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Hammered, Dragged and Dropped but Not Done

Sidney Powell is one of the most exceptional, talented, principled and patriotic individuals in contemporary American times. Period. From taking the tiger by the tail in the Department of Justice case against Lt. General Michael Flynn to spearheading the effort to undo the most sinister and consequential election theft the world has ever seen, Powell stands tall, resolutely and fearlessly. We can only hope that after she prevails here and eventually ascends to the FBI’s directorship, as some have suggested.

As it relates to the patently and demonstrably stolen 2020 election, Powell recently and to much fanfare threatened to release the Kraken! We suspect that the Kraken may be in reference to the phone call (heard around the world?) featured in this video and recalling that the president recently attributed the overthrow effort to big money, big tech and big media.

As I stated months ago when the politically constructed COVID-19 event was unleashed on us relative to the imposition of guidelines at the state level, which are only recommended by the federal government; and as revisited most recently in the last article, the American people are going to receive an enormous lesson in federalism. Today, Sidney Powell, dropped an anvil squarely on this, smashing it to smithereens and verifying several positions.

It all unfolds in an interview segment with Maria Bartiromo and the beleaguered Fox News network. As Powell opened the segment, she stated that she has enough evidence of election fraud to launch a “massive investigation” and clearly a criminal one.

Powell references a name that we’ve yet to see in all of this – Retired Admiral Peter Neffenger.

Notable is that Neffenger is on the board of directors of Smartmatic while also serving on the Biden transition team “that’s going to be non-existent because we’re fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states,” Powell said.

We don’t know a lot about Neffenger but his resume includes a lot of stops in swampy waters by means of work experience, positions held or matters in which he was involved. We can assume for now that his position on the Biden transition team and his Harvard education is enough to cause us to question his allegiance.

We will pause; however, to point out that previously, Neffenger served as the director of TSA before his compulsory resignation on 20 Jan 17. Do you see why the mid-January 2017 timeline is my favorite dead horse to kick? It always surfaces at just the right time and it never lets us down.

Another swampy indicator here and recalling that I’ve already thrown the Senate, the Intelligence Community and the SSCI, HPSCI and Gang of 8 fully under the bus – this is their operation – is his Senate confirmation vote of 81-1. Moreover, his position as a fellow at the Atlantic Council and his role relative to DHS and Biden’s presidential transition also bear down.

It’s fundamentally important to pay special attention to the notion of presidential transition because it’s the genesis of everything that has plagued the Trump administration since his inauguration in mid-January 2017.

Relative to the 27 Dec 19 coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, Political Moonshine, as far as we know, was the only source to report its exclusive position that the outgoing Obama administration inserted the pandemic construct into the Trump administration during the transition process and specifically on 13 Jan 17.

The double-down and the end all for Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and other House Chairmen et al is our second exclusive positionthat Nancy Pelosi calibrated her grossly inept management of impeachment purposefully and deliberately and so as to allow impeachment to serve as the cover mechanism for the insertion of the CV19 construct.

Look here – the leaked Flynn scandal from the night before, Russia and impeachment!

Don’t look here – China and coronavirus. Shhhhhhh.

Seems obvious now, doesn’t it? Those timelines braid together like a rope and I outlined it all back in March.

Powell continued by stating that President Trump won the 2020 election by millions of votes that were shifted by software designed expressly for that purpose; to rig elections.

This is the entry point for much previous work on Hammer and Scorecard; why the certification of the election is a critical marker; the role of CISA and it’s personnel (some terminated or to be terminated); the U.S. military’s raid and seizure of Scytl’s Dominion (Smartmatic) servers in Frankfurt, Germany; and the revelation of analogs to Hammer and Scorecard in the post-election auditing process, VotingWorks and Arlo.

Many, including us, have asked how and why President Trump could simply stand on the tracks for so long that a vote fraud train that departed as far back as 2012 could run him down. It didn’t, he had contingencies in place, Powell commented on them and they stand to bring it all down.

Simply stated, the President was “fully briefed” on the full scope of election fraud before it ever hit. Pause, read that again and let it settle in because this election is going to be properly undone.

Does Donald John Trump strike you as the type of man to wittingly stand still and allow his enemy to squarely punch him in the face with the intention of removing his teeth, obliterating his nose and rendering him unconscious?

Not in a gazillion years. The man is a brawler; a street fighter; a calculating soldier; from Queens. His planned contingency to this will be broad and fatal and likely leverages a legitimate Q.

Moreover, Powell stated that President Trump prior to bore witness to cyber-based election thefts in action indicating that he “saw it happen in other countries.” Astonishingly and as previously reported, Powell also explains how it was exported internationally for profit (Venezuela.)

It’s important to note here that I previously addressed the relevance of three foreign countries as asserted earlier by Powell: Cuba, Venezuela and China. Each funded the election interference serving to drive the broader overthrow effort and each is important for myriad reasons.

At a minimum, the main principal here and the genesis of the bio-weapon of mass destruction that was released on the American people is China and the CCP. From there we sink into relatively long and sordid involvement in Venezuela, which is clearly the reference above; and we mustn’t forget our closest communist neighbor with whom Obama worked to normalize relations and which has a significant population presence in the U.S., in Cuba.

“Hello, Mr. Fox, and welcome to the hen house.” said, Barack.

So, as you can see, there’s nothing to see. So, move along now, folks.

Powell was explicit in saying that the election theft was done on purpose; that it was calculated; that it was done before; and that 2016 in California is just one example. There is “so much evidence it feels like it’s coming in through a fire hose,” Powell said.

When if asked if it could be proved with evidence, Powell sagely and appropriately declined to comment on the evidence in hand.

Regarding the time frame and voter certificationanother important position that conflicts with the consensus on this point – which is slated for early December, Powell said,

Well, let me put it this way. First of all, I never say anything I can’t prove. Secondly, the evidence is coming in so fast I can’t even process it all…But this is a massive election fraud.


Further, “It’s the software that was the problem. Even their own manual explains how votes can be wiped away…it’s like drag-n-drop Trump votes to a separate folder and then delete that folder. It’s absolutely brazen how people bought this system and why they bought this system. In fact, every state that bought Dominion, for sure, should have a criminal investigation or at least a serious investigation of the officers in the states who bought the software. We’ve even got evidence essentially, of kickbacks.”

Regarding kickbacks, Powell has evidence “from various whistle-blowers that are aware of substantial sums of money being given to family members of state officials who bought this software. The software was being sold in “$100 million packages for new voting machines suddenly in multiple states.”

With packages – plural – being in the hundreds of millions, think about what the kickbacks would look like if awarded based upon percentages. You know, just like they rigged the vote based upon percentages.

These dastardly Democrats and their devilish decimal points are going to doom us all!

The kickbacks range from “financial benefits for family members” to “election insurance.” Calling the software insidious and expressing rage at inaction from the federal government and even after Democrats had raised concerns about it previously, Powell called several folks to the carpet by name: Carolyn Maloney, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.

Powell discussed the transacting letters, documents and reports that exist in abundance as to the deficiencies of the system and calls into question the decisions made to use it; especially as it may relate to the CIA and deployment of the system in other nations.

Powell also touched on another topic we’re tracking and that’s the incomprehensible notion that Gina Haspel still remains as CIA Director saying, “She should be fired immediately.”

When asked about the exchanges of hundreds of millions to state governors, Bartiromo misspoke on the denomination reference conflating it with Powell’s earlier comment as indicated above but more importantly, Powell indicated that there was “more than onestate governor who accepted money.

I wonder if any of these governors took money and I wonder if that money came from China?

Rhetorical questions.

Bartiromo asked, “What is the CIA’s role? Are you saying the CIA is behind Dominion or Smartmatic voting software as well?”

Powell replied in that the CIA, FBI and other government organizations had received “multiple reports of wrong doing and failures and vulnerabilities in this company’s product…and how and why no honest person would use this system.”

Moreover, “And it’s not just Dominion, there are other companies in the voting business in this country, too, that may very well and are likely using the same software” and continuing to cite evidence of use in other states.

“We are going to show the public exactly how rotten the entire state is,” Powell promised.

Bartiromo questioned Powell about the insertion of a “patch” into the software while it was operating live and that would create a backdoor into the system.

Powell expanded on it saying it’s part of it and that a thumb drive could be inserted or the machines could be accessed vis-a-vis the internet to upload software. Notably, Powell was specific to mention Venezuela and Germany by name and for good reason as mentioned previously.

In summary, Powell describes how, “They can remote access anything, watch votes in real time, shift votes in real time.”

Powell’s next statement is ENORMOUS in my opinion and it requires backdrop for understand. Here’s that backdrop.

From an evidentiary standpoint and remembering that the standard for the burden of proof in a civil trial, which the Trump team’s lawsuits are, is “preponderance of the evidence” and notguilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” as with a criminal trial.

With that in mind, consider Powell’s next statement and allow the weight of it to sink in relative to the aforementioned burden of proof standard.

We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they used and planned to use from the beginning to modify the votes; in this case to make sure Biden won.


From that we can deduce that not only can Powell demonstrate evidence of the election theft in court, but she can present the exact mathematical algorithm that will have produced the exact numbers of stolen votes that will comport exactly with the manipulated vote totals that wer used to steal the election. Such evidence might even be sufficient for the more stringent standard.

Slam dunk. You, sir are what’s known as…. a Grenada.

Astonishingly and citing Biden’s “demented state,” Powell commented directly on this statement from Biden, which is deadly accurate and will be fatal to his stolen win and his personal freedom; perhaps even his life.

We’re talking about treason here and he signed-us off to China.

Succinctly, Powell said, “It’s going to undo the entire election.”

Powell described the multitudes of ways the remote access can be leveraged to alter the vote differently but all to the same end; otherwise known as cheating options. Again, Powell was specific to name exact states here: Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Powell then describes what I witnessed in real time and posted about on election night specifically regarding Michigan and whereby hundreds of thousands of votes were being dumped-in but the percent-in vote totals were rolling back and in the wrong direction.

In that light and remembering that the introduction, assignment and manipulation of decimals provides the digital mechanism for the steal, Powell states that the “23% for Trump and 67% for Biden” percentage ratios were uploaded multiple times throughout election night as previously covered.

To close, Powell delivered cherry on top stating that she’s in possession of an affidavit – a “sworn statement” – that is “from a witness who knew exactly how it worked form the beginning, why it was designed to work that way, and saw when things started shutting down and they stopped counting votes here, that was the same play that worked in other countries.

This summary table from the last article is a brief recapitulation of it.


DURING ELECTIONHammerScorecardN/A (covert)Steal election
AFTER ELECTIONVotingWorksArloAudit electionConfirm stolen election

Exceptional American Sidney Powell promised to RELEASE THE KRAKEN! That’s exactly what she’s going to do and it will cause the 2020 election to go to its rightful winner – PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP – and it will go so in historic proportions both in numbers and consequence.

I’ll leave you with a reminder that we are “several weeks” out from this manifesting so stay alert and stay hopeful.

Here is the interview noting that it’s in 5 segments.


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  1. Pygmy Pachyderm November 15, 2020

    When I heard Sidney Powell mention Trump witnessing the use of Dominion in other countries, my thoughts went Trudeau’s reelection in 2019. I’m American, but I remember the outcry on Twitter (no account, I just lurk). Heaven knows the Trudeaus are willing and useful deep state puppets.

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