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The Gravity of Inauguration Day Bears Down

Back in July on the heels of a Nancy Pelosi interview, we fundamentally altered our understanding of the landscape moving the most critical date forward from election day, 03 Nov 20, to inauguration day 20 Jan 21. Understand though, we did not shift the underpinning timeline, which is calibrated to the 2020 election. Ergo, we view this change as an extension of that timeline and with special focus on a particular deadline and for good cause.

The more important matter is this question. Why did we make that change? Well, it’s as simple as saying it was because Nancy Pelosi told us to.

Since then, we’ve driven a hard and consistent message that although the entire political continuum consisting of Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election; and serving to disenfranchise the American people while overthrowing a duly elected president, could be resolved by the election, but it won’t be. And it wasn’t.

Another underlying position that further supports this is that our research and evidence led us to believe that the election result would be intentionally delayed as induced by rampant and designed voter fraud, and then mired in protracted litigation. And it is.

Here’s where all of this gets started it’s critical for backdrop and context.

Also, if you look in the sidebar, you’ll see an inauguration day ticker that succinctly recapitulates what’s here; however, the details in the short video are crucial:

The election was never going to be determined on anything resembling a reasonable timeline. I knew that. The President knew that. Shrewd and discerning Americans knew that. Most importantly, Nancy Pelosi knew that because she is central to the ulterior plan.

Did you notice how giddy she was? If you chose not to watch it, I suggest going back and doing so. She looked like she was five and opening gifts on Christmas morning. That happy for a meeting with bureaucrats to discuss continuity of government? Yes, in this case and for good reason.

Collectively, all of this explains Pelosi’s irrational commitment driving the absurd, illegal and unconstitutional impeachment of President Trump as much as it’s emblematic of her and all of her chairmen (remember, the important ones signed MOUs agreeing to leverage their chairmanship to attack the presidency) and their baseless and relentless pursuit to eliminate this President with their authority.

People who attempt to examine all of the components on the continuum independently will fail to gain the proper or full understanding. In order to actually comprehend the reality of the past four-plus years to the present, the entire array of components must be converged onto one continuum; with many of them being co-dependent on one or more of the others, and examined that way.

Here’s a recapitulation of about 80 sourced and cited articles since January that explains the converged continuum succinctly:

-Flynn was the portal to penetrate the Trump administration. Once they were inside, the constructed Russia narrative was galvanized before giving way to the constructed Ukraine scandal, which opened the portal for impeachment.

-Impeachment overlays the COVID-19 timeline with remarkable precision and with the former being calibrated to the latter. It serves to usher-in the viral pandemic as inserted into the Trump administration on 13 Jan 17 during compulsory presidential transition meetings.

-COVID-19 became the mechanism to destroy the net-effect of the Trump presidency and establish the primary vector for campaigning and debating. Take note here that that is exactly what happened. Did you watch the 3-corner debates?

-The nature of the viral construct allows them to assign all of the blame to the President and it establishes a mechanism for social control moving forward. Moreover, the construct forcibly shuttered society and penned-up Americans inside for months (psychological impact?) before it released them to riot and burn cities as designed, planned, organized, communicated and funded.

-Most importantly, COVID-19 created the false mandate for mail-in balloting thus leveraging the embedded layer of human assets across the entire governmental apparatus (federal, state and local) that was loaded-up for 8 years with select Obama personnel and for this precise moment in time.

-The known and predicted voter fraud delivers the election to Biden like a slow-drip coffee maker brews a pot. It works like this to condition the American people to accept the edict over time. See the Kennedy assassination. See 9/11. See COVID-19. See this election. All the same people. All the same Marxist, communist and treasonous strategies.

-As the American people are being psychologically disarmed by a complicit and duplicitous MSM (with Fox News leading the way), bad actors at all three levels of government are driving the narrative with fraudulent election metrics delivered by fraudulent votes. Americans get to consume this one sip at a time as the election drags-out excruciatingly and with Biden set to claim his victory and steal the entire thing today, 06 Nov 20. That’s just a punch in a fight and serves a purpose; it’s not the end of it.

-The overarching strategy is to wear-out the American people emotionally, psychologically and in all the other ways you wish to include. The litigation and lawsuits that follow will afford this protracted fight.

-Notable here is that the protracted fight also serves a purpose for good. It affords the President the legal remedy to the theft of his election allowing him to remain aligned with the rule of law. Most importantly, the litigation affords access to the LOOKING GLASS; otherwise known as the discovery process. Therein, the President can introduce evidence of massive voter fraud that will be on the legal record and available to the American public. This is enormously important to remember; especially in light of what is below.

-The protracted fight is to get to inauguration day. If no president-elect is in place, COG protocols can be enforced and if so, Pelosi would ascend to the presidency on an interim basis. Consider the damage she could do. Executive orders?

-The pretext of the Mattis/Kelly military cohort was established in the MSM moths ago back in June. At this juncture, we would expect it to reemerge as a lever to remove the president vis-a-vis COG. Certain Republicans are already sowing pretext for their departure from the President’s side and in support of what would be his removal. They would certainly be expected to align with this cohort.

-Flu season (there’s another ticker in the sidebar for it, too) is here and if Biden wins and according to his own words, masks and guidelines will become the new TSA – arriving on the back end of a planned event, determined beforehand and cemented in place forever. Every time the populous needs its leash yanked, we’ll see an outbreak of cases. That’s how our new government – the CCP – would operate here.

That’s how it all works together and it results in President Trump being outside looking in and Nancy Pelosi seated in the Oval Office.

That’s why I began telling you all in July that inauguration day is the most important day. Just like we told you the pandemic was fake back in January. Just like we told you the riots were coming weeks before they did. Just like we put all of this together and communicated it to you in the past and again now. I wish more folks would listen.

One last parting thought on another long-held position that also continues to bear down – FLYNN FIRST! and the entire Flynn case. With the protracted legal fight over the election now upon us and with that involving a Flynn case that isn’t reconciled, it may be necessary to make some adjustment our priorities. I think we need a few days to bear observance to how thing begin to play-out and then we can reassess.

So here we stand looking at the exact same landscape we predicted a long time ago. The remaining questions become these. What if anything will the President do to remedy the stolen election, and when will that occur.

I’ll leave you with this (and a couple more below) and the notion that I doubt a street fighter from Queens would levy such in a nationally televised presidential debate without having it and intending to use it. I wonder if this is in reference to the “phone call heard around the world?”


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