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Before we get into it, THIS is the most recent article I’ve written on the topic, which ties directly to sex-trafficking but also ends back up in Ukraine. Also, what follows is a chronological re-posting of individual articles from the old site onto this page. My Gab feed is also littered with a bunch of KEYSTONE posts since I nearly drove Neon Revolt nuts with this angle for a while.

Here we go:



Over at Gab, Dr. Tehko asked about reconciling the information in Q #270 with the idea of Ukraine being the KEYSTONE. My explanation went long on characters, so here we are. I suppose I would take it in the context of drops both immediately before and after #270. 



Key – unlocks the door of all doors (info)
Stone – the force / strength capable of yielding power to act on info

What’s the ‘door of all doors’ and what does that mean? A door is a point of entry; a point of ingress and egress. It’s also a barrier or something standing between or separating two sides. It can normally be opened and closed and that requires a key, usually. A door is also a point of access or opportunity for participation. A door can also be a charge against one as being responsible

We’re therefore looking at the most significant entry point, access point, barrier to be removed, opportunity for participation or charge against one’s responsibilities. The context for that would be the effort to remove the president. We’re told it’s information that’s relevant. The KEY unlocks the door to that information.

What’s a stone? A stone is a concretion; a rock; a piece for a specified function like a building block, paving block gemstone, gravestone, grindstone or whetstone. It can also be a verb as in to stone someone like during biblical times when people were killed by being pelted with stones. It can also mean to remove the stones (or seeds) of a fruit or it can mean to hone to a fine edge as with a ‘whetstone.’ What does the political expression “The LONG KNIEVES are out” mean? Assassination or removal? What has a finely honed edge as laid by a WHETSTONE? A knife?

We’re therefore looking at the most significant concretion, functioning component or means by which to cause harm, as in “stoning” someone or finely honed edge.

“Key+Stone =” tells us that it’s KEY combined with STONE; not key AND stone, ergo, “Keystone.”

Does Ukraine provide a KEY (point of access past a barrier to provide information) and a STONE (ability implement said information for elimination or removal) in the context of the coup d’etat and on both sides? Yes.

Does a “KEYSTONE” serve to anchor both sides of the a structure so that it can bear weight? Yes.

Literally, based upon an established publication, KEYSTONE is a direct reference to Ukraine and specifically in a regional geopolitical context. Building on that, we can also define Ukraine figuratively within the context that Q provides and by applying accepted definitions of the word.


Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL =
Apply the Keystone.
Paint the picture.

So we have Admiral Rogers and the NSA (wizards and warlocks?) as it relates to applying the KEYSTONE to ‘paint the picture,’ or in other words, gain an understanding (KEY/information, STONE/ability to eliminate or remove using said information.) Does this imply that Admiral Rogers advised the President that the NSA had the goods on his political opponents as it relates to Ukraine and that the US military is relevant against the backdrop of a coup d’etat? Is it possible that the USMIL reference, adjoined by POTUS, refers to military intelligence? Is that the access point (DOOR)? Did Rogers break the Ukraine issue to the President? It’s a reasonable interpretation.

271 (*repost):

Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key
POTUS and Patriots = stone

The first line makes good on the speculation in the previous paragraph regarding ‘Military Intelligence.’ As for this interpretation of STONE, which stands counter to mine, it’s just as plausible given that POTUS and the American people stand as the foundation (STONE) for the President’s effort.

Dr. Tehko asks a great question that requires navigating through all of the inferences, implications and otherwise and that’s how I’d navigate it. I’ll also immediately concede that I approached this from a “make it fit” perspective and not a “consider all of the evidence” perspective.

All this said, I still firmly believe that UKRAINE is the KEYSTONE.

*Previous discussions on Gab:



If you been following along, I’ve been writing extensively about Ukraine being the KEYSTONE. I’m convinced that’s the case and please visit my Gab hopepage for context as there is a slew of stuff there (all sourced.)

Given the absurd levels of projection from the President’s enemies, I decided to search the archives for ‘mirror’ (analogous to projection) in hopes of finding references to either KEYSTONE or Ukraine. Guess what I found? KEYSTONE. In my theory, that’s Ukraine. (Q128 09 Nov 17)

What else did I find? Reposts of previous drops from 29 Oct 17, one day after the phenomenon of Q began and before self-ascribing to the Q moniker. Guess what those reposts included?

This. “Follow the money, it’s the key.” ( It’s the KEY.) That was linked to the post referencing both ‘mirror’ and the ‘keystone.’ I took the advice.

Okay, so let’s follow that money. Let’s follow it on 5 different flights, using 4 different routes and leaving as pallets of cash in a basket of currencies. Let’s watch it leave in apparently a number of other ways.

So where does it take us and when does it take us there?

It takes us straight to Iran and to the tune of an amount totaling as much as $33.6 billion. It also dates back to 2014. (Sourced below.)

In this same relative time frame, then President Obama was brokering a $350 million arms deal with the Ukrainians. In non-lethal aid, Obama chipped another $1.3 billion Ukraine’s way in the name of ‘security’ and ‘technical assistance.’ He then shot them another $600 million in non-lethal gear and another $15 million to reform corrupt police. (Sourced below)

Since 2014, humanitarian aid to Ukraine under Obama has totaled $135 million and with $3 billion in loan guarantees for a $40 billion loan for economic aid. And more: in 2015, $300 million/defense; in Dec 2015, $658 million/economy; plus additional defense requests of $4.3 billion for the next year; and $789 million for Europe all together. This is likely an incomplete list. (Sourced below.)

Oh, and also during December of 2015, Joe Biden visited Ukraine 4 times and pledged another $190 million for – of all things – fighting corruption. How rich?

That’s a lot of money to follow.

Let’s see what else was going on around this relative time-frame of 2014-present as it relates to Iran and Ukraine.  

15 Nov 17:

Iranian parliamentary delegation, headed by the Chairman of Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, met with Ukrainian FM Pavlo Klimkin in Kiev on Tuesday. (Sourced below.)

Iran and Ukraine call for closer parliamentary and bilateral ties. (Sourced below.)

26 Aug 18

Iran and Ukraine agree to broaden relations. (Sourced below.)

13 Nov 18

Envoy claims no obstacles to expansion of Iran/Ukraine ties. (Sourced below.)

29 Dec 18

Manouchehr Moradi, the new Iranian Ambassador to Ukraine met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev on Thursday to present his credentials. (Sourced below.)

22 Apr 19

Iran congratulates Ukraine on successful elections. (Sourced below.)

03 Jun 19

Iran and Ukraine discuss more cooperation between chambers of commerce. (Sourced below.)

*Drawing your attention to the above. Cooperating chambers of commerce (and trade) equate to plausible and natural nexuses for the exchange of funds

24 Aug 19

Iran announces that it’s eager to broaden ties with Ukraine. (Sourced below.)

When did Hunter Biden work for Burisma? That would be from 2014-2019. Those two dates could serve as bookends to this timeline. (Sourced below.

So look at our timeline. It establishes an immediate uptick in Iranian/Ukrainian diplomacy at the precise time Hunter Biden went to work for Burisma. This coincides with absurd amounts of money being provided to Ukraine as aid in one form or another. 

This uptick included bilateral cooperation in commerce and trade, which equates to natural nexuses and avenues for the flow and exchange of money. 

And all of that coincided with Obama shipping Iran $33.6 billion? 

And then Biden stopped by promising more? 

At the same time Biden’s son is making good in Ukraine?

At the same time Biden is fighting both dementia and a floundering presidential campaign. Uh huh.

Q said follow the money. I just followed it from Obama to Iran and Ukraine and then on to the Bidens (theoretically) via Burisma.

OBAMA/BIDEN> $$$ > IRAN > UKRAINE > $$$ > BURISMA >BIDEN/OBAMA/ETAL. Full circle. Q said, ‘Follow the money, it’s the KEY.’

Again. I ask. How is Ukraine not the KEYSTONE? Rhetorical question.

Ukraine is the KEYSTONE.


This link contains links to every story sourced above.


TAKING THE KEYSTONE (UKRAINE) FROM IRAN TO BRAZIL AND CONNECTING IT TO BIDEN AND SLUSH FUNDS – Q said, “Slush funds are everywhere…. Follow the money, it’s the key”

Buckle-up, this goes from the US to Ukraine, Iran, Brazil, Russia, Switzerland, Argentina and back to the US….. and Joe Biden.

Yesterday, in the article linked below that builds on the premise that Ukraine is the KEYSTONE, we were able to examine the potentially circular flow of money between Obama/Biden <> Ukraine/Iran <>Iran/Ukraine <> Biden Obama.

By the way, it’s absurd amounts of money – absurd. Here’s that piece and it is critical for context for everything that follows (as is the slew of relevant Ukraine/KEYSTONE posts on my Gab page from recent days – ):

Today, let’s work backwards on our timeline and see if recent news events can be tied back to any of what has already been established; and again, it’s all rooted in the notion of Ukraine being the KEYSTONE.

Before we get into it, let’s review important components to the theory of UKRAINE being the KEYSTONE. The critical piece, which is linked within links in the article above, is the geopolitical publication I cited establishing UKRAINE as the ‘KEYSTONE IN THE ARCH’ as it relates to regional security. That’s a critically important word – SECURITY. It provides context for the use of KEYSTONE.

Let’s examine the pretext that Joe Biden established on 22 Nov 14 at the Atlantic Council Energy and Economic Summit in Istanbul.

There he said (emphasis mine,)

“First is a new development, the use of corruption and oligarchy-kleptocracy as a tool of international coercion (interesting word choice, Joe.) Second, is use of energy as a weapon, undermining the security of nations. Global energy security is a vital part of America’s national security. In East Asia, President Obama and President Xi just signed a historic agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the United States has launched an initiative to double the access to electric power. We call is Power Africa. And in the Caribbean and Central America, our administration has launched a new, regional energy strategy to help boost sustainable economic growth and diversity of energy sources. (Look out for Haiti/Carribean and Africa below – I tie them back, too.)

“But here in Europe, energy is — energy security is an especially vital regional security interest because of Russia’s track record in using the supply of energy as a foreign policy weapon against its neighbors in violation of basic commercial and international norms. (The entire predication of Ukraine being the KEYSTONE centers on regional security and now we directly link regional security to ENERGY. What links to ENERGY – Joe Biden.)

“This is a huge strategic problem for many countries that rely on Russia for their energy supply. But the truth is this is also a unique moment for Europe. Europe has a real opportunity to change their circumstances. We believe — the President and I — we believe that energy security is the next chapter in the European project of integration and market expansion that began decades ago with European coal and steel.

As a matter of economic and national security, that means we need governments and the European Commission to work hand-in-hand with the private sector (this is Biden establishing the foundation for corruption – nexuses, relationships, etc.) to ensure diversity in sources of fuel from hydrocarbons to renewables; diversity in countries of origin, from North Africa, to the Eastern Mediterranean, to the United States; more interconnections, that supply routes that are more reliable — everything from new pipelines to LNG facilities.

“We have been aware that this single source of energy has been a problem for a long time in Europe. But now, now, now is the time to act. What’s happening in Ukraine only underscores the urgency. And my message here is not that Europe can or should do away with Russian imports. That’s not the case at all. I have no doubt that Russia will and should remain a major source of energy supplies for Europe and the world

This is about energy security (again, tying energy to security.) To achieve it, Europe needs to ensure it diversifies its resources, its routes and its suppliers.”

Those are Joe’s words. Here’s why they’re important

Even in then Vice President’s own blog, these statements were made, “The Vice President’s speech at the Munich Security Conference in February 2015 laid out a vision for how to revitalize NATO, strengthen democratic institutions in Europe, prioritize investments to bolster energy security, and grow trade and investment ties across the Atlantic. The Vice President has been leading the administration’s effort to support a sovereign, democratic Ukraine, visiting the country three times in 2014. ” Perhaps in-part, this explains why the Biden has so strongly chastised the president on NATO.

Again, UKRAINE is the KEYSTONE via ENERGY and SECURITY – Biden said it himself. Moreover, how does this position Ukraine – directly in the middle of two sides: Russia>Ukraine<West/US as it relates to both ENERGY and SECURITY. That’s important.

With the Ukraine/KEYSTONE context in place, let’s get to it.

As is customary, I will rely on TIMING and a timeline to bring all of this together. Yesterday’s timeline was predicated on these concepts: Hunter Biden’s relationship with Burisma, US aid dollars to Ukraine, Obama’s cash and funding to Iran and, most importantly, the timing of brand new diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Iran coinciding with all of it. Moreover, we were able to establish a likely circular flow of money between all of the major players.

Today, we’ll add Brazil to that timeline and tie it back to Biden and a recent DOJ development. Of course, we’ll have to go to Switzerland and other places to get there.

Here we go:

29-31 May 19

Preceding the entirety of the timeline presented yesterday, which is linked above, Vice President Joe Biden declares a convenient (timing) ‘new era’ of US-Brazilian relations. Not coincidentally, this is the exact same script that was rolled-out to spur a new era of relations between Ukraine and Iran.

Consider, “The United States and Brazil represent two of the largest, most innovative, dynamic economies in the world today. It is true both of us can continue to prosper whether or not we deepen our economic relations. But imagine, just imagine what these two dynamic economies could do with greater trade and investment for our people, for the hemisphere, for the world.”

Joe has placed the ball on the tee, here. Biden then swings the bat (emphasis mine), “In addition to strengthening the economic relationship between our two countries, the Vice President also discussed other areas where we can work together, including ENERGY, global development and PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE TIES. Again, what was Hunter Biden’s supposed specialty in Ukraine? Wasn’t it ENERGY? Yes.

Here’s more from the 29-31 May meetings as it relates to melding together the two sides of this new era of Brazilian/US relations according to the Obama doctrine.

First, we have these remarks from Brazilian VP Temer, “And as a rule I highlighted to Vice President Biden that in our country, we adopted in our country since in our institution we have been able to bring together the concepts of liberalism with those of the welfare state.  And liberalism is perceived as the wider freedom, the freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and also — and specifically the freedom of press — with a high degree of preservation of individual rights. 

“And on the other hand, we have been able to adopt the rules of the welfare state as we ensure the right to housing, which have generated programs such as the family grant program, the housing program Minha Casa, Minha Vida, which has allowed millions of people to graduate from extreme poverty and move up to the middle classes in our country.  And this has promoted an international insertion over our country and international scenario and — within the international scene.”

I would characterize Temer’s remarks as a wholesale setting of the stage. Brazil is openly avowing adherence to Obama’s welfare state as coupled to a faux liberal democracy at the same time they are agreeing to partner with Joe Biden on energy. Lock, stock and barrel – they’re in.

It continues and coincidentally or not, but just as Q suggested, going down the road of the UN Security Council and how members of it had been leveraged with compromising material (see Q 3635, which referenced leveraging the UN Security Council vis-à-vis the plot synopsis for ‘Official Secrets’.) Here is the relevant quote, comment (emphasis mine), “I did not forget to mention and I was well received by Vice President Biden, we have been reinforced of the interest of Brazil to have A SEAT AT THE U.N. SECURITY COUNCIL as we have also received the support for application of Sao Paulo in Brazil for the 2020 Expo.”

Then, Joe gets to speak and he just can’t help himself as it seems he was already looking forward to running in 2020 at this time; some 6+ years earlier. Biden stated, “And now my friend is lobbying me on 2020.  I tell you it’s amazing.” How convenient. Joe would hypothetically be POTUS at the same time his son Hunter would have been positioned to receive a windfall of corrupt money from the players therein.

Joe then gets to brass tacks, “We spoke about how to deepen trade and investment in both our nations.  Our annual trading relationship has now surpassed $100 billion a year, but there is literally no reason — no reason why the world’s largest and seventh largest economies can’t increase that fivefold over time.”

Then, Joe further expands on, yeah, you guessed it, ENERGY (emphasis mine), “On energy, we discussed how we can build a partnership that reflects the ambition of both our countries in this area.  As some of you know, two days ago, I spent time at your state-owned and actually now private and state enterprise going through a deep briefing on the promise of pre-salt oil that is immense.  The find is immense.

“We also talked about how we could work together on areas that you have far surpassed us.  You produce 50 percent of your energy with renewable energy.  Our goal is to get to 20 percent by the middle of the next decade.  We have a lot to learn from you — a lot to learn from you.

“We also think — and it’s been discussed you may be able to learn something from us in being able to access shale gas.  The access of shale gas in an environmentally sound way has radically altered America’s energy prospects — radically altered those prospects.

Energy now, natural gas is less than $2 in the United States.  It’s $17 or more in Europe and other places.  It has great potential for your country, as well as for ours.”

What is the context for Ukraine? What is Hunter Biden’s supposed area of expertise? Yeah, ENERGY. What was the specific area of expertise as it relates to Burisma, natural gas? Yeah.

What a tangled web we weave… I mean, what a tangled web Joe weaves. Joe even chats about other hotspots that look like trouble for the previous administration and the Democrats in general – Haiti and Africa. Joe knows no bounds.

That’s considerable pretext to set the stage but it’s needed. Here’s why.

Guess with whom Biden met when he was in Brazil? Petrobras. What do we know about Petrobras? Well, it’s an energy company owned by Odebrecht SA, which is notoriously corrupt and whose CEO was arrested for corruption in 2015. 

Consider, “Odebrecht, who was charged in July with corruption and money laundering, declined to respond to specific questions about the price fixing and political kickback case focused on state-run oil firm Petroleo Brasileiro SA, or Petrobras.”

Did you catch that – the reference to a “state-run” oil firm? As in Brazil being the state. As in Biden partnering with the leaders of Brazil and specifically as it relates to energy and more specifically as it relates to a corrupt company that has an established history of corruption with politicians. Yup. That’s what I caught. I also caught the references to corruption, money laundering and political kickbacks.

It gets worse. Consider the political element alone (emphasis mine), “Among dozens of executives under investigation for overcharging Petrobras on contracts and using the excess to bribe politicians, Odebrecht had an especially close relationship to former President Lula.”

Remember, this is ALL BEFORE the start point of the time-line established yesterday, which begins with Hunter Biden’s affiliation with Burisma in 2014. As stated, this is the setting of the stage for the rest of it.

Let’s move forward.

By 18 Jun 19, Odebrecht had filed bankruptcy. Doesn’t this all coincide with the same relative time-frame as Hunter Biden’s departure from Burisma? Hmmmm. Look at one of the reasons given. 

Consider, “Once one of the most influential people in Brazil, company chief Marcelo Odebrecht was sentenced to 19 years in prison for his role in the scandal — although he is now serving a reduced sentence in his luxurious Sao Paulo mansion.

“Dozens of politicians have become embroiled in the affair, including former Brazil presidents Michel Temer and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is serving a 12-year jail sentence for accepting bribes from the company.”

ARENT’T THOSE THE SAME PEOPLE I JUST DEMONSTRATED AS BEING BIDEN’S LIKELY CO-CONSPIRATORS? Yes. Now look at this WSJ quote tying it all back to the United States from a settlement standpoint. 

Consider, “Odebrecht and petrochemical company Braskem SA in 2016 struck parallel agreements with authorities in three countries to pay up to $4.5 billion, as part of the largest anticorruption settlement in history. Braskem is partly owned by Odebrecht and Petrobras.

“The settlements with U.S., Brazilian and Swiss authorities have spawned corruption probes in other Latin American countries where the two companies operate. Last month, Odebrecht filed for chapter 15 bankruptcy in the U.S. shortly after it filed for bankruptcy in Brazil in June.”

To say that settlements were necessary in the US is to say that entities within the US were exposed to or caused to suffer harm, financial or otherwise. Again, who was it that established the foundation for the brokering of such deals? Yeah, Joe Biden.

It seems to me that the Biden’s may have just rigged the entire world to exploit the energy industry as an avenue for personal enrichment vis-à-vis fraud and corruption. And don’t forget that Paul Pelosi, Jr. also traveled to Ukraine and is also a board member for a Ukrainian energy company Viscoil. It’s also to remember that others such as the Kerry’s and Romney’s have been alleged to be involved. That’s a tangled web, no?

There’s more.

On 20 Nov 19, the DOJ issued a press release stating (emphasis mine), “An indictment was unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn charging Jose Carlos Grubisich, the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Braskem S.A. (Braskem), a publicly traded Brazil-based petrochemical company, for his role in a massive bribery and money laundering scheme involving Braskem and its parent company, Odebrecht S.A. (Odebrecht). The scheme allegedly resulted in the diversion of hundreds of millions of dollars from Braskem to a secret slush fund used, in part, to pay bribes to government officials, political parties and others in Brazil to obtain and retain business. Grubisich, who also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Braskem, and in various capacities for Odebrecht, was charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the anti-bribery provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), one count of conspiracy to violate the books and records provisions of the FCPA and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

Notice the ‘slush fund’ reference? Yeah, me, too.

All of this started with the idea that Ukraine was the KEYSTONE. That if you somehow removed it from the ‘fabricabed structure,’ as built by Joe Biden and Barack Obama, the entire thing would crumble.

Again, what was created in Brazil with all of this money? That’s right – a SLUSH FUND.

There is one missing piece – the specific linkage between the US, Biden, Brazil and Ukraine (the KEYSTONE.) Here it is.

According to the Brazil Business Council, BUSBC member companies, which includes Braskem, were present when Biden made his speech. As stated, Braskem’s parent company is, Odebrecht. Braskem happens also to be the US’s largest domestic producer of polypropylene. That places the corrupt parent company, by proxy vis-à-vis Braskem, in touch with Biden at the time of his speech.

As for the Ukraine/Biden connection back to Brazil, we must rely on the context of energy so it may be that the nexus between Ukraine and Brazil is Biden himself. But there could be more.

Brazil blocked the sale of Petrobras holdings to ‘foreign investors’ in 2017. The individuals looking to acquire the holdings remained private, but there were connections to be found. The purchasing company, Mega SA, is an Argentinian outfit. Research also shows linkage to Quimica MEGA SA that’s also Argentinian and which, according to “” is a European distributor; obviously the Ukraine being in Europe.

When accessing the Mega SA webpage, it presents in Spanish requiring an English translation. Conveniently, as with trying to access the Spanish version of the site, the site has been at least temporarily removed. The only way to view the site at the time of this writing was via Linked-In and then it only populated in Spanish. Even weirder, look at the web address from the Google translated site,,  or (emphasis mine.) Weird, indeed.

The Petrobras scandal also expands to Switzerland whereby the investigation then tied to both Vitol and Trafigura, the world’s number one and two leading oil producers, respectively. Both also have locations in Ukraine.

There we have it – full circle. Concession – this is veneer level work and nexuses or relationships have been established. Deeper understanding is needed to fully implicate Biden in all of it but the evidence is encouraging.

As Q said, “follow the money – it’s the KEY…. Slush funds are everywhere.”

Well, I’ve followed the from the US to Ukraine, to Iran and now to Brazil and then to Switzerland, before going back to the US and putting it all back on presidential candidate Joe Biden. And it’s all sourced.

Again, how is Ukraine not the KEYSTONE? Rhetorical question.




TUG ON UKRAINE AND IT GETS YOU THE BIDENS IN CHINA – The criminal construct that Joe Biden apparently used to corruptly and repeatedly steal from the energy sector

Someone complained earlier about the volume of information being posted about Ukraine recently, which I have and will continue to tie to the ‘KEYSTONE.’ I believe they perceived it as ‘fucking annoying.’ I don’t get that and here’s why.

We have current events of historically monumental and global importance tying directly back to demonstrable and verifiable factual occurrences; all of which are directly tied to a contemporary coup d’etat and ongoing effort to remove a duly elected President of the United States. Every time we give those facts scrutiny, Ukraine is at the bottom of it. And now we’re complaining about the volume of information coming out on Ukraine? Uh, hello – the President himself recently implicated the Ukrainians in the DNC hack. I don’t get it and I don’t want to. If folks care to turn a blind eye and decide not to follow the evidence where it leads, I would highly encourage reading the MSM. The do a wonderful job of that sort of ‘news.’ I digress.

Keystone opinions aside, the most relevant central aspect to the full scope of the media spectrum and geopolitical landscape is currently rooted in Ukraine. That compels us to continue pursuing it until the evidence suggests an alternative course. At that time I’ll gladly retract my position and admit my error with encouragement to follow the evidence elsewhere. Right now, though, that evidence leads to Ukraine.

Fox News broke a story today whereby pulling on the Ukraine thread, as framed by Biden’s apparent crime, corruption, kickback and money laundering construct that exploits the energy and natural gas sectors, takes us in yet another direction. This time we land in China.

For context, there’s a mountain of supporting information in posts from the last several days on my Gab home page ( We also have these recent items:

So, we’ve gone a lot of places: US, Ukraine, Iran, Brazil, Russia, Switzerland and Argentina and now we’re in China. For the record, this is actually older news but it’s being revisited with greater relevancy against the backdrop of today’s news cycle.

It’s also worth pointing out that earlier research narrowed our focus to the Ukrainian oligarch and Russian mob affiliate Dmitry Firtash. By examining Firtash’s position within the natural gas sector against and the backdrop of Biden’s coinciding dealings in the Ukraine, we see what appears to be a resetting of the corruption. Firtash is being ejected while the Bidens are being installed. There’s a reason Dmitry calls Joe the ‘overlord.’ All of this scrutiny drills us down to the 2014 timeline. Recall, this is also the same time that Hunter Biden joined Burisma in Ukraine.

Here’s a Gab post regarding that topic and providing an important timeline:

As we dig through the Fox item, here are the components we’re looking for: Biden, energy, natural gas, nexus to officials in the sector and/or government, Biden’s relatives, Deep State connections, connections to named countries, corruption/bribery/kickbacks/money laundering (recall the Hannity montage with all of this terminology early on?), and the year 2014. Let’s see what we find.

To start, we learn that the firm connected to Hunter Biden, Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), moved over $2.5 billion into various sectors, including energy.

Biden relative, check.

Energy, check.

The BHR only became a registered firm less than two weeks after Biden accompanied his then VPOTUS father to China to discuss official business. That puts the timeline as December 2013; right on the front doorstep of 2014.

Nexus to government officials, check.

2014, check, sort of.

Interestingly, BHR was set-up as a $1 billion dollar joint venture through the Bank of China via Rosemount Seneca, the firm founded by Biden in 2009 along with John Kerry’s stepson Christopher Heinz and family friend Devon Archer.

Deep state, check.

Here’s where it get’s very interesting as it relates to energy and the 2014 timeline. Consider,

“In 2014, BHR invested in the IPO of the state-owned China General Nuclear Power Company (CGN), which is focused on the development of nuclear reactors. But in April 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice charged the company with “conspiracy to unlawfully engage and participate in the production and development of special nuclear material outside the United States, without the required authorization from the U.S. Department of Energy.” The DOJ also charged the company’s U.S.-based nuclear engineer and senior advisor “with conspiracy to act in the United States as an agent of a foreign government.”

That’s a lot of energy talk in 2014.

2014, check.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting as this dates to March 2019. Consider,

“In March this year, Patrick Ho, 69, the former Hong Kong politician and head of the think-tank wing of the Shanghai-based energy company CEFEC China, was sentenced to three years behind bars for “international bribery and money laundering offenses.” The sentencing took place 16 months after U.S. authorities arrested him.”

“Patrick Ho schemed to bribe the leaders of Chad and Uganda in order to secure unfair business advantages for the Chinese energy company he served,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said in a statement released by the U.S. Department of Justice. “His actions were brazen. Foreign corruption undermines the fairness of international markets, erodes the public’s faith in its leaders, and is deeply unfair to the people and businesses that play by the rules.

“The scheme, the DOJ said, began around September 2014 when Ho attended the annual UN General Assembly in New York. CEFC China was, at that time, “working to expand its operations to Chad.”

What do we see from previous writings in this quote alone? International bribery and money laundering? Yep. Another reference to Africa being bad for the Democrats? Yep. A direct tie between crimes and the energy sector? Yep. What about the timeline? Is it tied directly to 2014? Yep. This pattern keeps repeating itself. Over and over and over.

Bribery and money laundering, check.

Africa, check.

It gets worse. Hunter Biden had placed himself in the middle of it all by agreeing to represent Ho in negotiating a multi-million-dollar contract with CEFC China. Guess what it was for? Yep, you guessed it, liquified natural gas.

Natural gas, check.

From the list we used to introduce the Fox item, we’ve checked-off on every single component. Those components fit to construct to the criminal enerprise that Joe Biden was apparently using to exploit and steal from the energy sector in several countries. 

The evidence suggests that Biden has apparently installed this construct in Brazil, Ukraine and now China. Rest assured there are more. The tentacles of all this reach as far as Argentina to Iran to Russia to Switzerland.

And now we’re in China singing the same old song.

Keystone arguments aside and regardless of the volume of information being written, the evidence suggests that the Ukraine is an undercurrent to much of the current geopolitical landscape right now. 

What has actually been outlined or, shall I say discovered through the process of researching and writing about this, is what I’d call a criminal enterprise constructed by the Biden family. It’s one that would be likely prosecuted under RICO and this work doesn’t even touch on the contributions made to many of these countries in the form of aid dollars. We demonstrated the slush fund in Brazil and there are certainly others. How much of the aid dollars went back into the pockets of corrupt US politicians?

What this construct apparently did was engage the Bidens with officials from foreign nations and the energy sector so as to exploit his position as VPOTUS and employ a system of bribery, money laundering and kickbacks as a vehicle for the personal enrichment of himself and others. What we’ve actually uncovered here are the bones of playbook Biden deploys at each stop – corruptly rigging thge natural gas sector to the tune of untold sums of money.

Now, with all of that said, Ukraine is the KEYSTONE and all of that is why I continue to make this claim. Tug on it and you can end up in a lot of places, like China, for example.



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