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BIG PICTURE UNDERSTANDING: Dynastic Bush, Ukrainian Nazis, Chinese Hub of Global Operations and Global Governance

-Open Sourced Analysis & Opinion on the Geopolitical Landscape-

29 May 22

With each passing day, the big picture positions at Moonshine are further substantiated and verified with the continual influx of evidence to stack up behind them. Three of those primary positions underpin the status quo and they are largely absent from Western media reporting writ large. That should be of no surprise as we all know they are the purveyors and propagandists of the fraudulent state-sponsored narrative.

The broad body of work at Moonshine acknowledges longer and deeper roots while establishing a contemporary timeline tying back to the ascendance of George H.W. Bush through the intelligence community and into the CIA before moving on to its directorship, which dovetailed into his occupation of the offices of the Vice Presidency and Presidency. Every candidate on both sides of the aisle since GHWB sans perhaps Donald J. Trump has been a product of what I’ve branded Dynastic Bush. This recent article recapitulates GHWB and Dynastic Bush while reviewing the contemporary timeline of the present: Predicated By Enterprise Fraud, The “New World Order” and Its Marxist Communist Brand of Global Governance Is Set To Arrive 22-28 May 2022.

Succinctly, GHWB is the head of the snake.

Relative to Dynastic Bush, it’s imperative to understand a primary mechanism for its regular circumvention of constitutional governance. In short, the mechanism is this: 1-engage in false flag operations to create crises like 9/11 and COVID-19, 2-to generate fear, terror and chaos scenarios, 3-to establish emergency scenarios, 4-to compel and authorize emergency determination processes codified in U.S. law, 5-to create unilateral authority permitting governance outside of firm constitutional boundaries. In short, contrived emergencies permit tyranny and authoritarian rule and so they are made to happen to achieve those objectives.

I recently spoke about this in a interview respective to COVID-19 and it is succinctly summarized in this recent and fast-moving video:

Now consider this development reported at Zero Hedge and centered on the Brennan Center for Justice and its acquisition of FOIA request documents derived from the George W. Bush Administration. Note the overlaying evidence between Dynastic Bush and rule by edict as predicated on manufactured emergencies and crises, which has become the norm since 11 Sep 01.

Previously classified files obtained by the Brennan Center for Justice reveal that the 2004 George W. Bush administration conducted a holistic review of the president’s emergency powers, with the goal of modernizing a set of secret plans for continuity-of-government in a nuclear war.

The George W. Bush Presidential Library turned over 500 out of 6,000 pages of the documents, known as “presidential emergency action documents” (PEADs), which “shed troub­ling new light on the powers that modern pres­id­ents claim they possess in moments of crisis,” according to the Brennan Center, which obtained the records through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

PEADs were created during the cold war, when the chance of a Soviet nuclear strike was at its peak. Early drafts reportedly rested on broad interpretations of executive powers. According to official reports from the 1960s, various PEADs authorized the president to enact measures such as suspending habeas corpus, to detain “dangerous persons” within the country, to censor news media, and to prevent international travel.

In light if 9/11, one Bush administration official viewed updating the PEADs an “urgent and compel­ling secur­ity effort, espe­cially in light of ongo­ing threats.”

Here are the specific findings via the Brennan Center:

Controlling commu­nic­a­tions

At least one of the docu­ments under review was designed to imple­ment the emer­gency author­it­ies contained in Section 706 of the Commu­nic­a­tions Act. During World War II, Congress gran­ted the pres­id­ent author­ity to shut down or seize control of “any facil­ity or station for wire commu­nic­a­tion” upon proclam­a­tion “that there exists a state or threat of war involving the United States.”

This fright­en­ingly expans­ive language was, at the time, hemmed in by Amer­ic­ans’ limited use of tele­phone calls and tele­grams. Today, however, a pres­id­ent will­ing to test the limits of his or her author­ity might inter­pret “wire commu­nic­a­tions” to encom­pass the inter­net — and there­fore claim a “kill switch” over vast swaths of elec­tronic commu­nic­a­tion.

And indeed, Bush admin­is­tra­tion offi­cials repeatedly high­lighted the stat­ute’s flex­ib­il­ity: it was “very broad,” as one offi­cial in the National Secur­ity Coun­cil scribbled, and it exten­ded “broader than common carri­ers in FCC [Federal Commu­nic­a­tions Commis­sion] juris[diction].”


Deten­tion author­ity

The records indic­ate that at least one pres­id­en­tial emer­gency action docu­ment pertained to the suspen­sion of habeas corpus. An internal memor­andum from June 2008 specified that a docu­ment under the Justice Depart­ment’s juris­dic­tion was “[s]till being revised by OLC [Office of Legal Coun­sel], in light of recent Supreme Court opin­ion.” Examin­ing the Court’s rulings over the previ­ous months, it is evid­ent that this must refer to the land­mark decision in Boumediene v. Bush, which recog­nized Guantanamo Bay pris­on­ers’ consti­tu­tional right to chal­lenge their deten­tion in court. This strongly suggests that the early–­Cold War PEADs purport­ing to suspend habeas corpus had survived, at least in some form, and were part of the Bush admin­is­tra­tion’s review. 

The result of the admin­is­tra­tion’s post-Boumediene revi­sion is unknown. Signi­fic­antly, though, it does­n’t appear that any emer­gency action docu­ments were with­drawn or cancelled. To the contrary, eight PEADs were added, bring­ing the total number to 56.

Inhib­it­ing the right to travel

Restrict­ing the use of U.S. pass­ports — a repor­ted feature of some early pres­id­en­tial emer­gency action docu­ments — remained on the table as of 2008. Records gener­ated by the Bush admin­is­tra­tion’s review high­lighted a provi­sion of law from 1978 that allows the govern­ment to curtail inter­na­tional move­ment based on “war,” “armed hostil­it­ies,” or “immin­ent danger to the public health or the phys­ical safety of United States trav­el­lers.”


Trig­ger­ing other emer­gency powers

The national emer­gency declared after 9/11 — which is still in effect today and contin­ues to prop up the United States’ milit­ary pres­ence across the globe — was cited in connec­tion with one or more PEADs.

A national emer­gency declar­a­tion unlocks enhanced author­it­ies contained in more than 120 provi­sions of law. Bush invoked several such author­it­ies, but several dozen others were — and still are — avail­able to the pres­id­ent as a result of Proclam­a­tion 7463. Presum­ably, the refer­ence to the proclam­a­tion during the admin­is­tra­tion’s review implies the exist­ence of docu­ments designed to imple­ment other stat­utory emer­gency powers, which run the gamut from anodyne to alarm­ing, nearly four years after the attacks.


With Congress unable to serve its consti­tu­tional role as a check on the exec­ut­ive branch, there remains the possib­il­ity that modern PEADs, like their histor­ical prede­cessors, sacri­fice Amer­ic­ans’ consti­tu­tional rights and the rule of law in the name of emer­gency plan­ning. Congress should pass Sen. Ed Markey’s REIGN Act, which has been incor­por­ated into the Protect­ing Our Demo­cracy Act and the National Secur­ity Reforms and Account­ab­il­ity Act, to bring these shad­owy powers to account.

Zero Hedge

Fabricated and constructed emergency scenarios causing fraudulent emergency determination processes represent the precise mechanisms that have been codified into U.S. law and which are bent back against Americans to circumvent regular constitutional governance as the nation is destructed by means of Cloward-Piven and transitioned to global governance under the auspices of the United Nations.

A part of this transition is the manufactured multiple front war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. I’ve written 49 articles and conducted one interview on this topic. The last article pertained to a recently leaked conversation from PLA and CCP leadership within China and represents further messaging on one of these fronts: WORLD WAR III: “We Won’t Hesitate To Start A War,” Video Leaked of War Mobilization Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Communist Party Committee of China, Taiwan Invasion Imminent?. It includes links to the other 48.

This recent interview on The Prather Point discusses those World War III considerations:

Recalling that Ukraine and China are the two epicenters of Biden’s corruption, crime and treason, if the multiple front war scenario never comes to fruition as hot wars with the U.S. on one or both fronts, the scenario becomes direct evidence of the continuance of said corruption and crime relative to enterprise fraud and the sending of billions [maybe trillions altogether and not yet fully accounted for?] of U.S. taxpayer funds to the “keystone” of corruption – Ukraine. That would stack on top of all of Biden’s private equity deals in China in the billions.

The Moonshine reporting on the Russia/Ukraine front is entirely antithetical to the propagated Western narrative and the evidence behind it stacks-up deeply while drawing back years. It’s important for several reasons omitted from mainstream media coverage: 1-It draws back on Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland foreign policy and diplomacy respective to the EU and NATO and whereby the Obama cartel leveraged Nazi and neo-Nazi factions inside Ukraine to foment civil unrest for the purpose of executing a coup d’etat drawing back to 2013-2014, which eventually delivered Zelensky, 2-The 2013 timeline overlays the Biden timeline in China where through BHR Partners, Hunter Biden secured a $1.5 billion private equity deal with CEFC China Energy Company, the economic arm of China’s primary hegemonic and domestic doctrine Belt Road Iniative and whereby Hunter Biden agreed to become CEFC Chairman Ye’s personal attorney, 3-The Nazi and neo-Nazi factions in Ukraine directly tie to the Azov Battalion which is now fully embedded in the Ukraine military, and 4-Russia’s special operations in Ukraine are targeting NATO and U.S. Department of Defense biolabs in the nation directly tied to the Bidens through Metabiota and Rosemont Seneca.

Moreover and drawing back on coverage of the 2020 summer riots, I’ve long reported on Nazi symbolism found within the fabric of protest in America writ large. Further work ran-down the biowarfare angles of World War II respective to Hilter, Germany, Operation Paperclip and biowarfare unleashed on China. As underpinned by history, it resulted in the branding of the term ‘Chinese Nazis’ and compelled us to ask the question posed in the title of this article, which comprehensively provides that history: Is COVID-19 Out of China’s Revenge?.

In short and resting on a stack of verifiable evidence that depicts a disturbing picture, I content that we very well may be facing the Fourth Reich.

With all of that in mind, consider what is presented in this short video here and feel welcome to dig into the Moonshine site to learn more about Nazis and their undeniable involvement in the status quo:

With Nazis in Ukraine being emblematic of a likely Fourth Reich that has long-established and historically evidenced overlays to China that specifically interface with Taiwan and Russia; and with respect to the the controlled demolition of the U.S. via Cloward-Piven, it’s the multiple-front war, medical tyranny and global governance under the auspices of the United Nations that I have posited and evidenced as the transition of global operations from the U.S. to China. Everything else represents the mechanisms to bring it about. It will result in a technocratic global plantation enforced by Marxist communism.

Underpinning the position is something I’ve been reiterating for a long time: Proxy Joe Biden. That brand implies that Biden was installed by China, represents the interest of China, ties back to all of Biden’s private equity deals with China and is strongly evidenced by the fact that generally speaking, all of his decisions are beneficial to China and detrimental to the U.S. Proxy Joe’s branding has been spot-on analysis the entire time.

Further evidencing the position is this item from Gateway Pundit and from it,

On Saturday morning Steve Bannon held a discussion on the situation with China and Taiwan and China’s efforts to rule the world.  Frank Gaffney was one of the War Room’s guests to warn about China’s recent actions. 

Earlier this week Gaffney warned about how the US under Biden is taking actions to support China while at the same time China is at war with the US.

Gateway Pundit

The Chinese Communists are not simply talking about unrestricted warfare against us of the non-kinetic kind, or even about achieving world domination eventually, they’re now moving out apparently to begin the process of taking control of the world, through their cutouts as well as through their force of arms and other direct means.

Frank Gaffney

Documents generated by a Brennan Center for Justice FOIA request further evidence our already substantial position on Dynastic Bush. At the same time, even further evidence is acquired on the Nazi vectors in Ukraine that tie directly back to the United States circa 2013-2014. Meanwhile, the analysis on Taiwan respective to the Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan/South China Sea further presents as entirely on the mark and is further substantiated respective to the exclusive and original Moonshine position that what we are seeing is the controlled demolition of the U.S. in order to move the global operations of a Globalist cartel to China.


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  1. Jo Scraba May 30, 2022

    As do I. Your insights and counter-narrative are invaluable—too few people bother to go beyond the talking-head bromides. I’m suspicious of everything that comes out of the “trusted news” outlets (actually, I got rid of my television some 40 years ago, so I get headlines and not much more), and have the time to read and research. The Russia-Ukraine narrative should raise red flags for everyone—nothing is so black and white. When you consider the recent history, from the 2013-14 US engineered coup and the subsequent punishment of the Russian-speaking eastern regions at the hands of the Nazi military units, through the influence peddling of the Biden/Kerry/Pelosi/Romney families and the proliferation of gain-of-function biolabs, it’s impossible to give credence to the government’s propaganda. If you read Putin’s speeches, you get a clearer sense of the impetus for and the goals of the incursion. The analysis and sourcing you provide has helped me a great deal in coming to what I believe to be an informed opinion. Thank you!

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