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BIDEN CLASSIFIED DOCS FIX IS IN: BIG PICTURE UNDERSTANDING – Lies and Fraud, Biden’s Removal, Special Counsel, Robert Hur, John Durham, Beach House Raid, Kolomoyskyi Raid, Ukraine, China, Impeachment, Metabiota, Biden Laptop, Multiple-Front War, Marco Polo, Biden Counterattack

-02-Feb 23-

Lies. Nothing but lies, fraud, deception, manipulation and weapons grade propaganda, which are the tools of enslavement wielded by the U.S. intelligence community, the Military Industrial Complex and the U.S. politburo as applied to the feeble-minded segment of the U.S. population. Therein and in particular, it’s the Biden Administration that is corrupt and criminal to its core.

Are Americans beginning to catch on, though? Is there evidence of that now? Are there enough of them to facilitate change because they are willing and capable of now embracing an objective lens through which to examine the absolute dumpster fire of lies, fraud, corruption, criminality and outright treason that the Biden Administration and the Biden Family have unleashed on us; and on a very long timeline drawing back to Joe Biden’s days as a senator?

For anyone thinking that “treason” is a stretch, you’ll have to do two things: 1-broaden your scope to avoid being further hoodwinked into oblivion and enslavement on the technocratic global plantation and 2-hold my beer as I dig into the archive to pull-out and stack-up in excess of 350 articles evidencing it all resolutely and undeniably; yet dependent upon objectivity.

For those determined to remain partisan and narrow in scope, they will continue to see only what they care to see and that, friends, is this nation’s most dangerous attribute. It makes sheep out of those with self-imposed vulnerability and they are exceedingly easy to herd-up into undesirable if not deadly scenarios.

Perhaps there’s an indicator that Americans are catching on to the lies and fraud and it’s a very personal if not lethal one for them. It’s found in the following data as centered on the notion that many of us were sage enough to parse-out the underlying political components to coerced and forced mRNA “vaccinations” for a SARS-CoV-2 virus with a better than 99.998% infection recovery rate across essentially all demographics that was borne out of a “pandemic” that is clearly enterprise fraud.

Simply stated, who goes to Vegas and bets against the house when the house’s odds are better than 99.998%? Not I. Pure blood here and thankfully so. How Americans never discerned that is confounding.

Examine this data along party lines:


With more Democrats than Republicans drinking and indulging on the MSM’s poisonous elixir to get ensnared in the “orange man bad” mind trap, Democrats received the harmful and deadly mRNA injections at a higher rate.

That data informs our understanding of this focusing on the last poll data:



The initial uptake for the first round of vaccinations was 79.5% of all Americans and within that cohort, 85% of Democrats are vaccinated on a downward trajectory over time that saw progressively fewer opt for further vaccination and boosters.

*Source: E D I F Y Research & Consulting

The graphic above from my tasked work in service to my team is highly revealing. Allow me to explain why. By using a calibrated timeline to plot median values for vaccination uptake in relation to an anomalous and highly concerning increase in cancer rates, the symmetry of the plotted lines can be examined to determine correlation. Direct symmetry, such as parallel lines, is devastating as indicated. Here we see direct symmetry between median mRNA uptake and median cancer rates that correlate with the public’s downward trend in further vaccination and boosters.

In summary and succinctly, Americans are catching on and especially Democrats since they are the most highly vaccinated political cohort and their higher rates of questioning vaccine safety are out of self-interest and reasonably so.

To all of the Democrats out there [and Republicans, quite frankly]they’ve been lying to and defrauding you for a very long time. The intelligence community isn’t partisan rather it bounces back and forth over time to use both parties to accomplish ulterior objectives. Please embrace objectivity, discern the truth and join us in this fight so that we can take back what is rightfully ours – America.

Why did we begin this article with COVID-19? It’s because COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud representing the mechanistic component to steal an election, unseat a sitting U.S. president, install a Chinese proxy into the Executive, convert the nation to Marxist communism and deliver it to a one world government of Globalists chaired by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum.

Moreover, the crimes and treason associated with COVID-19 rise to the level of crimes against humanity.

Another fraudulent lie that’s been propagated is the matter of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Around the time of the 2020 election, the intelligence community, the U.S. politburo and the weaponized propaganda arm of the mainstream media said that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation and to the extent that 51 intelligence officials signed a letter discrediting it. Then, once verified as legitimate, they refused to apologize or own it ergo, the ulterior objective I cite.

For clear electoral purposes, Joe Biden himself even claimed that the laptop was “Russian disinformation” further stating that his son, Hunter, had “debunked” it.

Obviously, the existence of the laptop has been true and legitimate this entire time and I know from personal experience – I’ve had a copy of it from nearly the beginning as provided by Garrett Ziegler, the founder of Marco Polo, which unpacked the laptop with its authoritative and definitive report delineating a forensic copy of it.

Ziegler and Marco Polo verify their sourcing and chain of custody for their forensic copy of the hard drive on page 574 of the report:

Now and 180-degrees from the original lies and fraud that denied the laptop’s existence, the Biden Crime Family has determined to admit its existence after all in playing the victim card. Hunter Biden has summoned his father to leverage his position in the Executive as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer to dispatch agencies, departments and personal contacts to conduct a criminal investigation into the publicizing of the laptop, run interference, obfuscate the truth and otherwise engage in a counterattack on those who disseminated its contents.

Yesterday, A lawyer for President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, urged state and federal agencies in a letter on Feb. 1 to probe what he said were attempts by close allies of former President Donald Trump and others to “weaponize” the contents of a laptop that an electronics repair shop owner says was dropped off at his Delaware store in 2019.” Importantly and to evidence rampant fraud and lying, “The letters from Hunter Biden’s attorneys mark the first time he and his legal team have publicly acknowledged that it was his personal data found on the laptop. [Epoch Times at Zero Hedge].

Biden’s targets include Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon, campaign lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani’s own lawyer, Robert Costello, the owner of the Wilmington computer repair shop, John Paul Mac Isaac and former New York police chief Bernard Kerik, who provided a hard drive copy to Ziegler, a former aide to Trump White House official Peter Navarro, thus serving as the basis for Ziegler’s report.

A critical aspect of the ET’s reporting that is imperative for comprehensive understanding is found in this direct quote from the Biden letter: “”This failed dirty political trick directly resulted in the exposure, exploitation, and manipulation of Mr. Biden’s private and personal information.””

The allegation that Hunter Biden’s data and information was “manipulated” is key and it ties to 1-the call for the criminal investigation as well as 2-previous reporting from Gateway Pundit.

The reason for the opening of an investigation as per Hunter Biden’s attorney’s request is exactly the same as the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Hur in the Joe Biden classified documents scandal, the appointment of Special Counsel and red herring John Durham by former corrupt AG William Barr, the investigation of Donald Trump respective to the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation, the FTX/Sam Bankman-Fried/Ukraine/money laundering operation investigation and others.

All of those investigations were opened to vacuum up critically damaging evidence to seal it away while managing and covering up the criminality of parties the establishment desires to protect; not including Trump and where Trump maintained incriminating evidence of his political enemies that they wished to steal back in self-preservation.

This is why the Gateway Pundit, which is subject to undue influence by the intelligence community in its content and the timing of its reporting, preceded Biden’s counterattack in two important ways: 1-the coverage of Jack Maxey claiming he recovered more data from the hard drive than the hard drive technically holds and 2-libelous smear tactics on Marco Polo and Ziegler claiming they were manipulating the hard drive contents via email timestamps.

Note one important omission from Biden’s counterattack: whereas the New York Post is implicated in Biden’s assertions, Gateway Pundit is not. Be careful with whom you trust.

I cover all of that and more in these three recent articles to provide a full explanation:

  1. SWING and a MISS: Shoddy Forensics Causes Gateway Pundit to Embarrass Itself and Defame Marco Polo with Attempted Smear Tactics
  2. Marco Polo Issues Formal Response to Gateway Pundit’s Smear Tactics, Libelous Error and False Accusation
  3. Libelous Gateway Pundit Article Smearing Marco Polo Is Updated in Retrospect: Admits Error, Still No Retraction or Apology – “What Sort of Playground Is This?”

Whereas the Gateway Pundit refused to cover Marco Polo’s report on the laptop right up until it decided to begin attacking it and Ziegler, they continue to attack both with indirect and sleight of hands tactics. Consider this found in one of Gateway’s articles from this morning: Over Past Week TGP Uncovered Hunter Biden Crimes and Corruption Related to Classified Docs, Espionage, FARA Violations, and Connections to Biolabs in Ukraine:

Gateway Pundit sources Biden emails for publication from XRVision, which I unraveled in the second article linked above. XRVision is a problematic entity with clear ties to the intelligence community, Israel and China [see the article[s]].

By leveraging Jack Maxey’s fraudulent reporting, which involves actual manipulation of the Biden laptop as he claims himself, to directly assail Ziegler and Marco Polo to then continue doing the same implicitly and indirectly, Gateway Pundit is playing directly into Biden’s false accusations that the laptop data has been manipulated.

Any criminal probe by a complicit, corrupt and Merrick Garland led Department of Justice is certainly going to reach a similar conclusion and Gateway’s reporting can be evidenced to support it. It means we’re bearing witness to a constructed cover story just as asserted.

Our focus on the Biden laptop is fundamental to all things because it’s a single container for direct evidence of myriad Biden crimes: business-related, sex-related, drug-related, influence peddling and issues of legal accountability.

Relative to my extensive reporting and more specifically, the Biden laptop data and evidence overlays:

  1. The Bidens’ manipulation and leveraging of the energy sector as a money laundering mechanism and a conduit to move money globally; an exclusive position I assumed on 01 Jun 21: Follow the Money.
  2. The Bidens’ direct ties to COVID-19 and U.S. Department of Defense biowarfare operations via Metabiota, which are further aggravated by these recent articles on the DoD: 1-The U.S. Department of Defense Has Been Engaged in Biowarfare Against the American People This Entire Time and 2-The Department of Defense and Its Biowarfare Against the American People: Contracts and Evidence. A third article expands on it all as written yesterday in light of additional overlapping evidence put forth by the Russian Ministry of Defense: WAR, FAMINE and DISEASE: A Full Slate of New Developments Including New Evidence from the Russian Ministry of Defense.
  3. The Bidens’ criminality in Ukraine involving the FTX/Sam Bankman-Fried money laundering operation, where Biden was the primary beneficiary in 2020. Also, Biden’s dealings with Burisma and Biden’s leveraging to remove a Ukrainian prosecutor by threatening to withhold U.S. aid and whereby President Trump’s call to then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was bent back against him as the context for the first of Trump’s two fraudulent impeachments.
  4. Biden’s political entanglements in Ukraine including the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland regime change efforts drawing back to 2014 [Maidan Revolution] that ultimately resulted in Volodymyr Zelensky’s installation and the involvement in that by Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, which all ties back to the FTX money laundering operation and Ukraine’s nationalization of PrivatBank.
  5. The Bidens’ criminality and treason with China and CCP functionaries and entities like the CEFC China Energy Company, Chairman Ye Jianming and China’s spy chief, Patrick Ho.
  6. The two epicenters of the Bidens’ corruption, crime and treason being Ukraine and China and whereas an entire series of 102 articles examines the escalating trajectory towards a thermonuclear World War III that Biden placed us on in March 2021. That war will begin on two fronts, which also happen to be Biden’s two epicenters: Russia [Ukraine] and China [Taiwan, South China Sea.]

Important to the war front, remember this:

As important to the Biden’s broader criminality and treason as the laptop is Joe Biden’s long time and illegal retention of classified documents in several different locations that is equally problematic. Therein and as discussed above and in the first reporting on this matter, I immediately identified that the fix is in here; meaning that any investigation into Biden is two-fold: 1-It’s a cover-up operation and 2-It’s a construct of the intelligence community to remove Biden from the Executive.

That work is contained in these articles:

  1. China, Cash and Classified Documents: FISC/FISA, the Usual Suspects and the Problematic Penn Biden Center
  2. Look Here, House Drama and Quid Pro Joe’s Classified Docs, Don’t Look Here, the FTX Fix Is In
  3. Reconciling Biden Classified Docs, Special Counsel Robert Hur and the Mar-A-Lago Entrapment Operation to Project Forward
  4. TRUMP CONFIRMS ANALYSIS OLD and NEW: Biden Classified Docs, CEFC China Energy Company, Money and Intelligence Laundering, Penn Biden Center and Hunter’s $50k Rent
  5. Kamala Harris Slipping Into the Executive Through the Back Door Is Overshadowed by Problematic Background, Ties to Bidens and CEFC China Energy Company, Intel Community Targets Pence
  6. Joe Biden Is a Conduit to Traffic Sensitive and Secret Information to America’s Greatest Geopolitical Threat, China: 1,850 Boxes Donated to the Biden Institute at University of Delaware

New developments further expand our comprehensive understanding.

The first development hinges on our understanding that Zelensky is a puppet of the Obama/Biden cartel and on the Ukrainian side, he was installed by oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi. Kolomoyskyi was just raided by Ukrainian authorities in an “anti-corruption” operation.

As I always state, timing is everything and it’s front and center here. Consider that Kolomoyskyi was raided the day “after the US Treasury issued a (dubious) statement saying US authorities have found no evidence of misuse of the billions in US aid funds flowing into Ukraine sent there by the Biden Administration.” [Zero Hedge]

In short, this is another cover-up operation to vacuum up evidence and seal it away.

In another example of peculiar timing with an even more peculiar outcome, yesterday and in a consensual agreement to circumvent the need for a warrant, the FBI searched Joe Biden’s Rehoboth, Delaware beach house for more classified documents.

The problematic aspects of the Rehoboth search and the asserted and ongoing cover-up operations are found in a recent publication from attorney Jonathan Turley.

From the article and in evidence that the FBI’s handling of the classified documents case against Biden has made the case more difficult to prove, Turley states [emphasis added],

The FBI issued the “all clear” on its latest search of one of President Biden’s residences. The announcement came with the first day of special counsel Robert Hur on the job at the Justice Department.

Hur may find that the Biden legal team feels that “all clear” extends beyond the latest search. It could be challenging to make a criminal case after how the investigation has been handled.

At every stage, the FBI has adopted an approach that would compromise or complicate any criminal charge.

The FBI left the home untouched for over three months after classified documents were found in Biden’s former office in DC. While it was recently learned that the FBI did go to that office a couple weeks later, they reportedly elected to have personal counsel for the president conduct searches on the residences. Biden then spent weeks traveling to these residences after the FBI waited to search the premises.

The private searches clearly went through these documents and moved (and potentially organized) material. Despite being given the opportunity to conduct and record the initial searches, the FBI will now have to rely on the accounts of private counsel on how these documents were originally left, including any visible classification markings. […]

The FBI allowed uncleared private counsel to tread all over these scenes, creating a nightmare of chain of custody.

It then waited weeks to send its own agents to places like Rehoboth Beach as counsel and the Bidens frequented the property. […]

The FBI is moving no more aggressively with other possible areas containing classified material. The FBI still has not reportedly searched the massive trove of Biden documents being stored at the University of Delaware. Reports indicate that Biden removed classified material as senator and these records cover that period. Looking for a few documents in Rehoboth Beach and not the university (roughly 80 miles away) with a truckload of documents is like driving past the ocean to go fishing in a wading pool. […]

It is hard to see how this investigation would yield a solid criminal case absent confirmation that Biden worked off clearly classified material. If so, he showed both intent and knowledge of unlawful possession during prior years. It would also make his categorical denials of any knowledge appear more sinister and incriminating.

Either way, none of this suggests “transparency,” as Biden likes to boast.

Attorney Jonathan Turley

As soon as the Biden classified documents scandal broke, I branded it a cover-up operation in the same vein as the others I have listed. Turley’s keen analysis directly supports my analysis in direct evidence of the position.

It doesn’t stop at that position; however, in the sense that the puzzle pieces can’t only be examined individually. Rather and for comprehensive understanding, the individual pieces must be all assembled so that the entire picture can be examined. That’s the only way to ascertain a fulsome account of the corruption, crime and treason undoing this Republic and that’s what we’ve done in this piece and in the full body of work at Moonshine.

What that comprehensive analysis tells us is that Joe Biden has expended his utilitarian value for the intelligence community and they are in the process of removing him from the Executive whether that be in time for 2024 or sooner.

Before that can occur; however, extensive clean-up and cover-up operations must ensue and that’s exactly and precisely what we’re bearing witness to now as postulated and evidenced.

Americans are catching on to both the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct and the money laundering operations in Ukraine as they begin questioning how much of their money is being sent there.

Good job, America. You’re on the right track. When you reach the end of those tracks, we’ll be there waiting for you and at that point, we’ll take steps together to get back what is rightfully ours – America.



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