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CROSSFIRE HURRICANE: Analysis and Basis of Mar-a-Lago Entrapment Operation Confirmed – Obama/Biden Sought to Recover Evidence of Own Criminality

A recently published document signed by then President Donald J. Trump confirms the analysis and basis for the Biden regime, DOJ [Merrick Garland, AG] and FBI entrapment operation at Mr. Trump’s private residence at Mar-a-Lago. The source document was sourced from @DC_Draino on Twitter:

Initially in early August 2022, I provided seven reasons for the Mar-a-Lago raid and they hold true today:

Here are seven reasons the FBI executed a raid on President Trump:

  1. To build a narrative for the midterm elections so as to establish pretext that can be cited enabling them to steal the midterms, which they will do, and retrospectively point back at it as the reason such lopsided polls flipped in the steal. Another mechanism for this same reason of explaining away the steal is Roe v. Wade. I’ve written quite a bit about all of this.
  2. To continue building on the Jan. 6 Capitol “insurrection” narrative that is deliberately enmeshed with white nationalism, “domestic terrorism”, “domestic terrorist”, the Second Amendment and the disarming of the public. By establishing linkage of those things altogether back to Trump and through the Capitol entrapment operation, they’ll use this to further target Trump.
  3. To establish the pretext and run-up to their October surprise, which is Trump’s arrest as borne out of today’s raid. I’ve already projected and written about that, too. Again, this arrest narrative will be bent back against all Trump-endorsed candidates to establish pretext for justifying a stolen midterm elections win against that slate of candidates. From there and from Trump, they’ll begin to target all of us – the silent majority, essentially – and begin tidying up political opposition as needed and by leveraging a wide array of horrible 2-tier justice options to exercise against targeted Americans with severe misapplication of prosecutorial discretion.
  4. To allow Nancy Pelosi to flex her newly established global muscle: she made the militaries of multiple nations conduct immediate maneuvers just by threatening a trip at the same time she had a hostile foreign nation threatening us with all-out war and nuclear annihilation. She removed a sitting president and continues to target him as the FBI proved today. Pelosi has targeted Main Street USA with her Capitol entrapment operation and gulag operation. She’s Queen Pelosi and she’s running D.C. in Obama’s fourth term while Proxy Joe Biden is effectively impotent except for ownership of all the policies currently designed to destroy the nation from the inside-out [that’s how China works, folks]. That is something he can do. The House Speaker has always been regarded as the second most powerful person in D.C behind the Executive. No longer. Queen Pelosi rules and she’s already flexed her global muscle.
  5. To begin stomping-out MAGA once and for all with Pelosi and her Capitol operation on point, which is now enhanced by an expanded Capitol Police Department that now operates in California and Florida and with $2.1 billion in new funding from Congress. How long before they start showing up in your neighborhoods in some capacity? How far this all goes and where it all ends are things y’all get to decide; noting that not making a decision at all is a decision in and of itself and it’s a decision to do nothing.
  6. To prevent President Trump from running in 2024 as the primary political reason [h/t Techno Fog]. This is evidenced in the plausible sentencing guidelines that are thought to be associated with the warrant for Mar-a-Lago and which would cause a convicted defendant to be disqualified from holding any future U.S. office.
  7. To begin the final stages of America’s conversion to Marxist communism as we discussed in the opening.
Political Moonshine in August 2022

The nature of the documents has always been the subject of focus and initial indications were such that the Obama administration’s “spygate” [FISC/FISA abuse (most secretive and sensitive court in the nation)] was at the heart of the matter. I published this also in early August 2022:

More clarity is found in disturbing evidence centered on Attorneys General, the Department of Justice and the FBI. According to reporting by Paul Sperry, “DEVELOPING: Investigators reportedly met back in June w Trump & his lawyers in Mar-a-Lago storage rm to survey docs & things seemed copasetic but then FBI raids weeks later. Speculation on Hill FBI had PERSONAL stake & searching for classified docs related to its #Spygate scandal.”

Recall that the FBI was heavily implicated in Spygate and as Sperry accurately identifies, a primary objective for the raid of a U.S. President’s private residence was out of self-preservation. This is the institutional preservation I cite so often and this is how it routinely functions.

I’m sure there are still good men and women in the rank and file of the FBI but they’re being used as political assassins by the FBI and DOJ hierarchy of leadership; and it’s occurring at the hands of infiltrators and occupiers. There is no question that the FBI is now a full-blown Bolshevik agency that is being leveraged as a juggernaut political weapon. In fact, if the FBI gave fidelity to it’s own work replete with politically unbiased and objective positioning, its anti-terrorism unit would be investigating its own agency and agents on up through the DOJ and the federal apparatus writ large.

Life becomes tough when the criminals are the ones with all of the authority. It leads to revolutions. Maybe.

That the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was executed to vacuum-up Spygate evidence makes it is as reprehensible as it is egregious and unlawful. Period. There’s no way around it.

Political Moonshine in August 2022

How accurate have the analysis and projected outcomes at Moonshine been; especially on this subject matter? Laser accurate.

Beyond further expanding on this entrapment operation and the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation in over 30 articles; this being the most recent, I projected the George Floyd riots over the same subject matter acknowledging there was no way to identify the actual impetus [Floyd specifically]. That riots were going to occur as a deflection point construct to detract from the same scintillating revelations and exposure of Obama/Biden to severe criminal jeopardy was never in question.

Early into the “pandemic” [enterprise fraud construct], I posted this almost 3 weeks before the riots broke out on the streets of America [source]:

The obvious point is that beyond the objective of leveraging the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation to make a felon of Trump to preclude him from running in 2024 – THE ONLY WAY TO BEAT HIM – with the same being said of the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation, the objective was to recover severely problematic evidence of Obama/Biden criminality that victimized Trump and his inner circle.

Now we have the evidence to support the analysis and projections of this Biden Administration, DOJ, FBI and intelligence community entrapment operation where then President Trump was squarely and firmly within his legal authority as the Executive.

Here is that evidence:

Recall the important distinction between Mr. Trump’s legal authority to declassify any materials at any time and immediately by simply making a verbal declaration or by an otherwise more formal process.

Contrast that with no such authority for Biden, who was a Senator and Vice President when he actually broke the laws that are being used to frame Trump over classified documents being declassified for retention.

This is from a January 2023 article on the FTX scandal:

The most important distinction between Biden and Trump is this: As the former Vice President, Biden never possessed the authority to declassify anything whereas Trump, as the former President, did and definitively so. It’s a bit of an informal process and once the President proclaims documents as unclassified, they are immediately considered so, ergo no crimes were committed and the corrupt establishment knows this:

Political Moonshine

Presidents can declassify documents on a whim, even just by “thinking about it,” former President Donald Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

Trump appeared on Hannity’s show to discuss the ongoing federal investigation into classified documents found in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home during an FBI raid.

“Is there a process? What was your process to declassify?” Hannity asked.

“There doesn’t have to be a process, as I understand it,” Trump responded. “You know, different people say different things, but as I understand it there doesn’t have to be.”

“If you’re the president of the United States you can declassify just by saying: ‘It’s declassified.’ Even by thinking about it,” he added. “There doesn’t have to be a process. There can be a process, but there doesn’t have to be. You’re the president, you make that decision…I declassified everything.”

Fox News

Go deeper on the Mar-a-Lago and Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operations in my series THE HUNT IS ON.

Learn more about Crossfire Hurricane here.

Operations never serve a singular purpose. We saw that over and over with the COVID-19 “pandemic” construct of enterprise fraud and we continue to see it to the present.

The same can be said about the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation, which had two primary objectives:

  1. Preclude Donald J. Trump from running in 2024 by making a felon out of him
  2. Recover severely incriminating evidence of Obama/Biden criminality

The analysis and projection is confirmed and the evidence is in hand.

Only through abject Bolshevism, Marxist tenets and a communist regime do such things happen.

How much more are the American people going to tolerate all of this?

Once they finish with Trump and if they are successful in stealing 2024, the American people are next. Just ask the victims of the J6 entrapment operation who are currently sitting in an American gulag.

To comprehend the schematics for how that will occur; understanding that it’s already under way, read my series THE HUNT IS ON.

Mr. Trump was entrapped at Mar-a-Lago just as J6 protestors were on the Capitol grounds. Write this down: Mr. Trump also stands to be charged in J6. I discuss that in this piece.

The light of truth always eventuality shines. What Americans do with it is the most important aspect that remains to be seen.

Here’s a good suggestion to get started:


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