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The Real Revolution in America That I’ve Been Warning About and Evidencing for Years Is Here

12 Aug 22

The real revolution in America is here. Actually, it’s been here on a generational timeline drawing all of the way back to George H.W. Bush in the early 1960s; at least on a contemporary timeline, but few know this and fewer are willing to accept it when they see it. More accurately, this revolution has become incendiary in recent weeks reaching inferno levels never seen before and the rogue FBI raid on President Trump in search of Spygate documents is a perfect example.

Infiltrated By China As Long Evidenced

Perhaps the rogue FBI raid on President Trump will serve as the catalyst to cause people to start looking backwards to ascertain how it all strings together in a global, sprawling and nebulous web because that web is exactly what I’ve been evidencing for so long. Recent evidence in fundraising suggests that’s the case. It’s this web that is also exactly responsible for what has been done to this once proud Constitutional Republic.

On 06 May 20, I assumed a position that no one had assumed in stating that the Obama Administration engaged in treason and that President Trump and America were in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with our primary economic, political and military rival, China; and that the war was unpacking along China’s preferred warfare vector [biowarfare] in alignment with the COVID-19 “pandemic”. All of that also happened to align with established doctrine out of China.

No one else had yet said that. No one else said that then. More are saying it now. Between then and now, I dropped roughly 300 sourced and cited articles to evidence it all.

What Americans haven’t figure-out yet is that Trump’s first impeachment had little to do with Russia or Ukraine but rather it primarily served as the cover mechanism and deflection point construct [no one else has said that, either] to deflect away from the implementation of the COVID-19 construct, which was actually inserted into the Trump Administration during compulsory presidential transition meetings on 13 Jan 17 between the Obama and Trump Administrations.

Look here, fake impeachment. Don’t look here, fake pandemic.

Most importantly, I began evidencing the overlays and timelines that demonstrate the generational timeline back to George H. W. Bush. A primary component to that timeline is that over its course, the U.S. federal apparatus, American institutions, and other aspects throughout the country were infiltrated by hostile foreign actors including the Chinese and the Nazi Party drawing back to Operation Paperclip and other avenues circa the post World War II era.

I branded illegitimate President Joe Biden “Proxy Joe” because that is exactly what he is – a Chinese proxy installed by a fake pandemic constructed by enterprise fraud and executed by unilateral emergency determination processes as underpinned by the Stafford Act. Within the Stafford Act, the technical term “presidential competence” is leveraged out of the Public Health Emergency declaration and it is drawn into conflict during a viral pandemic when the elected president is not a virologist, epidemiologist or similar other.

Recall that previously during the Trump Administration, then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo placed U.S. governors, lawmakers and others on notice. As I reported [contains video of his speech] in review on 27 Jun 21, “Don’t forget that then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expanded on Chinese infiltration on 08 Feb 20 expanding on how the CCP had evaluated governors, politicians, university personnel etc. in terms of their favorability status. Take this as Pompeo placing them all on notice because that’s exactly what he did.”

Now, consider this development furthering my evidenced position and where former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Terry Turchie made the following statement [emphasis added],

We may very well have our highest level of government penetrated by Chinese agents. The evidence is certainly on the surface. And the patterns are there. I worked this stuff. I know what it looks like. And many agents feel this way… What this is – This is the revolution, the real revolution. It’s been going on in America. It’s been going on for several years. The people in power are moving America towards the communist ideology-type place. The people today are all concerned there’s no precedent for this. Well, no there isn’t. They’re looking in the wrong place. The precedent is in the Cuban revolution, the Russian revolution, and everywhere when the communists have eventually taken over.

Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Terry Turchie

With all due respect to the former Deputy Director Turchie and speaking tongue in cheek, he makes his case as if he is hammered drunk on the Moonshine.

Turchie is telling you exactly what I’ve been evidencing for years in ways that are entirely exclusive because the Moonshine focus was never on a “pandemic” or a “virus” but rather on enterprise fraud.

I highly recommend taking the time to consume Turchie’s remarks on Jesse Watters Primetime sourced at Gateway Pundit:

Former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Terry Turchie

China and Proxies Target US Population and Political Opposition

Beyond the accurate China statements, things really got interesting with Turchie and in ways to further evidence Chinese infiltration of the US. That US infiltration is compounded by the proxy regime’s targeting of political opposition by leveraging government agencies and departments. They function like Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives [and Congress writ large] and it’s in accordance with Bolshevism and the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism. More evidence of it can be found in the IRS’ hiring of 87,000 additional agents.

Exactly whom do you believe they’ll be targeting in this communist two-tier system of rigged justice? Why does the job description contain, “Major duties…Carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary“?

Turchie made the revelation that during his direct involvement [in charge for FBI] in the Unabomber case, AG Merrick Garland was in charge of that prosecution for DOJ. Therein, he never once spoke to Turchie despite Turchie’s prominent position and deep involvement in the case. What Garland did to; however, which compelled then FBI Director Louis Freeh and then AG Janet Reno to directly intervene, was deploy stall tactics and eventually refuse to recommend signing-off on the warrant to permit the lawful search of the suspect’s [Theodore John Kaczynski] cabin. Garland’s refusal was despite the case involving bombs on airplanes, threats to blow-up airplanes in mid-air and for 18 years, people were being killed with bombs.

Garland refused to see any urgency at all in recommending to the AG that she sign the warrant to access the cabin.

Turchie also revealed that FBI Director Christopher Wray has lost track of 73 terrorists in the nation at the same time he has no information about the FBI’s possession of Hunter Biden’s Laptop. Wray’s incompetence mirrors Biden’s in that they both always favor China. That’s what proxies do.

Now consider that as the current U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland personally approved and authorized the warrant permitting the rogue FBI raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. If I were Trump, I would have done two things: 1-left evidentiary bombs in all of the places the FBI would be suspected of unlawfully raiding and searching and 2-secured my important contents in secretive and undisclosed locations. Since Trump is calling for the release of the seized contents, one wonders if bombs were left.

Not only are there two tiers to US “justice” but those tiers are universes apart.

Recall what I’ve evidenced in collectively analyzing Pelosi’s Capitol “insurrection” entrapment scheme and extending from it a vector aligning white nationalism, “domestic terrorism”, “domestic terrorist”, disarming the American public and the Second Amendment. It’s the schematic to first target Trump as the highest fruit on the tree and then work back down through the trunk and all of the branches to tidy-up political opposition with the federal apparatus and institutions.

That should be the lens for these next developments and when applied in accordance with our evidenced positions, we also must account for these referenced “Democrats” being the evidenced Chinese proxies that they are [headline: analysis: quote]:

  1. Headline: Democrats Are “Coming After Middle-Class Hard-Working Americans” – Tulsi Gabbard Warns “Our Democracy Is In Grave Danger”: I have written about this over and over and now those on the inside and who are privy to much more intelligence and information than I are saying the exact same things. This is another example to build on my analysis and evidence and Turchie’s statements. Gabbard stated that the federal government and its agencies, departments and institutions are, “blatantly being weaponized to target political opponents of those in power and anyone who dares to dissent or question or challenge their actions and policies.”
  2. Headline: “People are Uniting and Saying We See what the Real Game Is – It’s the Weaponized Government Against Its Own People” – Liz Harrington Goes Off on The War Room: (VIDEO): Again, the pundits and more mainstream folks are beginning to see what I’ve already arduously outlined and evidenced beginning long ago.
  3. Headline: “Completely Unprecedented” Martin Armstrong Warns Trump Raid Is “Deathblow To Democracy”: Armstrong addresses how the American people will be targeted by means of the Trump raid serving as the launch point to do so, which aligns with our position/s. Armstrong’s remarks are indicative of how the federal apparatus is functioning as a Marxist communist [Bolshevist] regime being bent back against the people. Disconcertingly, Armstrong also remarks on his “computer’s” projection that no elections will be held in 2024, as we’ve already discussed.

Further Analysis On Rogue FBI Trump Raid

To momentarily return to the Trump raid, new developments further evidence the fraudulent and constructed nature of the two-tiered execution of “justice”. For one, a mealy-mouthed FBI Director Wray has come-out in defense of his bureau and to lead the nonsensical FBI pity party. It’s clear Wray is playing from behind as responsive to the unintended consequence of massive public disfavor with his agency’s actions towards Trump.

Recalling how the NYT is the mouthpiece for the FBI, WaPo is the mouthpiece for the intelligence community. The broader operation against Trump is an intelligence community operation. That’s the lens for this headline: WaPo Leak: FBI Searched Trump’s Florida Residence for Classified Records Related to Nuclear Weapons – Latest Effort to Justify FBI Raid.

Almost as soon as the fraudulent narrative was rolled-out, it was rolled back-in: THAT WAS QUICK: Add the WaPo Nuclear Codes at Mar-a-Lago Tale to the Scrap-Heap of Anti-Trump Fake News Conspiracies – Here’s the List.

In the last Trump raid article, I offered a warning about the potential for things going south at this Sunday’s planned St. Louis protest in saying, “It’s another perfectly ripe situation for a Capitol-type entrapment operation again leveraging Antifa/BLM boots on the ground. This is not a warning to not go but rather to go wisely and prepared if you do. If so, keep your head on a swivel. St. Louis reeks of a false flag opportunity.”

Now we have confirmation that the warning is an astute and good one. New evidence has surfaced indicating that the FBI plans to infiltrate the event. This is exactly what I’m talking about and it’s how the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation was generally executed. Same players. Same page out of the same playbook.

Most recently, the warrant has been released and it indicates the basis of it as being “potential violations of the Espionage Act and obstruction of justice”. It should be noted that “process crimes” are the easiest to win conviction for and they are routinely used in cover-up operations to feign an actual “prosecution” for the benefit of an on-reservation criminal the DOJ is actually looking to protect. Michael Sussmann and Kevin Clinesmith are two of the latest examples of this.

In Trump’s case; however, it will be the opposite of protection. It will be a fast avenue for conviction. If they were looking for a quick charge and conviction for political purposes relative to the 2022 midterms and 2024, “obstruction of justice” is like walking and chewing gum for these people. A politically motivated conviction could be easy as pie.

I’ve already projected Trump’s arrest as their October surprise. They’ll angle to disqualify Trump from running in 2024 and then steal the election from whomever does. As they do, they’ll be hollering loudly and profusely about the “threats to our democracy.”

Recall Moonshine work to evidence Judge Bruce Reinhart as the one who signed-off and authorized the Trump warrant. Reinhart is a Jeffrey Epstein associate who The Miami Herald reported had represented several of Epstein’s employees in connection with the sex trafficking investigation against the financier [New York Post].

Considering all of that, note that the released warrant deliberately omitted the page containing Reinhart’s name as the suspected signing judge as determined by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

It’s a dystopian, banana republic and Third World kind of world.

The Enterprise Fraud Construct of COVID-19

Representing what I believe to be in-part a capitulation to growing opposition to COVID-19 represented by their inability to effectively and broadly continue enforcing mitigation mandates; but mostly in capitulation to the emerged data and evidence overwhelmingly destroying the full COVID-19 narrative, the CDC recently revised its position on things like masking, distancing, testing and quarantining.

My take follows and it’s important relative to the psychological warfare victimizing the American people and overlaying the enterprise fraud construct as a mechanism to make it happen:

I would suggest enjoying the freedoms while they last.

Additional aggravating evidence of the crumbling narrative that is certain to further contribute to a long list of deliberate misstatements about COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, mRNA “vaccination” risks, myocarditis/pericarditis and other adverse “vaccine” reactions coming from CDC/NIH/NIAID officials et al can be found in this development: CDC admits goof on COVID vax link to heart inflammation in feds’ second recent FOIA botch.

These aren’t botches. They’re not even negligence. It’s far beyond that. It’s at least willful misconduct. It’s certainly all enterprise fraud just like it’s certainly all criminal; and down certain vectors, it’s even treasonous.

Headlines and articles like this serve as context for exit strategies. “We didn’t know then what we know now. How could we have known?”, they’ll say.

Nothing could be further from the truth and we have the evidence to prove it.

Multiple-Front War: China/Taiwan and Russia/Ukraine

New developments impact Moonshine reporting on the projected multiple front war with Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan [headline: analysis]:

  1. Headline: Like In Taiwan, US Is “Main Instigator” Of Ukraine Crisis, China Says: This is deliberate positioning for China. Using its proxy in Joe Biden and the Biden Administration, China is establishing pretext to manipulate the narrative to assign attribution to an an incompetent and unstable Biden. In so doing, it’s assigned to the US. This can be cited in the future as justification for aggression should China decide to engage in it.
  2. Headline: Xi Pleaded With Biden “Now Is No Time for A Crisis” Just Ahead Of Pelosi Taiwan Visit: This is further evidence for the points just outlined above where a rogue Pelosi defied the wishes of an incompetent and displaced US leader in Proxy Joe Biden. Queen Pelosi is running the show in Obama’s fourth term. Biden is the patsy; the straw man. Biden’s only responsible for all things disastrous. China is the new and true source of power now. Pelosi works for them. Proxy Joe is on a leash and a limited timeline before he’s removed altogether.
  3. Headline: China’s Military Ends Taiwan Drills As Pelosi Boasts Trip “Absolutely” Worth It: We thankfully avoided one August flashpoint with China’s drills ending and noting that the CCP’s potential as a threat to Taiwan still remains in a different form. All of the other factors impacting that dynamic remain in place. The evidence is in: “The Eastern Theater Command of the PLA military issued a statement saying it has “completed various tasks” but will now conduct “regular patrols”.” Notably, China used the same language [“rogue”] that I use to describe Pelosi in her Taiwan trip, which I logically deduce and speculate was ordered by China to provide China what it desires – a reason to act. China condemned the Pelosi visit as a “provocation to China” indicating that the US has “gone astray in hollowing out the one-China principle”. The “fierceness of military drills and why the Pelosi trip provoked such a response” indicate that “China won’t accept such rogue logic.”
  4. Headline: Russian Spy Planes Enter Alaska Air Defense Zone In 1st Since Ukraine War: NORAD: View this as yet another escalation in the rising tensions in the the U.S. proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. We also acknowledge the implications of NATO, the Western Empire and its failed Ukraine narrative that I’ve evidenced as fraudulent while providing an accurate and evidenced account of the matters.

One flashpoint crisis has been avoided but it’s not altogether gone in Taiwan; far from it. Meanwhile, the cross-hairs are squarely on Trump with October looming large, too many of us standing behind Trump for cover and too few of us standing alongside Trump actually engaged in the fight.

That dynamic must reverse itself for us to even have a chance, folks. It starts with spreading the truth. Moonshine for everyone. It’s on the house, of course.

Moonshine will continue to report on these and other matters as frequently as appropriate and able.


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  1. Nana August 13, 2022

    Thank you so much for all the hard work it took to put this together.
    I certainly hope we take our country back soon!

  2. Deb Gibboney August 14, 2022

    There is great comfort and encouragement that the Trump team had put out a meme on Instagram almost 2 weeks before the raid on the 8th. The meme showing a headshot of Trump looking ahead and the date 8-8-2022
    underneath the picture. 👀

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