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As TGP outlines another leaked aspect of John Durham’s investigation into the predication of intelligence and law enforcement investigations against then candidate and now President Donald Trump and his campaign and administration, respectively, there is one critical component to keep in mind.

Brennan, then Director of the CIA, made the decision to insert the known and fabricated ‘Steele Dossier’ into the PDB for a very specific reason. That PDB was presented to Mr. Trump on 06 Jan 17.

It’s important to identify that Brennan’s actions are actually akin to money laundering; however, it functions as intelligence laundering. The simple act of inserting the dossier into the PDB, an intelligence briefing to the president containing only highly vetted and reliable intelligence, could bring INSTANT VERACITY AND CREDIBILITY to a KNOWN and FRAUDULENT dossier; one devised to undermine and attack its subject, the President of the United States.

So what can we establish? Intent, means, motive and opportunity? Yes, all of it. That’s does not bode well for Mr. Brennan if he finds himself testifying as a DEFENDANT.

The ‘Steele Dossier’s’ insertion into the President’s PDB is an absolutely critical hinge-pin in the entire construct to remove a duly elected President. That act alone was a deliberate one with purposed designed to authenticate a known fraudulent piece of intelligence that was being used to defraud the FISA court and remove a sitting president. That decision was made and then executed by one man – John Brennan.

Time to lawyer-up.



  1. […] Counterpoint 3: There is no counterpoint here except to mention that as an INTELLIGENCE committee, the committee is doing a fine job at self-preservation by laying all of the blame at the feet of the FBI; however, this is a fruitless effort because no matter where you look, former CIA Director John Brennan is central to it all. That is inescapable no matter what the committee selects to place in their report or not. Remember, it was John Brennan who inserted the known fraudulent dossier into the President’s Daily Brief so as to launder bad intelligence into “good.” SOURCE […]

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