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THE HUNTER BIDEN HARD DRIVE: Ziegler v. Maxey for the Truth, Maxey’s Self-Promotion as “Swissbro”

21 Mar 22

This is a short article serving three purposes: 1-As a follow-up to the article just published: THE HUNTER BIDEN HARD DRIVE: Ziegler v. Maxey for the Truth; 2-To put to rest any notions that Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo are anything but patriotic truth-tellers in service to America and Americans; and 3-To bring you exclusive and breaking information submitted to Moonshine about Jack Maxey.

In the first article, I proclaimed relative to Maxey that I don’t know jack about Jack. I’m learning more by the minute from some helpful “friends” – wink and a nod.

At 56 and somewhat stealing a page from NBC’s Brian Williams and his fake war story as a means of boosting his own profile, Maxey assumed the name “Swissbro” in an effort to promote himself. Here are the receipts provided to me [no control over image quality.]

“Swissbro”, huh? Pathetic. Even worse, Maxey wasn’t even the first to get to the Hunter Biden hard drive as he claims and as he asserts in his efforts to discredit Ziegler and Marco Polo. That honor belongs to the New York Post circa 14 Oct 20. No honor belongs to Maxey.

Ziegler and Marco Polo v. Maxey and “Swissbro” – it’s not even a contest. Choose wisely.



  1. A C March 22, 2022

    Perfection. Taking out the garbage one (D)bag at a time.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 23, 2022

      Thank you. I appreciate that a bunch. For the record, I’m less concerned about Maxey and entirely consumed in standing up for Garrett and the Marco Polo crew. I know they’re doing an excellent job because I’ve been in conversation with them on the effort for a long time. I would NEVER have even mentioned Maxey or written about him had he not gone on the attack going directly after GZ/MP and for what? Insecurity and the fragile ego of someone who feels threatened by another years his junior? How absurd….

  2. Silver Sunday March 22, 2022

    I started listening to WarRoom right after 11/3/2020
    Maxes was cohost, then one day he was not there any more and never mentioned… anyone know why? Or guesses why?

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 23, 2022

      I’ll see what I can find out…. good comment. Appreciated. Thank you.

      • Bob Loblaw March 28, 2022

        Update on dude being exited from WarRoom? Also, despite being more interested in GZ/MP than Maxey-Swissbro (#metoo), it would be helpful if you could update or link to a more legible image. This one is only partially so.

      • Political Moonshine Post author | April 8, 2022

        Replied back from the email notification dropping it into your account. I posted the only image I had and it was provided to me. Marco Polo will present the same image and it may be a better copy. No information on Maxey’s departure from WarRoom aside from speculation. I believe his role to be controlling and mitigating the damage from the unavoidable fallout from the hard drive.


  3. Shannon March 23, 2022

    Thank you. Glad to see someone calling it like it is. I never even heard of Maxie, till suddenly someone shared is “I’m working on the Hunter laptop, blah blah”. Then I saw his resch out to Garrett. Oy vey, what a poor son, hasbeen.

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