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NATO, MACRON, FIVE EYES, RUSSIA AND UKRAINE – A singular historical lens focused on the past affecting the present and future

For anyone unclear on the foundational aspect of this, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a WWII era security alliance between the US and a number of North Atlantic nations; all in an effort to isolate and protect against the USSR then and Russia now and in the aftermath of WWII. From a pragmatic standpoint and as it relates to the military industrial complex (MIC), which is a primary component to the Deep State, NATO has essentially functioned as a lever to be strategically pulled for any number of reasons, legitimate or otherwise. NATO is a de facto mechanism that allows Western countries to isolate and leverage Russia to their liking.

A quick sidebar – President Trump was correct when he chastised NATO as being antiquated and, in my words, straying from its originally intended purpose. Realistically, NATO has much less to do with doing right. Rather, as it’s explained to the common man, it has much more to do with Western nations engaging offensively, defensively or otherwise while using regional security as justification to manipulate Russia as desired; legitimately or not.

Post-WWII was a world with no global or sizeable regional hot wars upon which the MIC could capitalize so any such avenue would have to be constructed in the short term. For its requisite ‘boogeyman,’ which is something that must always be established and sold to the populace so as to galvanize support behind possibly endangering the lives of military personnel, the MIC selected the spread of ‘communism’ to serve as the impetus or path towards profitability.

In short, the post WWII effort became the fight against ‘the spread of communism,’ which delivered us the Korean and Vietnam wars. As time progressed and the effectiveness of ‘communism’ as a proper justification eroded with the public. A new plan was needed.

In the prolonged absence of the requisite boogeyman (previously the ‘spread of communism’) something new was needed. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, ‘terrorism’ manifested as an invented justification for war. ‘Terrorism became the mechanism for direct military conflict in a desired region in the globe, which was designated as the Middle East and the resources it had to offer. From there, it wasn’t long before 9/11 was either made to happen or was allowed to happen. Flash forward and look where we are today. President Trump is trying his best to bring an end to our unnecessary and fraudulently predicated military involvement in the Middle East and he’s fought Deep State resistance the entire way. It’s a decades-long standing and generational power base that he’s fighting.

To backtrack a bit, the MIC/Deep State sent the first Deep State George into the Middle East in 1991 as he fought Saddam Hussein and his encroachment on the Kuwaitis. Not surprisingly, the UN Security Council played a critical role here. Over a decade later and with the job unfinished, the second Deep State George was dispatched and he grabbed the reigns with gusto and invaded Iraq as predicated on the fictitious ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ That was circa 2003.

Now fold in Syria and other regional developments and this is essentially what President Trump has inherited. It’s an Old Guard global and regional system that was antiquated, operating outside its originally intended purpose and being used to achieve profitability and political and national objectives. And the President is trying to bring it all to an end. If you’re not already seeing it – we’re establishing evidence that the current coup d’etat is a function of this NATO, FIVE EYES, entangled, enmeshed power base.

Plainly and simply, this is cards. Cards are being played here and it begins with anything that includes an -ism: ‘communism,’ ‘terrorism,’ etc. It sounds much like other -isms these same people wield for autocratic power and authority – think racism, misogynism, etc. Same recipe, different context.

It doesn’t matter if we’re herding sheep locally or herding sheep globally, the powers that be use the -isms to make it all happen. The -isms factor into the same recipe that’s been historically deployed and with continued success: create problem, create solution to problem, solve problem and reestablish your own relevance. Or, in this case, create problem, create solution to problem, solve problem and reclaim your position of power (after removing the President.) In short, when using the -isms, narratives are fabricated to scare the populace into desired positions so as to support efforts with ulterior motives. Those motives, which are almost always unknown to the masses, are then made whole on false premises. It’s always worked this way.

That all brings us to today. Factually, we can state that the effort to remove President Trump; regardless as to whether it’s termed a coup d’etat or a baseless and contrived partisan impeachment process, includes a number of countries that overlap significant entities. Specifically, we’re talking about NATO, the FIVE EYES security accord, the member nations and the affiliated nations that all deserve our attention and our scrutiny.

Germane to the impeachment effort, ever since President Trump joked about the Russians providing Hillary Clinton’s stolen emails, he has been framed in every conceivable fashion as isolated against the backdrop of purported ‘Russian collusion,’ which can also now be verifiably demonstrated as fraudulent. No matter, here’s why it is important – fundamentally, this is a COLD WAR strategy. Fundamentally, this takes it all back to an archaic power base.

So then, let’s look at which countries have an overlap between NATO and the FIVE EYES security accord. To begin and as a function of the original Atlantic Charter, FIVE EYES preceded NATO as an alliance devised to share intelligence among member nations: United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. What some may not realize is that FIVE EYES also expands to other third party nations including Denmark, France, the Netherland’s and, Norway. That group is referred to as the ‘NINE EYES’ and, additionally, there is a second group referred to as the ’14 EYES.’ The latter group includes the aforementioned 9 EYES group plus Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

Here is a list of the 29 NATO member nations with FIVE EYES nations being underscored: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States. Only Australia, New Zealand and Sweden have no overlap but it’s also not needed. They’re tied to FIVE EYES and FIVE EYES is tied to NATO – the nexus is factually there. The construct between these two pacts – NATO and FIVE EYES – can essentially be compartmentalized much like the US compartmentalizes its military and intelligence. Conceivably, they can be seen as fitting together with NATO as the brawn (military) and  FIVE EYES as the brains (intelligence.)

One concession must be made here for proper context and let’s just be direct about it. The US absolutely possess the actual leverage to manipulate any of these nations and in a number of effective capacities. One capacity is by playing the ‘communism’ and regional security card. The simplest explanation for how the US can manipulate these nations can be distilled down to the volume of two things – funds and weapons.

Factually, we can establish FIVE EYES as having played a direct, contributing and significant role in the effort to remove President Trump. Factually, all but 3 of these FIVE EYES nations are NATO members and all of them are under the direct influence of the US, who foots the bill in NATO.

It’s one of the reasons Trump is targeting NATO and the Deep State has fought him so ferociously on it. But hey, when you foot the bill, you’re the boss – that’s how it works. What these fools forgot is that the boss is actually the President, not the United States itself. There is only one Commander in Chief and that’s Donald J. Trump. I suppose that’s why they (NATO/FIVE EYES/DEEP STATE) want him gone.

This all brings us to today – 01 Dec 19. Today, we have an article featuring a resurgent French President in Emmanuel Macron asserting himself as the European foreign policy chief for NATO as a beleaguered German Chancellor in Angela Merkel retreats to the background. Here’s what Macron is proffering.

Against the backdrop of recent moves to alleviate the economic measures positioned against Russia, Macron has now thrust himself forward to proclaim a new avenue for European foreign policy and specifically as it relates to the antiquated NATO. On Thanksgiving day, Macron outlined a path that eliminates the position of holding Russia (and China) as adversarial. Macron stated,

“NATO is a collective defense organization, but against what or against who? Who is our common enemy? We need to clarify that. And it is a very strategic question… Sometimes I hear some saying that it is Russia or China, our enemy. Is it the purpose of the Atlantic Alliance to identify one or the other as our enemies? I don’t think so. Our joint enemy, clearly within the Alliance, is terrorism that’s struck our countries.”

– Emmanuel Macron

Macron said two very specific things for member countries: a) Russia and China are not the enemy and b) terrorism is. Consider that a wholesale and tectonic shift in longstanding foreign policy. That ought to have EVERYONE’S attention. Why?

This is a blatant shift. Macron is just a spokesperson for the actual power base so understand that he is marching to orders and not moving unilaterally as it seems here. The man is absolutely a puppet and a performer. This is global Kabuki Theatre. This all, therefore, represents a fundamental shift in the landscape for NATO and its view of Russia. Why? Why now?

What does this fundamental shift and its timing mean and why was ‘terrorism’ named the ‘boogeyman’ again? Let’s begin by asking what is it that terrorism provides? That’s an easy one. It provides an enemy without a face or a nation and it can be anything at any time. More importantly, if a ‘terrorist attack’ is ‘needed’ one can be whipped up in a hurry or with a degree of planning. It’s a longstanding practice called a ‘false flag.’ See 9/11 for further information.

This NATO shift to terrorism tells us where NATO will go. That said, I’m more interested in what they are leaving, why they are leaving it and why now? Could it be due to the fact that President Trump may be honing in on Ukraine? Is it possible that this fundamental shift is specifically related to the impeachment effort/coup d’etat? I think the answer to both is, ‘yes.’
Macron continued saying that NATO needs, “a common definition of terrorism, of who the terrorist groups are and how to act in coordination against them.” As it relates to regional security on the European continent, Macron said that, “the absence of dialogue with Russia” did not make the region safer and therefore he wants to “clarify our relationship with Russia.”

Why the Russian reset and why now, just as President Trump’s impeachment hits the climax of the timeline? On that timeline and as recently firmed-up by House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler’s efforts, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her chamber are hellbent set on having likely three Articles of Impeachment filed before Christmas. Aside from the calibration to the 2020 election cycle, why this timeline? Let’s start with the year 2014. For one, we can place then Vice President Joe Biden in the Ukraine as it relates to his scheme du jour of rigging the natural gas sector of global energy markets for his benefit. That effort ties directly to his battle with Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash precisely in 2014.

Unrest in any country presents opportunity for just about anything and that includes corruption. So what else was going on during this precise 2014 time frame? A Ukrainian revolution that included the always fortuitous NGOs and their understood nefarious activity conducted under false pretenses. Not surprisingly, NATO was rightfully accused of inappropriate engagement in Ukraine during all of it. Not surprisingly, George Soros and his Open Society Foundations (NGO) was in the heart of it all.

So, it matters not where we turn. Everywhere we look, Ukraine is central to it all. I’ve described Ukraine as a tentacled behemoth that touches a lot of important people and matters. Consider this incomplete list in no certain order:

1.     Ukraine stands between Russia and the Crimean peninsula. The Crimean peninsula happens to contain Sevastopol, which happens to house Russia’s entire Black Sea fleet.

2.     Ukraine is the ‘Keystone in the Arch’ as it relates to regional security, which is the directive of NATO and FIVE EYES.

3.     Ukraine is featured as the ‘Keystone to the System – Old and New Oligarchs of Ukraine.”

4.      President Trump has accused Ukraine of being responsible for hacking Clinton’s emails.

5.      The President enemies targeted Paul Manafort who ties directly back to the Ukraine.

6.     The whistle-blower in the impeachment effort, Eric Ciaramella, is directly tied to Ukraine in multiple capacities.

7.     The Ciaramella’s implications now extend to the Obama White House and place it in Ukraine attempting to leverage the nation to desired positions.

8.     The genesis of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s corruption begins in Ukraine.

9.     Deep State player Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was born in Ukraine and then immigrated to the US before changing his name.

10.  In the aftermath of the Jeffrey Epstein matter, a newly emerged hacker claims to possess the Epstein surveillance footage on servers in Ukraine.

11.  House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff ties back to the Ukraine.

12.  A Clinton campaign aid and DNC operative was accused of colluding with the Ukrainians to benefit Clinton over Trump.

13.  There are no fewer than three Senate investigations focusing on Obama, Biden and Ukraine.

14.  The Deep State arrested two Ukrainian citizens after they met with the President’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

15.  The complete attempted fabrication of a fraudulent quid pro quo deal involving Ukraine and President Trump standing counter to an actual quid pro quo deal involving Joe Biden and Ukraine.

16.  Christopher Steele peddled a number of dossiers: one eventually predicated a FISA warrant while his first one pertained to Ukraine.

17.  George Soros and his Open Society Foundations are deeply enmeshed in Ukraine at this time.

18.  There is one country that has donated the most to the Clinton Foundation – the Ukraine.

19. There is one country that stands directly between the West and Russia and which has been a specific target of NATO ergo FIVE EYES – the Ukraine.
There’s even more that I don’t have the time or inclination to include at the moment.

Everywhere we turn, Ukraine is central to it ALL. What’s most important in all of this is the tie back to the traditional power structure of the MIC/NATO/Deep State. The Deep State used to be conspiratorial and only discussed while donning aluminum foil around one’s head. Now days, ‘Deep State’ is commonly placed in the vernacular of geopolitics and the MSM. In fact, it is as common as ‘a,’ ‘or, ‘and’ and ‘the.’

What does all of this tell us? It tells us that the collective Deep State and Shadow Government are very real and very powerful entities; ones the President is attempting to undo. Assuming he intends to make good on this steep if not improbable objective, he’ll have to identify and precisely yank on a single thread to begin unraveling it all. If you’re looking to identify a thread that has been woven through the entirety of the fabric, Ukraine fits best. Who wants to place bets that if and when the time comes, President Trump will the Ukraine thread?

I’m betting he does.


So, what have we learned? Macron fronted NATO as the self-asserted spokesman on European regional security and with his stated purpose of resetting the position on Russia (and China.) Russia was fabricated as the initial construct to remove President Trump with contingencies including at least the Mueller affair and the 25th Amendment. The last contingency, which is likely the heaviest hitting and originally intended mechanism for removal, is the Ukraine. Essentially all of the Deep State’s players tie back to Ukraine. It’s likely that ‘Russia’ was an effort to bide time born out of the President’s own gaffe when he jokingly made reference to Hillary’s emails. From that point moving forward, the Deep State was in ‘biding time’ mode until all of its Ukrainian construct and its Ukrainian assets could be properly established.

Recall, President Obama was in search of a cover story for the most significant political spying operation ever conducted in the US – one that came BEFORE the emergence of Donald Trump. The focus on Trump was NARROWED and specifically, poll numbers eventually allowed Obama to provide instructions to forego efforts on Cruz and Rubio and focus only on Trump. That implies that Trump’s involvement was circumstantial and not foundational and that’s critical to understand, as I’ve long contended. What it demonstrates is that Obama was looking for the cover story, not hunting Trump….. well, not until he had to. And when that decision manifested, the Obama Deep State used the one asset available to them to most effectively do the job – the Ukraine.

Okay, why Ukraine then? Easy. It’s all rooted in projection. Ukraine not only offered the ability to construct a fraudulent basis for removal (quid pro quo), it also provided the assets and logistics to make it all happen. Most importantly, though, is the projection angle. By making the President’s problems ‘Ukraine,’ two things happen. One, any focus on their own problems (think about the current effort to establish Biden as “their” candidate) is effectively shifted to President Trump. Secondly, by establishing ‘Ukraine’ as core to their investigations, the Deep State can vacuum up the totality of incriminating evidence under the guise of legitimacy and seal it away.

Fact: the beginning of the end for President Trump starts in Ukraine. This coup d’etat effort is one of monumentally historical proportions. For one, it is emanating from entrenched, decades-old, global security and intelligence accords that date back to the 1940s. This is an old school hit job from a longstanding and generational power base that all apparently starts and ends in Ukraine.


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