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Marco Polo Issues Formal Response to Gateway Pundit’s Smear Tactics, Libelous Error and False Accusation

-30 Jan 23-

Three days following heavy handed smear tactics from The Gateway Pundit that rise to a libelous error and the leveling of false accusations, Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo have hit back with a detailed and clear formal response putting the shoddy “journalism” in its place. The contextual backdrop to this story is found in this article: SWING and a MISS: Shoddy Forensics Causes Gateway Pundit to Embarrass Itself and Defame Marco Polo with Attempted Smear Tactics.

The basis of the allegation by The Gateway Pundit is found in this:

In it, author and TGP founder Joe Hoft says this,

The Marco Polo Group is changing documents they claim to be from Hunter Biden’s laptop.  The documents might have originally been from the laptop, but the Marco Polo Group is editing them and now they are useless because they’ve been edited. […] The Marco Polo document cannot be used in a court of law because of this discrepancy alone.

Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit
Political Moonshine

The formal response from Ziegler and Marco Polo is based upon this:

The explanation is this: The email was originally created by Hunter Biden on a Macbook in an email file. Therefore, when the email is accessed to be printed or saved to PDF by a third party, the programming automatically adjusts the timestamp of the email from its authorship by Biden to the timezone of the third-party reader accessing it. That is a full stop explanation.

You can read an Apple community help thread about this topic here: Incorrect Timestamp on Emails.

Political Moonshine

Here is the formal response to The Gateway Pundit’s erroneous and factually incorrect reporting as sourced from Marco Polo’s Telegram channel:

The evidence is clear and indisputable. The Gateway Pundit engaged in shoddy journalism that appears to be smear tactics at the same time it committed an egregious and libelous error while leveling a false accusation. At the least, The Gateway Pundit owes Ziegler and Marco Polo an apology and a retraction and at the most, they should alert their counsel on retainer for possible litigation that will amount to a difficult defense.

One of the consequences of The Gateway Pundit’s actions is that it caused us to take a closer look at XRVision, the company providing Biden emails to Gateway for publication.

XRVision is a Singapore based company with roots in Israel [note “Israel Police” at the bottom]; this from a publicly available slide presentation:

According to, which is “the authority of data for Israel’s burgeoning ecosystem of startups, investors, governments, corporations and engineers building and investing in Artificial Intelligence technologies,” XRVision provides “AI-based Video Content Analytics platform for uncontrolled, crowded and in-motion environments.”

From the same site,

XRVision is a leading Computer Vision Startup with an AI-based Video Content Analytics (VCA) for uncontrolled, crowded and in-motion environments. XRVision has a robust Facial Recognition (FR) solution capable of running on various form factors, from wearable, mobile and edge devices and up to high-performance centralized servers. XRvision FR is repeatedly ranked by customers and partners alike as the top performing engine when it comes to highly challenging environments. XRvision Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) portfolio includes over 40 out-of-the-box video analytics functions (rules) together with dozens of industry specific analytics for verticals such as Homeland Security, Smart Cities, Transportation (land, air and sea), Logistics, Manufacturing and Retail. XRVision IVA is widely recognized as the most robust, extensible and scalable AI-based IVA software solution in the market.

XRVision provides linkage between The Gateway Pundit, Asia and Israel in the domain of artificial intelligence and its associated domains as noted above.

Further Israeli linkage is found in this self-explanatory image:

Featured in this image are Benjamin Netanyahu, Andrew Breitbart, Larry Solov, Scott Johnson and Jim Hoft [individual standing in the back is unidentified]

According to the same slide presentation and additional sourcing, XRVision has two potentially problematic relationships with its “key technology partners”: Huawei and Hikvision.

In November 2022, both Hikvision and Huawei were targeted and sanctioned by the U.S. federal government because the companies present a national security risk for the United States.

U.S. regulators have imposed a ban on electronic equipment created by several major Chinese tech corporations, citing national security concerns.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted new rules on Nov. 25 that will prohibit the import or sale of Chinese communications equipment deemed to pose an unacceptable risk to national security.

The new rules will bar equipment from Chinese telecom firms Huawei and ZTE from being imported into or sold in the United States. The order will also prohibit telecommunications equipment and video surveillance equipment produced by Hytera, Hikvision, and Dahua, as well as the companies’ subsidiaries or affiliates. […]

“This is the culmination of a bipartisan effort spanning multiple presidential and FCC administrations, and it will help make Americans more secure by preventing hostile governments from using their technology exports to establish footholds in our networks,” said FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington.

The Epoch Times

Hikvision is the world’s leading provider of surveillance technology.

Huawei’s U.S. national security entanglements were exacerbated today:

The Biden administration has halted the provision of licenses for US companies to export technology to Huawei, as it moves closer to imposing a total ban on the sale of American technology to the Chinese telecom equipment maker.

According to the Financial Times, the commerce department has sent notification to various companies to let them know that it would not longer grant export licenses to sell American technology to Huawei – which US national security officials believe helps China engage in espionage.

Zero Hedge

According to another publicly available slide presentation on The ARK Initiative – Supercharging Investigative Research with Advanced Facial Recognition, Yaacov Apelbaum is the CTO of XRVision with over 25 years of experience in fusion center construction and intelligence community interaction whose areas of expertise include being an effective builder and mentor of multi-disciplinary and multi-national technology teams.

XRVision’s CTO Yaacov Apelbaum appears in Marco Polo’s report on the Hunter Biden laptop, which is the basis of Gateway Pundit’s libelous accusations against Ziegler and Marco Polo in footnote 2014]:

XRVision CTO Yaacov Apelbaum has an existing working relationship with Gateway Pundit as evidenced by these items:

  1. Misleading Narrative About a Supposed ‘Ukrainian Arms Dealer’
  2. Despite Our Evidence Showing the QAnon Movement Is Being Infiltrated by Russian Operatives – Leftist Reporter Clings to Antisemitic Infiltration to Hurt Movement
  3. BREAKING: Evidence of Biden Payments from China Support Tony Bobulinski and Show the Bidens Made Millions Swindling America

In the first article, I stated that, “TGP appears to be an influenced operation subject to a degree of control by the intelligence community. Who is Larry Johnson? Once CIA, always CIA. That’s Larry Johnson and that’s The Gateway Pundit.”

Now we see Gateway’s entanglements include the CTO of XRVision, Yaacov Apelbaum, which thread through Israel [Mossad] and China through XRVision’s technology partnerships with Hikvision and Huawei and whereby Apelbaum already had an existing working relationship with TGP.

If The Gateway Pundit isn’t what I’m suggesting it is, TGP should immediately retract its article and issue the apology to Ziegler and Marco Polo. If TGP doesn’t do those two things, it would appear that TGP is exactly what I’m suggesting it is – an operation that is subject to undue influence by the intelligence community – and those entanglements thread to Israel and China courtesy of XRVision.

The other thing The Gateway Pundit should do is notify counsel that it has defamed and committed libel against Ziegler and Marco Polo because of its own amateurish and shoddy reporting [smear tactics] and that litigation is now a distinct possibility.

Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo contributed to this article.



  1. Jan ShawJan Shaw February 1, 2023

    Interesting that TGP started putting this disclaimer on their articles after you published the first article about this:
    Please Note: This email is original source data taken directly from the Hunter Biden laptop computer by the investigator working with John Paul Mac Isaac. This is the only source of verifiable content for the Hunter Biden laptop. The chain of custody is known and complete. This is the only source that has chain of custody verification, has been authenticated and came from the original image from the Hunter Biden laptop.
    This is still in Is this to try to substantiate their claim about dates being altered, I wonder.

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