areas of defense, aid, etc.
  4. Russia Strikes US-Backed Fighters In Syria Near American Base: When US-backed fighters are engaged, they’re US counterparts can’t be too far away. With Russia striking these fighters directly and in Syria, which is a long-prognosticated flashpoint for the outbreak of World War III, it’s yet another inch closer to that flashpoint. It only takes one errant shot to gin things up. We’re playing with fire here.
  5. Biden Signs NATO Accession Protocols For Sweden & Finland: Moonshine has long had NATO in the cross hairs as the Western Empire’s military heavy that engages colonially. NATO has been working to encircle its Russian Cold War boogeyman and enemy by enveloping the nations contiguous to or in close proximity to Russia. With NATO, Biden is continuing to carry-out orders from the Globalists, the Western Empire, the military industrial complex, power brokers in the backdrop, et al so as to intensify the possibility of war.
  6. Biden “Not Worried” About Chinese Aggression – Press Secretary Scrambles To Clarify: Moonshine branded Joe Biden “Proxy Joe” long ago and it was all due to China. Biden not being worried about Chinese aggression represents a proxy White House following China’s orders on narrative fabrication. I have arduously evidenced Ukraine and China as Biden’s two epicenters of corruption. China literally owns Joe and Hunter Biden and The Biden Crime Family; and Hunter’s laptop evidences it all with strings right back to Obama.
  7. And, There It Is… Nancy Pelosi: “China Is one of the Freest Societies in the World” (Video): Moonshine article after article has decried and evidenced the U.S. politburo as being compromised and owned by China. I’ve also written a brief sub-series on how Nancy Pelosi has become the Queen of D.C. and how she’s running Obama’s fourth term for him alongside Proxy Joe. I wrote about her ulterior principals [not the American people] and ulterior motives for the Taiwan trip the in several recent pieces. All of that gets overlaid with this development where Pelosi, who ran an entrapment operation to imprison innocent Americans in attendance at the Capitol and then locked them in a gulag; and who schemed fake hearings for it after scheming two fake impeachments and all to target the same U.S. President, shows us her hand. Take this comment as indirect confirmation that China is Pelosi’s principal. It means that China ordered Pelosi to Taiwan so they could leverage the crisis incident to its advantage. That’s exactly what I wrote before Pelosi made the following statement, “China is one of the freest societies in the world. Don’t take if from me that’s from Freedom House. It’s a strong democracy, courageous people. I don’t know why but there is some commercial interest that would like to diminish the relationship.”” As Gateway Pundit notes, China is 107 of 112 in Freedom House’s ratings.
  8. US To Join Military Drills Near India’s Disputed Border With China: Just as we discussed the dangers of close proximity in the Russia/Syria example above, the same holds true here as it relates to India and China. It’s another plausible flashpoint scenario.
  9. Taiwan Holds Own Live Fire Drills, Warns That China Prepping Future Invasion: I’ve thoroughly covered the multiple military presence and drills surrounding Taiwan and in discussing plausible scenarios and outcomes from them. Taiwan’s engagement in drills is yet another escalation of tensions in the region. Of critical importance is what Taiwanese officials have outlined in saying that China is preparing for a future invasion of the country. It’s important respective to three things: 1-Taiwan’s assessment of the situation as evidence of a Chinese build-up suitable for an invasion of Taiwan, 2-the recent Moonshine article establishing and examining the possibility of China taking its military exercise live to execute an actual invasion and 3-the next development, which stands alone.

This headline carries tremendous weight for established positions respective to the evidenced and projected August flashpoint for the outbreak of war over Taiwan: China Extends Taiwan Drills Past Sunday Deadline, Says Training Under “Real War Conditions”.

China has extended its drills. China’s build-up appears suitable for an invasion of Taiwan. Taiwan confirms this. Pelosi obliged her principal China with her trip to stir the pot. The Russia/Ukraine pot is beginning to boil. India is coming into the mix. Iran is being propped up again. A former President remains under attack. We’re next. Unending medical tyranny has everyone pinned down.

We’ve inched closer. We are amid rising multinational tensions and it’s right on time for the projected August flashpoint for a multiple front war against Russia and China.


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