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Pelosi Trip Enrages Cerebus: War, Famine and Disease

31 Jul 22

Clarity has been gained in the details surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ongoing trip to the Indo-Pacific including a potentially and internationally dangerous scenario that has her visiting Taiwan. This is despite extreme warnings coming out of Beijing not to. The details inform our understanding and further shape our positions beyond what has been published within the last three days. Thus far, Pelosi has refrained from commenting on any Taiwan stop leaving it open to informed and evidenced speculation to ascertain whatever details are possible.

For proper contextual backdrop to this 63rd article in this ongoing series covering war, famine and disease, two recent articles should be consumed [the full catalog is linked at the bottom]:

  1. Has Pelosi Unilaterally Expanded the House Speaker’s Authority and Is She Traveling to Taiwan as the Russia/China War Drums Intensify to Stamp Her Authority on It? Prewar Maneuvering for an August Flashpoint?
  2. Pelosi Outbound for Taiwan, U.S. Moves Closer to Multi-front War Scenario on Exact Timeline Predicted Long Ago

Those articles address important details that inform our positions here. They include but aren’t limited to foreign diplomacy being outside the constitutional scope of Pelosi’s responsibilities, ulterior agendas and ulterior principals that arise from the extra-constitutional purpose of the trip, the White House’s ineptness and inability to keep Pelosi from making a trip it doesn’t appear it wants her to make, how the unnecessary and dangerous trip is a direct overlay for the long projected August flashpoint in the longer-projected multiple-front war scenario and how the flashpoint abuts to a significant military tactical and capability issue represented by August being the worst months for Typhoons in the Taiwan Straight.

In private dialogue with the Marco Polo group and in a worst-case scenario, I suggested that it can be pieced together as the CCP issuing a directive to its proxies – Biden, Pelosi, et al. – to dispatch Pelosi to Taiwan at this moment, which aligns with leaked intelligence out of China indicating an August move on Taiwan by Xi Jinping. The result would be such that the flashpoint China needs to justify moving on Taiwan will manifest with Pelosi. China will be emboldened to intercede on Pelosi’s envoy by engaging her plane or the fighters escorting it. China’s pretext warnings for the trip are already in place and on the back end of it, China would be positioned in “we told you so” mode. The U.S. would directly retaliate and World War III grows out of it. Remember, this is a worst-case scenario.

Clarity on Pelosi’s Indo-Pacific trip is found in reporting from Zero Hedge that includes the House Speaker’s official press release on the matter; however and not surprisingly, there is no mention of Taiwan in the release, which was published today,

“In Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, our delegation will hold high-level meetings to discuss how we can further advance our shared interests and values, including peace and security, economic growth and trade, the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, human rights and democratic governance.  Under the strong leadership of President Biden, America is firmly committed to smart, strategic engagement in the region, understanding that a free and flourishing Indo-Pacific is crucial to prosperity in our nation and around the globe.”


“It is my privilege as Speaker to lead this distinguished group of Members, which includes Chairs of Committees and Subcommittees of jurisdiction and champions of a strong U.S.-Asia Pacific partnership,” Speaker Pelosi said.  “We look forward to productive meetings that will continue to inform Congress’s work to advance our values and interests and strengthen our partnerships in the region.”

Nancy Pelosi / Speaker of The House / Press Release

The press release identifies the delegation for Pelosi’s envoy:

The Members of the delegation are:

*Speaker Nancy Pelosi

*Chairman Gregory Meeks, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee

*Chairman Mark Takano, Chair of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

*Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, Vice Chair, House Ways and Means Committee

*Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Chair of the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform

*Congressman Andy Kim, Member of the House Armed Services Committee; Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee

Nancy Pelosi / Speaker of The House / Press Release

Plausible scenarios for Pelosi’s delegation include:

  1. Scenario 1: Meeting with Taiwan officials outside of Taiwan and likely in one of the other listed nations.
  2. Scenario 2: Meeting with Taiwan official inside of Taiwan, which will require an unannounced and surprise arrival that would be most effective on a random day under the cover of dark.
  3. Scenario 3: Not meeting with Taiwan officials at all.

How would China take each scenario and what would the plausible responses be given what they’ve already issued?

We rely on stick and hornet nest to make quick explanations for plausible responses from China:

  1. Scenario 1: We’re poking and tapping China’s hornet nest with our stick and we are aggravating them for sure; mostly because our official diplomatic acknowledgement of Taiwan’s status as a free, independent and sovereign nation separate from China, which directly controverts Chinese doctrine and China’s belief that Taiwan rightfully belongs to her.
  2. Scenario 2: Pelosi’s likely pending trip to Taiwan equates to us exchanging our stick for a baseball bat, sprinting directly at the hornet nest and taking full swings until it falls down to the ground at which time we place it on our head and begin running blindly into interstate traffic. It’s an unnecessary risk at the worst time that could end in the most unthinkable outcome. It’s completely avoidable insanity and that’s exactly why there must be an ulterior purpose[s] for the trip. If China decides to intercede on Pelosi’s envoy, the result will depend on the nature of how it is executed. If the envoy’s escorting fighters are engaged, or if Pelosi’s plane is engaged, this stands as a real, distinct and plausible flashpoint for the projected multiple-front war scenario and it’s precisely and exactly on a thoroughly evidenced August timeline. As the degree of hostility in any such engagement diminishes, the incendiary nature of the that flashpoint diminishes accordingly. This causes the flashpoint to deescalate from something that could trigger war instantly to something upon which other future skirmishes and events could be stacked to trigger war in the future. This presents as a fairly wide range of possible scenarios of engagement [China] and responses [U.S.]. Therefore, if Pelosi decides to visit Taiwan, China will be the determining factor. If China desires a flashpoint, it has one. If it desires something different, China has that too.
  3. Scenario 3: China’s hornet nest continues to live on according to Chinese doctrine and rule by the CCP as we stand close by with stick in hand but not emboldened to near it. For the world’s peace and prosperity, this is the best possible outcome.

Pelosi’s trip has enraged the three-headed cerebus of war, famine and disease and new developments further impact our understanding of it:

  1. At a time of international crisis and when America needs strong leadership from the Executive, twice injected, twice boosted and once Paxlovid[ed] Proxy Joe Biden has now become twice infected with COVID in just the past few weeks. It has him in isolation again. Just as Pelosi is outbound to stamp her authority globally in celebration of her new and unilaterally expanded power as Speaker; and flexing her muscle for the world to see, Proxy Joe is hiding out and once again, China wins. It’s all compounded by Biden’s dismal poll numbers stateside which have him standing alone in the worst ways in history: Worst President Ever? Biden Job Approval Dips To New Low: Gallup.
  2. Enterprise fraud is all Proxy Joe Biden’s clown show cartel has left. It’s so bad; and the economy is so bad, that Proxy Joe had to redefine “recession” so he can propagandize that the U.S. doesn’t qualify as being in one and therefore he didn’t drive America into it, which he irrefutably did. It’s like the United States of Venezuela out there: White House takes heat after Biden adviser accused of ‘redefining recession’.
  3. Respective to the engineered food crisis we’ve copiously evidenced, green energy policies and other political hammers are being wielded to destroy farming globally. This includes problematic scenarios like access to the food that is available, fertilizer shortages, energy costs, crop shortages, farmland buy-up by non-farmers and more: No Farmers, No Food, No Life.
  4. The enterprise fraud construct of the COVID-19 “pandemic,” which has delivered the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism to America via medical tyranny, is perpetual by design and now appears to be plugging in monkeypox alongside COVID. Respective to the dangerous and controversial experimental mRNA injections and truth censorship, it’s verified that, “The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave censorship ‘suggestions’ to social media companies and Google in order to censor users who expressed skepticism or criticism of COVID-19 vaccines, according to the Washington Free Beacon, which obtained a trove of internal communications obtained by America First Legal.”: CDC Gave Big Tech Platforms Guidance On COVID Censorship.

We’ll continue to closely track the Pelosi/Taiwan matter reporting as often as necessary and able.


*This is the 63rd article in this series.

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