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In discussing the likely acquittal finding in President Trump’s ongoing impeachment trial with a Gab community member, @JST1 posed this statement as food for though: “Not sure if the President would be strengthened if acquitted. Expect more articles as soon as possible and for as long as he remains in office.”

I partially agree with that statement. The Left had previously committed to new articles of impeachment and in conjunction with attempting to introduce new witnesses to the Senate trial; all as a result of their own incompetence and the complete dearth of any evidence whatsoever that resembles any form of an impeachable act by the President.

Heck, even honest constitutional scholars who lean left are calling these articles wholly insufficient to predicate impeachment. Look no further than Alan Dershowitz and Johathan Turley; the former being a current member of Trump’s impeachment counsel. Yeah, it so ridiculous that honest lefties are defending this President against their own kin.

Relative to impeachment, they sound like Conservatives when the speak about it because they view it all through a constitutional lens. Differing positions on original intent serve to underpin all of this. We read the Constitution as it was intended and as it is written. They look to interpret, leverage, exploit and circumvent the Constitution in furtherance of their own interests and political ideology; all of which is antithetical to human nature, freedom, liberty, self-reliance, rugged individualism – you know, all the things AMERICANS USED TO BE.

The President’s enemies will never stop until they are MADE to stop. They’re like petulant children who haven’t gotten their unreasonable way; but petulant children who are in fact trying to preserve their own life, liberty and freedoms. These America hi-jacking miscreants know that they are directly facing an incoming boomerang of criminal indictments derived from overwhelming acts of fraud, corruption, and other felonious acts.

“In 1 Shot’: It explains the emotional and rhetorical ‘temper tantrums’ they continue to throw all the way from impeachment testimony by House managers to the MSM’s continued alignment with the Smith Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 (Obama), which legalized the dissemination of propaganda domestically whereas and prior to, it was only legal in foreign nations (vis-a-vis the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 – a WWII piece of legislation.)

Not to worry, though. The offensive fireworks are about to explode in the President’s affirmative defense. The President also still holds a number of high face cards to play; all of which are rooted in demonstrable evidence and constitutional authority. Post-impeachment, those cards will likely be played as needed and presumably both preemptively and responsively.

I expect the direction of the post-impeachment acquittal landscape to be foreshadowed when the President’s counsel presents its affirmative defense in front of the Senate. I anticipate counsel to not only refute allegations and fabrications, but to offer alternative evidentiary fact sets so as to compel the DOJ to take-up those matters through a prosecutorial lens.

Ask yourself these three questions – 1) What’s the best way to make evidence available to the American public and in a legally valid and verifiable way? It’s via the discovery process in the context of a trial. 2) What’s the grandest trial in the US judiciary? A presidential impeachment. 3) Assuming no further witnesses are called in the Senate, which form of trial allows the President’s counsel to speak in unfettered fashion and without interruption; and most importantly, without objections from opposing counsel? A presidential impeachment.

Imagine the political vomit we’ve all endured from the House impeachment managers since this sham show began. For that same duration of time, replace all of that content with irrefutable and verifiable fact sets that obliterate every aspect of an impeachment that even honest Democratic Constitutional scholars call incredibly weak, flimsy and entirely insufficient to predicate said impeachment. Evidence that will unequivocally exonerate the President as it implicates his political enemies criminally. Now imagine all of that being delivered LAST. That’s what the American people will remember.

Remember, the Senate was always the key. The House never really mattered and this is why. Following the election of a new (not an incumbent) president, the House almost always swings to the President’s opponent’s party and in this case, that would obviously be the Democrats. This a recurring and natural political phenomenon that’s easily predictable; especially given the heated nature of both the 2016 election and the run-up to the 2018 midterms. Such a flip back to the opposite party is usually unavoidable and therefore entirely predictable. Internal polling also likely demonstrated that history would prove true again in 2018 and when that was conceded, impeachment was not only a foregone conclusion, it was already being scheduled by Speaker Pelosi. Democrats can make predictions, too. This implies that all we are seeing is and has been enmeshed in the President’s political strategy – or PLAN – all along.

In other words, the President accepted impeachment as a forgone conclusion knowing that he’d lose the House in 2018 as tradition normally dictates. I can’t imagine that his political advisors would present a realistic assessment of the forthcoming 4-8 years, which would be rooted in pragmatism, valid polling data and historical trends, that would exclude him a) losing the House and b) getting impeached simply because he lost the House (they started threatening it before he was inaugurated.)

Mr. Trump knew they’d impeach just as he knew they’d project their own crimes and corruption onto him. It’s an archaic strategy for the Democrats. Again and as I continue to say, after you get to know these creatures, they’re easy to predict. Why would Democrats project their own criminality onto Trump? Two reasons: a) It’s an attempt to preempt actual allegations coming against them and b) It’s so that when the investigations are launched against the President, all of the evidence is vacuumed-up and secured away. By deliberating making the context of the President’s fake crimes identical to their own, they guarantee that all of the evidence against them is vacuumed-up.

The strategy is a gamble because it’s not a guaranteed outcome but, if they can manage to engage in dirty politics to grind all processes to a halt and them marry that to an overarching scheme to remove requisite barriers – like the President of the United States via impeachment – they could eventually regain power. Regaining power means regaining control of the precise mechanisms governing that secured evidence. When that happens, they can make it all go away forever. Those are the chips on the table right now.

So, if history and internal polling demonstrates that a 2018 midterm loss in the House is a guarantee and you are faced with the unavoidable, what do you do with it? Do you manipulate it to your advantage? Do you form a plan around it to guarantee that it all boomerangs back in their faces and ensures that you emerge victorious and in historical fashion? Do you take lemons and make lemonade? Is it best to defeat an enemy head-on, neatly aligned and in bright red coats? Or is it best to learn your enemy; study your enemy for decades; predict your enemy so well that you take their greatest weapon and use it against them?

Is that what we’re seeing here?

Looks like it.

We’ll know soon. Trust Q. The good guys are up next in the Senate. Enjoy. It will be HISTORIC.


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