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We Caught Them Cold, We Have Them Cold, What Now?

12 OCT 20

Let us hypothetically entertain the concept that previous administrations dating back as far back as George H.W. Bush and forward through Barack Obama’s two terms had subverted constitutional and other safeguards devised to ensure the sovereignty of the United States. Let us assume that on a generational timeline, these administrations worked to embed their own personnel across all three levels of U.S. government: local, state and federal. Let us assume Obama’s 8 years, served that last purpose well. Let us give credence to the notion that perhaps over decades, these administrations leveraged the embedded personnel to fundamentally and incrementally alter the traditional American landscape ripening the nation for overthrow for a future time of their choosing. Let us assume that the last four years of frenzied, duplicitous and corrupt mainstream media coverage has served as an extension of the longstanding system of state-sponsored propaganda that programs Americans on what to think, say and do.

The Mason Jar

  • Updating President Trump’s health and candidacy status
  • Overlaying the infiltration for overthrow strategy relative to interviews from President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
  • Analysis of Trump interview
  • Analysis of Pompeo interview
  • Projecting contents of Clinton’s 33k emails and private server

COVID-19: With this series of articles now at forty and growing, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

COVID-19: If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline. NEW: UNDERLYING POSITIONS (important contextual backdrop for full understanding)

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

Let us assume that we are plump, juicy, ripe, prime for picking and living through said future time of their choosing. That’s right, we’re living through the most significant moment in contemporaneous U.S. history – a years-long literal overthrow attempt – since we first gained our independence and we can say that with good reason. For if this doesn’t end the way it should, the U.S. is gone forever.

Before we get into it, here’s a quick follow-up to the conclusion of the last article, which was written at a time the President’s health and the outcome for his COVID-19 infection were both unknowns. For proper context, below is an excerpt from a mid-March article representing a recapitulation from even earlier work. Notable therein is our favorite dead horse – the mid-January 2017 timeline – and the older age demographic concerns.

In case you missed it, the sleight of hand/goal post moving looked like a narrative shift to demand more testing around mid-April and was followed by exponentially more testing (the U.S. [proudly?] leads the world in it), which, of course, drove the number of new cases skyward and whereby the goal post was moved AGAIN from measuring and reporting mortality figures to measuring and reporting new case figures; something curiously unique for this fake pandemic as compared to past practices.

No matter, though, for Kool-Aid drinking Americans apparently said they were cool with that, asked where their masks were and then headed out to do some social distancing; but not at work or school.

Have we become a nation of feeble-minded sheeple? Rhetorical question.

We’ve essentially known what is represented above since the first data rolled-in; in fact, it was the CDC’s own data that placed us in a position to call this pandemic fraudulent by confirming the suspicions we began developing in early January; and recalling that the outbreak was first announced 27 Dec 19 and then revised back to 17 Nov 19. That same work also put us in a position to understand that the virus was bio-weaponized courtesy of the U.S. and China and, as indicated, it was clearly designed to attack the older population.

Here’s that mid-March excerpt.

Here’s how we concluded the last article.

We’re now apparently on the back end of this disconcerting presidential predicament and thankfully and perhaps with a tinge of foreknowledge on the President’s part, he has emerged no worse for the wear and, according to him, not only feeling better than he has in a long time, but ready to leverage the logistics capabilities of the U.S. military to distribute the same therapeutics he received to all Americans and free of cost.

That sounds like the sales pitch of a global business tycoon who’s been waiting for the right time to roll-out the remedy they didn’t think he had. That’s double entendre suggesting that the President was aware of this pandemic and this particular virus well before we were and that his infection represents a deliberate attempt on his life.

Here is more to that same end.

If you care to apply a conventional timeline to all of this, it would have the Trump administration working on the cure before the outbreak. Perhaps that’s not a bad bet.

Here’s more on the bio-weaponization confirmation.


What would make America prime for the picking or, in other words, what would be required in order for this hypothetical scenario to manifest and with all of us living-out the rest of our lives in communist enslavement?

The first order of business is understanding that invading the U.S. homeland is not a viable option as ruled-out by many factors; and especially the Second Amendment. Once you begin to see and understand that we’re bearing witness to overthrow via infiltration, the elemental evidence becomes easier to assemble for meaning. Make no mistake about it for it would be a grave one – that is precisely what we are living through right now and the evidence is everywhere if you know what you’re looking for.

What would be required to execute an infiltration overthrow of the U.S.? The following represents the nature of that but it is far from a complete list. To keep it simple, we’ll think along political, economic, military and cultural lines:


  • Fracture the American people; divide them and prime them for conflict (Civil War)
  • Focus on America’s most sensitive internal issue – race – and leverage it
  • Attach racism to its vehicle, the President, and use it to divide and fracture the American people
  • Fund initiatives that push race, racism, division
  • Create civil unrest to interfere with and affect the election (construct narrative to justify stealing the vote)
  • Create fictitious polling to further craft the same justification narrative
  • Compromise and leverage U.S. politicians and officers (chairmen, powerful positions inside the political and other systems, bribery, kickbacks, etc.)
  • Work to interfere with and destabilize the vote (fraud)
  • Penetrate Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches
  • Undermine and eliminate the Second Amendment
  • Eliminate the First Amendment with censorship, political correctness and ‘hate speech’ policies and regulations


  • Engage in currency manipulation and attack the dollar
  • Engage in lopsided trade deals
  • Export jobs (manufacturing) from America to China and elsewhere
  • Engage in espionage to export intellectual property from America to China
  • Import massive amounts of drugs; especially highly addictive opioid narcotics
  • Crash the economy and eliminate jobs
  • Attack and eliminate Main Street small business


  • Exert force and dominance opportunistically as found in the South China Sea
  • Engage in military and national security matters with other hostile nations
  • Engage in espionage to steal secrets about military, government, personnel, special access projects, classified information, secret information, technology, capabilities, etc.
  • Weaken the U.S. military from within by leveraging areas directly interfaced with it as found with the importation of inferior Chinese steel used in U.S. military projects
  • Provide and export U.S. technology and abilities (missiles, weapons, others) to other (hostile) nations for development there: China, North Korea, Iran and Syria


  • Purchase control over media: news, movies, television, social media, sports, etc.
  • Exert control over content and programming (censorship, etc.)
  • Propagandize all media outlets with state-sponsored news
  • Exert control over content and policy in education; especially at the university level
  • Flood the U.S. market with subversive social programming content antithetical to Americans and America and designed to make Americans lose their compass and priorities
  • Apply a two-tier justice system for oppressive control
  • Undo the nation’s history with revision and monument elimination
  • Rewrite the history that the Democrats are the party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, school segregation, racism and the KKK
  • Subvert American core values and principles replacing them with identity politics and the politics of the self-important and entitled

Take a long, good, hard and honest look all around you. Through the right lens, examples can be found for all of the items listed above.

Many just choose to simply not see those examples and that is what makes us prime for the picking.


It’s clear to me that the President is and has been, for a very long time, mostly to fully cognizant of the specific (read as foreknowledge of COVID-19) efforts against him. That is important to understand as it relates to my longest-standing position that still holds very firm today. That is simply that everything – quite literally everything: revelations, indictments, arrests, prosecutions, etc. – is calibrated to the 2020 election timeline. Distilled down, this means we’ve been watching a four-year timed roll-out of mostly known information. Or and as stated, everything is calibrated to the 2020 election.

It’s important to note that there is a bubble of time resting between revelations and traction on one end and the election on the other. Therefore, the President has managed a four-year continuum of piecemeal revelations designed to reach a crescendo in this precise moment, which we’re currently in the midst of; at least on the front end of it. Everything over the past four years has been engineered to impact the next three weeks.

Being that we are now essentially in the election due to ongoing mail-in voting and that we’re within our important pre-election bubble of time, we expect things to move forward at a rate that is fast and furious; if not fun and hopefully not with futile. We should also bear witness to the administration’s contingency plan surfacing more plainly and with much greater force as it moves beyond the barely palpable undercurrent that it is now. Those contingencies are also guaranteed to vector into election security because the Democrats strategy to delay everything past the election is clearly apparent (reality.)

Let’s examine our assertions against the most recent interviews with President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to ascertain what the President and his administration may be telling us implicitly and incompletely. Notable here is that this is coming in conjunction with the recent revelations that Hillary Clinton’s deleted thirty-three thousand emails are now at the State Department; as if they ever weren’t or at least were not always within reach.

We’ll start with President Trump’s interview Maria Bartiromo.

The President began by saying that his he is in “very good shape.” “Immune” is the word he chooses to use advising that he’s returning to his rallies as per White House doctors advising him that he’s “totally free of spreading.”

Bartiromo referenced Trump’s 31 Jan 20 clearing in the impeachment trial in an exchange about Pelosi et al not mentioning COVIC-19 during the impeachment process except for Pelosi’s invitation to visit Chinatown.

Interestingly, the President limited his application of the newly resurfaced 25th Amendment narrative to Joe Biden and not necessarily to his own removal. Trump is playing coy here; we all know what Nancy is doing. Heck, she told us in April and I even made a video about it then.

In speaking about his own health and the two brain aneurysms Bartiromo said Biden has incurred, the President referred to his own infection as “artificially induced by China.” Now think back to how he ended the address as I noted above. If you haven’t watched it I recommend going back up – it’s that important. In this case, it’s reasonable to think that “artificially induced” translates to intentionally targeted and there is a growing backdrop of evidence to support it that notion.

Speaking directly to what I’ve been harping for months (DELAY IS THE PLAY!), Pelosi is said to be “raising the possibility of becoming the acting president in the event of a contested election.” Interestingly, Trump deflected immediately back to Biden saying he was “coughing horribly yesterday” and “grabbing his mask as he’s coughing” as if he cared not to discuss this particular issue and perhaps so as not to tip his hand regarding the response his administration most certainly has in place to thwart this known and obvious political maneuvering (as mentioned, we began reporting on this long ago.)

The interview shifted towards policy and specifically, taxes, the economy and healthcare in an exchange about opening up the country; especially in blue states (naming NY, MI, WI, NC, PA), he again touched on the issue of federalism as we’ve hammered it home ad nauseam and he went so far as to make the argument a constitutional one. Mr. Trump then directly stated what we began to state in January – that the whole thing is fraudulent and political!

Mr. Trump stated, “About two minutes after the election they’ll announce that they’ll open… they know what they’re doing…look…they know what they’re doing and it’s a disgrace.” Again, the President is speaking to give information but he is also holding his cards tightly to his vest. Interestingly and referring back to the list of states, he reflected on and confirmed our position on internal polling saying they’re doing better now than in 2016.

When asked about getting stimulus help to Americans and their businesses, the President immediately drew down on Nancy Pelosi’s maneuvering here to influence the election as if to say she was coming back full circle on a political construct that she was complicit in devising and installing. Notably, Mr. Trump immediately pivoted to placing the blame directly on China. The fine line here is whether or not Americans actually realize what the President is suggesting, which is what we’ve been outlining in granular detail since early January – that Pelosi and the Democrats are players in this construct as aligned with China. It’s a patently and demonstrably accurate position as we put forth; however, Mr. Trump is limited in what he is able to state in this case and likely due to refraining from commenting ongoing matters (hopefully.) Implicitly, sub-textually and in nuanced form, he commented directly on it assuming one has the contextual backdrop to link the information together.

When it came to taxes the President again chose to steer the conversation back to communism saying that Biden’s tax policies will immediately convert the U.S. into Venezuela as based-upon the mountain of lies he’s put forth and for which he gets a complete pass from the corrupt media writ large. He later, branded it “Venezuela, large version.”

Again reflecting on internal polling, the President chose to interject editorially to state, “I think we’re winning everything by a lot, to tell you the truth, Maria.”

When asked directly about his plan to redress known and rampant ballot and voter fraud, Trump again immediately pivoted but this time to Elizabeth Warren of all people, who was unmentioned to this point, stating that his tax cuts and repatriated business will again disappear as companies relocate back outside the U.S along with billions and billions in American earnings.

Mr. Trump then steered back to the topic saying that he’s been observing “it for a year and a half” by watching local election fraud and acknowledging the rampant voter fraud with ballots when Bartiromo interjected directly again asking about his specific plan to counter this known and ongoing fraud. Mr. Trump quipped back referring to the strategy I outlined a while back and whereby the administration has largely relied on contesting matters in court by means of litigation and here he revisits the administration’s alignment with this approach albeit an excruciatingly slow but ethical one.

Before specifically remarking on his plan to counter voter fraud, the President paused making time to touch on something that I outlined and have been hollering about for some time and that is the DELAY IS THE PLAY! strategy. It functions to extend all important matters past the election and likely past inauguration day so as to cause a lengthy delay in the vote result and thus allow the Deep State to leverage continuity of government protocols to create a constitutional portal for Nancy Pelosi to ascend to the presidency.

Avoiding any granular details, Mr. Trump acknowledged the rampant and anticipated voter fraud stating that, “they’re trying to steal the election,” as we all know, and that “law enforcement is watching very strongly…” The President also acknowledged that the votes already tabulated appear very strong for him but post-election night ballot harvesting can flip flop that scenario effectively. See Orange County (Reagan country!) California circa 2016.

In an exchange about social media companies and specifically regarding section 230 that affords them liability protection from litigation, the President acknowledged that it’s being examined and that he regards the practices as “rigging an election.” Candidly, President Trump stated that he “can’t say yet, what they’re doing,” not divulging the administration’s plans to redress the matter. According to the evidence available, the exposure to legal jeopardy for social media may be more considerable than what most Americans believe.

As the interview turned to declassification and as it relates to the recent confirmation of the Russian collusion genesis being directly attributable to Hillary Clinton, the President’s political opponent at the time, Mr. Trump stated that the effort began before his election (in 2015) and that “it’s a disgrace and we caught ‘em.” We caught them and we caught them cold…it’s a beautiful thing.”

The President was pushed on U.S. Attorney John Durham and Attorney General William Barr respective to warranted but fully absent legal traction and whereby he replied back indicating that the level of declassification and document release has now escalated to unprecedented levels. Document release and indictment, arrest, prosecution and sentencing are entirely different things, though; so we’re hoping the former is a launch point to the latter and most assuredly after the election. The President routinely refers to his strong internal polling numbers as evidence that he doesn’t need the latter in order to secure the election and by a landslide even then.

“We caught them cold; we have them cold, and now they’ve go to do something about it.” Moreover, Mr. Trump characterized the nature of the forthcoming documents as, “breathtaking.” That’s right, “breathtaking.” When is the last time someone used breathtaking to describe a governmental document? Never?

When asked if it were about Clinton or the FBI, he remarked, “it’s about everything.” Notably, in an earlier and previous interview spanning nearly an hour, the President also remarked on then FBI Director James Comey, his atrocious handling of the Clinton email investigation and the Clinton, Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting that he accurately asserted was centered on Lynch continuing on as Attorney General and later being named to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. Trump stated, “We have found things that nobody can believe…the level at which we found them, people are shocked, they’re stunned and let’s see what happens…but Hillary Clinton was totally crooked.”

Bartiromo then asked they haymaker – “Do you believe Russia and China were spying and knowing our secrets because of Hillary’s unsecured server?”

Mr. Trump replied, “Well, I think she was out there with classified information. She was giving it to anybody. It was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and the FBI did nothing about it. The top people (in the FBI) were scum, absolute scum, and they did horrible job for our country.”

Mr. Trump has known it all for some time and likely the full four years. He’s trying to tell us about it as best he can and is able to. Do you hear what he’s saying?

Here is the full interview with Mr. Trump.


The other important and notable interview was a shorter one with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. As the heading suggests, it should be patently obvious by now that Mike Pompeo and his State Department were in some capacity in possession of Hillary Clinton’s missing thirty-three thousand emails the entire time. Clinton knew this – we all did. To think that somehow the U.S. intelligence apparatus didn’t collect and preserve Clinton’s emails is a tough pill to swallow; even if that line is supportive of the right side of things. I think the safe bet is understanding that State had them the entire time thus making this aspect of it all a four-year trolling job by the Trump administration; like with everything else.

The interview with Dana Perino opened by exploring Pelosi’s recent announcement to begin a commission to study the 25th Amendment and the possible need for the removal of an elected president by Congress. Talk about kicking a dead horse.

Pompeo acknowledged that it was merely a political stunt assuring that Mr. Trump is “doing “just great” and that “there’s no need for anybody to speak about succession.” It’s interesting that Mr. Pompeo applies this development to Mr. Trump’s removal whereas Mr. Trump publicly believes differently and assigns it to Biden. That’s telling and both Mr. Pompeo and Mr. Trump know that Mr. Pompeo is accurate in his attribution.

Continuing with Clinton’s thirty-three thousand deleted emails, comments from the President were played demonstrating his frustration with the State Department’s and Pompeo’s lack of public release saying that he is displeased and disappointed that they’re not out yet.

After listening to the clip and with a grin befitting Cheshire Cat, Mr. Pompeo acknowledged being in possession of the Clinton emails at State advising that they are in the process of getting them released. Pompeo began his response with a purpose and he kicked it off with a pivot directly to Benghazi.

Pompeo stated,

“You’ll remember, there was classified information on a private server; it should have never been there. Hillary Clinton should never have done that. It was unacceptable behavior. It’s not the kind of thing that leaders do. They don’t put that kind of information out. You can see, whether it’s Russia or China or Iran or the North Koreans who want to get their hands on this kind of information, classified information needs to stay in the right places and Secretary Clinton, when she was at the State Department, did not do that.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Turning to declassification and when questioned about the President’s authority to declassify Clinton’s emails for release to the American people, Pompeo appropriately acknowledged that authority and remarked with confidence and reassurance that they are getting the emails out to the people and in a manner to protect sources, methods and personnel.

When asked about the timeline for traction relative to the election, Pompeo stated that they’re moving as fast as they can and that people should expect to see more before the election. He did not comment in further detail to expand on that.

Pompeo was questioned as it relates to the U.S. and its allies continuing to face and confront China and the CCP. There’s no straightforward answer here given that all of it is further compounded by the complexities the COVID-19 political construct, which many Americans have yet to reconcile; much less reconcile that it was all executed in conjunction with the President’s political enemies and represents an actual act of war since it entails an attack on the U.S. homeland by a communist country that launched a biological weapon of mass deduction, as categorized by the FBI and a tactical surveillance report attached to it.

Pompeo replied to the inquiry at a veneer level offering as China’s recent censorship of Vice President Mike Pence’s recent comments as an analog for the answer. Moving forward, Pompeo immediately dug into the angle of China’s theft of millions upon millions of U.S. jobs citing the President’s multinational, allied, organized and planned response to redress and contain China and the CCP accordingly.

Importantly, Pompeo segued in short time to string together two very critical componentsChina’s continued thwarting of American-led efforts to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus strain genesis and the historical bending of the knee or submission of America to China. That string was no accident. We’ve covered in granular detail how the President’s enemies are in-league with China in a continued and ongoing attempt to overthrow him that includes but is not limited to Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19, the newly engineered race war and BLM, civil unrest, riots, and domestic terrorism.

Pompeo stated that he is confident that the administration’s stance, policy and plan to redress China and the CCP will be effective and will significantly reshape their decisions and actions in the future relative to the U.S.

Here is the full interview with Mr. Pompeo.


What remains is determining the contents of Clinton’s deleted emails and the private and unsecured server. It’s important to note that this list has been fashioned as predicated on our understanding of the broader political continuum and as document in granular detail in all of our work.

In list form, here is our best projection for topical contents of Hillary Clinton’s private and unsecured server and her thirty-three thousand deleted emails; and not delineating between the two.

  • JCPOA / Iran nuclear deal (as it relates to developing a rogue nuclear arsenal)
  • Nuclear weapons and missile technology as an export to Iran, North Korea and likely others
  • NASA and Space X technology exported to China and likely others
  • Special Access Programs
  • Classified documents and state secrets
  • Evidence of transfers of money (bribery, kickbacks) to the Clinton Foundation and other U.S. politicians
  • Evidence of fraud, bribery, kickbacks and money laundering at the Clinton Foundation
  • Identities and information on U.S. human assets in China (executed by CCP)
  • Incriminating information on Clinton’s principal, George Soros, establishing the nature of that relationship (Soros’ funding of protest groups like Antifa)
  • Incriminating information on Clinton’s relationship between then president and the current “president” of the “shadow government,” Barack Obama, who now runs point for Soros
  • Incriminating information germane to operations in Africa and Saudi Arabia
  • Uranium One evidence
  • Incriminating information linking Clintons to Russia
  • Evidence linking Clintons to the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Evidence demonstrating Huma Abedin as Hillary Clinton’s handler for the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia
  • Documents and information about CIA assets
  • Crimes against “humanity” and “children” (human trafficking, sexual abuse of minors, adrenochrome programs, etc.)
  • Original contents as sourced from Anthony Weiner’s laptop (the “life insurance” file suspected of containing video evidence of the aforementioned crimes against children and humanity

Determining the full scope of the contents of Clinton’s server is an exercise in futility; however, research indicates that the above is a safe bet.

Suffice it to say, the profound levels of corruption, criminality, sedition and treason are unprecedented and represent the most important time span in contemporary U.S. history. With the election roughly three weeks away and with voting already under way, the full scope can’t be learned fast enough.

The President caught them cold and has them cold, so what now? Might I suggest unsealing indictments, making arrests and moving forward with prosecutions and the sooner the better?



  1. indy0704 October 12, 2020

    “The President caught them cold and has them cold, so what now? Might I suggest unsealing indictments, making arrests and moving forward with prosecutions and the sooner the better?”

    It seems nearly impossible to complete these tasks by election day. It’s a big risk not to.
    Your list of items that might be on her server represent the entire “base of operations”. Would be the height of stupidity to keep it all in one place. Then I keep going back to her saying to Brazile that we better win this thing or “we’re all going to hang”. Maybe you are on to something.
    Be well.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | October 16, 2020

      First, the likelihood of significant judicial traction pre-election is not good and as I continue to point out, it’s unneeded given the internal polling that’s driving the President’s timeline.

      As it relates to the server, you understand why it all would be kept in one place, right? It underpins everything related to that server. The server was intentionally kept unsecured so that other nations could access it and obtain the materials for which they paid. It was the conduit – the point of exchange for those transactions. THAT is why we would expect to see those listed items on that server because we believe that’s what she sold.

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