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Marker Met – Flynn First! E.O. Has the Stage Set (Part I)

Flynn First! It’s been our battle cry for months and months dating back to the spring and as we came to understand the broader significance of Lt. General Michael Flynn in all things relative to President Trump’s first and presumably second presidential terms. It all began with Flynn. They made him their first and highest priority target and then vectored-in on the Trump administration using the Good General as the vehicle to do so.

This was all accomplished by the previous administration’s panicked mid-January 2017 exit plan and it leveraged the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) as the primary mechanism. We’ve covered that comprehensively and to the tune of about a hundred articles. Moreover, in September, I wrote a recapitulation of it entitled Flynn First Through the Looking Glass and it’s the ‘looking glass’ angle that should hold everyone’s attention. More on that momentarily.

Yesterday, developments broke indicating that President Trump had reportedly made known his intentions to pardon Lt. General Michael Flynn. Thereafter, a piece from Axios surfaced with a first report that supported several posts made online regarding the same.

There was some cloudiness as to whether corrupt and compromised Judge Emmet Sullivan would be granting the rule 48 dismissal that has mired Flynn’s case in delay for so long or whether it would be an actual pardon by President Trump.

It matters not. What matters is that Flynn’s case is fully remedied and reconciled and with Flynn walking away from it clear and free; as he rightfully should. That can be achieved by either a pardon or a dismissal so ‘the how’ pales in comparison to the net result. It’s FLYNN FIRST! and it always has been.

A long-held cryptic component of the Q fabric has been the notion of a ‘looking glass’ and it wraps back immediately to Flynn before extending far beyond it and into the future, so to speak. In this instance, many folks erroneously cared to chase whimsical and fantastic stories about time machines and technology that supposedly permits people to peer into the future. That’s nonsense; at least in this context, and it’s a great way to get sidetracked, lost in the weeds and miss the most important aspects of real matters altogether. This stance underpins my approach to the work, which focuses only on real and tangible evidence.

That approach and strict adherence to the evidence delivered precise results ergo, always hang your hat on what is demonstrable and provable. Just ask Sidney Powell. I digress.

What folks appear to have at best missed and at worst dismissed, is that Sidney Powell directly cited the ‘looking glass’ as the moniker ascribed to the discovery process back in mid-June. We reported on it then and it is the buried gold, here.

Now pause to consider what has transpired chronologically since that mid-June post was made; and taking note of the sequence and timing. We’ll begin with this and I encourage you to watch this fully. As you do, study the document extracts as much as you study the body language and mannerisms of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (Note: regular guy here and this is an early video attempt so it moves slowly.)

Pelosi only told half of the story in July and the analysis delivers three critical pieces of information:
1) although the effort to steal the election outright presents in full sunlight, the actual play involves a delay strategy framed by two long established positions a) everything is calibrated to and pinned on the 2020 election timeline and b) ‘DELAY IS THE PLAY!’ recalling that the overarching strategy was to drag all important matters past either i) election day and/or ii) inauguration day;
2) the mechanism to be leveraged in removing the President is continuity of government protocols (COG) and not a stolen election, rather the stolen election is the impetus to invoke COG (horse/cart scenario with the understanding of the finer details needed to get the order right); and
3) the established pretext narrative surrounding the Kelly/Mattis military cohort that stands antithetical to the President and ready to be leveraged to justify Pelosi’s enforcement of COG and the removal of the President (as delivered by the MSM, of course.) We began reporting on that in June.

So, understand that the stolen election wasn’t devised as a plan to steal the election outright, even though it appears that way. Don’t get me wrong, though. If they could shoehorn us into it, they would, but there are two notions that factor in here.

For one, it couldn’t be done mathematically with the numbers too great to be overcome and accounted for and this is demonstrated by the same internal polling we outlined in mid-June and which allowed President Trump to assume a ‘lie in wait’ posture. Ergo, EVERYBODY knew the President’s 2020 haul of votes would be unprecedented and historic; including his opponents and the MSM, meaning that mathematically, it would be impossible to steal the election outright and then prove that with fidelity.

You’re seeing that right now, right?

It’s simple math – the broader voter turn-out would exceed the average voter turn-out percentage at the same time the number of actual votes would exceed eligible registered voters in key locations and in alarming numbers.

In other words, Biden’s total vote would have to be augmented so heavily with fraudulent votes that it becomes a statistically impossible scenario to achieve and demonstrate. We knew this a long time ago.

Now, consider two things. For one, our sources had the President feeling comfortable about exceeding 300 electoral votes and I reported this in our pre-election coverage. He later confirmed that himself.

Secondly, as previously reported and in the aftermath of the election, Sidney Powell claimed the exact same scenario and described it by stating that the algorithm deployed by the Hammer (Scorecard) on election night actually “broke” as caused by the wide disparity in vote totals that couldn’t be overcome; as indicated by the aforementioned internal and now actual polling.

This is precisely why vote counting was halted late on election night – it literally broke. I caught the roll-back in real time and posted this the following day after staying up until 0400 EST monitoring the results. In this instance, I was observing the tranches of votes being recorded at the same time the vote-in percentage was moving in the opposite (WRONG!) direction (more votes in, number decreases?).

The halt in counting votes as married to the late-night observation is precisely how and when Hammer (Scorecard) augmented the election results in several key states, thus flipping the election to Biden overnight and as most folks slept.

Powell is on record with a sworn affidavit of a key witness who observed all of the critical aspects of this precise process (and equipment) generating an election steal in Venezuela in 2012 (he was personally present).

Moreover, there is also this to overcome because frankly, I’m not sure how you do it assuming an inaugurated Biden/Harris administration were allowed to stand.

So all of this leaves us right where the evidence told us we’d be – sitting on an obviously stolen election designed to obfuscate the results, force litigation and mire everything in delay until inauguration day, which is the one date that I advised everyone to keep their eye on a long time before the election got here. See that handy-dandy countdown in the sidebar that has been there for months? As I type, we are 56 days out.

That’s the half of the story that Pelosi told us. Powell tells us the other half and again, it dates back to early August.

In August, Sidney Powell delivered an interview that retrospectively brings everything pertaining to the stolen election back to full circle. Again, I highly encourage everyone to watch this video for the granular details as to how Powell – IN AUGUST, nonetheless – specifically tied Flynn to John Brennan, the CIA, Obama and…. HAMMER (Scorecard).

Again and focusing on timing and sequence, consider the following. Since all of these developments have occurred and before Flynn’s pending pardon/dismissal was known, Powell had begun working on behalf of the American people by filing suit regarding the fraudulent and stolen election and whereas she was appearing alongside Rudy Giuilani and coalescing with Lin Wood, who is pursuing similar litigation for the President. Meanwhile, Flynn’s case still lingered in delay. All of this led to some confusion about Powell’s role; especially in the aftermath of the President’s public distancing from her, which actually pertained to fundraising, but it was noise and should be dismissed as we dismissed it.

To the larger point that gives the appearance of foreknowledge, coordination and planning. Powell transitioned to election litigation before Flynn’s dismissal/pardon was known so was it anticipated? Consider that the two cases are so intricately enmeshed that they can’t be separated and whereby Powell oversees both?

I don’t believe in coincidences; especially when beforehand Powell so accurately described the aftermath of the election as it now stands and right down to the very details of Hammer and Scorecard.

As I put it last night.

So, we stand resolutely on our position of FLYNN FIRST! and we did so by limiting our perspective to the evidence. That evidence has us properly positioned to further develop and understand where all of this is going moving forward.

There’s one more vector bearing down here that came to light yesterday and it deserves close scrutiny before we close this out.

Yesterday, it was learned that Sullivan, in addition to having been assigned to the Flynn case, was also assigned to Mr. Trump’s case where Trump (campaign) is defending himself against allegations of trying to overturn an election. How rich the irony?

Here’s what’s important as you read this. The DC Circuit is an anomaly – it’s judges advance (think SCOTUS) and it’s the only circuit that has all of the judges within it residing in one city; that city being rightfully regarded by many as the most notoriously corrupt of them all.

Each circuit court has its own set of rules and procedures for about everything and there is no federal uniformity in this regard. It makes for a perfectly swampy mess predisposed to corruption but then again, the circuit courts are inherently geographically representative and so they take on the local flavor, so to speak. The scholarly take here is that all of our founding principles and ideas rest on a risk/reward or cuts both ways foundation and this notion is no different.

Walk across the street and you may get hit by a bus. Or you can live in fear and stay on one side of the street for your whole life (if you haven’t noticed, there’s a “virus” out there forcing you to one side right now and for foreseeable future.) Risk is requisite to living and that is universally unavoidable. I digress.

Form the DC circuit’s own rules, consider this as just one potential portal to place an asset. In this case, corrupt and compromised Judge Emmet Sullivan, has been placed for an intended purpose. As you read it, understand that the entirety of the DC circuit’s rules is a convoluted mess rife with opportunities for corruption designed to overcome the court’s numeric anonymizing process in the assignment of judges by the clerk. There are myriad ways within those rules; consider one.

If I were still employed as an investigator and I were working for Sidney Powell, Lin Wood or Rudy Giuliani, I’d be taking a very long, hard and skillfully close look at precisely how Mr. Sullivan was able to put a thumb squarely on Mr. Flynn and Mr. Trump at exact times those thumbs were demanded by the political continuum devised to overthrow this presidency and hand the nation over to China as delicately wrapped in a red silk bow and presented on a silver tea tray: Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, race riots/domestic terrorism and a stolen election.

In Part II of this article, we’ll dive deeply into an executive order signed by President Trump in 2018. There is a clear path ahead of us and although it is set with treasonous and ultimately frustrating obstacles, it is a path that must be forged. It is also a path that demonstrates why Mr. Trump will serve a second term.

Stay tuned. Part II is on the way. Perhaps a bourbon, first; neat, of course.




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