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I Hope to God During An Excruciating Status Quo

I hope to God that the result of this election is not the result of the ongoing political continuum – the one comprised of Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election – that is serving to undo two elections and hand the United States over to China and the CCP on a silver tea tray and delicately wrapped with a red, silk bow.

Thanks, Joe.

Thanks, Hunter.

Thanks, Barack.

I hope to God that President Trump didn’t stand on the tracks for so long that a voter fraud train that departed at least contemporaneously in 2012, actually ran him over without so much as a flinch from him to avoid getting hit.

I hope to God that the aforementioned scenario is so absurd that we can discard it without further concern and assume that the President of the United States has the evidence to unzip everything our research allows us to understand and we can start with a stolen election.

Gerry Cooney & Larry Holmes

Am I wrong or is it such that after surviving the swamp for four years and resembling Gerry Cooney in a heavyweight fight; absorbing one haymaker after another, Mr. Trump has yet to throw a single haymaker himself. Is that odd?

I hope to God it’s by choice because it’s anomalous for the leathery skinned street fighter from Queens; the same man who navigated the seedy and tough real estate landscape in NYC to build a global empire; the same man who didn’t need all of what he and his family have absorbed while serving Americans; the same man who wittingly inherited all of that for all of us; the same man whom the Deep State is now targeting with a “Trump Accountability” hunt; the same man who stands to lose everything including his freedom.

Mr. Trump is too dangerous to remain a free citizen knowing what he knows. So is Mr. Flynn. That leaves two scenarios and one of them is going to prison. You know what the other is. I hope to God he understands this and I can’t imagine that he doesn’t.

I hope to God that Mr. Trump plans on taking at least one swing – just one – before they make good on running him out of the people’s house and fumigating it thereafter.

I hope to God that one swing is a fatal one to all deserving; eye for an eye.

I hope to God that you’re taking me literally here, because what has unfolded over the course of the past four-plus years is sheer evil. Party has no place in this discussion. Politics has no place in this discussion.

We’re enduring a war for the mind as a considerable component of the population is deeply entrenched in the social programming that has shaped their reality and binds them to mindset installed by their Socialist, Marxist, communist masters. This is literal good v. evil.

Understand that the mechanism for societal control in the United States, and respectively in developed nations in general, is the leviathan governmental apparatus that for us, contains our three vectors of government as defined by and driven by federalism: federal, state and local. It is within this layer of our society that we have been infiltrated and forced under the control of actual evil; simply stated as very bad people doing very bad things on a very long timeline.

That timeline has now manifested completely in this country and it places us on a precipice with a binary outcome. President Trump prevails and so does good or Joe Biden prevails and so does evil. I hope to God that everyone understands that.

So let’s examine this manifestation we call the status quo and see if it portends the direction we’ll go.

Before we get into it, I would recommend three relatively short reads for proper context and assuming that you haven’t already: Hammer and Scorecard, The Gravity of Inauguration Day Bears Down and Post-Election Day Perspective. They properly frame the analysis that follows.

It’s clear that we’re in the midst of a slow drip steal of this election. We know that The Hammer software was used and interceded on during the 2016 election and whereby it was further enhanced and fortified for 2020 by an application called Scorecard.

Scorecard has the capacity to alter election results remotely by hacking the vote election software and adjusting the vote AFTER the last point of human interaction. Ergo, no one is there to see or catch the change rather it just manifests in the final vote tabulation with the embedded control mechanisms hidden inside the software. No one sees them and no one would know to look.

There is reason to believe that Scorecard leverages fractional voting whereby votes are converted to percentages and controlled by decimals that are hidden in the final vote tabulation.


Let’s ask a question. Why are they dragging out the election result for so long instead of just stealing it now because the clearly have the votes (see the intended sarcasm, please.) That question delivers several answers.

Here is one.

They are intentionally delaying the result to encroach on inauguration day. The farther we project out without a result, the longer it takes to file the first legal challenge to it. The net effect is that it delays the onset of litigation and if you don’t understand litigation and timelines, give Sidney Powell or Lt. General Michael Flynn a phone call.

They’re just trying to get it past inauguration day and this is why Mr. Trump must force an election result soon. If they do and he doesn’t continuity of government protocols will be leveraged to remove Trump and install House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Another answer is that although Scorecard enhanced The Hammer for 2020, it’s reasonable to believe that effort was at least partially interceded upon, again requiring a heavier reliance on mail-in ballots, which are physical in nature and must be curated, submitted and counted actually; not virtually. That takes some time and that time also contributes to the seeding the narrative and the slow-drip programming; with those fraudulent votes being slowly infused ex post facto.

Normally, in this circumstance (evidence suggests that and I virtually guarantee you that the last several election results, save 2016 and 2020 up to a point, were not legitimate) would result in a programmed and tired America acquiescing and backing down without so much as a whimper to accept the edict being handed down to them.

The window-licking, Kool-Aid-drinking Biden voters, meanwhile, will ignorantly applaud and relish their own demise; all of our demise; all our entry into control by the CCP. The American mind is a feeble one for many.

What about this holding pattern – this excruciating status quo – in which we find ourselves?

I think – I hope to God – that there are entirely too many Americans to simply back down without a whimper this time. See the two Trump videos on the homepage.

Right now, the overwhelming majority of Americans whose votes was stolen need to rise up and support their President – our President and our legitimate President – with absolute might and fury. Feel welcome to bring pitch forks and torches, tar and feathers.

I’ll leave you with several reminders including the important one below that was delivered during the last presidential debate.

For one, the Department of Justice has either covered-up everything for 4 years refusing to prosecute (see the 21 articles detailing or mentioning my concerns about AG William Barr engaging in institutional preservation) or there is going to be a wholesale about face by Barr or, assuming Mr. Trump survives, Barr will be replaced and judicial traction will ensue.

If it’s the latter, they’ve moved through 4 years of nuclear missiles and land mines with a pristine record of avoiding election interference. I’m leery of that but open to it. Why? Evidence. There is no evidence of appropriate traction. I need to see that to change my opinion. The door remains slightly ajar.

In that light and here recently, John Solomon has reported that the Durham results may be imminent. I wonder what Mr. Brennan is thinking now? This would shift our perspective on Barr, obviously; and we’ll wait to see evidence of that reserving judgement in the interim.

So, our holding pattern is defined by opposite and opposing forces: the President’s enemies are driving as close to inauguration day as possible without a result and for the reasons explained, while the President needs to force a result, which may entail waiting for the vote to even be certified, before he introduces evidence through the courts to undo the whole thing. And that’s were we stand and excruciatingly so.

I believe that latter scenario will happen but I’m curious if the three-headed Haspel-CIA/Wray-FBI/Barr-DOJ monster will lose some heads or all heads. Time will tell.

Lastly and as it relates to that latter scenario and the undoing of it all, which will return the legitimate and rightful President of the United States – Mr. Trump – to his office for four more years, I hope to God I’m right.

(Don’t forget to check-out the President’s debate moment as referenced above and linked below.)


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