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THE PLAN: Institutions, a Stolen Election and a War Footing With China

What is THE PLAN, you may ask? That all depends on whom you ask. A conventional plan as it relates to the President, the White House, the stolen election, the entire geopolitical landscape, etc. would be expressed in all of the conventional terms astute readers have heard forever. We call that the mainstream, right?

Right. The mind hold they have on the American public is profoundly frustrating. I often times use this expression – some of the smartest dumb people I’ve ever met. That’s how I describe otherwise good people with good intentions but who are lost to the wind and irrecoverably so when it comes to their addiction slurping the government’s Kool-Aid. They just can’t quit the propaganda and programming.

Don’t forget though, the President is messaging more than making fun of the MSM when he calls them the enemies of the American people.

THE PLAN in circles found outside of the MSM will run the full spectrum of alternative explanations; some of them sounding highly conspiratorial and for good reason. They’re branded that way to publicly marginalize off-reservation messengers. That’s why drinking moonshine is good for you.

Then there’s THE PLAN as per Q. I like that plan. A lot. A whole bunch, in fact.

I’ve also been very consistent on Q in terms of my position so don’t take that as an endorsement moving in the direction of Q being irrefutably authentic and genuine, because it isn’t.

But Q is, though, or so that is what I believe, which is different than what I’m stating to be factual or able to prove.

Back to THE PLAN as per Q. It’s a good one. So good, in fact, that it parallels reality so closely that it’s down right uncanny; and even more so when you consider the “future proves past” time machine capabilities of the Q fabric that are rivaled only by those of @EntheosShines on Twitter.

With discussion about a plan since 28 October 17, we’ve had plenty of time to vacillate over multitudes of interpretations of what all it entails and the breadth of that conversation, as aired-out online and privately by a lot of people over a long duration, is tough to put into words.

What you can do, though, is draw back to a more encompassing perspective and scope to examine THE PLAN at a fundamental level.

I recently shared thoughts about this on Gab relative to the Looking Glass, the thread for which you can find near the bottom of the THREADS page on this site.

What I failed to do and for no good reason other than lack of care, was to include Rudy Giuliani in the above.

It stands to reason that one pillars of THE PLAN was to circumvent the institutions altogether (work around Wray, Haspel and Barr) and the clear priority of twice-appointed Attorney General William Barr, who is confirmed Deep State on good authority and from confirmed sources.

Look no further than his complete dearth in prosecuting anything meaningful.

As I recently put it regarding Barr.

If you believe contrarily on Barr, I would suggest kicking back and reading What Did AG William Barr Know About Dominion Acquisition? and then read forward back to this point. You’ll likely change your mind.

Still yet, I leave the door open for him to make me eat my boot. We’ll see.

Another aspect of THE PLAN as per Q is the broader military nature of it and especially as it relates to the President as Commander in Chief and the role of Military Intelligence, which is assumed to be central to it all.

Within the Q dialogue and in certain circles outside of it, there is a line of thought outlining how Mr. Trump was actually asked to run for president and whereby his earlier bids were the warm-up to 2016. In the 2016 election, the same CIA-controlled asset that stole the 2020 election – Hammer (and now Scorecard) – was then un-rigged to permit the now-President to win a legitimate vote.

I keep saying this. Do you think Mr. Trump stood on the same voter fraud tracks since 2012 and allowed that train to just run over him? Hell no.

It’s really this simple. They knew they were going to steal it. He knew they were going to steal it. They seem to be the only ones – well, them China and the CCP – who knew they were going to use a bio-weapon of mass destruction and domestic terrorism to do it. Oh. sorry. I mean peaceful protest.

Actually, that’s not true. I predicted the riots by a rough three weeks. Know thy enemy.

From there it’s a matter of who has the best plan and sorting out all the dead bodies.

And in between, the Democrats have made it living hell for all of is. They’re encroaching on having stolen from all of us one full year of our lives. Pause a moment and let that sink in; especially if you have children.

You should never forgive them for that. I won’t.

One important takeaway in this is understanding how the 2016 efforts contributed to the “lie in wait” posture the Trump administration has assumed. Disregard what you’re hearing from the China-influenced MSM relative to certifying the election. A lot of fog of war, there.

I came out immediately and wrote an entire article that flies in the face of virtually all of the other positions to be found on this and I got to that position through the superseding lens in all of this – the prosecutorial lens.

It’s as simple as saying you can’t prosecute the crime until the commission of the crime is complete. Take that simple premise and overlay it with the election timeline. That timeline was the first position I established years ago saying that all of this is calibrated to the 2020 election.

From there we deduce that the small window becomes the time frame of the election to inauguration day, as established. From there we examine all of their actions relative to that timeline and look for anomalies. DELAY IS THE PLAY! – period. But that gives you a clearer understanding of why I allow that to underpin all of this. Because that’s what they’re doing – dragging it all past inauguration day.

The certification of the vote would render the commission of the crime complete and on the federal record, to boot. They know this and are trying to keep from getting there (DELAY IS THE PLAY!)

Here’s Tom Fitton ascribing to a similar position regarding certifying the election.

In the article I referenced, I postulated that Mr. Trump may be filing suit antithetical to his true intentions, which would be to force the certification of the vote. Why you may ask?

Think of it this way – if Mr. Trump contests the certification by means of litigation, it accomplishes two things: 1) the judge will likely rule in favor of certifying the vote for myriad reasons and importantly because it comports with regular process and whereby the judge would likely assign a timeline to compel the certification by a particular date thus expediting the precise timeline the Democrats are trying to delay and 2) it forces the Democrats to defend a position antithetical to their own interests. Ergo, they lose no matter what.

The bottom line is that Trump wins whether he wins or loses. It’s just so Trump of him, ain’t it?

And does he not have the best shit-eating grin in these moments; not to mention his sweet jig to The Village People?

We want the vote certified so we can prosecute the thieves. No apples in our basket until they are ripe. Capisce?

Here’s another reliable source (Tore) who recently took my same position on certification.

Moreover, assuming this position further supports another longstanding position that no one talks about; at least not until recently. I’ve had the countdown in the sidebar for months. It’s inauguration day.

Pelosi will leverage herself back into the Speaker’s chair intent on leveraging continuity of government protocols to insert herself into the Oval Office if there is still no vote result by this day. She told us this last summer.

DELAY IS THE PLAY! Been hollering about this day since July. Literally, everything they are doing is designed to drag past inauguration day. This is the guardrail for the stolen election that is being summarily undone and it’s what they will be compelled to fall back on; and it won’t work, either. More on that momentarily.

Conventional types like to scoff at the notions surrounding Mr. Trump presumably coordinating his efforts with the U.S. military – as Commander in Chief, I mind you – to rid ourselves of a metastasized behemoth of a corrupt and criminal Deep State tumor dripping in treason and Chinese communism.

I never understood why. Why would they close a door to legally plausible avenues without even exploring them? I don’t and prefer to go full steam ahead until something puts me on different tracks. More importantly, there’s been no reason to get-off those tracks.

Find one story you can say that about with the MSM and I’ll buy you a beer. I’ll have one, too, and a bourbon; neat.


Acting defense secretary Christopher Miller ordered the Pentagon’s top civilian overseeing the military’s special operations community to report directly to him, effectively elevating U.S. Special Operations Command to the same level of the Pentagon’s military departments. This means President Trump is able to directly handle special forces and reliable intelligence (as opposed to the FBI and CIA), to perform the ”72-hour” operation against the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). Tearing down the Great Firewall and target killing the Chinese kleptocrats in Zhongnanhai will happen anytime.


For anyone doubting that this may be a real scenario, further consider what’s posted below, which might as well be ripped right out of the Q fabric. For the enlightened, just consider the first source. How rich, no?

It’s reasonable to also take these developments in light of Mr. Trump making good on crucial campaign promises by reducing our military footprint in Afghanistan and bringing troops home from the Middle East.

I mind you; however, that it could also be reflective of a war footing scenario emblematic of a President exercising due caution in anticipation of having to plausibly confront our chief rival, in China.

As we learn more about China’s direct involvement with the election and as President Trump and his legal team spearheaded by Giuliani, Powell and Wood continue to present more and more evidence in this regard, the foundation for the election to be overturned back to Mr. Trump is growing and rapidly. Noting that I say overturned informally given that we still have no official result and are far from it – several weeks on good authority.

We reported early on election night that our inside sources had Mr. Trump comfortably expecting to win 300+ electoral votes. Then, on the back end of the confirmed story whereby Scytl’s servers were confiscated by the U.S. military from now two reported locations – Germany and Spain – it stands that the stolen election is mathematically and otherwise undone. Moreover, the actual election result from the Scytl servers is reported to be 410-128 Trump.

As we’ve been saying for a while – he’ll win in historic proportions.

Consider the following with important commentary continuing below.


New York Times reported that President Trump received 10.1 million more votes across the U.S. than he received four years ago…Sidney Powell claimed that evidence of election fraud is so overwhelming that the Supreme Court will have no choice but to take up the case. If Chief Justice John Roberts refuses to take up this massive case, he should be impeached.


As anticipated and as reported in our article bringing CISA back into the forefront, Director Christopher Krebs has been terminated for cause. That is a big deal and I refer you to the article for deeper understanding.

As for THE PLAN to redress the very real possibility of a severely escalated war footing transitioning into an actual hot war with China, well, THE PLAN is a simple one – avoid it all together. I wrote the extract below on 06 May 20 in an article entitled Making the Case for Treason.

The extract speaks to the war scenario component of THE PLAN and it’s a simple one – avoid it altogether.

I wrote this on 06 May 20 in an article entitled Making the Case for Treason.

We’re ending this on a note of hope and positivity while remaining based and conceding that escalations continually mount as the rest of the world has begun to learn what all of us here in this space have known for a very long time.

It is that China directly interfered with a U.S. presidential election that was stolen for a corrupt and treasonous Deep State pawn; that China successfully targeted the U.S. with an FBI-classified bio-weapon of mass destruction that ravaged it’s economy, education system and population impacting by it psychologically, spiritually, medically, physically and so on and in all regards; and that China has purchased and compromised U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, but especially the Democratic party, and especially the Biden and Pelosi crime families, in order to make all of it happen.

This includes the MSM, which is currently running point on the cinching of the noose in this coup.

So, where’s the good in all of that you ask?

The good is that THE PLAN is to avoid that armed military confrontation in lieu of a different path forward. The stewardship of THE PLAN has been and still is in President Trump’s hands; ergo, I stand by my previous comments.

Give the man a fistful of Nobels right now; perhaps two, because they’ll be in order as a result of his second term, anyway.


P.S. As mentioned in the article.


  1. Taffy53 November 20, 2020

    I hope a peaceful path forward is achievable. However, I also have personal experience interacting with people who have the mental framework to develop TDS (and some have). We all believe the sort of things we want to believe, but some of us use discernment, apply logic and seek verifiable proof, such that we are intent on our beliefs being factually true. The TDS types (mostly on the left, but also some on the right) live and make choices according to their emotions and how they feel, and they consistently lie to themselves and others to support whatever position feels most comfortable to them. My perspective, based on interacting with people like this, is that there is only one thing that will cause them to be peaceful if they don’t get their way, and that is a revealing so overwhelmingly full of proof that they’ve been repeatedly lied to and in such disgusting ways that the revealing hits them like a gut punch, something that FEELS so abhorrent to them that they can’t help but open their minds to accepting truths they’ve denied all their lives. I hope a revealing of that nature is part of Trump’s plan.

  2. indy0704 November 20, 2020

    So advocates for Trump turned off the machines of election fixing in 2016 to allow victory. Then they let those machines run in 2020 so that the he could lose only to expose those that would overthrow our country. Why not catch them in 2016? Why was this extended suffering necessary?
    All the foreign policy victories achieved since 2016 are at risk now. They lie in the hands of judges that might not have read your articles. It’s all well and good to say trust the plan. Looks like we have 60 days. I hope you are right.
    All the best.

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