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Of Course Things Got Interesting on Friday the 13th

Last night there was an interesting convergence of developments from a few different sources and with one of them being highly contentious for many; especially if your name is @Jack or Zuck. The developments or posts themselves, when taken independently, don’t necessarily deliver the information but when deciphered appropriately and taken together, they, appear to indicate a reasonable expectation of traction beginning.

Here’s the post from last night.

Take note that the argument is an established one that when seen through a prosecutorial lens, relates to the election being certified in the sense that it completes the crime. It does much more than that, too, and this article explains why.


So, as sources converged it caused me to believe that today, Friday, November 13th, was tipping toward something of consequence occurring. This notion is further bolstered by the undercurrent of information emerging from @EntheosShines and several other Twitter accounts that have performed reliably over time.

Then, we get these developments and they speak for themselves as the President calls it quits in AZ, MI and PA.

So is he quitting or is he pushing towards certification as I’m suggesting?

We had all better pray it’s the latter but hold on, this will get very interesting and the goods may be in hand and on time; on 11/13 and as predicted.

This article provides more contextual backdrop if you care to go deeper before moving on with our discussion.


So, here we sit in this described binary scenario with the President literally painted into the do or don’t corner and with the entirety of freedom, liberty and the Republic hanging in the balance. With that in mind, this is a brief recapitulation of how I view all of this before I share the developments that may change all things in a hopeful manner.

Again, President Trump appears to be allowing the full process of the crime to be completed before he pursues an active course to remedy the matter judicially or militarily (yes, militarily, we have foreign nations directly interfering in and affecting the outcome of a stolen election.)

The certification of the election would be of a federally documented conclusion to that crime that would bind to it everyone who wittingly took a role in committing it. Those are important details; especially if you’re playing the highest order ball on the swamp’s court.

Through the lenses of political optics and legitimacy to the American people, Mr. Trump must allow these regular order processes to be exhausted. It’s why they forced the mail in vote in-part; to force the litigation knowing that would bind up and mire the entire process.

This would force the President to delay (DELAY IS THE PLAY! as with everything else) the one thing that can undo them all – declassification.

Many wonder why he didn’t play the declassification card early and gut it all at the beginning of his presidency. Think timing. In that instance, he gives his opponent four years to regroup and flip it on him and back to them. Look no further than the insane mind-hold they have now as it relates to COVID-19 and consider that.

Rather, Mr. Trump instead decided to absorb it all for four years, survive and then strike once and fatally – those details momentarily.

Mr. Trump is reasonably allowing it to all unfold to the very end and once he has done that, it will be they who undid themselves rather than him undoing them with political vengeance. In the course of so doing, Mr. Trump will have also forced them to undo their own party and their own operational systems. How rich the irony?

The caveat – all of that, of course is contingent upon evidence that has yet to be presented and having authorized personnel positioned who will execute the rule of law and prosecute.

So, the question we’ve all been curious about is an obvious one and it holds the answer.

Why has the President held onto declassification for over 4 years? Simply put, it’s the highest card in the deck and it can only be played once.

Now to the goods and we’ll get right to it.

I’ll present this link from Robert Steele along with the extracted quote within the article, which is left for your independent consumption.

The veracity of the following information comes from Sidney Powell, who reposted the initial thread that serves as the basis of the article. If Sidney Powell posted it, then take it to the bank.

This changes everything,

“US Special Forces raided Scytl in Frankfurt Germany confiscating all computers/servers etc. An outlet in Germany first reported the raid yesterday. Newsmax picked it up and led with it. Sabrina De Sousa, the CIA agent Brennan burned in Italy who Trump I believed pardoned or something to that effect (memory) wrote this – Sabrina De Sousa @Sadiso – So, #Haspel’s visit to .@senatemajldr office may have gone like this; “Mission accomplished Dominion vote machines sequestered…” .@newsmax #Election2020results.”

Robert Steele

Newsmax is also covering the story.

For the time being, though, it sounds like the evidence needed to restore the legitimate electoral result has just been partially secured; if not mostly secured, at least on the cyber front.

Additional sources are reporting that the key players in the Dominion systems, the servers confiscated today and a wide swath of others have been under surveillance for several years.

The President has a repeated operational pattern or a modus operandi that I’ve commented on ad nauseam and it’s this. Mr. Trump traps his enemies inside of their own constructs and immediately closes off all exits except for the path forward, where the gallows wait.

It now seems the nooses will be tied with power cords from Dominion voting machines and their respective German servers. It now seems those nooses are now procured and under military control. It now seems that we may be on a short timeline.

Perhaps Friday the 13th is shaping up to be as eventful as thought.

Now, how about those Durham movements already?

I’ll leave you with this below and reliable information that our timeline still has us a few weeks out from resolution.



  1. Taffy53 November 13, 2020

    I love that, no matter how bad things may seem, you continue to find and synthesize data that shows there’s still a viable path out of this mess. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Several on the political commenting site I frequent went doomy today, especially after the states some of them live in resurrected the lockdown and/or mask hammers this afternoon (WV and NM). Posted this article to hopefully cheer them up. One guy looked up Scytl and informed me they don’t have offices in Frankfurt, Germany ( My response to him: If this one is only used for servers and has no public access, it could be they don’t include it in their public data.

  2. Ferret Files November 14, 2020

    The raid on Frankfurt has been bigged up for optics. There’s a presentation on Electronic Voter Changing with L Todd Wood where he mentions Scytl as a company based in Barcelona, with backend servers hosted in Frankfurt. The presentation clearly shows that the servers are hosted in the Amazon Cloud (AWS). The AWS European operation happens to be based in Frankfurt. All of which means that the servers are virtual. No-one in their right mind raids a data centre and demands that a set of virtual servers be handed over! Technical details though. The result remains the same.
    Mail me if you want screenshots.

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