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The Only Bridge Between Reality and Hope: The US Military

This is not the time nor place to recapitulate the Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, riots/domestic terrorism, engineered race war and stolen election construct – because that’s precisely what it is – and I refer you to the homepage where all of that information is archived. Rather, this is an endeavor to comprehend why the US military has been and remains the only bridge between reality and hope; reality being defined as the end of this constitutional republic as the nation slips into CCP branded totalitarian, Marxist communism forever.

To properly frame it, consider this from a previous article entitled THE PLAN: Institutions, a Stolen Election and a War Footing With China. The position rests with circumventing the institutions altogether and for their inherent and undeterred corruption and criminality.

The lion’s share of our comprehensive list of assertions is too great to present here. Understand, though, that they draw back on George H.W. Bush, his entry into and ascendance through the federal government and into the Oval Office, and relative to Attorney General William Barr, who was first appointed by him and whereby Barr is centered squarely in the middle of China’s acquisition of Dominion/Smartmatic; including Chinese ownership of proprietary information equating to the patents representing the keys to the castle in terms of stealing an election remotely.

Did President Trump actually believe that he was going to receive fidelity from just about anyone within the institutions? Congress, SCOTUS, the intelligence community, the Judiciary or the broader leviathan federal apparatus? That’s a jagged and bitter pill to swallow, is it not?

Would he get that fidelity from a twice-appointed Barr in his directorship of the DOJ? The scoreboard read 0-22 last time I posted on it. Not sure what it is now, but you get the point.

The institutions – all of them – had to be circumvented. What does that leave?

The President knew that at a minimum, he could not depend on the FBI, CIA or DOJ and now, on the heels of its dismissal of the Texas suit, the Supreme Court of the United States. Understand, though, FISA authority and oversight rests under the jurisdiction of SCOTUS and that was the primary mechanism leveraged to initiate angling-in on President Trump. Think he didn’t know that? Why did Admiral Rogers make that shocking impromptu trip to see the Mr. Trump?

Digressing, I stated in the last article that SCOTUS would not take a determining role in deciding the election result and that’s exactly what they did. The surprising aspect was that Trump’s newly appointed justices stood-down in the denial. That was unanticipated but perhaps not in retrospect and perhaps for reasons unknown (see the thread from @John in the bonus items below.) I don’t know and I’m reminding you that my background is as an investigator conducting intensive investigations for law firms and insurance companies; not as a constitutional scholar (although we all enjoy armchair quarterbacking from time, to time and if for no other reason than to stay sharp.) Ergo, I prefer to defer to experts in their fields.

No matter, SCOTUS has been corrupt for a long time; just like the rest of the institutions – all of them.

Which John Roberts is it that appears on the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs? Is it the John Roberts from the now-dead Fox News Network that stabbed 74 million Americans in the back on election night or is it the one who serves as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court? And for the Roberts that actually matters, how and why did he get that black eye?

All of this and a bunch more has now reduced our landscape to pretty simple terms. I presented the following graphic once the planned riots broke out in May and after I predicted those riots by a rough three weeks. The “WE ARE HERE” is indicative of our progress at that time.

Common sense tells you where we are now.

How’s it looking?

I know – tense. Razor thin margins. No period of time in my lifetime has brought such dire circumstances and that half of America thinks it’s awesome has me and certainly much like you, at my wit’s end.

The graphic is an accurate representation of the current scenario given the bulk of cited and sourced work and evidence on our website. We’re on the precipice of a completed communist overthrow, plainly and simply. Now ask yourself if that dynamic moves down the law enforcement line or the military line. Again, “communist overthrow” – where is the jurisdiction inherent in that?

There’s a bonus item at the bottom of this article. I encourage you to watch the video because it was made in conjunction @EntheosShines and the attorney referenced therein. The genesis of the project all goes back to Entheos.

The video portrays an enigmatic man from Noxubee County, Mississippi named Ike Brown, who began registering voters when he was 17 thus setting the path for him to establish the foundation for the Democratic National Party Machine’s tactics and strategies that were overlaid nationally to expedite the voter fraud requisite for the theft of the 2020 election. What undid their efforts was the enormous and historically notable vote result earned by Mr. Trump, which was voluminous to the extent that it literally broke the algorithms employed to steal the election for Biden electronically and remotely; and on a parallel track with the boots-on-the-ground Brown tactics.

Bearing in mind the overthrow dynamic, the US military becomes our only remedy and evidence demonstrates this was determined years ago. It was placed into writing on 12 September 18. More on that momentarily because we’re getting into the nitty-gritt of it all. Granular.

To set the stage for the topic of undoing it all and whereby the US military enters as the only hope for an available path to do so, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris must be understood from both a broader sense and from one that serves the objectives of the agenda and political construct targeting this President and this nation. There is a very important distinction that I’ll draw your attention to and Mr. Trump brought it to mine.

Our article entitled Kamala’s Kontroversy for Amerika is a deeper dig drawing back for a couple of years and to the extent that I found her eventual plans for the payment of slavery reparations to black Americans. It’s found inside of an unneeded and highly suspicious anti-lynching bill tied to the orchestrated Charlottesville incident. That’s but one example of what’s coming. The article is highly recommended and here’s an extract (introduction) from it that’s not short in its visceral tone.

More from the same.

So, that’s set’s the tone. Here’s the distinction that bears down and we’re all compelled to pause here to remember that President Trump has been and presumably continues to be suspect of former President Obama’s legitimate citizenship. Think about how that would serve foreign adversaries attempting to penetrate the highest office in the land.

A foreign adversary would have two primary vectors: 1) flip an actual American and insert him into the Oval Office or 2) develop and groom a foreign imposter to be inserted. Which one gives you greater overarching control and which one comes with higher degrees of inherent risk and unpredictability?

That’s an important distinction – risk assessment and risk exposure. The second option clearly worked because Obama served two terms. Point learned.

Now consider this from the article.

Here are the President’s own brief remarks on it.

What holds our attention in all of this is the granular bit about citizenship relative to foreign nations’ overthrow efforts relative to an established pattern of infiltration by means of insertion.

Let’s presume that Mr. Trump is accurate – that both Harris and Obama are not eligible to be president or vice president for failure to meet the citizenship threshold. Let’s presume that the foreign and questionable backdrops to each ones respective parents is accurate. When we do, it falls directly onto our established generational timeline helping to confirm another longstanding premise. It’s established in the Ike Brown video and this image is a screenshot.

What does that mean? Consider what I outlined already? Brown tactics were used to install Obama – the Smartmatic software ultimately ties back to 2000 and the Bush administration and they used it to steal Florida in 2012; and it’s not new. We haven’t had legitimate elections in over a decade.

In short here, the point is that they broke the ice installing Obama, they’re ousting the anomaly in Trump and they’re inserting Harris through that broken ice. They’re both chosen, developed, groomed and have similar foreign backgrounds.

Now we get to the crux of it all and it rests on yet another longstanding position in that Joe Biden is nothing more than a placeholder candidate (there has been no president-elect determined.) I contend that at a determined time, he’ll step aside for the true intended insertion.

The primary vector for the insertion was identified in July. It centers on delaying all important matters (another established premise – DELAY IS THE PLAY!) and most importantly, the election result, past inauguration day so as to permit the insertion of the House Speaker (#2 in the line of succession behind the VPOTUS, who would also be ushered-out) into the Oval Office by means of enforcing continuity of government protocols.

At this point, a new vector – perhaps a contingency plan or perhaps the original plan with Pelosi being the contingency – appears to have emerged.

As things continue to bottleneck toward a crescendo and a breaking point and as all of the President’s legal remedies are exhausted, the options for reversing the script become limited. It’s here that we defer to a constitutional attorney and using his graphics as re-posted by General Flynn. The four graphics are presented in full below.

I’m not summarizing this information to provide further meaning but rather drawing upon it to support our positions. That being said, I highly encourage you to consume independently, slowly and thoroughly for a picture of the path forward through the constitutional lens.

First we focus-in on the 12th Amendment and again, I’m sparing us a full layman’s translation, so let’s hone in on the angle that might permit for a backdoor insertion of Kamala Harris as president while galvanizing our position that Biden is merely a placeholder serving a purpose like a corrupt pack mule.

Harris’ insertion equates to the Deep State circumventing the will of the people with a failed presidential candidate and inserting her as vice president alongside a president they plan to remove after the election result is finally determined and the office is occupied.

The Biden laptop/hard drives are old news. Why is the MSM just now reporting on them? Ushering-out Joe?

Barr knew about Biden’s investigations for months and veiled them from everyone. Why? Keeping it hush-hush until it’s time to usher-out Joe?

Insertion complete. Overthrow complete. Understand?

Here is where I postulate that the 12th Amendment may set a path for this. Factoring in here are the electoral college and the States’ delegation of electors as well as the avenue for the House to determine the election result.

This from the 12th,

The person having the greatest number of votes as Vice-President, shall be the Vice-President…

Given the vote totals as they stand, that’s Harris.

Original intent behind the election of the president as seen through the electoral college is to focus on “the men” meaning the attributes and characteristics of the men themselves and save any political parties. They were not voting for a party ticket of POTUS/VPOTUS but for the two best men and whereby one had to be from outside of their own state. Ergo, the 12th originally designates that state electors cast two votes for two individuals, not one for POTUS and one for VPOTUS.

The 12th permits that if a clear winner can’t be determined, the House determines the vote. But what if the House isn’t capable of making that determination? According to the 12th,

[And if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President.–]

Is there a constitutional avenue to backdoor Kamala? Does it matter? Since the MSM and the DOJ have decided to align the release of the Biden laptop/hard drives story with the story of Bidens being under investigation by the DOJ, respectively, do they even need constitutional paths? Or can they simply push Biden out on the merits of his resume alone and that reflecting on him as being the worst and most corrupt and criminal candidate of all time? Or let his progressing senility drive the argument to remove him with the 25th? Or he feigns illness and resigns over a disagreement, like he recently promised. The plausible scenarios appear numerable.

Again, I’m asking questions and we’ll leave it for the constitutional scholars to back-fill the details but no matter, at any point they decide to “cancel” Joe, Kamala is positioned and ready just as designed.

We’re now full circle and here’s the justification for all of it. That being the justification to establish the US military as the only foreseeable remedy to the clear treason at hand.

Look back up at Raiklin’s first graphic and examine the line item for 18 Dec 20.

That is a very important date and you’ll notice that it ties to ODNI, or the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and that’s now John Ratcliffe and noting that Dan Coats’ prior removal is critical here; especially given that he’s an establishment asset. Ergo, we pin our hopes on Ratcliffe.

Examine what he is responsible for submitting on 18 Dec 20 (this extract as sourced below.)

Keep your eye on 18 Dec 20. Now, draw back on Raiklin’s last graphic above and specifically point 5 relative to the ODNI and you’ll note that it’s what I just outlined in the above extract.

Now ask yourself where the constitutional authority is derived for Ratcliffe’s report, which will be augmented by all of the election fraud evidence from Giuliani, Powell, Wood, the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion (The Kraken), et al?

Allow me to show you precisely where that is. It’s here. In this. This extract is from President Trump’s Executive Order as set forth on 12 September 2018.

To go deeper – much deeper – here is a two-part article analyzing the President’s Executive Order relative to the Flynn Case.

Marker Met – Flynn First! E.O. Has the Stage Set (Part I)
Marker Met – Flynn First! E.O. Has the Stage Set (Part II)

Did the President circumvent the institutions because he knew they were rotten to the core? Did he assume a lie in wait posture pending the completion of the construct – the certification of the 2020 election? Did a bio-WMD launched against the US to leverage the theft of the 2020 election so as to insert a puppet backdoor candidate in Kamala Harris (or maybe still Hillary Clinton) place the United States on a war footing with China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and others?

Yes. To all of it.

Is a law enforcement remedy appropriate for any of this?


In his role as Commander in Chief, was the President’s plan always to bridge the American people from a CCP reality to a new era of American prosperity by leveraging his constitutional authority to direct the US military accordingly?

Yes. It was the only way.

As we close, take note that this will get uglier before it gets prettier and it could get real ugly. Dark. Ominous. But then again, liberty, freedom and justice require a price; sometimes paid in blood.

As the last due process remedies exhaust, it will come time to place the bridge. I think we’re all ready to cross it and forge ahead to the other side and all in the name of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Bonus Item(s) – Who Is Ike Brown?

Ike Brown laid the foundation for the 2020 election outcome beginning in the early 1970s when at the age of 17, he began registering Noxubee County, Mississippi voters.

Here is an update containing hope from Sidney Powell.

More concerning developments that align with information from my sources, including feet on the ground at ground zero. The angles of “going dark” as responsive to pressure started to manifest back in March and we touched on it then.


  1. Kathleen Roberts December 12, 2020

    I think you have it. I’d come to the same conclusion. Batten down the hatches and pray.

    • EJS December 12, 2020

      David prayed before he dealt Goliath his death blow. Now like then, the Philistines must be defeated, a champion must rise up against the odds to rally his people to prevent their enslavement.

  2. indy0704 December 13, 2020

    This assumes that the military has not been corrupted as well. I hope you are right.

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