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Criminals on the Run and Eating Their Own! COVID-19 Narrative Collapsed, Fauci Set to Resign, HHS Secretary Becerra Under Attack

22 Aug 22

Here is something to contemplate and answer respective to the COVID-19 “pandemic”: How many pandemics are there? The answer is not an obvious one and it’s sure to escape the comprehension of most Americans because most Americans are unwilling to fathom the reality of the geopolitical landscape in front of us that has the U.S. government under foreign influence and control [China] as it is bent back against Americans. If left unchecked, it’ll have us living on the technocratic global plantation and subject to global governance.

“Pandemics” and Enterprise Fraud

Where there is no pandemic, there are three.

I’ll say that again. Where there is no pandemic, there are three.

Do you know what they are?

One is a pandemic of data derived from enterprise fraud. It’s is the foundational element to the pandemic construct.

The second is a pandemic of designed and constructed fear and chaos that is predicated and driven by the constructed and fraudulent data.

The third is the pandemic narrative, which combines the former two and plays-out across the MSM and politburo.

In reality, though, there is no pandemic and there never has been; only enterprise fraud, fear, chaos, money, power, tyranny and global governance.

Where there is none there are three.

This is important to understand because it’s emblematic of what I always say: “These people play inside of a box” and that makes them entirely predictable. Consequently, I’ve stacked-up accurate projection after accurate projection on a very long timeline. The “box” permits this and it is in-part comprised of the three “pandemics” I just identified.

Yesterday’s article, which was the 71st in a series on war, famine and disease and which rests within a broader COVID catalog of almost 300 articles, lays the foundation for what follows. I opened it with this:

The most recent publications and developments coming out of the CDC are at a wholesale level emblematic of a collapsed COVID-19 narrative that exists in shambles. It has forced the CDC et al further down the road of deleting often massive amounts of data and information to custom tailor the status quo at any given time to the desired narrative. What is severely problematic for the CDC is that repetitively and as it has been since the pandemic was unleashed on the world, the CDC’s positions, statements and actions are drawn into severe conflict by its own data and evidence.

When that data and evidence becomes problematic and inconvenient, they are subject to alteration and change or deletion altogether.

Political Moonshine

That’s what enterprise fraud looks like at a surface level. The collapsed narrative resulting from it is now having significant impacts on the status quo.

For one, yesterday’s article covered further and significant CDC deletions from important COVID-19 data and information sets and it did this against a backdrop review of other previous CDC data and information deletion events.

The takeaway is an easy one to comprehend: when ones fraud construct produces inconvenient data sets antithetical to the desired narrative, two basic options are available: change the narrative or change the data.

What is problematic for them; however, is that the narrative, which is the third pandemic as comprised by the other two [data and fear], is the ultimate objective because it delivers the intended result: medical tyranny as the mechanism for global governance and imposed control over important domestic systems like elections.

This forces the CDC into a single basic option: change the data. That’s enterprise fraud.

Moreover, this analytical point that follows is the buried gold to be found and as far as I know, Moonshine is again exclusive with it. Such is the benefit of committing to examine the entire “pandemic” from start to present through one critical lens: enterprise fraud.

The evidence indicates that we have already hit a significant threshold in the longevity and shelf-life of COVID-19. In fact, it’s about expired. That collapsed narrative envelops all aspects of the virus in its full capacity to do harm, mRNA injections and adverse injection reactions [and more]. It indicates that the COVID-19 narrative is no longer viable and people are far more suspect of emerging threats like Ebola, Marburg, monkeypox, Langya, etc. and the mitigation policies that accompany them.

By this threshold, I mean this: 1-Enough people like those on my team, the work here at Moonshine and others have been effective in exposing the enterprise fraud, 2-Unlike the time period of early 2020 and forward for about a year, when there were no to limited available data sets to vet and use to challenge the narrative ergo most Americans defaulted to the narrative, there is voluminous data available now, 3-Much of the data stands entirely antithetical to the broader narrative writ large, 4-Proper analysis and processing of the current data evidences continued and rampant enterprise fraud on the part of the CDC el al, 5-This includes data suggesting significant drops in vaccination and booster administration, 6-This causes the CDC to begin shaping a narrative-based exit strategy [the report I referenced and linked above and in yesterday’s article], 7-This compounds the enterprise fraud and the need for it, thus pushing the CDC et al into further data set and information revision and deletion, and 8-The evidence clearly indicates how the data and narrative remain under revision and construction; all to fraudulent ends.

They only have one way out – forward. Sun Tzu would be proud. An exit is left but it is found in being forced to commit the same crimes.

Yesterday’s article focused on those continued deletions and the CDC’s exit strategy, which I’ve been analyzing and documenting in a slate of articles drawing back to at least last February and in some cases, all the way back to November 2020.

I’ve generally described the exit strategy as follows and it entails further narrative and data deletion, augmentation and revision while embracing a “we didn’t know” rationale [excuse]. I put it like this:

On 11 Aug 22, the CDC issued a report entitled ‘Summary of Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Individual Persons, Communities, and Health Care Systems — United States, August 2022’. The report is significant for the reasons outlined in a social media post:

Political Moonshine

Further, I stated,

This is the schematic for the public exit strategy out of the enterprise fraud construct. In other words, it’s how they are going to unwind it publicly in the face of a collapsed narrative. “We didn’t know”, is what they’ll say. Bullshit. They built the virus over decades and I’m looking right at Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology to begin the trail in following the money.

For a succinct synopsis of the relevant and impactful deletions that are problematic to their positions, consider this 14 Aug 22 article from The Brownstone Institute.

Political Moonshine

Importantly, I’d be remiss if I did not remind you of this overlaying dynamic that negatively impacts the collapsed COVID-19 narrative from the same article:

It’s important to remember that the Biden Administration recently extended the fraudulently predicated Public Health Emergency Decleration vis-a-vis the unilateral declaration process executed by un-elected bureaucrat, non-physician and corrupt attorney, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. It tells us that although the narrative justifying the extension is not only fraudulent but also in shambles, they have no intention in relinquishing the medical tyranny established over the people or the direct control they derive from it to manipulate the “election” process in each state.

Further evidence of this is found in how they continue to bring other viruses and contagions online within the construct so they can plug-n-play by exchanging a virus with a failed narrative with a newly emerged virus that represents a new flavor of threat and sown fear: Ebola, Marburg, monkeypox, Langya, etc.

Political Moonshine

They’re trying to have their cake and eat it, too: exiting out of a fraudulent pandemic while clinging to the power and authority it delivered. This is evidenced in their exit strategy as overlaid by the Biden Administration’s [HHS Secretary Xaiver Becerra by a unilateral process] extension of the Public Health Emergency Declaration for COVID, which is the root of all extra-constitutional power and authority as legislated in by the Stafford Act and the legal term “presidential competence“.

Necessary aspects of their emerging exit strategy will include replacing personnel and restructuring to some degree. We now have direct evidence that the end is near as projected.

For one, Anthony Fauci is now set to retire in December. He is being eased-out preemptively as pressure mounts on his disastrous and treasonous creation and so as to remove him from the picture before this dumpster fire converts to a coast-to-coast inferno.

The same can be said for other officials including Deborah Birx and our reporting on developments emerging from her book.

Furthermore, now we see these miscreants continuing to eat their own as the pretext for HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra is being sown relative to monkeypox. It indicates that Becerra, too, is beginning the process of being preemptively eased-out.

You can write this down: Just like Comey was fruitless on Clinton and just like Durham is running cover-up operations to also be fruitless by design, the “no reasonable prosecutor” concept will be leveraged and applied to insulate these criminals and defendants who are being preemptively eased-out.

As I’ve already reported, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has thrown some heavy cards on the table that are problematic for the CDC et al; especially respective to our Ninth Circuit filing. Therein, she’s already accepted public blame on behalf of the CDC and its mishandling of and horrendous response to the “pandemic”.

The exit strategy is an old one. It’s the “we didn’t know” defense and it will continue to be woven as these people exit early. This will be followed by some additional acceptance for some blame; but only as they are willing to accept it and most certainly only in ways to avoid real blame for real crimes and genocide.

Restructuring and other processes will occur and in the end, they’ll say, “We fixed it! Won’t happen again. Let’s turn the page.”

Meanwhile, they’ll slither, maneuver and work to cling to every granular aspect of tyrannical authority and power they ushered-in under the guise of COVID-19.

“Let’s have our cake and eat it, too”, they say to one another.

Rogue FBI and Trump

In another development worthy of timely mentioning but not directly related, I said this about the notion of dismantling the FBI as a visceral reaction respective to the rogue FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago:

Now consider this: FBI Unit Leading Mar-a-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Discredited Trump-Russia Investigation. From Paul Sperry’s work,

The FBI division overseeing the investigation of former President Trump’s handling of classified material at his Mar-a-Lago residence is also a focus of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation of the bureau’s alleged abuses of power and political bias during its years-long Russiagate probe of Trump.


Tragically, the same FBI characters that were involved in Russiagate are the same counterintel guys running this ‘national security investigation’ against Trump,” said [Kash] Patel, who deposed Crossfire Hurricane team members as a former House Intelligence Committee investigator.”

Zero Hedge

Beyond the obvious evidence that on its face clearly indicates rogue elements within the FBI, which I have very broadly branded as a “rogue FBI” altogether, we can see the direct overlay with a particular FBI unit that is criminal as well as the leadership above it with legal authority and oversight. Ergo and contrary to what many are clamoring for – dismantling the FBI altogether – it demonstrates how the metastasized cancerous elements of the FBI [and the DOJ and every other institution, department or agency] should be precisely excised-out as a precursory step to restoring it [them] all to its original Constitutional function and with absolute fidelity; whatever those processes may entail.

Otherwise, people are unwittingly falling into a clear trap: dismantling the FBI is the federal equivalent to “defunding the police” at the local, county and state levels. Calling for one of these and denouncing the other is an errant position with profound conflict for each of the two sides.

Losing the valuable and reliable functions of the FBI due to identified rogue elements is by far outweighed and lopsided. It would be disastrous for necessary federal law enforcement functions that are needed in this country. See NYC, San Fran, LA, Philly, Seattle, Portland and many more once proud crown jewel and iconic American cities that now serve as local analogs for the consequences of dismantling the FBI at the federal level. Recipe for disaster.

Political Moonshine

I took the time to review that because it directly impacts our future. Eliminating the FBI would be disastrously stupid. More importantly, further evidence has emerged indicating that the alternative to dismantling the FBI – precisely excising the metastasized cancer throughout it and its leadership in order to restore it with constitutional fidelity – is a much better and more reasonable solution that also doesn’t constitute walking backwards into a trap.

Rather, it’s the intelligence community that should be worked over entirely; it’s tendrils permanently removed from the FBI’s revitalizd organizational structure.

In light of this, consider the following development from Just the News:

he Washington, D.C., FBI field office that raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and is investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol breach is led by Steven D’Antuono, who ran the bureau’s Detroit field office when, trial testimony alleges, it instigated, encouraged and facilitated what the government charges was a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Just the News

Let’s put down the gas can and match and pick-up the scalpel.


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  1. Eric Vahlbusch August 22, 2022

    Just like there is no ‘constitutional right’ to an abortion, there is no constitutional authority for a national police force. If the Framers had wanted one, they would have said so. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. The FBI is of statuatory construction. And clearly and plainly unconstitutional. It needs to be destroyed root and branch. Never to rise again. Not because it is corrupt. Which it is. But because there is zero constitutional authority for its existence. There are far superior ways and methods, which would pass constitutional muster.

  2. SilverSunday August 22, 2022

    Have you seen this?
    Fauci and cohorts need to walk the plank!
    I wonder if Trump is aware of this Astounding number I am not sure is being spoken of Anywhere. The poison jab is devastating our young people- more than in Kinetic Wars. Proving we are in a war.
    “…As you can see we have lost 344,000 young people to non covid, non natural death…”
    Houston We Have a Problem

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