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VotingWorks or Does It?

Continuing with efforts to further understand the full scope of the voter fraud that permitted the theft of the 2020 election, we look deeper into The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and introduce election tools as analogs to Hammer and Scorecard – VotingWorks and Arlo. Let’s begin with this reminder.

Here’s the meat and potatoes of that otherwise lengthy executive order.

Notable is the reference to the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment.

Scanning the IC assessment description causes me to ask if this is the year of the boomerang? Are the same levers that were used to target the President now being leveraged to target his attackers and is China positioned front and center in it? Is all of this emblematic of planning for known events and specifically an election to be stolen?

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes, by all appearances.

Also notable is the limitation of the IC assessment in that it was restricted to only three agencies of the 17 participating. The restriction applied to the production of the final report and was justified to protect the “extreme sensitivity of the sources and methods involved.”

You can read that as “to cover-up the evidence demonstrating the overthrow effort against President Trump and so as to facilitate self-preservation.”

Remember, I’ve already completely thrown the intelligence community under the bus: Republicans, Democrats, the Senate and specifically the Gang of 8, SSCI, HPSCI and the CIA. The website contains several articles delineating those details.

With that in mind, also recall that we’ve already detailed Hammer and Scorecard, the certification of the election and other important scenarios and developments that shape all of this for understanding. Again, all on the website.

That brings to this point and we get here courtesy of a long-time favorite in Kathleen Roberts @KathleenKhr, who brought VotingWorks and Arlo into the picture as initially posted by Amazing Polly @99freemind. From there, I went straight to CISA; the horse’s mouth.

My initial stance here is to view VotingWorks and it’s application tool, Arlo, as complimenting analogs to Hammer and Scorecard. This table summarizes it.


DURING ELECTIONHammerScorecardN/A (covert)Steal election
AFTER ELECTIONVotingWorksArloAudit electionConfirm stolen election

It sure seems to me that this is a bookend process. Hammer and Scorecard serve during the election to facilitate the late night vote theft and whereby VotingWorks and Arlo serve to preserve it on the back end during the auditing process.

What stands as the common thread throughout all of; the middle man, if you will? CISA.

Of course, after looking into VotingWorks, my first question was whether or not VotingWorks.

Placing the cart in front of the horse, no – it does not.

Here’s why.

Again, it’s important to note the Bryan Ware (CISA/terminated) and Christopher Krebs, (CISA Director/publicly stated he expects to be terminated) were already thrown under the bus in a recent article. In fact, Ron/Code Monkey just asked who the middle man was yesterday with regard to the electronic election theft. I replied to his post with the article and simply asked, “Ware?” Haven’t heard back.

So, the very CISA that we suspect is complicit in all of this and replete with the termination of Ware in hand and the termination of Krebs apparently soon being dealt to us, we can assume that any statement that includes CISA germane to the security of our elections can be summarily dismissed; especially given the growing mountain of evidence that directly refutes this statement in the particular areas CISA outlines.

Also note that if voters have questions about election security, the statement refers them to the same state and local election officials that stand to be complicit in all of this. Like we said a long, long, long time ago – if Americans aren’t familiar with federalism, they soon will be.

All of these circumstances are a good lesson on why real civic duty is critical to our constitutional republic and why and how, if it gets abandoned, fraud works.

Moreover, it goes to show how the thieves work fraud – by controlling all of the relevant levers; like the voting and auditing process; not to mention the ownership of actual voting machines by folks like George Soros.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along now.

So as it stands, not only must Mr. Trump defeat the fraudulently constructed and stolen vote, but he must also defeat the auditing process on the back end – VotingWorks and it’s application tool Arlo – as well.

With confirmation from Sidney Powell that the U.S. military just raided Scytl and confiscated all of the Dominion servers in Frankfurt, Germany, we can assemble those details and the details outlined here into the broader fact set for understanding, which also speaks to the timeline. On that note and referencing the EO at the beginning of this article, the President’s own order compels the full audit within 45 days of the conclusion of the election.

It’s important that the election has not yet been concluded so our timeline remains open-ended and we have no beginning date for the compulsory 45-day count. Our position on election certification and the delay thereof by the Democrats bears down here.

Moreover, a trusted and reliable source advised yesterday that the timeline to reconcile the election projects projects to being within “weeks.”

So, there’s your window: weeks to 45 days form any official election result.

I’ll leave you with this reminder to keep your eye on inauguration day relative to the loose timeline I just outlined. It’s this. The current scenario plays directly into my longstanding position that the ultimate strategy is to delay the election result past inauguration day and then force the Speaker of the House, which is presumed to be Nancy Pelosi, into the Oval Office by leveraging continuity of government protocols.

DELAY IS THE PLAY! and it has been since we started outlining that in July. So, please consider watching this timeline relative to inauguration day, which is 67 days out as of this article.

I’ll leave you with this. In the interim and during this uncertain status quo and returning to our same source for the timeline, we can feel confident about the direction all of this will go.

So can Mr. Trump.

Thank you Kathleen.



  1. Doris Rudnick November 15, 2020

    We have gained 12 seats in the House; McCarthy states Pelosi can no longer be speaker. I dont know if any other seats are still outstanding at this point but would you say that if Pelosi is not elected speaker their plans may be foiled already?

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