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Reality: Democracy and Truth v. Communism and Censorship

This morning, I attempted to make a post to @EntheosShines on Twitter. That post was entitled “Trying to wrap your mind around the election? We all are.” I suggested that the following links would help and included them:

As soon as I clicked to post the item, I received this message.

As someone who has avoided social media out of personal preference, I opened the Political Moonshine account in January to begin messaging that my investigation and research into the new COVID-19 matter at that time was reflective of a false flag political construct. If there were any doubt that my full body of work is on-point, it has been effectively erased.

It wasn’t long after January that I converged all of the components into one political continuum for a more comprehensive understanding: Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, rioting/domestic terrorism, BLM and now, a stolen election.

Why is Twitter locking-out an account that only had 1,500 followers several days ago before Entheos’ reemergence and whereby the Entheos account always lifts us and delivers new followers such that we’re closing-in on 500 new since the return?

Why was the PM account throttled with automatic rollbacks of followers and following and held to 1,500 for months and months?

Rhetorical questions, as always.

I look forward to the day I can pursue a legal recourse of action individually or in class action. That day will come one way or the other.

Welcome to the CCP.



  1. Taffy53 November 9, 2020

    Given your content, I’m surprised it took them this long. At least it’s only for 12 hours…this time.

    Also, thanks so much for your ‘Enemies of the American People’ article. I shared it with others on a conservative political commenting site (as I have done with your other articles). I know of one guy that now follows you as a result of my sharing.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | November 9, 2020

      I edited-in some additional comments that reflect on yours and, moreover, I agree you. Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing mine with others – I’ll take all of the help I can get in disseminating to the people what I believe to be the truth. Godspeed.

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