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FBI Goes Top-Down to Install Two-Tiered Justice at Local Levels, Wray Perfect Point Man

A Federal Bureau of Investigation press release from 14 Jul 23 appears to be particularly problematic to the posterity of this once proud constitutional republic. The FBI’s National Command Course features a top-down organizational structure that by all appearances, is a mechanism to deliver two-tiered justice to the local level. The lens for proper understanding is the abject reality of a politicized, weaponized and two-tiered justice system by a Department of Justice that is as rife with corruption and criminality as the actual criminals they sometimes investigate; if not more so.

My series THE HUNT IS ON provides the necessary contextual backdrop here.

Two-tiered justice has played-out in massive entrapment operations including the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago and the Capitol “insurrection” trap.

The DOJ/FBI has been transformed over time to presently and by design manifest as an entirely politicized and weaponized Judiciary with the FBI at the tip of the spear.

For the FBI in relation to its jurisdiction as depicted below, the spear is a formidable, wide-reaching and highly capable weapon.

The design of two-tiered justice is to eliminate any and all political opposition to a Marxist regime with Joe Biden occupying the Executive on behalf of his Chinese principals.

In the shadows behind Biden, Barack Obama still pulls the strings.

The other obvious and relevant individual is Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The problematic 14 Jul 23 FBI press release is indicative of how the Federal Bureau of Investigation is applying a top-down approach to matriculate two-tiered justice to the local levels.

Two-tiered justice relies on corrupt and compromised prosecutors to leverage prosecutorial discretion as the means by which to target the regime’s political opposition.

Bearing down on prosecutorial discretion is the funding and installation of prosecutors across the nation by George Soros to serve as a organizational mechanism to deliver two-tiered justice.

The FBI’s top-down approach in its National Command Course program is emblematic of and virtually identical to the similar application of the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide 2009 by newly inaugurated President Barack Obama in January 2009.

Obama’s application of US counterinsurgency doctrine that was perfected in years of war in the Middle East targeted the nation’s governance and election infrastructure from the federal to state to local levels.

Obama promised to fundamentally transform America and the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide 2009 was the blueprint for it.

Obama had eight years to set the table for Hillary Clinton as the closer and in so doing, the “community organizer” managed to infiltrate, co-opt, organize and then leverage every necessary point of interface top-down from the federal level to state and local levels.

The intended result manifested in the stolen 2020 election and you know the rest of that story.

That stolen 2020 election included or was contiguous to the DOJ/FBI and [this is an incomplete list but plenty sufficient to make the point]:

  1. its role in transferring uranium samples to Russia relative to ‘Uranium One’
  2. former AG William Barr’s foreknowledge of the stolen 2020 election resulting from his tenure at Kirkland & Ellis, when the firm advised on China’s acquisition of Dominion Voting via Staple Street Capital
  3. its decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton [acknowledging the force of institutional preservation and how the decision was made under then Director James Comey’s watch]
  4. its role in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop
  5. its collusion with the media/Twitter to suppress accurate reporting on the Biden laptop and COVID-19
  6. its dearth of investigation[s]/prosecution[s] into actual Biden family criminality that rises to the level of treason
  7. the disparity in its handling of Presidents Trump and Biden over their possession of classified materials
  8. its failure to discern the difference between a president legally and appropriately declassifying materials for retention and the retention of the same type of materials by a senator and vice president with no declassification authority whatsoever
  9. the Durham Special Counsel cover-up operation
  10. the Mueller Special Counsel “lawfare” attack operation
  11. its abuse of FISA/FISC
  12. its permitting of access to contractors to make unauthorized data base inquiries on targeted subjects
  13. its role in the Obama-authorized [05 Jan 17], “by the book” Trump/Russia operation
  14. the political prosecution of Lt. General Michael Flynn
  15. its role in the the multiple impeachments and prosecutions of President Trump
  16. the entrapment of innocent Americans in the US Capitol “insurrection” operation including their imprisonment in an Amerikan gulag

That list makes for one incredibly difficult red pill to swallow.

The 14 Jul 23 press release entitled ‘FBI National Command Course Graduates Fifth Session’ indicates that, “In 2020, the FBI created the National Command Course as a unique training opportunity for chief executives of America’s law enforcement agencies with fewer than 50 sworn officers.”

“We are honored that such an elite group of law enforcement executives sacrificed time away from their departments to join us for a week of training and professional development,” stated Acting Assistant Director Wayne Jacobs of the FBI’s Training Division.

Typical of the federal apparatus and its approach to enlisting state and local agencies and departments for what appears to be indoctrination to two-tiered justice, it referenced all of the requisite ‘word salad’ language to frame it up: “The program’s purpose is to foster long-lasting relationships, increase agency effectiveness, and promote partnerships to tackle emerging crime problems across the country.”

This is the same language that the intelligence community uses when it dispatches US diplomats and military officers to foreign nations for things like facilitating regime change, conducting perception management operations or engaging in constructs of enterprise fraud under the guise of false pretenses.

The NCC holds two sessions annually, and each session is one week in duration. The week of training includes seminars taught by experts, with a format and curriculum specifically designed for smaller agencies. Each seminar block was tied to one of four themes: Study of Emerging Trends, Enhancing Partnerships, Promoting Wellness, and Seeking Innovation.

FBI Press Release

Let’s be clear.

There’s no direct evidence for the positions in this analysis rather, we’re examining how the NCC, it’s top-down organizational structure and its vague curriculum package together as a perfect delivery mechanism for two-tiered justice at the local level.

The assumption is that the DOJ desires and intends to make the delivery which, according to anecdotal evidence that is widely available, is the case.

Is the NCC the vehicle to make that delivery?

It sure looks that way.

A good vehicle requires a good driver.

Let’s talk about FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Around the same time that a compromised FBI Director Christopher Wray found himself under a blistering attack from Congress centered on the very subject of two-tiered justice he, “presented certificates at the ceremony and joined the graduates for a celebratory luncheon.”


Wray is a product of Dynastic Bush given that President George W. Bush nominated him in 2003 to be the assistant attorney general for DOJ’s Criminal Division.

“Mr. Wray began his law enforcement career in 1997, serving in the Department of Justice as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia”FBI.

Is that the same Georgia that is central to the stolen 2020 election and is home to the CDC relative to the COVID-19 “pandemic” of enterprise fraud?

That Georgia?

Wray’s background and expertise featured on the FBI’s Leadership & Structure page make him a perfect point man for the Garland/Biden system of politicized, weaponized and two-tiered justice:

  1. “prosecuted a wide variety of federal criminal cases, including public corruption, gun trafficking, drug offenses, and financial fraud
  2. “responsibility for sensitive investigations conducted by DOJ’s law enforcement agencies
  3. “assistant attorney general for DOJ’s Criminal Division
  4. “supervising major national and international criminal investigations and prosecutions
  5. “oversaw the Counterterrorism Section and the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section
  6. “member of the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force
  7. “leader in DOJ’s post-9/11 efforts to combat terrorism, espionage, and cybercrime with domestic and foreign government partners

Is it by mere happenstance and coincidence that Wray’s areas of expertise and experience are direct overlays for the necessary jurisdictions to investigate and prosecute Joe Biden and the rest of the political class?

Or is it that Wray just happens to be the perfect point man?

Wray is the perfect point man.

As I’ve frequently reported, Wray’s tenure at King & Spalding LLP, “where he spent a total of almost 17 years practicing law in the area of government investigations and white-collar crime [FBI], rounds it out.

A close examination of FBI Director Christopher Wray’s background and expertise reveals that he is the perfect point man for the Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Joe Biden system of politicized, weaponized and two-tiered justice.

A close examination of the FBI’s top-down organizational approach and context for its National Command Course reveals it as a likely indoctrination process devised to deliver two-tiered justice to the local level as predicated by the same ‘word salad’ and descriptive vernacular that is used to predicate perception management [psyops], counterinsurgency and diplomacy operations.

The analysis indicates that the FBI is transmitting the details of two-tiered justice to the local levels using its National Command Course program.

The analysis indicates that FBI Director Christopher Wray is the perfect point man for that and much, much more.



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