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CISA Bears Down Amidst Stolen Election

Amidst what is now an obviously stolen election, CISA, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, which is an agency created by President Trump in 2018, continues to bear down. It now joins the Departments of Defense and Justice in seeing key terminations and resignations in the past several days and with tremors of more on the way.

It’s reasonable to believe that in the fog of this contested post-election environment and with the fraud/steal reality firming-up irreversibly, that President Trump is being responsive to that reality and is redressing the personnel matters within it.

A article today from The Hill got our attention relative to our recent work and work that reaches back about a year. This post is a brief synopsis and it includes The Hill piece at the bottom.

Here are the aspects holding my attention and beginning with the fact the White House asked a top official at the Department of Homeland Security’s CISA, Bryan Ware, to resign or, in other words, they terminated him.

Take note of this. It’s no different than Mark Esper’s termination at DOD, whose resignation letter was written and in wait before they dispatched him. Handwriting on the wall, Mark?

In order to permit termination, the terminating party must assert and demonstrate cause. That’s important. What were the causes?

A for cause termination is notable in any instance but especially so in these. Accordingly, we can likely glean meaning from examining the backdrop of a stolen election germane to the jurisdiction of CISA relative to these terminations.

We say “terminations” because DOD, Esper, et al are certainly enveloped herein due to the fact that China played a direct role in election interference, thus placing us on a plausible war footing with China. It is even more so when we factor China’s release of a bio-weapon of mass destruction against the United States (COVID-19), as defined by the FBI’s own tactical surveillance report. All of this causes an overlap between CISA and DOD.

Overlaps are the nexuses that drive these constructs from one segregated entity to another; like points of interface. On the other side, CISA will overlap again with the states their local entities. Again, another point of interface to drive the construct.

Hence, all of these resignations must be evaluated individually and collectively.

The other aspect holding my attention is the so-called CISA “Rumor Control” page that just flat-out seemed suspicious in light of Ware’s termination and the apparent forthcoming termination of CISA’s director, Christopher Krebs. Krebs has stated publicly that he expects to be fired within days.

As we continue to track, CIA Director Gina Haspel, it is all but certain for her to meet the same fate and soon. Christopher Wray at FBI is no different and Attorney General William Barr does just enough good to keep me from fully throwing him under the bus. Or perhaps he just played coy for four years. That’s hard to swallow, though.

Again, each termination throws more paint on our canvas, which is filling up as of late and with more in the queue.

Here’s CISA‘s jurisdiction and we’ll do our best to limit granular aspects and keep this piece moving.

As The Hill piece reports, “the agency served as the key federal group coordinating security efforts around the general election. CISA stood up a 24/7 operations center to help coordinate with state and local officials, along with social media companies, election machine vendors and other stakeholders.”

From that let’s make a list – general election (that’s what was stolen), coordinating operations with state and local officials (that’s how it was stolen), along with social media companies, election machine vendors and other stakeholders” (that’s who‘s doing the stealing.)

What remains is asking for whom is it being stolen?

Easy answer, the Deep State, Democrats, China and the CCP.

Make sense now?

Let’s take a long look back, shall we?

That dates back to April in our article Making the Case for Treason. It goes to show you that we identified a primary mechanism that was being leveraged to facilitate a literal overthrow of a sitting U.S. president – federalism.

If you follow our Twitter account, you’ve seen me hollering ad nauseam and for a long time about how federalism cuts both ways.

Federalism is nothing more than the reservation of all states’ rights not specifically designated for the federal government, or, in other words, “states’ rights.” The types of things over which states have control; including each state’s local entities, include:

  1. Imposing pandemic guidelines
  2. Shuttering businesses and schools
  3. Mandating masks
  4. Determining whether federal help will be received to quell rioting and domestic terrorism
  5. Mailing out and receiving ballots
  6. Running elections
  7. Tabulating election results
  8. Reporting election results
  9. Certifying election results
  10. Sending representatives to the electoral college
  11. Contracting with vendors for voting machines
  12. More

States are also responsible for coordinating with CISA. Is it all making more sense relative to these mounting terminations?

Now do you see why we began hollering about federalism a long time ago?

Consider this from CISA’s rumor rag page.

Did you catch the nuance of this being “NEW”? How new? Why would that be new and not long-established and serving as a directive to protect the election? Why is that new?

Is it because it’s a great ex post facto explanation serving to explain away what now appears to be something CISA likely participated in; like a patently and demonstrably stolen election that capitalized on leveraging digital cyber resources?

Is that why?

What about Ware and Krebs? Were they running point on the steal and coordinating the steal effort at the state and local levels respective to CISA’s jurisdiction or did were they aware of that or similar and did nothing; understanding that inaction is not defensable?

Yes. Hell, yes. That would be my speculation as per Occam’s, which tells us so and he’s rarely wrong. How else to you logically and pragmatically exlain the timing of the terminations?


Remember, one has been terminated for cause and the other expects to be within days.

What about Hammer and Scorecard? We were writing about and discussing that before the election like a lot of folks. If fits like a glove here, no. I wonder how much space of any kind was between Hammer/Scorecard and Krebs/Ware on election night? I wonder what the overlap was with HPSCI, SSCI, CIA and myriad others?

If I counted correctly, the rumor page contains 20 more entries just like the extract above and each one tells a similar type of convenient false promise story about election security while dismissing away the precise mechanisms leveraged to steal this election.

To understanding the reality of the election and the factual circumstances enveloping it and on the assumption that Given Krebs’ and Ware’s positions as responsible figureheads at CISA and respective to their duties and roles and the overall mission of CISA, there’s not much of a leap to be made to suggest that these fellas helped to rig the election.

I’ll wash my foot down with a beer if I’m wrong. I like to jam that thing in there ever so often just for the sake of keeping things interesting. Personality flaw.

Taking the backdrop and what we have previously covered and overlaying it with these developments, it’s reasonable to assume that this lot of resignations that now includes Ware and will likely and soon include Krebs, Haspel and Wray, is being driven by the fall-out of a known and planned for stolen election. The Deep State, Democrats, China and the CCP bear that responsibility with a host of other entities and individuals.

There should be no discounting the CISA terminations on the back end of a patently stolen election that leveraged cyber tools to steal it. It’s really that simple.

UPDATE: Here’s an immediate follow-up with much appreciation to @Shazlandia. It speaks to our suspicions as outlined and provides additional important details.


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  1. EJS November 12, 2020

    Question: Have we been duped? Was Trump a trojan horse all along? To look back over the last four years nothing has happened!! If Trump is out it all goes away and the perps walk, no? Have the last four years been the setting of the stage for the final coup de gas and the joke is on us?
    We all knew this election fraud was coming, Trump told us this would happen. How could there not be contingencies in place to deal with the election fraud? The election was the last stand. Or is this the clean out and the election is the counter attack like I suggested in the comments of your previous post?

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