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Are We on the Precipice of Joe Biden’s Promised ‘Dark Winter’?

-30 Sep 22-

Beginning in March 2021, I began expressing real concern about a scenario I was analyzing and evidencing respective to the U.S. being deliberately manipulated and drawn-in to a multiple-front war with Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea. In a chronology that moved forward to the present and with a long-projected August flashpoint that was within a hair’s width of coming to fruition in Taiwan, the multiple-front war scenario continues to intensify in unprecedented ways.

In March of 2021, I was essentially alone in what I was saying. Summarized in the most basic terms and according to the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. would lose to China in every war game scenario gamed-out for China’s invasion of Taiwan. Further, that China’s proxy Joe Biden was deliberately positioning the U.S. for direct engagement [war] on the multiple-front and where Biden will take an intentional dive. It would hand us over to China, the CCP, the Globalists and the elites.

It will also put us on the technocratic global plantation that is being built around us as we stand.

To back that up, this is the 76th article in this series dedicated to the topic. Today we’re getting to brass tacks and the full slate of articles is linked below if catching-up or an introduction is required.

If you care to pause and go a little deeper, here are comments I made toward the beginning of it all in March 2021. Everything grows out of this summary:

The projected August flashpoint was rooted and then confirmed in leaked Chinese intelligence. The flashpoint was there for the taking had China and Xi Jinping opted to take it.

In the last article, I argued that August and the leaks surrounding that time frame plausibly stand as a tactical bluff to measure any response from the West in order to apply the learned outcomes to an actual invasion of Taiwan some way down an advanced timeline.

I further argued that a multiple-front war scenario is also a logical intervention on the 2022 midterms and most certainly the 2024 general election. This would be in the event that interruptions of those elections were to be desired by those controlling power now. This arises out of very strong polling data discussed in the last article and suggesting that sans a steal, neither election is winnable for them.

If a multiple-front war scenario were applied to deliberately intercede on the “elections” [we haven’t had fair elections in decades], it gives us two firm dates: this November and November 2024.

It causes me to once again consider the timeline for Joe Biden’s 2020 debate comment where he promised us all a “dark winter”.

Recall a primary Moonshine position – illegitimate President Joe Biden is a Chinese proxy installed by China at the time of the stolen 2020 election. That deep and broad evidence can’t be overcome through an objective lens.

Importantly and pragmatically, it means Joe Biden wasn’t positioned to deliver a “dark winter” to the U.S. on behalf of China until he was seated in office. It therefore stands to reason that “dark winter” required a foundation that would require construction. Construction requires time. Construction entails establishing pretext and context to build an event out of thin air because the event is desired to happen by those in power and in control of the of the narrative. It requires time; even on an accelerated or expedited schedule.

Evidence of this can be found in how then President Donald Trump normalized relations with Russia and Vladimir Putin at the same time his intentions to expose Joe Biden’s crimes and corruption in Ukraine were bent back against him by framing the first impeachment on a fraudulently constructed predicate that began with Russia and was transitioned to Ukraine.

It means that the Biden Administration required time to reverse all of Trump’s foreign diplomacy accomplishments in places like Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, China and a host of others. They had to be transitioned from normalized [or closer to it] to problematic.

Sowing chaos requires time and a strong and evidenced argument can be made that it has delivered the status quo.

Are we on the precipice of the “dark winter” that Joe Biden promised?

Yes, the initial context is within the COVID-19 narrative, but who, or rather what, delivered COVID-19? The answer: China, Xi Jinping, the CCP, the PLA and hostile domestic actors.

The initial context of “dark winter” is not limited in its scope or application because it is framed within the COVID-19 narrative. These people don’t operate and communicate openly in such constrained fashions. In fact, half the game is deciphering what their public statements mean.

The other half is finding the evidence of it all.

So, “dark winter” is not limited in its application or its intended meaning.

Here is Biden weeks later in November 2020 reiterating “dark winter” again within the non-constraining COVID-19 narrative.

“Dark winter” occurs at 1:26 into the video [cued-up]

“Dark winter” can be defined and applied in several relevant ways: 1-further/continued/intensified medical tyranny with seasonally recurring flu/pneumo season as a mechanism to drive it, 2-the biowarfare tabletop operation by the same name, 3-the constructed energy crisis that now entails the U.S. sabotaging of Nord Stream 1 and 2, and 4-a post-nuclear winter after engagement in a multiple-front war scenario involving Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan.

Winter begins with winter solstice on December 21/22 remembering that they unleashed COVID-19 on the world under the cover of the Christmas/New Year’s holiday 2019-2020.

October begins tomorrow.

In between, we have the 2022 midterms that the Democrats can’t escape losing so they must steal them or intercede on them to prevent from happening.

It causes us to ask: Are we on the precipice of the “dark winter” that Joe Biden promised?

The evidence can be arranged to suggest that this is the case and the first piece comes from none other than President Trump himself: Trump Warns: “We’re At The Most Dangerous Time… Maybe Ever”.

Former President Donald Trump said his biggest worry now is where geopolitical tensions over Ukraine and Taiwan may be headed, saying that he thinks “we could end up in World War III” and that the conflict could go nuclear.

President Donald J. Trump

I have been evidencing this since March 2021. Furthermore, NATO has been positioned as the central node for the direct geopolitical/military/Western Empire interface and specifically, NATO’s decades-long encroachment on and containment of Russia that occurs in progressively provocative and escalating ways.

What is NATO threatening now? The answer is the “Most serious escalation since the start of the war.”

Does that sound like NATO expediting a thoroughly evidenced timeline? I think it does.

What is the forward target for any expedited schedule and especially with winter on the doorstep? The midterms? That’s one explanation.

Also included in the arguments are the longstanding positions on Ukraine and the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland regime operations in Ukraine that rendered it a U.S. proxy state leveraged to antagonize Russia to stated ends.

In the last article, I discussed how the Biden Administration was sowing a nuclear pretext with Russian attribution. Also evidenced was how Ukraine’s President Zelensky was simultaneously dropping nuclear based pretext in the region.

Now consider this quote and whether it aligns with our evidenced arguments?

“The increased surveillance flights come as Western leaders voice concerns that Russian President Vladimir Putin could order a nuclear strike on Ukraine or one of its neighbors. Politico recently reported that Western intelligence agencies “are stepping up efforts to detect any Russian military moves or communications that might signal that Putin has ordered the use of nuclear weapons.”

Kyle Anzalone & Connor Freeman via The Libertarian Institute,

Are we on the precipice of the “dark winter” that Joe Biden promised?

Sometimes compelling arguments can be made without presenting any evidence.

Other times compelling are arguments are arduously sourced and cited with abundant evidence; as is the standard at Moonshine.

For our arguments here and the 75 other articles in this series, it’s the latter.

A multiple-front war agenda has been unfolding on a long timeline and the direct evidence of it began to surface no later than March of 2021 and right from our own DoD.

In closing, an important distinction must be understood and it’s the difference between saying that a scenario is highly plausible v. is going to occur. We’re evidencing the former and leaving the latter alone.

In the event it is made to occur; however, I wonder when it will be? To intercede on 2022 or 2024? Or at some other time? Or never?

Let’s all pray for the last one.


*This is the 76th article in this series.

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  1. jpmaxwell October 1, 2022

    I think you’re spot on, as always. With one caveat, however. DJT is still part of the Deep State. He isn’t the real “good” guy in this but a pivotal tool being used to pit American against American. Divide and conquer. We’re heading toward a fascist dictatorship, more so than we’re already immersed in. DJT will not only overhaul the USG in a second-term but completely dismantle it, and not for the better. The best position Americans could ever hope to be in is between Biden and Trump, Marxism and Fascism. Liberty.

    • Zon Kuthon October 1, 2022

      You’re retarded and have no idea what real fascism is. You’re just another anti white cuck.

      /pol/ is always right.

      Ashes and Echoes

  2. Zon Kuthon October 1, 2022

    Dooing the CYA dance and claiming that it’s just plausible is still a fat fucking grift you van bumming grifter. Your base premise is still anti white and you’ll be fine with The Great Replacement as long as it’s done christian and LEGALLY. MigaNiggers are the worst because your only real loyalty is to jewsus and Israel.

    Ashes and Echoes

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