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If It Isn’t the UN, It May Be NATO, Components of Our Own Military, Some of Them or All of Them

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01 Jun 22

Part I of this sub-series may be read here. Parts III-IV are linked at bottom.

There are several significant hurdles for the illegitimate Biden Administration that impede its clearly delineated agenda to drastically encroach on; if not remove altogether, the Second Amendment; and it’s not by accident that the agenda targets two specific classes of weapons: fictitious “assault weapons” as represented by the AR-15 and 9mm handguns. Clarity is found in understanding that the AR-15 is the most widely owned rifle in America and the 9mm the most widely owned handgun. The approach represents a de facto form of disarmament.

The contextual backdrop to this article is the article I penned yesterday entitled: How China May Invade the U.S. Mainland and It’s Not What You Think. It is required reading moving forward.

The article shines a light on some of the impediments to Biden’s agenda, which is really China’s agenda. One of those impediments is this fact: “In 2020, there were 696,644 full-time law enforcement officers employed in the United States. The number of full-time law enforcement officers reached a peak in 2008 with 708,569 officers, and hit a low in 2013 with 626,942 officers.”

The problematic aspect of that fact dovetails in two directions: 1-the overall population of the United States at nearly 332 million people and 2-the total number of gun owners in America, which is “more than 81.4 million Americans.”

There is a clear and exponential imbalance between the population and the smaller segment of gun owners relative to the number of law enforcement. Here is where it becomes problematic.

Using 50% for argument’s sake, what does it look like for the Biden Administration and law enforcement if approximately half of gun owners comply with unconstitutional gun control and confiscation efforts by means of legislation or executive order and the other half does not? In that case, there remains an imbalance of 697,000 to 40,700,000. That’s an enormous problem for the Biden Administration and it doesn’t account for the segment of the population that doesn’t own firearms but fully supports the Second Amendment for its original constitutional intent and therefore stands against the agenda.

This dynamic will cause the Biden Administration to augment law enforcement domestically and yesterday’s article evidences how China would do that via the United Nations relative to disarmament and the FBI’s branding of “domestic terrorism” respective to the emergency and extra-constitutional authority that the Executive inherits during periods of declared emergency; and understanding that the arduously evidenced position is that “emergencies” are literally manufactured so as to trigger these powers and rule well outside of firm constitutional boundaries. It’s been that way for a while, now.

Now consider this headline from Bloomberg received after the first article was written: China Urges UN Rights Chief to Look Into School Shootings in US.

If I didn’t have your attention on yesterday’s article, I’m betting I have your attention now.

Any such resistance to gun control and gun confiscation will automatically be branded as acts committed by “domestic terrorists.” Peacekeeping and maintaining order will be immediately become stated objectives triggering a cascade of continuity of government protocols and emergency authority to act accordingly.

With one avenue being the UN, other avenues include encroaching on posse comitatus to deploy U.S. troops stateside, bending federalism back against Americans [again] with governors dispatching the National Guard in their respective states and perhaps drawing assistance from NATO and many of the so-called “allies” that aided in the stolen 2020 election.

Consider this from NATO respective to “domestic terrorism,” which the FBI said in April 2021 was the most significant threat to America:

Perhaps it will be the UN. Perhaps NATO. Perhaps our own military or the National Guards of our own states. Perhaps it will be all of them or combinations of some of them. One thing is for certain, though, and its that the population imbalance cited will compel some form of personnel augmentation; that’s an inescapable fact.

The FBI’s actions towards “domestic terrorism” as applied to the Biden/China gun control and confiscation agenda has constructed paths to all of them: the UN, NATO, the U.S. military and the National Guard. When people embrace their revolutionary spirit and roots to say no, it’s going to get ugly. Very ugly and dark, indeed. There will be bloodshed. Potentially lots of it. I don’t know of a single gun owner who when asked would comply with any of this and I know a lot of them. I’m betting that scenario is rinse/repeat across this once grand Republic.

The Biden/China agenda is coming and it’s unavoidable. How it plays-out remains to be seen. If the intent is to finish-off America by means of the Civil War 2.0, this Biden/China agenda stands as the most plausible and effective way to do it.

What the American people haven’t quite identified and comprehended yet is that the infiltrators have taken all of our institutions like the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches, federalism, Constitutional amendments and more. and have bent them back against us in provocative form so as to leverage continuity of government protocols to finish us off for good.

The beginning of the end was 9/11. From there, they unleashed the enterprise fraud construct of COVID-19 to steal an election and begin hammering the final nails into the coffin. Figuratively, we’re in the coffin now. Literally, many of us may be in the coffin soon because the Biden/China agenda stands to have us finish the job by shooting at each in a Civil War 2.0 they’ve long desired.

After all, there are only two ways to invade and destroy the United States: outside-in and inside out. If you know anything about the Chinese and Marxist communists, inside-out ought to frighten you to no end. Just look around you.



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  1. Frog man June 1, 2022

    I Agree with your assessment. All my spidey senses are clanging.

  2. flgal June 1, 2022

    The Maoidy Cultural revolution was the worst most ugly period in the 60’s destruction of history, monuments, legitimate intellectuals moderate politicians, ransacking and blood letting on an enormous scale, youth turned against parents and “old communists” for the
    “new communists”; Americans dont know their history…

    • flgal June 1, 2022

      Maoist Cultural Revolution; apologize for typo

  3. flgal June 1, 2022

    Sorry Maoist Cultural Revolution meant to write…hit typo sorry…

  4. Michael Buhagiar June 1, 2022

    Acute analysis as always PM. Yes, inside-out, but possibly and/or outside-in. Mike Adams did a great interview with John Moore last week on the outside-in scenario. Russia cleaned out the Ukrainian stables for the right reasons. Russia and China are working together. China is on course to take out the US, for the wrong reasons. There are some inconsistencies here that I haven’t yet resolved.

  5. Daisy56 June 2, 2022

    Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with so many. The situation is so dire in that we are being attacked from every direction. I don’t understand how so many still don’t get it. I’m a 65 yo widow and have only my dog. I am beginning to get very frightened about what is to come.

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