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Biden Likely Enveloped by DOJ Press Release Linking Iran and Venezuela

In this article: Providing thorough and exhaustive evidence that stands to tie a recent DOJ press release regarding a vast Venezuelan money laundering operation based out of South Florida to the known backdrop of Biden corruption and criminality.

THE DEATH OF AMERICA: Understanding the Asymmetrical, Irregular and Undeclared War With China Relative to the Disaster That Is America Today, Every American Should Come to Understand This

In work to be found nowhere else and in exclusive fashion, I've spent thousands of hours exclusively identifying and copiously evidencing the enterprise fraud construct that people mistakenly call the "COVID-19 pandemic." That work and evidence delivered China to the main stage in irrefutable and concrete ways. Santoli delivers the lion's share of technical and tactical particulars that evidence and underpin all of that Moonshine work. That he offered this testimony in 2005 lends a tremendous amount of credence, veracity and reliability to all of it; and for the primary reason that it preceded COVID and the subsequent work on China by 14 years. You can't change evidenced history no matter how hard China and Progressive Liberals try. What matters now is that you know precisely why they seek to change it. It evidences the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that will be the death of America if continues to progress unmitigated.

TRUMP CONFIRMS ANALYSIS OLD and NEW: Biden Classified Docs, CEFC China Energy Company, Money and Intelligence Laundering, Penn Biden Center and Hunter’s $50k Rent

An extensive article examining recent statements by President Trump to tie together and further evidence exclusive and longstanding evidence and analysis on Biden's retention of classified documents, the energy sector, the CEFC China Energy Company, money laundering, intelligence laundering and trafficking, the Penn Biden Center, Hunter Biden's $50k rent and more.

UKRAINE and CHINA: Understanding the Two Epicenters of the Biden Crime Family’s Corruption and Treason, We’ve All Been Sold Out

It matters not if one is a Biden voter, Trump voter, other voter, conservative, liberal, independent, Republican, Democrat, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, legal resident, illegal alien or any other state-issued label you care to apply. Rather, it only matters if one resides in the United States. The crux of it all is that every single one of us; and regardless of the aforementioned monikers, has been sold-out to the Chinese Communist Party's brand of communism. It has occurred in the throes of an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that I began evidencing fully on 06 May 20. Now, those chickens are home to roost; perhaps forever. Our purpose in this article is to take the existing work and leverage it to make sense of a wide swath of current headlines.