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Trump Indictment Marks Darkest Day In American History

The indictment of President Donald J. Trump in the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation marks the darkest day in American history; at least in contemporary history. Never has the US federal apparatus been hijacked and weaponized against its own citizens to the extent that is now evident. Mr. Trump’s indictment detailed at Zero Hedge is yet another culminating event that undeniably has this former Constitutional Republic squarely in the process of conversion to the CCP’s own brand of Marxism communism; replete with Bolshevik tactics [see said indictment.]

None of this is coming from nowhere and by that I mean every granular bit of it is an orchestrated and coordinated “lawfare” effort the likes of which I’ve been reporting on for years and accurately so.

My last two articles covering this eventual and projected outcome explain it all:

It begs the question I’ve asked, answered and written about many times: WHAT ARE WE DOING, AMERICA?

Or perhaps that should be “AMERIKA.”

Anyone thinking that the democratic principles underpinning this once proud Constitutional Republic are still intact; and that he lives in a free and open society, is just plain wrong and living in a delusional false reality.

A weapons-grade propaganda system that would make Joseph Gobbels blush is responsible for hoodwinking feeble-minded Americans incapable of independent and critical thinking to quite literally enslave themselves all out of “orange man bad!”

How intellectually pathetic that is.

Recall that the New York Times is the mouthpiece for a leaky DOJ & FBI tasked with propagandizing state-sponsored narrative. It includes the product of “lawfare” that is actively targeting Biden’s political opposition.

The Washington Post is the similarly functioning NYT analog for a leaky intelligence community, which is the basis of this treasonous stateside operation. Everything we are seeing is a function of a rogue intelligence community.

Therefore, we take the reporting accordingly and with a large grain of salt while scrutinizing it carefully for the narrative talking points [false reality] being disseminated.

That said, the NY Times is reporting that Trump faces seven charges and is expected to surrender himself to authorities in Miami on Tuesday [Zero Hedge].

ABC News followed-up in reporting latched onto by Gateway Pundit indicating that Trump faces substantial time in prison; enough to die there:

  • Willful retention of national defense information (maximum penalty if convicted: 10 years)
  • Conspiracy to obstruct justice (maximum penalty: 20 years)
  • Withholding a document or record (maximum penalty: 20 years)
  • Corruptly concealing a document or record (maximum penalty: 20 years)
  • Concealing a document in a federal investigation (maximum penalty: 20 years)
  • Scheme to conceal (maximum penalty: Five years)
  • False statements and representations (maximum penalty: Five years)

The reporting at Zero Hedge indicates that Mr. Trump’s attorneys have signaled that public enemy number one, Special Counsel Jack Smith [Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation], is expected to cite “National Defense Information” to envelop Trump’s indictment into his own constructed and manufactured “lawfare” attack on the former President.

Analysis and reporting from Techno Fog and hits the mark [Zero Hedge]:

After years and years of prosecutorial and investigative abuses and crimes, the Department of Justice has finally indicted Trump. In doing so, the DOJ has inserted itself into the 2024 presidential election, again disenfranchising millions of voters. It’s a sad day for the country and a sobering day for those who wish for the equal administration of justice.

Techno Fog

This post from the Zero Hedge item is a succinct summary:

Simply stated, I put it like this last evening:

Every single thing represented in the above memetic graphic illustration I have reported on ad nauseam and there is no room for alternative cogent arguments supported by reliable evidence.

The clear objective is found in the headline in the first article linked above: making felons and erasing felonies for the purpose of eliminating the most viable candidate, stealing another election and then bridging from Trump to the balance of his political opposition for the purpose of eliminating them.

Once the bridge is firmly in place, further false flag events and entrapment operations will ensue as extended to Biden’s political opposition. I have carefully delineated that extension in several pieces as reiterated below.

To fully grasp the nature of Biden’s political opposition, go find a mirror and then suggest the same to 74 million other freedom-loving Americans who just want to live, let live and be left alone.

Word to the wise: That is not going to happen. It’s not in the plans and never was. The hunt is on.

If you care to comprehend the plans, I’ve written an entire series on it [THE HUNT IS ON] that is exclusive in how the “lawfare” vectors will extend to MAGA, 74 million American voters, conservatives, Christians and otherwise enemies of Marxist communism and the regime of the Chinese proxy, Joe Biden.

I have outlined the “lawfare” approach to target Biden’s political opposition in several items; including this one from September 2022 bearing the namesake of the series: The Hunt Is On. The critical aspects are emphasized [points 5-8 below]. [Note that this explanation doesn’t specifically cite the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation even though it represents about half of the attack and is featured prominently in the full body of work.]

It is of particular importance to recognize and accept the following on its face relative to the elimination of political opposition in America, which for Biden, is the 74 million MAGA and Trump voting folks he threatened in his recent hellfire speech laden with Satanic cinematic overtones.

It is also equally important to know that the substantive arguments presented here were made based upon evidence and analysis that occurred long before Proxy Joe Biden directly threatened 74 million Americans. The positions hold that:

1-The Capitol “insurrection” event was an entrapment scheme executed primarily by Nancy Pelosi along with House and Senate leadership, the Capitol Police Department, the House Sergeant at Arms, the commander of the DC National Guard, the DC Mayor and others.

2-The ongoing Capitol “insurrection” hearings are not technically hearings and represent kabuki theater and the delivery mechanism [vis-a-vis the MSM] for state-sponsored propaganda that serves as the official narrative. It further serves a constructive purpose to frame President Trump, his constituency and the silent majority who voted for him as “domestic terrorists” and for specific reasons.

3-The currently incarcerated “insurrectionists” had to be prosecuted and incarcerated to establish the context for the manufactured criminal predicate to indict [and possibly arrest] President Trump; or in other words, the jailed represent the low-hanging fruit of a tree intended for prosecution and they were needed to build the rest of the tree between them and Trump so they could vector in on Trump for prosecution. How could they ever prosecute regular Americans without prosecuting the person they said caused them to be there? They couldn’t. They’ll cite this and their collective moral conscience in a decision they don’t take lightly [all bullshit] when the occasion arises.

4-Folks comprising the middle of the tree between the jailed commoners and President Trump are people like Garrett Ziegler, who told them to pound sand by pleading the 5th to all questions when he was recently compelled to testify on Capitol Hill. Well done, friend.

5-There is an ongoing effort throughout the DOJ/FBI to leverage “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” as a legal vector to trigger legal authority to target profiled individuals and groups comprised of Trump’s people and the silent majority.

6-The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” angles are further tied to fraudulently propagated “systemic racism” and “white nationalism,” which ties further to then-Senator Kamala Harris-D, CA and her earlier legislative effort to provide the precedence for passing legislation to federally fund slavery reparations. All to give the bite more teeth and to create important linkage.

7-President Trump is their bridge between “white nationalism” and “domestic terrorism”/”domestic terrorists”, which further bridges to his voter base that also primarily encompasses the silent majority. As such, it permits the FBI/DOJ to target those groups.

8-The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” vectors as legal definitions will be justified in their application writ large by the indictment and possible arrest of Trump. Technically, it would trigger the authority to target individuals and groups further caught-up by the constructed bridges connecting to “white nationalism,” which are further extended to target and eviscerate the Second Amendment. It will occur by disarming of the same silent majority; especially of the type of weapon that would be sufficient for militia duty like the AR-15.

All of the above components and more plug into this entrapment construct designed to deliver Trump for prosecution as a political weapon throwing cover to an election they must steal; and then further leveraging it to permanently control its political opposition.

It therefore causes us to put a very focused lens in front of the Biden/Garland/DOJ decision to open an investigation into President Trump respective to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment scheme. This is especially so knowing that it was entirely fraudulent and constructed out of thin air; and there is ample evidence to prove it.

Examining the Capitol event through that lens causes us to question it and where it appears it was made to happen for three extremely important reasons:

1-Present: it represents the circling back for the cinching of the noose in the entrapment scheme construct that was designed to deliver Trump for prosecution; meaning they targeted Trump before fabricating an entire scenario around him that would permit them to indict and prosecute Trump; potentially arresting and imprisoning him.

2-Future: if successful, it permits them to align the effort with October and therefore it contextually makes sense that this is pretext for an excellent choice for their October surprise to impact the 2022 midterm elections while also explaining the overcoming of impossible polling odds that will begin shifting to the Democrats favor as soon as the revelation is made.

3-Future: if successful, it will extend to further efforts in permanently targeting and subjugating the silent majority into Marxist communism while it fools the minority into believing that the donkey of a Third World banana republic in which they live is actually a progressive, liberal, utopian bliss. It’s just a dressed-up donkey, though, and the believers worshiping it get by and keep the illusion real simply by ignoring the obvious, overwhelming and repugnant smell of donkey shit everywhere.

History will eventually be entirely rewritten and evidence of it [monuments, texts, etc.] destroyed to galvanize the transition permanently. I’m sure words like racist, misogynist, fascist, sexist, transphobic, etc. will justify it all. It’s why public education is indoctrinating a few generations of America’s youth with a ridiculous LBGQT agenda that’s at least in-part on China’s behalf.

Victims and blame are necessary to make all of this work.

Political Moonshine

As I continue to say, report and evidence, THE HUNT IS ON and YOU ARE THE PREY.

My longstanding analysis and evidence is entirely accurate otherwise the projected outcomes that I make over and over would not continue to manifest as projected.

This equates to a warning to be heeded by all and should compel Americans to finally embrace their revolutionary roots, take a stand and demand that enough is enough.

This includes Independents, Democrats, liberals, progressives and the rest. The “two-party” system is a fallacy; an illusion, just like independence, freedom and democracy.

It’s simple – divide and conquer. That’s what is occurring and the rest is merely context.

To understand divide and conquer, understand how cultural Marxism is facilitating it:

Anyone supporting Trump’s indictment is an abject fool or a blatant communist – wittingly or unwittingly – and begging to be shackled and enslaved. Y’all better wise-up and do it yesterday before you drag the rest of onto the technocratic global plantation forever; and that’s if we survive it.

Trump first, us next. Write it down.

More importantly, stand-up, face it and fight it.

Fight now or forever enjoy life on the technocratic global plantation. Dead horse kicked. Again. And again. And again.

Mr. Trump issued his response last evening:

THE HUNT IS ON AND YOU ARE THE PREY. That is not going to change. The bridge from them to you, me and 74 million other freedom-loving Americans is Mr. Trump.

They are crossing the bridge. We are next.

Write it down.

Better yet, fight like hell.


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