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WAR, FAMINE and DISEASE: Pretext for an ominous future, a tipped hand and cards seen

-16 Dec 22-

The power of pretext was the subject of an article in this series written some time ago and I revisited that concept with Red Voice Media co-founder Ray Dietrich in an interview recorded yesterday and slated for release shortly. In highly prescient fashion relative to our status quo and perhaps indicative of a disconcerting future that does not bode well for posterity’s sake, the article was entitled: The Power of Pretext: Russia, China and Proxy Joe Make for a Potentially Ominous Future.

Building on work from March 2021, I wrote that piece in July 2021. Now, take a look around. It’s entirely on-point and fully emblematic of why identifying, comprehending and positioning pretext is such a powerful and important tool to examine the geopolitical landscape. In short, they always tell us what it to come and that messaging is the pretext.

The value in pretext is rooted in this graphic illustration below that breaks down as follows: 1-indicate that a scenario is to come [pretext], 2-create the scenario/problem, 3-point back to the pretext, 4-to justify and rationalize a solution to remedy the scenario and 5-implement the solution.

This is how rampant and egregious enterprise fraud and worse is committed by the U.S. politburo to drive the population to desired and nefarious ends.

Relative to a pandemic created out of thin air by enterprise fraud that propagated harvested comorbidity infection and mortality data as “COVID-19” data, it’s how they scared and hoodwinked 79.5% of the U.S. population into participating in human genetic experimentation [mRNA injections] for a mild illness with a better than 99.998% survival rate across essentially all demographics.

Who goes to Vegas and bets against odds better than 99.998%. Not I, that’s for sure.

The critical aspect of this series is found in its spine and I first [video] began reporting on and evidencing it back in March of 2021: a multiple-front war with Russia [Ukraine] and China [Taiwan and the South China Sea.]

Without a sense of irony and certainly sans any coincidence, the evidence clearly indicates these things, which represent an incomplete list but enough to facilitate our discussion today: 1-illegitimate U.S. President Joe Biden is a Chinese proxy, 2-COVID-19 was the enterprise fraud construct that removed President Trump and installed Biden, 3-the Biden’s tie to U.S. DoD biolabs in Ukraine occur via Metabiota, 4-the controlled demolition of the FTX/Ukraine scandal continues to evidence the massive money laundering operation in Ukraine that I first identified long ago relative to energy, 5-Biden’s two epicenters of corruption, crime and treason are Ukraine and China and 6-the two fronts in the multiple-front war are also Ukraine [Russia] and China.

Y’all think that’s all by accident or coincidence? That the confluence of these thoroughly and arduously evidenced fact sets is by mere happenstance? That every time a string is pulled it threads back to the same people in the same locations? That somehow someone could compile 89 cited, sourced and evidenced articles all indicating the same analysis and somehow miss the mark?

That would be nonsense. It would be the continued adherence to dogmatic politics and division sewn into the fabric of this banana republic by its highly effective propaganda machine codified by the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 [Obama]. It would be the product of irrationality and feeble-minded thought production for those incapable of independent and critical thinking regardless of how grossly uncomfortable the fact sets may be.

You see, for many, it’s far easier to continue feeding the lie to protect the ego than it is to reconcile that one has been lied to for so long by those trusted the most and “elected” to represent and inform [MSM] them. It’s far more convenient and painless to avoid introspection and the challenging of ones own conventions in lieu of throwing rocks from glass houses at perceived political opponents who maintain a clearer vision.

And that’s just the way the U.S. politburo likes it and it’s just the way the entire propaganda and political systems have been rigged to work to our own demise; and entirely and effectively so.

Let’s deepen our understanding with new developments beginning with the Bidens, China, Ukraine, energy and liquid natural gas and let’s make short work of it.

Two centerpieces of the Bidens’ energy corruption are the Burisma deal in Ukraine, that hinges on liquid natural gas, and the CEFC China Energy Company deal in China.

Succinctly, with Biden as the evidenced Chinese proxy, every policy decision that the Biden Administration makes punishes Americans and directly benefits China. Respective to energy, consider these two headlines: China Sees $10 Billion In LNG Tanker Orders In 2022 and China Shipyards Rake In Record LNG Tanker Orders Amid Russia Sanctions.

Therein, it’s important to note that China’s direct benefits are derived from Russian sanctions that were imposed due to a Russia/Ukraine war borne out of the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland cartel’s color revolution efforts via the Euromaidan Revolution in Ukraine circa 2014.

Beyond the energy headlines and as mentioned, central to Ukraine is the FTX-based money laundering operation. Therein, it should not surprise anyone that a thoroughly corrupt and criminal Joe Biden and his lackey White House spokesperson refuse to remark on Biden’s acceptance of laundered U.S. taxpayer FTX contributions; much less return them: “I Cannot Speak To This”: White House Won’t Say Whether Biden Will Return Donations From FTX’s Bankman-Fried. Third World banana republic falls well short of accurate, here.

We transition to fake pandemics and The King of Contradiction, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who delivers more damning pretext that is rooted in this question: When you go out into public, is there any indication whatsoever of a “pandemic” save fraudulent headlines delivering fear porn and functional idiots wearing masks that have never worked and never will?

The easy answer is no. So then, consider this, which tells us that the U.S. politburo and the federal apparatus have no plans to relent in any capacity until we’re all living under global governance – more on that momentarily.

When political constructs such as the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct are devised, they are always designed to accomplish paralleling objectives; not a singular one. For example, COVID-19 functioned to 1-remove a sitting U.S. president to 2-establish global governance; the latter I’ve branded as life on the technocratic global plantation as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism.

Back in May, I reported on the WHO’s efforts to leverage a manufactured COVID-19 pandemic as the means to implement global governance via an international treaty that would forego U.S. sovereignty vis-a-vis medical tyranny: Predicated By Enterprise Fraud, The “New World Order” and Its Marxist Communist Brand of Global Governance Is Set To Arrive 22-28 May 2022.

Understand this – Since early 2020, we’ve been ruled by an iron fist wielded by domestic traitors and hostile foreign nations and entities that are leveraging a fraudulent pandemic orchestrated and implemented by China, the WHO and others. This forthcoming international treaty will be legally binding and it will transmit codified tyranny and authority over America and Americans to this corrupt and criminal international body.

From there, it’s only a matter of the further commission of enterprise fraud to create from thin air additional pandemics and their remedies [“vaccinations”] that more closely resemble a depopulation agenda.

In the aggregate, we arrive at the two dead horses I began kicking in early 2020: 1-COVID-19 is never going away and 2-These people will never stop until they are made to stop. Prove me wrong.

For anyone dismissive of Joe Biden as a Chinese proxy and of China’s influence over the U.S., consider this fact set sourced at Zero Hedge: 1-A new index measures China’s influence around the world, 2-The China Index ranks Pakistan atop a list of 82 countries, 3-Germany is the highest-ranked European country at 19th and 4-the United States leads North America in 21st position.

For anyone dismissive of China’s direct role in bioengineering SARS-CoV-2 – as funded by Anthony Fauci and the NIAID – as an irrefutable bioweapon that in no way manifested as naturally occurring; and in addition to the nearly 350 articles I’ve written on it, consider this headline: House report alleges link between China bioweapons program, COVID-19 pandemic.

I keep saying that China is the exemplar; the beta test; the model for what is to come in the U.S. If this treaty is permitted to go forward and be codified, I’ll be exactly and precisely correct. Consider this pretext:

Here’s the analysis you’ll likely not find elsewhere and it’s simple: 1-as threading through the Bidens and Ukraine, the COVID-19 narrative has unraveled entirely and it’s a monumentally problematic issue for the U.S. politburo and the federal apparatus and 2-the closer we get to the unvarnished truth about COVID-19, massive money laundering operations in Ukraine that have benefited the U.S. politburo, the Bidens, China, Ukraine, Globalists and the balance of that long list of crimes against humanity, THE CLOSER WE GET TO WAR.

War is the one thing with the capacity to erase any and all concerns and evidence preceding it. If all of the evidence of corruption, crime and treason is clearly presented on the chalkboard for all to see, war is your classroom teacher grabbing the eraser and making it all disappear right as the fire alarm sounds to send everyone outside in a panic.

This illegitimate administration is desperate to maintain control as it all crumbles around them and it places us in highly dangerous times. Make no mistake about it. If it is required, they will absolutely pull the fire alarm of war.

New developments continue to inform us.

For one and in previous articles; including this one, we’ve discussed how the U.S. was actually already on the ground in Ukraine accounting for a potential and plausible direct conflict with Russia rather than by proxy [through Ukraine.] The central node to it all is NATO and that envelops NATO member nations including the U.K. Therefore, consider this headline accounting for the continued war escalation: UK Military Publicly Admits Covert Operations In Ukraine For First Time.

For another and recalling that massive shipments of arms to Ukraine are largely unaccounted for and have been found as far away as Africa, consider this: US Mulls More Troops Inside Ukraine To Track Arms As Leaked Cable Admits “Impossible” Task.

Notably, this can be considered a guise by which the U.S. continues to surmount troops in Ukraine, which heightens the intensity for a plausible direct and kinetic flashpoint with the Russians and whereas the Russians are already on record numerous times in stating that they consider the U.S. arming of Ukraine as a direct act of war to which they will respond accordingly; not excluding the use of thermonuclear weapons.

The Russians are determined to defend their nation and its national sovereignty while the U.S. and NATO continues to provoke them. This is insanity, folks. Even worse, it’s deliberately manufactured insanity.

In remarkable and astonishing ways that surpass the descriptor of dystopian, NATO has tipped its hand respective to Russia, war and an ominous future that may portend. Consider this headline: NATO Chief: Relations With Russia “Destroyed” Even If Fighting Ends.

This is the pretext that evidences the aforementioned analysis and position that the more desperate this Biden Administration becomes in the face of an unraveling truth in the full public spectrum, the closer we march towards war. In a best case scenario, it will be a second cold war that will generate unrelenting fear porn as a mechanism to oppress and control a susceptible U.S. population.

“Even if the fighting ends, we will not return to some kind of normal, friendly, relationship with Russia. Trust has been destroyed,” he said. “I think the war has had long-lasting consequences for the relationship with Russia.”

Zero Hedge

Remarkable. Astonishing. And in the worst ways.

“New normal” is the vernacular of enslavement and it represents tyrants ripping society out of its cultural and societal norms and shoehorning it into an enslavement construct of their own enforced design. Viewing it any other way makes the individual nothing more than chattel; a commodity to be manipulated, owned and possessed. A slave. A sheep.

Closing with the food crisis, in a recent article, I suggested that in addition to the evidence already on hand pertaining to the U.S., we can learn more about our fate by examining what is occurring in other nations and in that case, the U.K, specifically. With that in mind, consider this: More Than Half Of Canadians Worried About Putting Food On The Table: Poll.

There is a distinct difference between what is happening to us and what is being done to us. Failing to discern that difference stands to be a fatal mistake.

What’s being done to us is WAR, FAMINE and DISEASE.

Rise up and fight back or forever live on the technocratic global plantation.


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