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Has Pelosi Unilaterally Expanded the House Speaker’s Authority and Is She Traveling to Taiwan as the Russia/China War Drums Intensify to Stamp Her Authority on It? Prewar Maneuvering for an August Flashpoint?

28 Jul 22

Has U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi unilaterally and informally expanded the authority of the House Speaker? Why is she traveling to Taiwan against the backdrop of tense relations between China and the U.S. relative to Taiwan? There are many reasons and none of them are good for posterity’s sake.

Respective to Speaker Pelosi’s forthcoming trip to Taiwan to engage in foreign diplomacy, history holds that [emphasis mine],

“Speakers may successfully achieve their foreign policy goals using Henry Clay, Thomas Reed, and Jim Wright as “most likely” case studies. I posit that speakers may act with considerable agency and entrepreneurship in foreign policy, but only succeed under conditions of divided government, when they have significant support from their membership, and when the policy is conducive to legislative action. Even then, speakers may need to use authority outside their formal powers to be successful.”

Jordan T. Cash, The University of Chicago Press Journals

As I contend here, Pelosi is once again outside of her formal scope of Constitutional authority. Why? What is she doing? I answer those questions as evidenced below.

Let’s begin with a short and incomplete list of recent of Pelosi’s accomplishments indicating the unconstitutional and informal expansion of power of the House Speaker:

  1. Pelosi set-out by signing an MOU with select House committee chairmen to use the power and authority vested in those committees to target President Donald Trump after he entered office in 2017.
  2. Pelosi has managed two fraudulent impeachments and remains a central figure in the extended coup d’etat that targeted and continues to target President Donald Trump vis-a-vis her fraudulent and constructed Capitol “insurrection” entrapment scheme, which became the basis for the second impeachment and serves as the ongoing mechanism to target Trump with the FBI/DOJ.
  3. The current sham hearings for the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment scheme operation do not qualify as hearings rather they serve as a mechanism to build a narrative to frame the Capitol construct so it will function. Further, the “hearings” are kabuki theater giving the uninformed public fat to chew-on vis-a-vis the MSM propaganda arm.
  4. Pelosi ran point on the Capitol entrapment operation with help from many others.
  5. Pelosi’s House has been a foundational piece imperative to the broader coup mechanism. This is especially so relative to the functions of House committees, subpoena powers, her foot-soldier chairmen [the Schiff, Nadler and Cheney types], the House’s power to investigate and hold hearings and of course, its impeachment authority. Pelosi essentially weaponized the entire House against Trump and by extension of him, the American people; the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation being a perfect example just like the modern day gulag in which legally entrapped Americans are imprisoned.
  6. Pelosi leveraged the Capitol entrapment operation to secure $2.1 billion in funding from Congress for the Capitol Police Department; and this is after the department’s jurisdiction was unlawfully expanded to locations in California and Florida, which are two critical “election” states.

*This article from yesterday is a good sidebar to back fill many of the details above; especially the Capitol details: October Surprise Pretext? Biden, Garland, DOJ Open Investigation into President Trump for Pelosi’s Capitol “Insurrection” Entrapment Scheme.

The above video is short and convincing: the Capitol “insurrection” event was an entrapment operation executed on the ground by FBI assets, the Capitol Police and Antifa/BLM personnel disguised as authentic Trump supporters, who were invited and ushered in. Then they were identified, targeted, arrested and some prosecuted and confined to prison. Meanwhile the assets et al remain free and of no interest to authorities.

Since Trump’s 2016 election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has galvanized her position as one of the most powerful people in the world as she has unilaterally expanded the power and authority of the position of House Speaker; albeit it informally and extra-constitutionally. All of it is rooted in the worst occurrences of enterprise fraud ever repeatedly committed on the American people. It all derives from constructed and fabricated scenarios played-out one after another in what is called false flag operations that are propagated ad nauseam via the MSM. Pelosi actually told us all about aspects of it in her remarkably accurate description of the “wrap-up” smear.

Pelosi isn’t just Queen Supreme in D.C. Far from it. Pelosi is powerful globally. People who plan, organize and participate in an extended coup d’etat effort through to the present day that successfully removed and then bent back to target a U.S. president qualifies as such. She’s using Taiwan to message this.

Making a trip to Taiwan on the eve of what leaked Chinese intelligence indicates is an August flashpoint for China’s invasion of Taiwan, it seems Pelosi is placing an enormous stamp of authority on her expanded power and she’s doing it for the world to see.

In a single instance, the evidence for Pelosi’s global power is found in her ability to force the military in multiple nations including our own to relocate massive amounts of assets – carrier groups – simply because she decided to make a trip to a specific nation of her choice and for her own purpose.

Pelosi’s travels to Taiwan are tantamount to conducting diplomatic relations which is not a constitutional function of a Congressional representative no matter they be House Speaker. Congressmen have one essential job – representing their constituents. Rather and by means of constitutional authority vested in the Executive to conduct foreign policy, the U.S. President is our primary diplomat while the authority for the broader scope of diplomatic relations is vested in the U.S. Secretary of State, the entire U.S. Department of State and its system of officials, advisors and ambassadors.

According to reporting, Pelosi’s Taiwan visit is for the purpose of diplomatic relations beyond her scope of authority as it’s explained in her invitation to other Congressmen to join [author’s emphasis left in place],

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has invited other members of Congress to join her in a visit to Taiwan next month, signaling that she still plans to make the trip despite the fact that the US military thinks it risks provoking China.

Rep. Michael McFaul (R-TX), the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Wednesday that Pelosi invited him and Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), who chairs the committee. McFaul said he couldn’t go to Taiwan due to a prior engagement but expressed support for the trip. “Any member that wants to go, should. It shows political deterrence to President Xi,” he said. “But she should also pay attention to the military if it’s going to cause a blowback and escalate things.”

McFaul’s comments are the first on-the-record confirmation that Pelosi is planning to visit Taiwan. Pelosi has declined to discuss her travel plans, citing security risks. McFaul said that the trip is planned for the congressional recess in August but didn’t provide exact dates. It’s not clear yet if Meeks plans to join Pelosi for the trip.

Zero Hedge/Dave DeCamp/

Pelosi won’t comment on the trip leaving it to us to ascertain the reasons based upon logical deduction of the evidence.

It’s important to review the following fact sets from this series:

  1. The U.S. is fighting a proxy war with Russia that it began orchestrating in 2014 with the ongoing and extended Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland regime change operations in Ukraine that eventually delivered President Volodymyr Zelensky.
  2. The coup operations in Ukraine that leverage Nazi and neo-Nazi factions directly overlay Ukrainian leadership respective to Ukraine’s membership in NATO. Those off-reservation on NATO are dispatched.
  3. The defense accords with Taiwan are informal meaning they aren’t binding. Nonetheless, commitment to that bilateral informal defense accord has already been issued by President Joe Biden and so that game piece is already in place.
  4. Leaked Chinese intelligence indicates China’s leadership assuming the position “We won’t hesitate to start a war” over Taiwan.

Additional and important context for understanding is needed to properly position new developments informing our understanding of Pelosi, Taiwan, China, Russia and Ukraine. It’s provided by additional evidenced Moonshine positions:

  1. This is the 61st article in this sub-series detailing and evidencing in granular fashion the projected multiple-front war scenario between Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. I made those projections based on logically deduced analysis informed by reliable evidence and they are manifesting exactly as projected over a year ago and on the exact predicted timeline.
  2. According to the Department of Defense, the evidence has us positioned to lose in a multiple-front scenario and that was later walked back by Biden’s White House when a national security advisor stated that a multiple-front scenario could be fought and sustained. [Read that as the White House changing the Pentagon’s own dismal findings with no basis to do so whatever.]
  3. The analysis and projections include an August flashpoint over Taiwan according to intelligence that leaked out of China indicating that Xi Jinping was positioned to move on Taiwan in August.
  4. The multiple-front war scenario has held that Russia/Ukraine would go hot first with Xi Jinping immediately opening the second front in Taiwan.
  5. China has already transitioned into a prewar phase domestically and has been maneuvering internally with planning and logistics; their citizens being brought along accordingly.
  6. The current [and treasonous] Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley has already forewarned of “significant international conflict between great powers”.

Assuming and acknowledging the preceding fact sets, use them to frame the lens to process, position and comprehend this development, which will be further aggravated by the ones that follow [emphasis mine]:

The Washington Post recently reported that the Biden administration fears Pelosi’s trip could spark a major crisis across the Taiwan Strait and said officials are warning her not to go. The administration maintains that they can’t stop Pelosi from visiting the island, which China doesn’t believe.

Zero Hedge/Dave DeCamp/

Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is scheduled for August and the White House and Pentagon have security concerns for Pelosi; especially as it relates to her flight and whereby it’s positioned as a tactical target for China even though China has officially stated that it won’t be targeted amid the concerns.

August has been the evidenced and projected flashpoint in Taiwan for months and months; long before any mention of a Pelosi trip. That said, the door was always left cracked open for Taiwan going hot first and Pelosi’s trip impacts that plausible scenario.

Most importantly, any real, fabricated or perceived attack on travel operations for Pelosi up to and including anything as substantial as targeting the aircraft with antiaircraft missiles or perhaps a planted bomb for the trip home, or less aggressive tactics like cyber or other interference/interceding on flight operations, stand to create a plausible and justifiable counter-attack scenario.

Any such counter-attack would escalate tensions dramatically at the exact moment predicted long ago. It would also put us on the very precipice of war just as projected.

Perhaps most worrisome is all of the existing dialogue on Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan serving as the pretext for a false flag operation like what I just described and as attributed to China. Off to war we go.

Astonishingly, Proxy Joe Biden and his historically worst administration ever are completely inept and incapable of preventing Pelosi, who is only a member of Congress, from making the trip. I’ll refrain from editorial comments about effective leadership.

What I will do is draw readers right back to the point I made earlier: “Pelosi isn’t just Queen Supreme in D.C. Far from it. Pelosi is powerful globally. People who plan, organize and participate in coup d’etat efforts that successfully remove and then back to target a sitting U.S. president qualify as such.”

Pelosi traveling to Taiwan as misaligned with the Biden Administration’s preferences is further evidence that Pelosi is Queen Supreme and she views the planet as her kingdom.

House Speaker tears President Trump’s State of the Union Speech in half

Additional new developments further inform our broader established positions on Pelosi; with special focus on the upward spiral of already tense relations with China over Taiwan that are compounded by the proxy war we’re fighting against Russia in Ukraine. Further aggravation is found in the overlay with the projected August flashpoint. Meanwhile, these developments combined with Pelosi’s trip signal severe discord in the Biden Administration. New developments are presented as headlines with commentary:

  1. Does The Biden Administration Emulate The CCP’s Methods?: People are beginning to catch-on to what I began outlining explicitly in early May of 2020 and earlier in other ways. It’s why I branded Joe Biden as “Proxy Joe” – he’s a literal Chinese proxy installed by means of an enterprise fraud construct [COVID-19] that delivered a fraudulent and stolen 2020 election. Therefore, a fraudulent and illegitimate “President Biden” is serving his benefactor, financial partner and principal, China; ergo, “Proxy Joe.” More importantly, this is direct evidence of America’s ongoing transition to the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism on behalf of its principal, China, and towards the objective of global governance enforced by medical tyranny.
  2. Victor Davis Hanson: How To Erode The World’s Greatest Military: Obama orchestrated the foundation for the internal destruction of the U.S. military during his two terms. The enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19, the Biden Administration and the administration’s COVID-19 policies have eroded immensely at our personnel and capabilities. The U.S. military has been deliberately weakened and softened-up immediately prior to a planned multiple-front war scenario manifesting.
  3. Ukraine Is Losing The War… And So Is Europe: The Western Empire’s failed narrative holding that Ukraine was defeating Russia continues to fall apart. This series has had the Russian “special operation” accurately explained the entire time and the narrative has been exposed requiring it to be shifted toward the truth. This is evidence of that. The U.S. is fully vested in Ukraine for two reasons: 1-regime change to facilitate NATO membership and 2-Ukraine is one of two epicenters for Biden’s corruption; the other being China. The farther Ukraine falls, the more likely the U.S. plausibly stands to engage with Russia directly, which stands as the flashpoint for that theater.
  4. US Carrier Group Heads Towards Taiwan Ahead Of Potential Pelosi Trip After China Warns Of ‘Forceful Response’: China’s “forceful response” is concerning relative to our flashpoint considerations. This is direct evidence of the upward spiral of escalation in diplomatic and military relations between the U.S. and China. It is also further evidence of how Pelosi’s controversial trip is escalating tensions by seemingly by design. All of it evidences Pelosi’s new found global power.
  5. China Holds Snap Military Drills In Response To US Carrier Entering South China Sea: With multiple carriers positioned in the region for Pelosi and unrelated military drills that coincide with Taiwan’s own military drills, this is direct evidence of three things: 1-China’s direct response to defend the flashpoint theater of the South China Sea, which it views as its own sovereign waters, 2-China’s show of force as indirectly but increasingly responsive to Pelosi’s trip and 3-the increase in the percent likelihood that something planned, authentic, unforeseen or otherwise could occur in an environment of already extremely tense relations and military forces already and geographically opposed in the region.

America is in the midst of the transition to the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism and as a function of that, it endures endless medical tyranny, an energy crisis, a food crisis, oppressive inflation, forced agendas, national division and disunity, and a multiple-front war dynamic that stands to go hot any day now; and which could be thermonuclear to varying degrees [no pun intended.]

And in this moment, what are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s prerogatives in redressing the issues that that oppress and plague the American people? The issues they believe are most important?

She’s going to Taiwan. Why? What is she doing?

Beyond stamping her authority on her expanded base of power and despite the Biden Administration’s statement that they can’t prevent her from going, which evidences ulterior purpose and principals, Pelosi is deliberately acting outside of her explicit constitutional authority to engage in diplomatic relations that are not her responsibility and she’s doing this with a nation coveted by America’s greatest economic, political and military rival and threat.

She’s doing this after China has promised to start a war over it. It’s the same China that infiltrated us long ago and installed Proxy Joe to captain the ship known as the USS Obama’s Fourth Term.

Pelosi stands to be an August flashpoint either directly or indirectly. Regardless and if for no other reason, Pelosi’s trip appears to be in service to an ulterior purpose for principals outside of the Biden White House [Globalists, WEF, Obama, et al.] meaning that it will severely aggravate the already escalating upward spiral of tense geopolitical and military relations with China and Russia. Potentially and plausibly, it progresses to the outbreak of a war on multiple fronts.

All of it strongly aligns with the projected multiple-front war.

At this point, it seems as if the heat of August could be the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Regardless, Pelosi is Queen Supreme, she has expanded her power to eclipse the Constitution and she’s establishing her own extra-jurisdictional police force to back herself. She stamps her authority on it in August and maybe starts a war while doing it.

It’s always said that the Speaker was the most powerful person in D.C. after the President.

Not any more.

Nothing good comes out of this trip.

That includes war.


*This is the 61st article in this series.

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