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MARCO POLO and THE BIDEN LAPTOP: The Gateway Pundit Is Having Its Cake and Eating It, Too

The Marco Polo team founded by former Trump White House advisor Garrett Ziegler is unquestionably the authoritative voice on the Biden family’s criminality and worse as evidenced by the Hunter Biden laptop. Moreover, Marco Polo’s historically worthy dossier is the definitive report on the laptop. Most importantly, it’s the light of truth that is the best measuring stick for the aggregate of Marco Polo’s forensic examination of the Bidens.

The truth knows no bounds and no matter the circumstances, the truth always eventually prevails.

The truth is why Marco Polo, its dossier and its reporting will prevail.

Interestingly but not surprisingly, Marco Polo initially fought an uphill battle in getting prominent “news” outlets to pick-up on its massive dossier and the truthful revelations contained in it.

Meanwhile and more recently, the intelligence community has begun the process of packaging-up Joe Biden and shipping him and potentially Kamala Harris out for a reset of one side of the ‘Uniparty’ coin for 2024.

With the intelligence community’s green-lighted effort to remove Biden, Marco Polo has seen an uptick in “news” outlets adhering to marching orders and now embracing Marco Polo, Garrett Ziegler and the laptop dossier.

Consequently, Ziegler, the staunch conservative and fearless proponent of the truth, has been busy making the interview rounds to discuss the dossier on one of the most corrupt and criminal US presidential administrations ever; leaving plenty of room for George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush and, of course, Barack Obama to compete for the title.

There’s another issue at hand; however, and it’s made by asking this question: Why is it that right-leaning to heavy right outlets have been reluctant to go all-in on Marco Polo and its dossier until now?

A perfect example is the reporting at The Gateway Pundit.

Let me be clear – The Gateway Pundit [TGP] remains my homepage because it’s an excellent and timely aggregator of news stories at the same time it publishes its own content.

Analysts and investigators don’t create news stories rather we assign proper attribution and meaning to those stories and facts sets that often escape mainstream media outlets.

For this reason, TGP, is incredibly valuable just like Zero Hedge and the resulting analysis at Moonshine has kept readers astutely in front of the “news” often by years.

That said, I’ve not pulled a single punch when evaluating TGP’s handling of the Marco Polo dossier; perhaps being one of the only independent investigative analysts to accurately report on the matter.

The backstory is simple and can be gleaned from the following articles:

Those articles paint a clear and inarguable picture that not only did The Gateway Pundit refuse to initially give coverage to Marco Polo and its dossier; TGP instead chose to assume an attack position to undermine and discredit Marco Polo.


It’s already been asked and answered and it pertains to the intelligence community.

As a heavily right-leaning outlet, wouldn’t TGP have an immediate interest in giving coverage to Marco Polo and its dossier as a water-tight piece of forensic analysis containing primary source evidence; and where those things would directly support and evidence myriad TGP reporting on the Biden family’s criminality?

Of course it would.

It did not, though, and the intelligence community is directly in the crosshairs.

My work completed for an attorney client and featured on my professional site [E D I F Y Research & Consulting] irrefutably evidences the intelligence community’s rampant and blatant censorship of the Biden laptop story as a 2020 election issue: ONE, TWO, THREE.

This is one of several graphic illustrations from the first article detailing it:

The nexus between The Gateway Pundit and the intelligence community; and TGP’s blatant attack on Marco Polo for its dossier, is TGP author and contributor Larry Johnson.

Johnson is former CIA and once CIA, always CIA.

By all appearances, Johnson was coordinating reporting at TGP to accomplish a specific and ulterior agenda on behalf of the intelligence community and now we have the direct evidence to speak to it.

Johnson’s specific work on the Biden family laptop rested on journalist Jack Maxey and his reporting on the same.

Maxey claimed that his version of the laptop contained more information than the device could technically hold; further claiming that it was somehow different than what Marco Polo had produced.

The distinction drawn between Maxey and Marco Polo is a purposeful one designed to discredit the latter.

Even worse and pathetically so, Maxey went as far as assuming the identify of “Swissbro” in a public forum to promote his own theories and work.

Maxey was later duped into admitting that he was “Swissbro” as discussed in the article linked above that includes an audio recording of Maxey’s admission.

Johnson, Maxey and XRVision CTO Yaacov Apelbaum assumed an attack position resting on the above distinctions in Maxey’s reporting to discredit Ziegler, Marco Polo and its Biden laptop dossier.

Ziegler and Marco Polo issued a formal response to The Gateway Pundit’s fraudulent reporting, which I also covered in a linked article above.

The Marco Polo response included demands for the fraudulent article to be retracted and an apology issued.

To date, The Gateway Pundit has refused to do either.

Here’s where things become overly problematic for The Gateway Pundit, Larry Johnson, Jack Maxey and Yaacov Apelbaum.

On 11 Jul 23, TGP featured a “guest post” by Jerome Corsi entitled ‘Jerome Corsi-Biden Family Crime-559 Days Left in Biden Presidency and Still No Serious Criminal Indictments.’

In his piece, Corsi relies entirely on the Marco Polo dossier on the Biden laptop to evidence his analysis and more [emphasis added],

Biden Family Crime #2: 18 U.S. Code § 1952 – Interstate and foreign travel or transportation in aid of racketeering enterprises.

Source: Marco Polo, “Report on the Biden Laptop,” pages 84-86.Tuesday, July 11, 2023: 559 Days Left in Biden Presidency and Still No Serious Criminal Indictments.

Marco Polo, a 501(c)3 organization, has produced a 641-page full-color book entitled “Report on the Biden Laptop” that can be read in its entirety here and downloaded free as a .pdf file hereEvery weekday, TGF [sic] plans to detail the Marco Polo allegations of Biden Family crimes as graphically portrayed (with reference to the page numbers in the Marco Polo “Report on the Biden Laptop.” In their published report, Marco Polo details their evidence for what Marco Polo claims are 459 Biden family crimes.  TGP will not publish the sexually explicit photographs from the Hunter Biden laptop that can be seen independently in the Marco Polo report.  TGP’s goal is to draw the attention of readers to reporting done by Marco Polo.  Nothing Marco Polo reported chronicling of Biden family alleged crimes has been altered by TGP.  Our goal is to drive readers to download and read the Marco Polo report for themselves to make their own independent judgments. […]

TGP wants to know what, if anything, the Biden administration has done to investigate the Marco Polo allegations of Biden Family Crime #2 as reported by Marco Polo.   TGP suspects the Biden administration is engaged in a continuing coverup, reflecting a. [sic] political bias aimed at excusing Democrats while seeking to imprison Republicans in politically motivated FBI criminal investigations and DOJ criminal indictments.

[Note: Time stamps on Biden laptop downloads may reflect the time Marco Polo downloaded the raw file, not the date the raw file was created.]

Jerome Corsi at The Gateway Pundit

The same Gateway Pundit that earlier attempted to discredit Marco Polo and its dossier on the Biden laptop is now using that same dossier to evidence its own proprietary journalism while planning to feature the dossier every weekday.

The same Gateway Pundit that earlier attempted to use timestamps as one method of discrediting Marco Polo’s dossier, WHICH I DEFINITIVELY AND EXCLUSIVELY PUT TO REST IN CONJUNCTION WITH MARCO POLO [article linked above], is now citing that exact same and precise evidence as an important factual aspect of the dossier.

The Gateway Pundit must tie-up its loose ends and engage with Garrett Ziegler and the Marco Polo team to accomplish its own stated goals as outlined by Corsi.

Before The Gateway Pundit does this, it must retract the original fraudulent attack piece, admit the errors in its shoddy and libelous reporting, which it now passively admits to with the reporting from Corsi, and issue the Marco Polo team and Garrett Ziegler the long overdue apology it deserves.

Any failure on the part of The Gateway Pundit to do exactly and all of this as outlined will amount to a substantial self-admission of erroneous reporting that makes TGP appear to be having its cake and eating it, too.

For The Gateway Pundit, if it fails to make the retraction and issue the apology, it will make the outlet no better than the rest of the lapdog media and “news” subject to control by the intelligence community.

Or is that Larry Johnson’s role at TGP?

For Marco Polo, it should keep its head down and remain full steam ahead because like the truth, Marco Polo will prevail.

The Bidens will not.



  1. reneerc July 12, 2023

    Excellent article. I’m hoping that TGP will do the correct thing in removing the previous article and issuing an apology. All conservatives need to be standing together. If they don’t, it will add all the more to questions regarding Larry Johnson’s role there.

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