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The Hunt Is On

04 Sep 22

The hunt is on. The prey are identified. The hunters derive from within the borders of our own nation as empowered by an illegitimate administration installed by hostile foreign enemies. Many don’t or won’t see it and fewer will believe it. That matters not because revolutions don’t wait for people to figure things out rather they make victims out of the sort. As it stands, every American is bound in a dilemma framed by a single and simple question: Victim or not?

The assumption of a basic fact denied for obvious reasons by the politburo and MSM is imperative for full comprehension: there is a 0% chance that Joe Biden won the 2020 election and the abundant evidence for it is as reliable as Honest Abe Lincoln himself. Whether or not they know it, those denying this irrefutable fact fall into one of two specific categories: 1-communist or 2-functional fool incapable of independent and critical thinking.

For any folks believing the last statement to be too harsh, I’ll stop us right there. It’s not; not anymore, anyways.

In observance of the above images, it’s imperative that we take Obama, Biden, Clinton, et al at their own written and spoken word. If these positions and the above images seem far-fetched, sidebar for three short videos that evidence them resolutely; the longest of the three being 1:13.

Those Americans who remain hoodwinked by duplicitous bureaucrats and a propaganda machine that would make Joseph Goebbels blush are ushering us all to our own demise as we are herded up for the emerging technocratic global plantation, where encampment, reeducation and elimination of people become frighteningly plausible scenarios.

Why? Because that’s what communists do.

Failing to properly identify and position these Americans for exactly what they are – friends and family included – is nothing but feeble-mindedness itself. It’s dichotomous: be a part of the solution or be a part of the problem but be nowhere in between because that equates to being a part of the problem; and that’s where the dead man lies.

The time for considering the fragile emotions of the ignorant is long past. Only one thing matters for these people now and it falls to all of us: getting them adequately informed with reliable information so as to bring them into the fold for the purposes of galvanizing a unified front of American people to fight back against a rogue communist government that has systematically begun the hunt to eliminate its political opposition.

That’s what communist revolutions do. That’s how communist revolutions function. That’s what communist revolutions are. And that is what we must do.

If the approach sounds hypocritical because I am also identifying and targeting a segment of America, once again, I’ll stop folks right there.

Similarities are found in the effort to identify and target a particular group of Americans but that’s exactly where the similarities end.

Stark contrast is found in what happens post-identification and whereas the Biden administration is targeting political opposition in a hunt to eliminate them. Contrarily, the approach here calls for outreach for the purpose of providing reliable evidence that stands to reeducate enough of the misinformed and ignorant so as to reach a critical threshold. It’s the critical threshold of unified Americans that is the objective and the endpoint.

The balance of those who insist on remaining ensnared in ignorance, propaganda, misinformation, disinformation and malinformation are left to be captured by the wake that will follow a galvanized and unified threshold front of American people working to restore the Constitutional Republic. Those holding on will eventually come around or learn to live quietly in impotent dissidence. Here, natural law prevails in full force.

Beyond substantial existing evidence already put forth, the annals of world history clearly indicate that America has entered a communist revolutionary phase comporting with an uncomplicated explanation that essentially everyone can understand but few can see and even fewer will accept. As such and with America already falling to this illegitimate communist regime under Proxy Joe Biden, the circumstances now mirror China in 1949 following the communist takeover by Mao.

The landscape has America positioned on a trajectory akin to Lenin’s communist USSR where political opposition was eliminated post-overthrow, just as Mao did. Simple revisions to a Britannica entry clearly make the case in hypothetical but realistic form:

Britannica revised by Political Moonshine

The back-end elimination of political opposition is a vital and critical step to any effective communist overthrow. Mao did it. Lenin did it. Communists do it. History tells us this indisputably and reliably.

Save a change to the status quo for now and moving forward, America is no different.

It is of particular importance to recognize and accept the following on its face relative to the elimination of political opposition in America, which for Biden, is the 74 million MAGA and Trump voting folks he threatened in his recent hellfire speech laden with Satanic cinematic overtones.

It is also equally important to know that the substantive arguments presented here were made based upon evidence and analysis that occurred long before Proxy Joe Biden directly threatened 74 million Americans. The positions hold that:

1-The Capitol “insurrection” event was an entrapment scheme executed primarily by Nancy Pelosi along with House and Senate leadership, the Capitol Police Department, the House Sergeant at Arms, the commander of the DC National Guard, the DC Mayor and others.

2-The ongoing Capitol “insurrection” hearings are not technically hearings and represent kabuki theater and the delivery mechanism [vis-a-vis the MSM] for state-sponsored propaganda that serves as the official narrative. It further serves a constructive purpose to frame President Trump, his constituency and the silent majority who voted for him as “domestic terrorists” and for specific reasons.

3-The currently incarcerated “insurrectionists” had to be prosecuted and incarcerated to establish the context for the manufactured criminal predicate to indict [and possibly arrest] President Trump; or in other words, the jailed represent the low-hanging fruit of a tree intended for prosecution and they were needed to build the rest of the tree between them and Trump so they could vector in on Trump for prosecution. How could they ever prosecute regular Americans without prosecuting the person they said caused them to be there? They couldn’t. They’ll cite this and their collective moral conscience in a decision they don’t take lightly [all bullshit] when the occasion arises.

4-Folks comprising the middle of the tree between the jailed commoners and President Trump are people like Garrett Ziegler, who told them to pound sand by pleading the 5th to all questions when he was recently compelled to testify on Capitol Hill. Well done, friend.

5-There is an ongoing effort throughout the DOJ/FBI to leverage “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” as a legal vector to trigger legal authority to target profiled individuals and groups comprised of Trump’s people and the silent majority.

6-The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” angles are further tied to fraudulently propagated “systemic racism” and “white nationalism,” which ties further to then-Senator Kamala Harris-D, CA and her earlier legislative effort to provide the precedence for passing legislation to federally fund slavery reparations. All to give the bite more teeth and to create important linkage.

7-President Trump is their bridge between “white nationalism” and “domestic terrorism”/”domestic terrorists”, which further bridges to his voter base that also primarily encompasses the silent majority. As such, it permits the FBI/DOJ to target those groups.

8-The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” vectors as legal definitions will be justified in their application writ large by the indictment and possible arrest of Trump. Technically, it would trigger the authority to target individuals and groups further caught-up by the constructed bridges connecting to “white nationalism,” which are further extended to target and eviscerate the Second Amendment. It will occur by disarming of the same silent majority; especially of the type of weapon that would be sufficient for militia duty like the AR-15.

All of the above components and more plug into this entrapment construct designed to deliver Trump for prosecution as a political weapon throwing cover to an election they must steal; and then further leveraging it to permanently control its political opposition.

It therefore causes us to put a very focused lens in front of the Biden/Garland/DOJ decision to open an investigation into President Trump respective to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment scheme. This is especially so knowing that it was entirely fraudulent and constructed out of thin air; and there is ample evidence to prove it.

Examining the Capitol event through that lens causes us to question it and where it appears it was made to happen for three extremely important reasons:

1-Present: it represents the circling back for the cinching of the noose in the entrapment scheme construct that was designed to deliver Trump for prosecution; meaning they targeted Trump before fabricating an entire scenario around him that would permit them to indict and prosecute Trump; potentially arresting and imprisoning him.

2-Future: if successful, it permits them to align the effort with October and therefore it contextually makes sense that this is pretext for an excellent choice for their October surprise to impact the 2022 midterm elections while also explaining the overcoming of impossible polling odds that will begin shifting to the Democrats favor as soon as the revelation is made.

3-Future: if successful, it will extend to further efforts in permanently targeting and subjugating the silent majority into Marxist communism while it fools the minority into believing that the donkey of a Third World banana republic in which they live is actually a progressive, liberal, utopian bliss. It’s just a dressed-up donkey, though, and the believers worshiping it get by and keep the illusion real simply by ignoring the obvious, overwhelming and repugnant smell of donkey shit everywhere.

History will eventually be entirely rewritten and evidence of it [monuments, texts, etc.] destroyed to galvanize the transition permanently. I’m sure words like racist, misogynist, fascist, sexist, transphobic, etc. will justify it all. It’s why public education is indoctrinating a few generations of America’s youth with a ridiculous LBGQT agenda that’s at least in-part on China’s behalf.

Victims and blame are necessary to make all of this work.

Political Moonshine

The arduous presentation of evidence and explanation for the above is found in several Moonshine articles; noting this as an incomplete list:

  1. How China May Invade the U.S. Mainland and It’s Not What You Think
  2. If It Isn’t the UN, It May Be NATO, Components of Our Own Military, Some of Them or All of Them
  3. There’s A Tale Being Woven for Telling Once They’ve Rewritten History From the Ashes. Do You Know What It Is?
  4. Noticed All the Recent Talk About the ‘Constitution’ and ‘Our Democracy’?
  5. October Surprise Pretext? Biden, Garland, DOJ Open Investigation into President Trump for Pelosi’s Capitol “Insurrection” Entrapment Scheme
  6. Seven Reasons A Rogue FBI Raided the Private Residence of A U.S. President

In 2020, there were 168.31 million U.S. registered voters and 74 million of them voted for Donald Trump.

Is there precedence in this Constitutional Republic for a U.S. president to identify, target and threaten to eliminate 44% of U.S. registered voters for expressing their First Amendment right to exercise the most sacred and fundamental right to vote?

No. There is not.

There are; however, annals of history the world over containing example after example after example of communist regimes identifying, targeting and eliminating political opposition as Biden promised to do.

The only remaining question is an elementary one: Is the Biden Administration functioning as a Constitutional Republic or is it functioning as a communist regime on the back-end of an overthrow?

The overwhelming evidence indicates on its face that this is a rhetorical question and that has broad and nefarious implications for 74 million Americans.

As the victims of perception management/psychological warfare, Americans have been propagandized to believe that they should not trust themselves; especially their inner and higher self.

Americans have been rewired to believe that others should do their research and “fact-checking” for them to discover the truth about matters that have been deliberately excluded from the public education indoctrination system or expressed in revisionist form by the MSM.

The net effect has removed the element of humanity from the equation. It has caused an imperative guardrail – ones gut – to be systematically compromised; if not eliminated, and in this war for the mind, the minds of many have been poisoned by evil.

Ergo, it stands to reason that if most Americans would just apply a rudimentary lens, they would see right through to the light of the truth: If it looks like a hammer and sickle; and it walks like a hammer and sickle; and it talks like a hammer and sickle, it is a hammer and sickle.

In order to make this rudimentary observation reliably accurate, we require a standard for comparison. The best standard for comparison for illegitimate President Joe Biden is found his legitimate presidential predecessors.

Moonshine has captured the essences of the matter in the video below. It features segments from Biden’s hellfire speech in front of a satanic backdrop as contrasted against the standard for comparison found in Biden’s legitimate presidential predecessors.

Sound and evidenced analysis permitted the Moonshine positions above respective to “domestic terrorist”, “domestic terrorism”, white nationalism, the Second Amendment, disarming the public, etc. Collectively and when applied to the context of the FBI/DOJ, they form the components of the schematic being developed by communists to bend the American federal apparatus; especially the IRS, back on 74 million American people to target and eliminate them as political opposition.

It’s important to note a critical distinction in the word “elimination” by stating that it can mean, which is also to say that it does not directly mean, literal executions conducted under the color of law or outside due process of law. So, elimination isn’t a direct translation to executions, but it could include them.

Therefore, “elimination” refers to the elimination of political opposition as a thing; not as the people who represent or subscribe to that thing.

This means that the objective is to make the thing go away while leaving the top end open to executions as is necessary and perhaps as a last resort; but only in order to make the thing go away. That strikes me as the nicer version of these communists’ mindset.

It’s also important to note that this analysis was made long in advance of Biden’s direct threat to the same 74 million Americans identified in that analysis. It’s also unwinding along the exact lines already covered.

Now, Joe Biden has directly made the statement himself and it’s arriving right on time.

Moreover, Biden has hired an army of 87,000 armed IRS agents and then trained them to use deadly force to enforce the broader tax laws under their authority. This represents the beginning of the targeting and attacking processes.

Has anyone asked why Biden specifically made the following exactly-worded statement [with emphasis added]?

Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our Republic.”

Joe Biden

This is why: The items in bold represent requisite legal components necessary to trigger extra-constitutional power and authority to be inherited by the FBI and Department of Justice specifically to target “domestic terrorism” and “domestic terrorists”.

The articles linked near the top provide the fulsome explanation including the critical linkages between those terms and 74 million Americans.

I keep reminding people that there’s a distinct difference between what is happening to us and what is being done to us. What is being done to us manifests as emergencies concocted out of enterprise fraud that grants extra-constitutional power and authority: 9/11, “terrorism”, impeachment 1.0, COVID-19, 2020 election, Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation, impeachment 2.0, etc.

These people manufacture legislation that once passed, grants they authoritarian and extra-constitutional powers backed by law they wrote and passed as triggered by events the types of which they were sure to include in those laws. All that’s left is faking the emergency. That’s enterprise fraud just to start.

The take away is this: The “domestic terrorists” are we the MAGA people who are 74 million strong and the communist politburo is busy constructing a narrative around us to target us with the FBI, DOJ, IRS and the rest of the full federal apparatus.

In crystal clear terms, THE HUNT IS ON.

The Hunt Is On




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