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Certifying the Election and Why It Matters

It stands to reason that any form of significant countermove from President Trump in regards to the theft of this election relative to something like declassification, indictments, high-profile arrests, etc. – you know, all the stuff for which there is a mountain of evidence but for which the overwhelming 4-year response has been a chorus of crickets – stands to occur after one important detail. That detail is the certification of the election. Here’s my argument supporting my contentions and explaining why it matters.

We’ll begin with this.

Note that the headline ties into our focus of the election being certified. That’s for good reason and more than one.

Generally, the argument can be framed around why there would even be a need to question, much less restrict, the security clearance/access to national security intelligence of a former vice president who held that job for eight years and is contending to be president in the 2020 election. For the Trump administration to restrict Biden accordingly, there must be some legitimate grounds for it; which there most certainly are and we can start with the brief recapitulation in that post above.

There’s a mountain of evidence to suggest Biden is fully compromised by China and the CCP and we’ve detailed much of it; along with his escapades in the Ukraine and a bunch of other countries, and others have done the same. It’s voluminous.

Here’s what I said in the last article – The logical timeline according to how Mr. Trump does things, is to exhaust all legal remedies (litigation) and unfortunately, that requires more waiting. From there we would see him again and if need be, wait for the election to be certified. Then and only then would he be properly positioned to move forward.

From the same item and moreover – If you’re wondering why I attach the vote certification requirement, it’s as simple as this. If you care to prosecute the crime, you must wait for it to be completed, otherwise you’ll only be prosecuting the conspiracy and those are two entirely different universes.

That sets the stage for us.

Setting aside and accepting the granular details behind all of the delay and fraud in battleground states, the net effect has been to delay a final vote tabulation. From here, we simply lean on Occam’s razor and let’s work backwards.

An inauguration day with no legitimate president-elect is the the trigger date for the enforcement of continuity of government that would elevate Speaker Pelosi to the Oval Office. That’s their objective and Nancy told us so in July – I made a video about it.

The delayed vote result pushes back the certification date which bears down on a firm date for inauguration, which is an established deadline. What’s most important is the small bubble of time in between the certification and inauguration and does it leave President Trump enough time to unzip the whole thing?

The predicted infusion of massive amounts of fraudulent ballots along with the application of Hammer and Scorecard were leveraged to delay the vote result and throw it into litigation, which takes time.

The COVID-19 construct was devised in-part to cause the need to mandate mail-in voting to open the portal for fraud.

It’s a simple as that.

Here’s where it gets more complicated for the President and it takes us back to that small post-certification, pre-election bubble of time and it hinges on the election still being ongoing or not over.

The DOJ has a self-imposed mandate of avoiding election interference and it begins 60 days out from election. This hamstrings the DOJ in dropping indictments on candidates, prospective cabinet members, other politicians, etc.

Now that Fox News has dropped its mask and revealed the face of Judas, any such movement by the President will certainly be shaped against the him; especially since the MSM has already inserted Biden preemptively as president-elect. All of this is obvious but should still be stated.

Recall that they have already clearly established the pretext narrative for Barr being Trump’s “personal attorney” and did so long ago. That’s insurance for them because they knew the direction this would all head.

If Barr were to go after them now, it would be all be packaged-up as political retribution and election interference from a lame-duck president that is abusing his authority to go after his political enemies and cling to power illegitimately. We’re already hearing elements of that and I could write that story right now. It’s too volatile in my opinion to pursue that course presently.

Remember, Mr. Trump must act commensurate with the expectation of serving a second term and so as to preserve some modicum of legitimacy. It therefore makes more sense pragmatically and by means of political optics to wait for the election to be certified. This would mark the completion of the crime and from the perspective of criminal law/prosecution as filtered through a political lens, I simply don’t see how this reality can be circumvented.

So the delays, including litigation, function progressively to interfere with the vote result, the decision, election certification and the electoral vote and all of that reduces the window of time until the inaugural deadline.

Will it leave the President enough time to unzip it.

Yes. The evidence will be overwhelming but more importantly, consider this, which is further motivation for them to delay the election certification and it bodes well for the President being able to perhaps stave-off a clear Biden steal and emerge from the courts with a definable, legitimate and irrefutable landslide victory; if not an historic one.

It all hinges on this. ALL OF THE ELECTORAL lawsuits being filed are civil suits; not criminal ones, and recalling that the petitioner of the court is the Trump Campaign; not the DOJ.

The standard for the burden of proof in a civil case is defined as the PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE and not GUILT BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, as with a criminal trial. That is enormously important when you consider the nature, volume and substance of the evidence that is being submitted in those cases; much of which we aren’t even privy to, yet.

The net effect here is this – Mr. Trump’s case becomes less burdensome to demonstrate as compared to what it would be with the more stringent standard. In unbiased courts with objective judges, the fraudulent votes will be set aside and not counted and important states could be flipped back to the rightful winner, President Trump.

By conventional standards and this is by far a most unconventional year, none of the aforementioned can reasonably happen until the vote is certified.

Now you know why I think it matters and in the most critical of ways.

I’ll leave you with this.

*With an update below it.

UPDATE: On the back end of writing this I learned of Trump’s lawsuit in Michigan to force a delay in the vote certification, which stands contrary to the entire premise of this article. I would agree with that on its face but as The Hill reports, “The lawsuit has little chance of swaying the outcome in a state where Biden beat Trump by roughly 145,000 votes.” So what’s the purpose?

For one, Mr. Trump must know it will be fruitless but he’s still going to exhaust all avenues in the courts as already outlined. Is it possible that by filing suit to delay the certification he’s forcing the Democrats’ hand to move on the timeline relative to the certification, rather than continue to delay it as they are? I don’t know.

That would be a bold move in a presidential election with all that’s hanging in the balance. If he wins the suit he buys more time to demonstrate the fraud and perhaps flip Michigan his way. If matched with enough other flips, it becomes fruitful.

If it’s fruitless, the Judge stands to establish some form of a timeline to expedite the vote count and certify it. If that were to happen, we get closer to certifying the election and reaching a point where the President can unravel it all with declassification, unsealed indictments, arrests, etc.; assuming that’s going to happen.

I can’t imagine it won’t. Not with the mountain of evidence in the full public spectrum.

The best bet here is to perhaps evaluate each state individually with the larger objective in mind.

I do know this. If we get to inauguration day without a legitimate president-elect, we’re in a world of Constitutional hurt. Mr. Trump filing suit to further delay this process when all they’ve done is delay everything to get us here (just ask General Flynn) doesn’t make complete sense to me outside of how I’ve described it.

This will be revisited.




  1. EJS November 11, 2020

    Have you caught Ron@CodeMonkeyZ twitter threads about the Dominion voting machines operations manual and the D5 5.5 sections as related to Pennsylvania aka the keystone? He is running a massive thread on twitter and there are way to many coincidences that relate back to Q! Considering his positioning on all things Q there are no coincidences! He is laying out how the voting machines where used to cheat. I linked the thread from Shazlandia’s gab page Is the Keystone actually Pennsylvania and that’s what brings it all to a head. Future proves past? Thoughts

    • Political Moonshine Post author | November 11, 2020

      Yes and thank you – I’m onto the Dominion trail! Keystone/Keystone State…. I like it.

      • EJS November 12, 2020

        I’m reminded of the disinfo op in WW2 with the fake Army before the invasion of France. Everyone new France would be invaded, but the question was where? Spygate is real but is not the vector to attack, the election is the where we go on offense and Pennsylvania is the keystone. The election fraud will expose it all, spygate is a distraction just like the fake army at before the invasion of Normandy. Spygate is real, but is not where the counter attack occurs. Thoughts??

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