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TRUMP INDICTMENT: The Devil Is In the Mar-a-Lago Entrapment Operation Details

As President Trump is historically arraigned in unprecedented ways, he’s encouraged protestors to engage and be heard outside of the Miami federal courthouse. PRO-TIP: Don’t go inside. See the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation as the other entrapment bookend and impetus for that piece of advice.

Before going forward, the full body of work into both entrapment operations can be gleaned from my series THE HUNT IS ON.

Most recently, these two articles provide the necessary contextual backdrop for this piece:

Importantly, note that the second item contains a bit of buried gold [near the bottom] in terms of the US Supreme Court Justice allocated to the 11th Circuit [Miami], who may eventually have a hand in this political prosecution: Justice Clarence Thomas.

We hope and pray Justice Thomas avoids the similar fate of another stalwart conservative Justice, Antonin Scalia, or that of Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein didn’t kill himself. Dead horse kicked.

In the full body of Moonshine analysis, no factual or evidenced room is left for the Capitol “insurrection” and Mar-a-Lago operations to be anything other than entrapment schemes; those details being reviewed in the above two articles.

Beyond the distinctions already outlined and namely that as a US president, President Trump possessed the authority to declassify anything at anytime for retention of those items, as opposed to then Senator Biden and then Vice President Biden, who possessed no such authority.

The details become devilish when examining further analysis from perhaps the best around: Sundance at Conservative Treehouse.

For one, if President Trump were guilty of the crimes he’s alleged to have committed for supposedly possessing classified materials, would not others in possession of the same materials also be guilty; especially if those others were private citizens and not a former president?

Let us not forget how anxious the Department of Justice is to seek-out such “criminals” as when the DOJ prosecuted a US Navy sailor who merely snapped pictures from inside a nuclear submarine, which is an obvious classified setting.

Ergo, there’s plenty of evidence for their prosecutorial zest.

Wouldn’t they therefore seek to prosecute others possessing the same “classified” materials as President Trump?

One would think so but that’s clearly not the case.

Sundance generally has all of the same documents and he’s yet to be contacted; much less indicted, and so the political motivation becomes crystal clear: Breaking Exclusive – Right Wing Website, The Conservative Treehouse, Admits to Holding Identical Classified Documents Which Led to FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago.

From the same article, Sundance identifies a key and “obtuse” aspect of the evidence framing the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation: “classified markings.”

As Sundance explains, the key distinction is whether President Trump possessed classified documents -OR- documents with classified markings. The devil is in the details.

The indictment accuses President Trump of withholding documents containing “classified markings,” a very specifically deployed obtuse wording intended to create the implication of something nefarious where nothing nefarious exists.  It is entirely possible for a person, any person, especially a person who follows the news, to possess documents containing “classified markings.”

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse

Sundance elaborates [emphasis added],

There is a big difference between a classified document and a document containing classified markings.  As an example, anyone who has looked at the Carter Page FISA application, made public in July 2018, has reviewed a document containing “classified markings.”  When a document is declassified, they do not remove the markings.

You might think this is a one-off use of the “documents with classification markings” lingo, but it’s not.  This language is the underpinning of the entire DOJ/FBI framework that predicated the raid on Mar-a-Lago.   Specifically, neither NARA nor the DOJ-NSD requested President Trump or his team to return Classified Documents.  The DOJ demanded the return of any documents that contained “classified markings.” [SEE BELOW]

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse

There is a big difference between asking for a classified document return, and asking for a return of documents that contain “classified markings.”

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse

Let us augment our understanding of the entrapment vectors and the evidence of them that Sundance presents with this development:

As I’ve argued and evidenced ad nauseam for years, the entire federal apparatus has been weaponized against anyone off-reservation or branded Biden’s [the establishment’s] political opposition; and it all begins with President Trump, who serves the bridge to the rest of us.

Make no mistake about it. They are crossing the bridge and we are next.

If I’m inaccurate in my analysis, which I’m not, why would a highly and clearly partisan and weaponized NARA break 40 years of tradition and refuse to facilitate a US president’s transition to private life in the archival of his presidential records?

That is unless it’s the precursory frame-up; the set-up, if you will, for an entrapment operation to be executed in the future, which is exactly and precisely what happened and continues to happen.

It is obvious from the demand, the DOJ/FBI were casting a wide net on the compliance side, knowing that amid hundreds-of-thousands of presidential documents and records, there would be obscure documents with classified markings that had nothing to do with national security.  Thus, the “classified markings” establishes a Lawfare compliance tactic.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse

Moreover and as Sundance indicates in a separate piece [emphasis added],

Devin Nunes was previously the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. […]

As the HPSCI chairman, Nunes has a very granular understanding of intelligence language and the way the intelligence apparatus uses words within national security documents.  When Nunes talks about national security documents, he is a subject matter expert on the administration side of the process.  Why is that important right now? Because Nunes knows how to contrast the wording in the Jack Smith indictment against wording used to describe national security documents. […]

The DOJ-NSD then weaponized the process, fought with the FBI investigative and supervisory agents who were saying Trump was doing nothing wrong, and then culminating in a documented lie to the Florida magistrate, in order to get a politically motivated search warrant.

The DOJ will not release the documents they used to convince the judge to obtain the warrant.  Additionally, the DOJ will not release a list of the documents, or even describe the documents, they later claimed are classified.   To this date, the Trump defense team is being told President Trump held classified documents, yet the DOJ will not describe to the lawyers who represent President Trump, what specifically those classified documents are.

The Biden [Obama] Administration conspired with Merrick Garland’s DOJ and NARA to entrap President Trump at Mar-a-Lago just like Mr. Trump was entrapped in the Capitol “insurrection” operation.

Period. Full stop.


For these three basic reasons making for an incomplete list:

1-To recover incriminating evidence of their [Biden/Obama] own criminality as I explained here:

2-Mr. Trump maintains his position as the greatest threat to this Globalist cartel and its conversion of the US into a Marxist, communist nation, which entails massive amounts of criminality and treason on broad and deep levels that ascend all of the way to the Executive in two administrations [Obama/Biden].



4-Lastly, this and remembering that TIMING IS EVERYTHING!: Burisma Owner Allegedly Recorded Biden Bribe Convos As ‘Insurance Policy’ — And FBI Covered Up: Grassley.

Not only is Biden a traitor, felon and criminal, there are audio recordings to evidence it.

The man in charge of it all is Jack Smith and that makes him PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1, as I introduced him days ago.

Now consider the background and web of nexuses for PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1 from The National Pulse: Joe Biden, Department of Justice, Merrick Garland, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Democratic Party, ActBlue, MoveOn, Biden Victory Fund, Open Society Foundation, Human Rights Defense, New World Foundation, NYU School of Law, 9/11, Kosovo and, of course, he lives outside of the US.

That man – PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1 – and that bag of soiled and filthy laundry has been tasked with conducting an “impartial” investigation of the man they regard as PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1 – Donald John Trump.

Suffice it to say, this once proud Constitutional Republic has been relegated to the status of Third World banana republic in the name of Marxist Communism.

Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.

Meanwhile, the state-sponsored narrative dog whistles continue to blow:


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