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You’re Swissbro, Right? Jack Maxey Confirms He’s Swissbro [Audio Recording]

A trusted source delivered to me an audio recording of Jack Maxey confirming in his own words that he is “Swissbro,” which marks an important development in what was clearly an orchestrated campaign to malign and marginalize Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo for the purpose of discrediting their authoritative dossier on the Biden laptop.

Was there ever an honest debate as to whether or not Jack Maxey was Swissbro? Now it’s been asked and answered as Jack Maxey himself confirms that he’s Swissbro in his own stammering words.

“You’re Swissbro, right? You’re the guy that’s been posting all this stuff on 4Chan?,” the anonymous voice asks.

Maxey replies, “Yeah, yeah, that was me.”

That’s not all Maxey said, though, as it was preceded by a string of stammering and unintelligible gibberish indicative of being caught off guard, uncomfortable and reticent to admit the obvious.

Listen for yourself. This exclusive audio was provided to Moonshine by a trusted source.

The contextual backdrop for all of this I summed up in the following.

The historical importance is noteworthy:

The team of Marco Polo stands to directly and significantly impact U.S. history in the unwinding of Hunter Biden’s hard drive and this is especially so since the duplicitous, corrupt and treasonous MSM has now come to admit that the hard drive exists and is real.

Political Moonshine

What follows is private dialogue [unedited] I shared on the same:

Shit is getting crazy. Tragic that it’s distracting from more important things. There is a reason it’s coming out now. My nickel is that Marco Polo releases more/different than Maxey and Maxey will be used to discredit Marco Polo and therefore discredit the truth. That’s how this shit works.

Political Moonshine

I took the above notion and reformulated it for posting on social media back in April 2022:

HEADLINE: Hunter Laptop Computer Repairman Says No Way 450 Gigs of Additional Data Was Included on Hunter’s Laptop

If Maxey claims that the Hunter Biden hard drive contains more data than what the shop owner verifies AND Maxey says he’s working with out-of-country IT specialists to recover something that doesn’t exist, it means:

  1. Maxey appears to be augmenting the existing hard drive data with fabricated information
  2. This in-part explains his pretext targeting and discrediting of Garrett Ziegler, Marco Polo and ToreSays
  3. Maxey’s role is what I’m saying it is – to control the fallout and mitigate the resulting damage from something unavoidable: the report that will be released by the Marco Polo team

The standoff between Garrett Ziegler [Marco Polo] and Jack “Swissbro” Maxey is incredibly important for the reasoning above. Maxey posted related content as “Swissbro” and then took to social media as Jack Maxey to re-post “Swissbro’s” content.

In other words, Maxey was constructing the front end of the campaign to discredit Ziegler’s and Marco Polo’s work.

And he got caught.

And now he’s admitted to it in his own words.

Meanwhile, Ziegler and Marco Polo stand firm on their work without even a sniff of litigation to challenge the dossier’s contents, reporting and accuracy.

In reply to earlier accusations on 4Chan that “Swissbro” was Maxey, “Swissbro” clearly replied, “Im [sic] not Jack.”

What “Swissbro” then claimed about himself, Maxey, is an exemplar for narcissistic, self-ingratiating, and dishonest behavior: “Just gotta respect that man for doing this. He had the drive first and dug trough this shit for months.”

Jack Maxey lies.

So does “Swissbro.”

Jack Maxey lied about the laptop’s contents.

Jack Maxey lied about being “Swissbro.”

“Swissbro” lied about being Maxey.

It would seem that no matter who touches what, it’s a lie. Don’t trust Maxey or “Swissbro” any more than you would trust Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

Maxey took the matter exactly where I said he would by claiming hard drive content amounts that exceeded the capacity of the device. That amounts to a clear discrediting campaign to control unavoidable fallout.

Without the pristine accuracy of Marco Polo and its authoritative dossier on the Biden laptop and the Biden Crime Family, this primary source evidence would have been discredited and outright dismissed from the embers of the failed “Russia, Russia, Russia” disinformation campaign executed by the intelligence community, DOJ, CIA, Obama, Clinton campaign, et al.

We should all be thanking Garrett Ziegler and the Marco Polo team for preserving historically worthy primary evidence and for their exceptional reporting on it. It makes Ziegler and the Marco Polo team historically worthy, indeed.

As for Maxey, well, he’s just “Swissbro.”

As for “Swissbro,” well, he’s just Maxey.

And both of them are lying about it.

In the end, they simply deserve one another.

To comprehend the broader picture, these four articles detail it all:



  1. Carol Frame June 19, 2023

    Why would Maxie lie about the laptop to discredit it? Is he just loonie tunes or ..???

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