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With the opening defense arguments for President Trump’s historically tragic impeachment behind us, there’s still plenty of speculation about what the balance of this process will look like. Will there be an immediate vote? Will they haggle over additional witness testimony and evidence? Do they have a clandestine bombshell witness (likely another liar) to upend the whole thing? Will the Democrats make good on their parallel objective of making the political aspect of this drag-out all of the way to and likely through 2020 and all in the name of partisanship?

If you missed the hearing or just care to review, THIS provides as thorough and informative of a summary and analysis as you’ll find anywhere; including visuals, graphics and video clips. THIS provides even further background information from before opening arguments and expands on a variety of matters including strategy, the President’s position on impeachment, historical precedent, predictions, and more.

Back to the point on the absurd and ridiculous calls from the Left demanding additional eyewitness testimony and evidence as a function of the Senate. It’s constitutionally absurd.

Recall that the House retains the sole power to impeach. That power inherently includes the burden of investigating, gathering evidence and making a case; and with due process and adherence to proper procedure throughout; all before passing constitutionally valid and properly predicated Articles of Impeachment and submitting them to the Senate. These drunk miscreants fully knows this – hell, they even signed an MOU agreeing to attack the Trump Umbrella with that very specific power – the power to subpoena as a function of serving as a committee chairman. If unfamiliar or to review, see THIS.

All of that is relevant for the reasons outlined in the linked article. Essentially, it’s a delay strategy based upon intentionally submitting weak and flimsy articles. Why? The weak articles compel immediate push-back and that immediately opens a portal for them to deploy their “cover-up” construct. This construct is designed to further draw-out or delay the proceedings. The construct involves blaming the grossly inadequate case on their opponents – the President and the Republicans – and then blame the failure on them as a cover-up allegation.

So then, why? What does that get them? Here’s precisely what it got them: interference in the agenda and administration from before inauguration until now; 3+ years of bad press on MAGAPOTUS; interference in national defense, intelligence and diplomatic policy and positions; and most importantly, a bounty of campaign fodder laundered through the federal apparatus for fake veracity; all culminating in the grandest setting of any trial on earth – a Presidential impeachment. That’s what it got them.

It won’t matter, though. Thanks to independent media everywhere and folks like me who just like to read, write and talk about important stuff. It’s all going to come back on them in monumentally unprecedented ways so long as fidelity is given to the rule of law – looking at you Bill Barr.

So then, let’s get to the call transcript.

A Press Pool call TRANSCRIPT from yesterday evening (25 Jan 20) from a call between pool reporters and the President’s legal counsel foreshadows what to expect in the balance of the defense’s time.

Q Hi, Zach Cohen from National Journal. Thanks for doing the call. Just following up on that, I think Mr. Cipollone said today that you all don’t anticipate using as much floor time as the House managers did. Does that mean that you all will rest your case Monday afternoon? Or are we talking about two shorter days, Monday and Tuesday?

SOURCE ON THE PRESIDENT’S LEGAL TEAM: Again, I don’t want to predict anything definite. I think we are going to be more efficient. I doubt that there’s any scenario where we approach 24 hours of presentation. But how that will be split over Monday and Tuesday is sort of hard to predict at this point.


Mr. Cipollone referenced the timeline moving forward in his presentation of the defense’s arguments yesterday. On the heels of that we got this call transcript suggesting the same. So then, what remains are the questions I opened with, other questions not in that list and whether there is haggling over additional evidence and witness as discussed at length. Sidebar – if there is (See the Romney, Murkowski, et al. crew), the impeachment will satisfy one goal on the Left which was to subvert the system through 2020.

Guess what else remains? This idea – that the President’s defense team stands ready to dismantle the House’s case in a manner like controlled demolition: precision-planned, masterfully efficient and completely fatal.




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