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Visualizing COVID-19 as an Enterprise Fraud Construct and Continuity of Government Implications

These are several select and recent graphics [81] to assist in visualizing the COVID-19 construct for enterprise and continuity of government implications. An entire catalog of existing graphics drawing back to early-on is available on the website.

UPDATE: The graphics below have been augmented and streamlined in a cleaner version. To see those graphics instead of these, you can find them below the timeline featured in this article linked here.

The Construct

Compartmentalization and Disaggregation

Recent Evidence Continued Comorbidity Harvesting

Coding to Skew Diagnosis/Cause of Death Data

The coding information is inherently complex and if needed in order to better understand the information, two articles can be referenced [the sources here]: CODING PART 1 CODING PART 2

Continuity of Government

To back-fill these graphics, visit the home page for all articles.



  1. EJS October 4, 2021

    Been following your work since waaaaaay back when. Like many of us, you seem to be black pilled by the obvious lack of any results and the ongoing frauds with no visible interventions. You have always said “they wont stop until they are made to stop”. You posted that you thought you had a pretty good idea who Q was or is, and you would reveal when the timing was “appropriate”. Where are you on that? Or has Q become irrelevant at this point? I was just curious, from an unanswered question from waaaay back when. 😉

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      Kash Patel just posted on Telegram the other day that he was at Mar-a-Lago having a beer with “Q.” That would align with the information from our source who gave us indications of Q’s identity a very long time ago directly comporting with your comments here. Between then an now, I’ve soured on both Q and DJT; however, the door is left open for both of them. I’m a buyer when the rubber meets the road. Appreciate you and I’m aware of your readership having recognized you from way back when – thank you. You are appreciated.

  2. JM October 7, 2021

    Your reports are absolutely fascinating. I especially love the infographics, but some of them are difficult to read. When I enlarged the size it made the font somewhat blurry. Is there a way to exapnd them to full screen size, so I/we can read all the print in each slide?

    Also, I would love to share your info via pdf. Is that possible and permissable?


    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      Share away. All I ask is that people cite the work; not copy or steal it like some of the “big accounts” have done previously.

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