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Viewing the Three-Headed Cerebus of War, Famine and Disease Through the Lens of Independence Day

04 Jul 22

Happy Independence Day! Celebrate while you can because we only have what remains of our former full independence for the time being. It’s reasonable to ask how many more authentic Fourths we have in front of us given that the elites and the infiltrated political class are doing everything within their means to terminate our American independence during the transition to Marxist communism and global governance. We are well down that timeline.

We’ve already entered an era of engineered two-tiered justice that is bending back the broader federal apparatus against the silent majority. It has come to fruition in a treasonous geopolitical cocktail poured out of white nationalism, domestic terrorism, disarmament and civil war. It’s poured into several substantial glasses: UN/China, NATO, Executive/Congress, January 6th “insurrection, and the DOJ/FBI.

The cocktail translates to Proxy Joe Biden and Congress doing the bidding of Globalists, China and the UN [and the EU] in ways that envelop NATO and its member nations. That cartel manufactures reality [false flag operations] and propagandizes [MSM] to manage perceptions [psychological warfare] in service to itself and its objectives and in complete disservice to Americans and constitutionally protected rights and liberties.

The invocation of “white nationalism” as aligned with the technical application of “domestic terrorism/terrorist” by the DOJ and FBI facilitates two-tiered justice to paint common American Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. All of this is in service to disarming the American people by eviscerating the Second Amendment. Disarmament is a precursory step to subjugation as is found throughout world history.

The perfect example of the apparatus being bent back is the January 6th insurrection entrapment scheme being executed by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Adam Schiff, Liz Cheney, et al. The sham and pretend hearings are a mechanism to galvanize a brand for the silent majority – ie. Trump supporters – as “domestic terrorists” and then target them. The event, its pretend hearings and the resulting American gulag it created with the incarceration of entrapped political prisoners that are reportedly being abused is as KGB as it gets. It makes the following development even more problematic while evidencing the critical entrapment aspect of it, which should be a cornerstone of the defense for anyone incarcerated. In short, people don’t casually stroll into one of the most secure buildings in the country if the doors aren’t opened for them and they are not permitted in; perhaps invited in, as the video evidences.

This new development is important for the death that occurred as directly overlaid with the testimony of paid agitators, provocateurs, assets, etc. presumably being leveraged to facilitate the “insurrection” by leading it into happening [“follow me!”] The assets led through unlocked and opened doors and innocent people followed. The innocents got arrested and the assets leading it did not. That’s evidence of entrapment.

Contextually, entrapment envelops all security considerations, decisions and measures for the event: pre-, during and post-. That envelops oversight and the decision-makers in those congressional committees. That directly enmeshes Pelosi and Schumer. That is why Trump keeps hammering that he recommended the National Guard be deployed and they declined. They stood down to permit their entrapment operation to occur. Take all of that this way: anyone with direct evidence of entrapment is a threat that must be eliminated to ensure the success of the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation.

It makes this new development both alarming and direct evidence of the already evidenced position. It’s the suspicious death of former Sergeant at Arms of the Capitol [at the time], Michael Stenger, and his testimony of paid agitators, assets, etc.

As the kabuki theater continues on, the levels of division created by all of it project to being unrivaled since the Civil War and that’s no accident. Civil War 2.0 is a plausible vector of the engineering at hand and it fully aligns with our established and evidenced position on China invading us inside-out rather than outside-in. One two three previous articles lay it all out and explain it with primary source evidence.

This Fourth of July, it is not without a sense of irony that a considerable segment of the U.S. population will buy and light its fireworks, attend barbecues and parades, eat hotdogs and hamburgers, and celebrate by drinking beer while embracing and honoring the very same factions, infiltrators, ideology and causes working to undo all they celebrate. They are the star-spangled functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking that I so often cite. They are a dangerous sort characterized by their exceptional but concurring intelligence and stupidity that is fortified by virtue and insistence.

I’m sure that once we’ve established our communist roots in the post-American era, celebrating the contrived Juneteenth will be a fine substitute for what will become the former Independence Day. The silent majority can enjoy its annual shaming and blaming as systemic racists while it pays its slavery reparations as people who never owned slaves to people who never were slaves. Most of us can celebrate our white guilt for something we never did while few of us celebrate freedom from slavery that was never experienced. All the while, the celebrating functional idiots won’t realize that we all live as slaves on a technocratic global plantation because this cartel co-opts victim classes – real or perceived ones – and leverages those causes to desired political ends that normally bend back against those very same victims, real or perceived. Three examples of this include the LBGQT agenda and women’s athletics [biological women losing to biological men in women’s competition], systemic racism and minorities [like with BLM protests being co-opted for politically engineered rioting that destroyed mostly black neighborhoods], and abortion and blacks [Planned Parenthood locations in black areas compounded by disproportionate numbers of black.]

This year’s Independence Day celebration is more expensive than ever thanks to the designed, planned and executed policies of the illegitimate proxy administration of Joe Biden that have delivered unprecedented supply chain issues, inflation and prices. In about every category, Americans are seeing double-digit inflation for party supplies this year.

Contributing to the supply side of food prices is the established and problematic pattern of food production facilities losses. Yet another food processing plant is going down in a very long list of plants that either burned to the ground or closed-up for business. It’s just further evidence of the planned, practiced and engineered food crisis that is unpacking as a part of our three-headed cerebus: war, disease and famine.

This year and according to AAA, 48 million Americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles for Independence Day and 42 million are traveling on the roads. It causes us to pause and consider how the Biden Administration previously admitted to using high fuel prices as a force to drive the agenda of transitioning to green energy policy; and with Biden parroting the line himself. The same is now being delivered as a force to drive the agenda of the new liberal world order. All of it is unnecessary and avoidable political policy put in place to accomplish ulterior and nefarious political agendas.

Those who aren’t driving are likely flying and the outcomes there aren’t much better as thousands of flights have been cancelled nationwide; often citing pilot shortages. Much of the airline chaos is attributed to federally mandated COVID-19 policies recalling that those policies are also the products of enterprise fraud and so are unnecessary and avoidable; not to mention prosecutable. The famine head remains formidable as does the disease head.

Despite the analysis evidencing that monkeypox was being ushered in as the replacement context to perpetuate medical tyranny, the WHO reversed course on it. As soon as this occurred, the Biden Administration was quick to have proxy Joe make a statement that another pandemic was “on the horizon;” meaning it’s en route for this fall. As I have promised more than once and with the request to write it down: the midterms will be stolen and it’s scheduled to be impacted by another “pandemic.”

Here’s what I previously wrote as it relates to the context for the enterprise fraud construct known as the “COVID-19 pandemic,” which should be regarded as perpetual medical tyranny, “Respective to the concept of the dual-purpose bird flu roll-out that I addressed in a recent article which draws back on earlier work, we must understand the utilitarian purpose that monkeypox provides. The important aspect of what I’m outlining here is that the virus or impetus being plugged into the enterprise fraud construct matters not whether it be bird flu, monkeypox or something different. What matters is that it is interchangeable in the sense of it being plugged in to drive the construct forward in designed perpetuity.”

Disease remains a guaranteed and formidable head on our cerebus. So does war.

As the continued chaos unfolds stateside and as Americans celebrate entry into one war that delivered their independence, the elites and infiltrators have us on the precipice of another war that will revert us back to subjugation while instituting global governance and the global plantation. This alone provides a fulsome explanation for the insanely expedited agenda targeting the Second Amendment because as we have noted, disarmament is a precursory step to subjugation.

It’s incumbent upon us to remember our broader position holding that America is being positioned for a designed loss in a multiple-front war scenario with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. Moreover, it’s also important to recognize the emerging stronger bilateral economic cooperation between Russia and China that underpins their plausible relations as wartime allies. Existing analysis and projections position August as our flash point; with the door cracked for it being less likely earlier or more likely later.

NATO is increasing its ‘high-readiness forces’ in response to ‘Russian aggression’ from 40,000 to well over 300,000 at the same time that Sweden and Finland have been formally accepted for membership. The developments align with our analysis indicating an evidenced global war footing and wherein the developments bear the hallmarks of precursory war maneuvers. This comports with our broader multiple-front war position and analysis established long ago and being refined beginning in March 2021.

It bears mentioning that Quid Pro Joe and the Pentagon likely leveraged Turkey and its approval of Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership with a deal over the sale of U.S. F-16s to the nation. Biden is already messaging to Congress understanding that the sale is contingent upon congressional approval.

One angle to consider that has potentially devastating consequences is this: a specific domain of closer economic collaboration between Russia and China is technology. The implications here are frightening ones.

Recall that Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private server is conventionally thought to be a pick-up point for the delivery of America’s most classified information to the Chinese and others. Included were thought to be military and Special Access Program intelligence. Ergo Russia and China are collaborating in the precise domain required for developing successful technological tactics and vectors to target and defeat an unknown portion of U.S. weapons and systems.

An analog to this with a known outcome is found in Dominion Voting sending its proprietary patent and technical information to China before the 2020 election via Staple Street Capital’s acquisition of it. The Moonshine work into that is old, wide and deep. Along with aid from traitors and infiltrators, China’s technical knowledge of how to remotely hack Dominion machines and alter election outcomes [fractional voting algorithms] permitted it to steal an election and install its proxy in Biden.

For an example, if China and Russia were to successfully leverage intelligence that provided the technical capacity to compromise or eliminate the U.S. intelligence and military satellite system and its contingency and back-up systems, while compounding it with a full-on attack, it could account for an unrecoverable situation unpacking on a short timeline. Even if permitted top-down through the chain of command and noting no confidence in the Joint Chiefs or the Commander in Chief, the degree to which the U.S. could effectively intercede on this to redress and counter it is unknown. Such a plausible scenario would all but certainly ensure devastating outcomes.

The broader analysis and evidence suggest that we are bearing witness to the demarcation of the line to establish opposing forces for this predetermined and planned world war. Further evidence of it can be found in NATO’s active stance toward forming a bloc that will contribute to the line and its sides, which generally appear as US/NATO/EU v. China/Russia. As found throughout history, some other nations will join one of the two opposing blocs.

With all of that in mind, recall what Moonshine already reported relative to China and its ongoing “normal to wartime transition.” In further evidence of the global war footing, this means that China was already transitioning from peacetime to war time back in May in a process that was begun even earlier. [The full list of 36 points coming out of the leaked CCP and PLA call can be read in the linked article.]

The walls are big and the handwriting covering them is clear and obvious. We’re being ushered into the multiple-front war scenario I warned about long ago. The other plausible explanation that Moonshine has introduced positions the evidenced war maneuvering such that it isn’t designed to transition into hot war but instead to fuel the wartime propaganda machine in service to one of illegitimate proxy Joe Biden’s two epicenters of corruption in Ukraine. It serves to maintain the flow of money to Ukraine and whereas Ukraine is regarded as a hub laundering operation.

If the provided Russia war-crimes narrative were a only cover story, which is likely, why else would the Biden Administration discretely dispatch the Attorney General Merrick Garland to Ukraine if not to oversee and orchestrate action on sensitive and complex legal matters with evidenced criminality? Especially ones that fully implicate his boss, the President of the United States?

As Americans suffer from rampant inflation and the literal internal destruction of the nation, the flow of U.S. funds to Ukraine is steadfast and unimpeded; with another $820 in armaments and missile systems just announced. Newsweek reports that the total U.S. Pentagon funding to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s advancements is $6.9 billion as the overall total exceeds $40 billion. Previously, I wrote a [one] two-part series on U.S. aid to Ukraine to stack on top of the existing pile of work on the country.

Not coincidentally, the other Biden corruption epicenter is China. The same China with which Joe and Hunter Biden secured several private equity deals in selling-out the U.S. to communism for personal enrichment. Notably, the BHR Partners 2013 deal for $1.5 billion and the 2017 deal with the CEFC China Energy Company [CCP] for $6 million bear down.

War, famine and disease. That’s our three-headed cerebus as guaranteed by Proxy Joe and the evidence has us moving down that continuum in unmitigated fashion. All three heads are locked and loaded as the Independence Day goes by us and we near the projected flash point of August.

So enjoy the Fourth of July and as you do, be grateful for it because it may be one of the last; if not the last; at least as it applies to authentic America as she were. Perhaps enjoy this day with a keen understanding of the degree to which the signers of the Declaration of Independence faced a formidable, capable, imposing, nefarious and frightening enemy that stood to indelibly alter the course of history. Do this because the endeavor that is in front of the American people – whether they realize it or not – stands to exceed that of the signers.

With perspective, I wish all of you a happy Independence Day in the true sense of the expression.



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