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The Hunt Is On and You Are the Prey

12 Oct 22

The hunt is on. That was first used in the context here on 04 Sep 22 in an article entitled the same. That context applies to around 100 million Americans identified for targeting by the U.S. federal apparatus for the reasons of exercising their First Amendment rights including the right to vote. In particular, it’s their vote for President Donald J. Trump that is problematic to the current administration and that problem must be eliminated one way or the other, or so says China.

2016; however, proved to them that we’re a stubborn and resilient bunch that enjoys throwing wrenches into the cabal’s gears. I sure wish we’d get back to old form to throw a giant wrench into the status quo and get it done by yesterday. Otherwise and as forewarned, we’re destined for the technocratic global plantation.

From 2016 they learned. They adapted. The rest is history to the present and it’s all comprehensively documented and evidenced at Moonshine. It’s why the writing here is long, heavy, technical and thoroughly sourced.

This isn’t journalism. This is an ongoing investigation presented in journalistic form for public consumption in service to humanity. Meticulous evidencing is an acquired taste that’s not for everyone and the elixir we distill and consume here has us breathing vapors.

We’ve seen some recent growth, which has been hard to come by, and so if you’re new or newer, just know that we don’t shoot from the hip at Moonshine. This is arduous analysis and the cataloging of extensive evidence.

So, when I advise that THE HUNT IS ON, it’s backed by a stack of analysis and evidence. When I say the HUNT IS ON AND YOU ARE THE PREY, I’m pushing the same stack of chips.

The hunt is most definitely on.

And you are likely identified as prey if you fit the descriptions given.

China will have it no differently and that’s why its direct proxy, Joe Biden, is sounding the bugle and releasing the hounds. That is the premise for The Hunt Is On.

If you are MAGA or a Trump voter or you will be a Trump voter or you are active and opposing this illegitimate administration and its brand of Bolshevism and tyrannical rule, then you are the problem that problem is scheduled for elimination. The hunt is on. You are the prey.

Is that alarming, yes? Is it uncommon? Absolutely not.

The Holocaust is but one example.

Do you care to know how the German people stood idly by without intervening to do anything while watching their own government target and eliminate a segment of the population based upon a status ascribed by that same government?


As I continue to say in response to that rhetorical question: Look around you because we’re living through it.

If you meet the descriptions, the hunt is on and you are the prey.

Here’s that stack of chips beginning with direct video evidence:

Here’s another for good measure:

  1. Pelosi’s Unconstitutional Expansion of Capitol Police to CA and FL Emblematic of Unfettered Attack on Americans
  2. How China May Invade the U.S. Mainland and It’s Not What You Think
  3. If It Isn’t the UN, It May Be NATO, Components of Our Own Military, Some of Them or All of Them
  4. There’s A Tale Being Woven for Telling Once They’ve Rewritten History From the Ashes. Do You Know What It Is?
  5. Noticed All the Recent Talk About the ‘Constitution’ and ‘Our Democracy’?
  6. Has Pelosi Unilaterally Expanded the House Speaker’s Authority and Is She Traveling to Taiwan as the Russia/China War Drums Intensify to Stamp Her Authority on It? Prewar Maneuvering for an August Flashpoint?
  7. October Surprise Pretext? Biden, Garland, DOJ Open Investigation into President Trump for Pelosi’s Capitol “Insurrection” Entrapment Scheme
  8. Seven Reasons A Rogue FBI Raided the Private Residence of A U.S. President
  9. COVID-19 Narrative in Shambles as CDC Revises History in Cover-up Operations, Multiple-front War Scenario Turns Gravely Dark, New Developments: Trump and FBI, Capitol “Insurrection” Entrapment Operation
  10. The Hunt Is On
  11. 18 Reasons to Heed the Evidenced Warnings: The Hunt Is On

Let’s review the major premise, which is extracted from The Hunt Is On. Perhaps skip ahead to NEW DEVELOPMENTS if you’re already familiar.

The positions hold that:

1-The Capitol “insurrection” event was an entrapment scheme executed primarily by Nancy Pelosi along with House and Senate leadership, the Capitol Police Department, the House Sergeant at Arms, the commander of the DC National Guard, the DC Mayor and others.

2-The ongoing Capitol “insurrection” hearings are not technically hearings and represent kabuki theater and the delivery mechanism [vis-a-vis the MSM] for state-sponsored propaganda that serves as the official narrative. It further serves a constructive purpose to frame President Trump, his constituency and the silent majority who voted for him as “domestic terrorists” and for specific reasons.

3-The currently incarcerated “insurrectionists” had to be prosecuted and incarcerated to establish the context for the manufactured criminal predicate to indict [and possibly arrest] President Trump; or in other words, the jailed represent the low-hanging fruit of a tree intended for prosecution and they were needed to build the rest of the tree between them and Trump so they could vector in on Trump for prosecution. How could they ever prosecute regular Americans without prosecuting the person they said caused them to be there? They couldn’t. They’ll cite this and their collective moral conscience in a decision they don’t take lightly [all bullshit] when the occasion arises.

4-Folks comprising the middle of the tree between the jailed commoners and President Trump are people like Garrett Ziegler, who told them to pound sand by pleading the 5th to all questions when he was recently compelled to testify on Capitol Hill. Well done, friend.

5-There is an ongoing effort throughout the DOJ/FBI to leverage “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” as a legal vector to trigger legal authority to target profiled individuals and groups comprised of Trump’s people and the silent majority.

6-The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” angles are further tied to fraudulently propagated “systemic racism” and “white nationalism,” which ties further to then-Senator Kamala Harris-D, CA and her earlier legislative effort to provide the precedence for passing legislation to federally fund slavery reparations. All to give the bite more teeth and to create important linkage.

7-President Trump is their bridge between “white nationalism” and “domestic terrorism”/”domestic terrorists”, which further bridges to his voter base that also primarily encompasses the silent majority. As such, it permits the FBI/DOJ to target those groups.

8-The “domestic terrorists”/”domestic terrorism” vectors as legal definitions will be justified in their application writ large by the indictment and possible arrest of Trump. Technically, it would trigger the authority to target individuals and groups further caught-up by the constructed bridges connecting to “white nationalism,” which are further extended to target and eviscerate the Second Amendment. It will occur by disarming of the same silent majority; especially of the type of weapon that would be sufficient for militia duty like the AR-15.

All of the above components and more plug into this entrapment construct designed to deliver Trump for prosecution as a political weapon throwing cover to an election they must steal; and then further leveraging it to permanently control its political opposition.

It therefore causes us to put a very focused lens in front of the Biden/Garland/DOJ decision to open an investigation into President Trump respective to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment scheme. This is especially so knowing that it was entirely fraudulent and constructed out of thin air; and there is ample evidence to prove it.

Examining the Capitol event through that lens causes us to question it and where it appears it was made to happen for three extremely important reasons:

1-Present: it represents the circling back for the cinching of the noose in the entrapment scheme construct that was designed to deliver Trump for prosecution; meaning they targeted Trump before fabricating an entire scenario around him that would permit them to indict and prosecute Trump; potentially arresting and imprisoning him.

2-Future: if successful, it permits them to align the effort with October and therefore it contextually makes sense that this is pretext for an excellent choice for their October surprise to impact the 2022 midterm elections while also explaining the overcoming of impossible polling odds that will begin shifting to the Democrats favor as soon as the revelation is made.

3-Future: if successful, it will extend to further efforts in permanently targeting and subjugating the silent majority into Marxist communism while it fools the minority into believing that the donkey of a Third World banana republic in which they live is actually a progressive, liberal, utopian bliss. It’s just a dressed-up donkey, though, and the believers worshiping it get by and keep the illusion real simply by ignoring the obvious, overwhelming and repugnant smell of donkey shit everywhere.

History will eventually be entirely rewritten and evidence of it [monuments, texts, etc.] destroyed to galvanize the transition permanently. I’m sure words like racist, misogynist, fascist, sexist, transphobic, etc. will justify it all. It’s why public education is indoctrinating a few generations of America’s youth with a ridiculous LBGQT agenda that’s at least in-part on China’s behalf.

Victims and blame are necessary to make all of this work.

Political Moonshine

New developments add to our stack of chips in furtherance of our evidenced positions.


Recall that Biden has specifically targeted the 9 mm handgun and “assault weapons”, which includes the AR-15, with his designs for “gun control”. There’s a specific reason for that.

The 9 mm and the AR-15 are the most widely owned handgun and rifle, respectively, in the U.S. [1]

This is about a broader movement to disarm the American public because the armed populace factors in to national defense and national security equations domestically and in the eyes of hostile nations, like China.

China owns the UN and the UN drives the gun agenda as the international body applying pressure on the U.S. China doesn’t want us to have guns anymore. It gets in their way.

Right on schedule and at no surprise to the informed, at the end of September Joe Biden vowed to ban so-called “assault weapons”.[2] It results in an unbroken chain of Biden policy decisions that continue to punish Americans and benefit China.

As Biden’s tyrannical accomplishments accumulate like notches on a gun belt, its all unfolding in the worst imaginable manufactured reality delivered by highly effective perception management more commonly known as psychological operations. At the heart of it is projection or the practice of erroneously attributing ones own criminality to ones opponent.

Think of it as the neofascists calling their targets for fascism the neofascists because that’s what is happening. [3] It’s a component that directly impacts the broader controlled demolition of the U.S. by means of Cloward-Piven strategy as I’ve long evidenced. Sown division, discord and disunity make for a very controllable herd of frightened sheeple.

These folks, the neofascists, are the sheep herders:

Hitler Youth (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

America is not alone in its dramatic decline in actual democracy as protected by the U.S. Constitution as the trend is a global phenomenon. [4] It’s emblematic of a mountain of evidence indicating that a global cabal representing a sliver of a fraction of wisp of a hair of the world’s population but which controls all of its important government, media and corporate entities.

It lends to the evidence making Dynastic Bush, Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and a full slate of others central to it all being meritorious, valid and reliable. This is especially so when following the money.

We see evidence of this decline in the American culture, society and democracy in low ratings for the federal agencies, which I’ve clearly evidenced as now being weaponized against a particular segment of the population representing Joe Biden’s political opposition and political enemies. [5]

Further evidence is found in recent polling numbers which present in furtherance of the evidenced position holding that there is nothing the Democratic Party can do to overcome it own disastrous pre-election positioning and the policy decisions found within it. [6] For them and this administration, the only viable avenue is to either intercede on and prevent the elections from occurring or to flat-out steal the 2022 midterms as they did 2020. I’ve covered this extensively.

Following classic propaganda models, they are already in front of it all disseminating misinformation, disinformation and malinformation. This is occurring by imposter status as legitimate news outlets for local and regional areas. In this case, Democratic operatives are running sites made to look like legitimate news. [7]

Just as this cabal is determining what you can see as news, it’s restricting what you can say. The weaponization of the U.S. federal apparatus is bending back such that any criticism of it deemed anti-government speech is branded as sedition. [8]

To keep close close tabs on the political opposition and to enforce compliance with speech restrictions and every other granular aspect of life as is requisite for tyrannical, communist regimes, the Biden Administration addressed signals intelligence collection on Americans. [9]

Although Biden rescinded Obama’s 2014 order replacing it with apparently more restrictive language, the pathway for targeting Biden’s political opposition remains. [9] Understand that these people construct legal bridges to permit avenues for action and sometimes the bridges form indirect routes.

Here’s what I mean by that and remembering what the current FBI is capable of doing.

They positioned Trump to be in bed with Russia. They place all of us in bed with Trump and brand us with “domestic terrorist” and accuse us of “domestic terrorism”. Those are triggers for extra-constitutional authority. They framed the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation as one of “domestic terrorism”. These are constructive steps being used to target Biden’s political opposition and they will certainly apply to signals intelligence collection on them, or us.

They built these bridges and they built them for a reason: The hunt is on and you are the prey.

The Bolshevik tactics in play have become so obvious that President Trump has been direct in his assessment stating that, “We have a weaponized Department of Justice and F.B.I.” [10]

For the moment, Americans should be concerned about the extent to which the FBI is plotting its next entrapment or false flag operation against them. Recalling how the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation was tied to Congress and its duties, pretext is being established for election day in the same vein. CNN has reported that “federal officials” are offering training on violent confrontations on election day. [11]

Something is being cooked-up. Again.

Whatever it is rest assured that it will manifest along the established lines of two-tiered justice the likes of which has prevailed since Merrick Garland has assumed the reigns at DOJ.

While Americans sit in an American gulag in DC for entering a Capitol that Capitol police invited them into [watch the video above] Hunter Biden is getting a pass for evidence worthy of noose tying found on his laptop/hard drive. As with Durham, if Hunter faces charges it will be for petty process type crimes but a tad more egregious. It’s looking like tax and gun charges. [12]

We’re a bona fide banana republic.

That banana republic’s FBI even had a designated team focused on suppression of the Hunter laptop story to impact the 2020 election favorably for Biden. [13] The development ties to Facebook and exclusive case file work for an attorney client has already begun revealing the Twitter censorship network of the laptop story. [14]

A while back I projected Trump’s indictment or arrest as their October surprise. [15] It’s October. I’m standing pat.

In furtherance of the position and the analysis into the Mar-a-Lago, it seems the pretext for it has expanded. [16] Consider this reporting recalling that WaPo is the mouthpiece for the intelligence community while the NYT is the mouthpiece of the FBI/DOJ: [16]

The New York Times on Thursday reported that Biden’s Justice Department believes Trump has more documents at his residence.

The Gateway Pundit

A top Justice Department official told former President Donald J. Trump’s lawyers in recent weeks that the department believed he had not returned all the documents he took when he left the White House, according to two people briefed on the matter.

New York Times

This bears all the hallmarks of pretext for further FBI action against Mr. Trump and it leans towards another raid perhaps including indictment or arrest.

Logical deduction with Occam’s prevailing tells us that Trump’s indictment or arrest would precede the 2022 midterms so as to impact those elections and serve as the context for the “violent confrontations” that federal officials are already training for.

If it happens, buckle up because there’s nothing left to save us but us. Currently, that doesn’t bode well for us given the indicator that 79.5% of the population is “vaccinated.” And while everyone deliberates that remember, the hunt is on and you are the prey.




















  1. Zon Kuthon October 13, 2022

    The Holocaust never happened and you know that, you van bumming Grifter. Ernst Zundel proved that 6 Million didn’t die, and with the way Jews have treated us ever since, they should have been shoved into ovens.

    Ashes and Echoes

  2. Debbie October 19, 2022

    Amazing work you have put together! Keep up the good work! You are truly a patriot!

  3. Betty Staton Garcia October 22, 2022

    We will pray to our God that all Americans will wake up and pay attention to His commandments that we may live righteously and truthfully for our peace and harmony.

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