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FBI Importing Two-Tiered Justice to Your Hometown? A Closer Look at the FBI’s National Command Course

Yesterday’s article is the necessary contextual backdrop to this follow-up item examining more closely the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Command Course. The analysis from that article holds that the National Command Course [NCC] features a top-down organizational structure that by all appearances, is a mechanism to deliver two-tiered justice to the local level.

The lens for properly understanding the NCC is the abject reality of a politicized, weaponized and two-tiered justice system by a Department of Justice that is rife with corruption and criminality.

The first article cites sixteen specific examples of this as an incomplete list.

There can be no denying the fact that as an institution, the FBI has undergone a significant and palpably horrendous transition into the political leviathan it is today.

The FBI’s current mode of operations adheres to the old adage, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Perhaps the FBI should adopt this as its new mantra.

There is no greater example of the FBI’s political and corrupt nature than the time span of the 2016-2020 elections; including their runs-up and aftermaths.

The levels of unprecedented corruption and criminality coming out of the FBI are astounding; reaching apexes with the Mar-a-Lago and Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operations.

The year 2020 is a monumental timeline marker for its extraordinary and unparalleled levels of corruption, fraud, criminality and treason: a fraudulent “pandemic” to remove an incumbent to steal the Executive.

Make no mistake, America is in the midst of a revolution that will end in full conversion to Marxist communism as the enforcement mechanism for global governance.

Adios, national sovereignty.

That is until the American people unite and fight back, which would end the status quo of banana republicanism immediately.

In order to maintain appropriate societal control over a populace that is kept pitted and divided by the establishment, law enforcement is compelled to change in lockstep with the political transition to communism.

This is where the NCC becomes invaluable – in facilitating that transition.

Remember that federal policies, regulations and laws all have an impact on each one of us but where the rubber meets the road for law enforcement is at the local level.

Therefore, to bring local law enforcement into the federal model as exemplified by the current FBI, there must be an interface and a process.

I believe that interface and process to be the FBI’s National Command Course and the first article laid-out that analysis.

A closer look at the NCC validates the analysis acknowledging that getting primary source evidence and materials to support the positions will be difficult.

The NCC is under the FBI’s arm of Law Enforcement Training Programs and Resources.

Under the classification of Training Programs and Seminars, this is the NCC:

THE ANALYSIS is in the order found.

The NCC was created in 2020 according to our timeline marker and therefore its intent, gatekeeping attendance policy, curriculum and more all deserve scrutiny.

The NCC is for “strategic leadership training programs for policing executives” to facilitate the top-down delivery of curriculum as cited in the first article.

The NCC equates to leadership training leadership whereby the curriculum will matriculate down to the local and individual officer levels.

The NCC uses a formula to determine its training program attendees and one aspect of it is the number of sworn employees where the threshold minimum of 50 encompasses 80% of all US departments.

Think about how that looks geographically.

Source: US DOJ

The inaugural session of the NCC occurred in 2021 after the stolen 2020 election and more importantly, after Joe Biden and AG Merrick Garland gained control of the Judiciary to shape it to their liking.

The NCC will graduate 100 law enforcement executives annually in what appears to be a gradual remake of executive level policing.

The assumption based upon the vague and flowery language used to describe the curriculum is that 100 police executives will return to their communities to reinvent their own departments in the image of the FBI equating to the delivery of politicized, weaponized and two-tiered justice.

Teachers and trainers like to assemble curriculum categorically and the NCC’s categories are entirely capable of containing the nuts and bolts of two-tiered justice: strategic leadership, image management, officer wellness and preventing targeted violence.

[Sidebar – the FBI is teaching “image management”…seriously?]

“Targeted violence” is especially important relative to the FBI’s existing use of “domestic terrorism/terrorist” and “white nationalism” as applied labels to target Biden’s political opposition [see my series The Hunt Is On].

Lastly and as another component to the attendance formula, the NCC features a nomination process that equates to a gatekeeping function permitting the FBI to filter the applicants and handpick the attendees.

One could envision something like regionally based attendance that stands to lean blue or red and whereby aspects of the curriculum could vary accordingly.

Let’s 1-overlay the concepts of the NCC’s attendance policy with these graphic illustrations [and I think you’ll see my point] and 2-compare it for similarity with the DOJ map above [same locations?]:

Know that relative to the first graphic and its 37 mapped locations, rioting, burning and in some cases murder occurred in 34 of them during the summer of 2020.

No matter the context – Federal Reserve, COVID-19 data providers, 2020 election fraud, George Soros funding local prosecutors, US mosque distribution, Islamic terror locations, etc. – the locations are virtually direct overlays.

You don’t have to overthrow all 50 states to overthrow America; just 37 specific urban hub locations.

I wonder if the NCC’s attendance records map out mostly in accordance with the images above.

I wonder if the NCC’s curriculum is a canned course dressed-up like a pig in lipstick named two-tiered justice.

By all appearances, the NCC is a mechanism to deliver two-tiered justice to the local level.

Is two-tiered justice coming to your hometown?

See the above maps for a strong indicator.


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