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COVID-19 ENTERPRISE FRAUD CONSTRUCT: More Back End Revisions, Pediatric Data

18 Mar 22

The Political Moonshine hat hangs on a very important and exclusive peg. The peg is represented by the history of the work, analysis and findings that began to be printed essentially immediately after the outbreak of COVID-19. The analysis and findings detailed positions that no one else had assumed and they have aged with deadly accuracy and like a fine wine over time. As a former fraud investigator, the hallmark signs of enterprise fraud were everywhere and none more so than in the rolling windows for back end revisions to bulk data sets; as also found in the 5-8 week rolling window for back end revisions in the death certificate process, or just in back end revisions altogether. Further work evidenced how the these fraudulent protocols tied directly to my governor at the time – Kate Brown, Oregon – as in alignment with the World Health Organization. The website can be referenced for over 300 articles and videos detailing the work and findings.

Here’s an example of early and subsequent work that falls into the category of pattern recognition that evidences the sort of back end revisions I reference. It should be rather straightforward in the sense that if you literally delete all of your mortality data as a measure of reconciliation once that data sets become statistically inconvenient year-over-year, the motive for such is clearly evident: engagement in enterprise fraud in service to the designed fraud construct. As an analog, the act of robbing the bank is evidence of bank robbery just as the act/s of deleting bulk data sets is the evidence of enterprise fraud.

Let me translate the above succinctly. On 26 Aug 20 and on 12 May 21, respectively 94% and 95% of the data used to justify the mitigations for COVID-19 [lock downs, masking, injection mandates, etc.] was deleted. Period. It’s enterprise fraud. Period.

As it relates to coding, the ICDM-10 coding manual was previously analyzed and the fraudulent aspects relative to COVID coding and the significant component of sequencing coding [when there are two or more competing diagnoses, which one is sequenced first becomes the primary diagnoses and whereby protocols mandated COVID as first] were identified. For the necessary contextual backdrop to this article relative to the positions on enterprise fraud, that work should be consumed and understood. It’s linked below for you.

The ICDM-10 coding manual is a primary data reservoir from which the Criminal Enterprise harvests infection and mortality data to propagate as COVID-19 data. Critically, this data informs the emergency determinations processes, which are unilateral within the federal apparatus at the secretary level respective to the public health emergency and pandemic declarations that were subsequent to and in alignment with the United Nation’s World Health Organization – the intended hub of global governance.

Another critical element is that these same fraudulent emergency determinations permit issuing fraudulently predicated EUAs or Emergency Use Authorizations. The EUAs function to circumvent regular constitutional governance and our collective individual civil liberties and rights. They manifest as all of the mitigations imposed by corrupt and treasonous governors, like Brown: social distancing, masking, injections, etc; that have delivered unprecedented devastation and destruction as we are marched onto the global plantation.

The ICDM-10 fits into the enterprise construct as represented here in these Moonshine graphics [depicted as 1A: CMS Data & Coding]:

To view more Moonshine graphics and to better understand the COVID enterprise construct on a long timeline, see my long timeline work: COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct Timeline: Major Dates, Events, Entities & Legislation.

Here are the two aforementioned ICDM-10 coding articles for our contextual backdrop that include a full slate of additional graphics outlining the enterprise fraud identified within the ICD-10 coding protocols, which account for a substantial reservoir of fraudulently harvested and propagated data as COVID: Part 1: It All Starts With a Code… and Part 2: It All Starts With a Code: Part 2 – The ICDM-10 Coding Manual Mapped for COVID-19.

That brings us to this development today, which is indicative of further data reconciliation in the form of back end bulk data set revision [deletion.] Unnervingly, the revisions apply to pediatric data and that should infuriate everyone given what has been done to children writ large; even the progressive liberal types still clutching on to this tattered and worn-out construct so steeped in political dogma and division.

Progressive liberals and the purveyors of propagandized and state-sponsored narrative [instead of accurate fact sets that is supposed to be the “news”] love to play the women and children card. Fine. Let’s talk about the kids, then. The ones who live in America; not some foreign country where a manufactured and engineered war is leveraging “women and children” to whip-up positive American sentiment to go to war with Russia over Ukraine. That link back-fills it with 123 Moonshine articles. Not coincidentally, the biowarfare of COVID is a direct overlap in Ukraine.

Our primary source was identified at the Gateway Pundit and of course, we use the CDC’s own data and publications to tie the noose and conduct the hanging, so to speak. Where everyone has it wrong and where Moonshine has it precisely correct is that the reasons, as reported by others, don’t pertain to a “coding error” but rather they are a function of enterprise fraud. That’s an obvious and enormous distinction.

Our primary source is Dr. Nicole Saphier.

Dr. Saphier reports the following as gleaned from her posts and evidenced by the CDC’s own data sets,

This week @CDCgov removed a total of 30,000 Covid deaths from the dashboard, reducing pediatric deaths by 24%. In small print at the bottom they cited a “coding error” as the reason for the incorrectly inflated numbers. [See Saphier Data 1A and 1B]

** Correction with updated numbers. The CDC may have removed closer to 70k deaths. Difficult to tell exacts as prior data has been removed. [See Saphier Data 2A and 2B]

Working on an official response with accurate numbers from @CDCgov.

The CDC has failed miserably in data collection and is finally beginning to correct a few of their errors that inflated Covid deaths in all ages, including kids. [See Saphier Data 3A and 3B]

Dr. Saphier posts the following images depicting the enterprise fraud cited. The images correspond to the quotes above and are delineated as 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A and 3B.




We’ll follow-up on any response the CDC may have to offer but it won’t matter. It’s all a construct of enterprise fraud and data set revisions are a component of it. As many as 70,000 dead children may have been wiped away as if their lives don’t matter and all because they are inconvenient to irreconcilable data sets evidencing enterprise fraud.

Make no mistake about it, though, they matter; but now how they should; not as they do to ordinary Americans with standard and traditional conventions. Rather than mattering in remembrance and in line with the rule of law relative to seeking justice for unimaginable crimes against humanity, the CDC wants us to forget these dead children altogether because they are merely data points that are inconvenient to the state-sponsored narrative propagating COVID in a construct of enterprise fraud to achieve political outcomes.

Even Biden-voting, progressive liberals should be furiously incensed, up in arms and ready to tar and feather over this. They won’t be, tough. How sad for America and Americans? How tragic, inhumane and evil for these lost children?

*Important disclaimer: the bulk data revisions still require analysis for reliability and veracity purposes. There are inconsistencies in the data revisions that occur across demographic categories in need of further work.



  1. anonymous March 18, 2022

    Dr Saphier was one who was all for the vaccine.
    She was aping was being told to her then and probably now.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 20, 2022

      So was Dr. Malone. Fact based changes of positions are a regular occurrence in a world of misinformation/disinformation/propaganda/fog of war. Regardless, it does nothing to alter the accurate fact set that the CDC made the revisions she indicated. That happened. That bell can’t be “unrang.” Thanks for your comment – appreciated.

  2. Silver Sunday March 18, 2022

    I must be extremely dumb. I am not understanding this article nor the data. So you are saying seventy thousand children 0-17 died?
    Between 5/2020 and now?
    Are you saying they developed Covid and died…70,000? So they wanted to scare us out of our minds but reduced the deaths by 70,000 so we wouldn’t be scared to death?
    Did the die before the vax was available? Did they get the vax and then get covid and then died? Haven’t they been wearing masks all this time? (Sarcastic)
    This is a game changer – so it is fraud but 70,000 kids died?
    Can someone spell this out for me. Forgive me but my mind has developed many cracks which has accelerated sine March 1st.

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