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The status quo is intolerable and excruciating. There is no way around it and despite much deliberate effort to be mindful and not let it dominate life. It’s easier said than done to just let it not bother you constantly when considering the possible outcomes hanging in the balance.

This especially so since it appears as if folks are standing idly by as others are cinching-up the theft of the nation so as to deliver her to China and the CCP; delicately wrapped in a red silk bow and presented on a silver tea tray.

It’s a truly dystopian landscape. And it’s real. Never in my lifetime… eyes down, slow head shake.

Here’s some more perspective to perhaps mitigate the misery. It doesn’t really work well for me and it’s my own work product for crying out loud – it’s a leopards/spots situation; nature of the beast, if you will – but it may work for you.

Here are some thoughts for perspective, but before we go there, let’s take an introductory sidebar with this.

This is how my day got started. This below will be my first post when T_____r lets me out of the doghouse.

Here’s how it went from there – the kick to the crotch.

I’m a reasonable guy but I refuse to participate in utter absurdity and bullshit. So I don’t. That has cost me with friends, family, employment, you name it.

That said, I also try to be reasonable and respectful about it. Ergo, I buy everything online for home delivery or pick-up (but that’s just curbside pick-up at the liquor store) so as to avoid being a jerk in their store relative to my outright refusal to wear a mask (for no reason that can be supported by legitimate science.)

Rather, I chose to fight here – for the time being – in this space and with words and logic and research and pragmatism.

I also prefer not to be recognized as the virtue signaling asshole that vomits his positions onto people in public; especially when those people aren’t asking for them. For a lot of reasons, I simply prefer to just be nice and blend-in. Can’t do that without a mask in these here parts.

With that in mind, the day wouldn’t be complete without someone else shitting in my hat and so I get a notice from the USPS – you know, the same ones who literally delivered the vote to Joe Biden – and it said that the box of grocery items that GOT SHIPPED TO THEM was now too big to actually be delivered to my house.

Come again?

Okay, so I entertain them and I haul my maskless self down there to see if I could politely negotiate my way to my package without going inside or wearing a mask I don’t own. I arrived only to find a socially distanced line out the door and into the parking lot (expected but infuriating nonetheless.) Profanity and a U-turn ensued.

Crotch kicked. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. I still don’t have my groceries as a nice guy trying to be reasonable while standing neck deep in utter bullshit.

Funny how Amazon and the USPS are now going sideways on the systems that many of us were forced into by big tech, big money and big media. Now, on my first order since after the election and after Jeff Bezos just dumped a load of Amazon stock, my deliveries are unreliable at a wholesale level.

And for the basics, I might add. Like food.

To be clear. These are re-orders; things previously delivered without incident or interruption.

This will be the rest of our lives if we don’t fight – just saying. Just like I said the pandemic was fake in January and just like I said the riots were coming 3 weeks before they got here. These people are predictable or just listen to Joe since the faux president-elect is already doubling down on his debate promise of a “dark winter.”

The sheep have been rounded up and herded as the media-appointed shepherd threatens more of the same. So in the meantime and until something flips the script, welcome to the CCP.

Back to that liquor store. I find myself going there more frequently these days.

Bourbon man, in case you’re wondering. Neat.

It was such a benign post, too, that got me locked-up; but a fatally accurate one at that. Regardless, they locked up little old me. Hardly anyone even knows about Political Moonshine and its relatively few but greatly appreciated 1,500 followers that recently grew to 1,900 thanks to another lift from @EntheosShines.

Why are they coming after teeny-tiny old me who said nothing more than see these links relative to the election? Here’s a very brief rundown of those articles.

Long sidebar. Anger prevails tonight.

Here’s the perspective mentioned above and I’m going to mix some Q into the normal dialogue that I normally keep deliberately off to the side and in its own conversation.

For one, we have this post below from the boards that was sent to me and which comports with something that I said a long time ago. You can read about that, here. The revelation relates to Q’s identity.

Now let’s consider that post.

Now consider that Esper was terminated today; meaning “for cause,” meaning stomp on the brakes and pay attention.

I’m interested to see how the assertions in that post play out.

If this post plays-out to be accurate and that’s where my nickel is, it also provides a potentially plausible explanation for a longstanding Q position, “blackout necessary.” If this were the case, Q would have to refrain from election interference as a functionary of the White House. If this were to be true, neither Mr. Trump nor Q would take decisive action until after the vote were certified.

I’m coming back to edit in this recent post including Rick Grennel because he speaks directly to what I’m outlining – the relevance of the certification.

Q’s last post was around 0130 on election night and it was a non-partisan Lincoln quote. This moratorium on posting would insulate Q from allegations of election interference ergo, blackout necessary. This is just a thought but it comports with the circumstances, conventional thought and my previous position.

Esper’s termination curiously overlays both questions about the three-headed monster of Gina Haspel/CIA, Christopher Wray/FBI and William Barr/AG, DOJ, and concern about the ripple effect inside the DOD at a time when we appear to be on a war footing with China.

Additionally, I covered long ago how Wray’s FBI never advised Trump’s DOD of the initial China outbreak of COVID-19 as per the FBI’s own tactical surveillance report. Is it possible the FBI did notify the DOD (because of the obvious national security and defense implications that arise with the deliberate release of a bioweapon of mass destruction, as the FBI’s report categorized it) and that Esper kept it from President Trump et al.? I don’t know. Just asking.

Remember, the outbreak was first reported 27 Dec 19. The FBI’s report takes the outbreak back to October and evidence suggests that it was even earlier than that.

Moreover, with Haspel and Wray standing to be dispatched in a second Trump term, there is a notable shift in tone from Attorney General William Barr, who has authorized federal prosecutors to pursue election fraud in various states.

We shall see. He’s yet to deliver anything of meaningful consequence.

Recall that I’ve addressed institutional preservation in over 20 articles and Barr has been an enigma; a challenging one to finger and keep fingered; slippery, if you will. He still has a short window to redress my opinion of him, which he now may be doing, otherwise he must be trimmed with Wray and Haspel.

This is; however, a stride in the right direction.

Esper is significant, though. This is a Chinese coup and it’s Chinese election interference. This makes the DOD central to all things. Esper is significant.

Now, I’m going to remind you of something that relates to the above article and Q’s identity. It’s this. I previously said two things: 1) I know Q’s identity on good authority although it’s nothing I can prove and I didn’t get the information firsthand and 2) it’s not my place to reveal that information and I won’t.

So, I’m standing pat but also I’m also reminding you that the information is shared and memorialized.

Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to share that publicly. Maybe not. Not my place to decide.

For transparency and even knowing what I believe I have known, for me, Q’s veracity has fluctuated on a spectrum resting almost entirely on the “real” end and with fluctuating levels of doubt. That has been largely driven by a fruitless news cycle stacked against Q assertions.

Maybe the day that we find out for sure is closer than farther. It could be if that post is legitimate.

Returning to the election and the obvious case of it being stolen via voter fraud, the MSM is now leading the coup for the close. So, let’s pause for perspective. Here is what I believe as it relates to the abundance of demonstrable voter fraud that is driving the theft of this election one drip at a time.

The logical timeline according to how Mr. Trump does things, is to exhaust all legal remedies (litigation) and unfortunately, that requires more waiting. From there we would see him again and if need be, wait for the election to be certified. Then and only then would he be properly positioned to move forward.

As I have outlined in exhaustive detail, the known massive voter fraud functions to create two avenues to remove President Trump and they function concurrently: 1) an outright steal that could still happen and 2) mire the election result in litigation, delay it to inauguration day, enforce COG and insert Pelosi to end the ball game. The massive voter fraud delivers both portals for removal.

Through political optics alone, Mr. Trump must exhaust all legal remedies before moving forward otherwise they’ll flip the script on him and accuse him of election interference, which they’re already doing. Therein lies our frustrating holding pattern.

The ace up his sleeve is declassification, which he sagely transferred the authority of and then held onto for four years. It seems to me he knew this electoral moment was always coming and declassification would be the only remedy to unzip and expose it all.

If you’re wondering why I attach the vote certification requirement, it’s as simple as this. If you care to prosecute the crime, you must wait for it to be completed, otherwise you’ll only be prosecuting the conspiracy and those are two entirely different universes.

It’s reasonable to let them certify the vote and then wreck the entire landscape by finally verifying Q, declassifying everything and moving forward with the people’s business. Again, it’s just a thought.

I’ll close by commenting on social programming. I caught the first question of a post-football game interview on NBC News in one of those rare moments my TV was on. That question revolved around President Trump’s push-back on the election (vote steal) as being “dangerous to our democracy.”

I talk a lot about deliberately sown pretext. This should be self-explanatory is several ways.




    • Political Moonshine Post author | November 11, 2020

      Thank you… just a regular guy, really, but, thank you. Very kind and very well received. Appreciated. Godspeed.

      • Doris Rudnick November 11, 2020

        You too, stay safe doing Gods work.

  1. indy0704 November 10, 2020

    A bourbon man. Another reason to follow your work.

  2. Taffy53 November 10, 2020

    RE: Your experience with USPS and their reason for not making delivery: Can’t post it here, but I have a meme of a really cute kitty with his head cocked completely to one side and saying “Nope. It looks like bullshit from this angle, too”.

    RE: Elsewise. Some things transpired that give reason for hope, to wit:

    Missouri, Kentucky AGs Join Lawsuit Challenging Legality Of Mail-In Votes Received After Election

    Trump campaign files lawsuit in Pennsylvania
    Ohio Attorney General has joined a bid to ask the US Supreme Court to toss the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s late-October ruling allowing late ballots to be counted.
    Two Georgia GOP Senators call on Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger to resign over failure ‘to deliver honest and transparent elections.’
    Pennsylvania Supreme Court agrees to hear GOP challenge over dozens observers who claim they were ‘corralled’ and unable to view count, which may invalidate up to 800,000 ballots.
    Monday just keeps getting more and more interesting. As claims of fraud and invalidated ballots pile up, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) threw their support behind election challenges (implying there’s a ‘there’ there).

    RE: For all you do: Thank you so much.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | November 11, 2020

      Good updates, thank you. You’re welcome to email me what you’re reluctant to post publicly.

      • Taffy53 November 12, 2020

        Thank you for suggesting I e-mail. It wasn’t reluctance, though. I didn’t make it clear that WordPress wouldn’t let me post it, or at least what seems to work for posting elsewhere didn’t work here.

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