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Friend, Colleague and Patriot Garrett Ziegler Targeted by Biden Lawfare Over Hunter’s Laptop and Marco Polo’s Forensic Report

At first, the Hunter Biden laptop was not Hunter Biden’s and the mainstream media swore up and down that this was true. Then 51 intelligence officials inked their names on a document stating that Hunter Biden’s laptop was just Russian disinformation. The mainstream media swore up and down again. Then Hunter Biden’s laptop became Hunter Biden’s laptop and the swearing stopped. Along the way, friend, colleague and patriot Garrett Ziegler obtained a copy of said laptop and in conjunction with his 501[c][3] Marco Polo group, unpacked and published it all in an historically worthy forensic quality report so that Americans could learn the sordid truth about the most corrupt First Family in history.

Now, the same Hunter Biden that leveraged the White House, DOJ, media and social media to bury the laptop story while maintaining it’s not his, is predicating a civil suit against Ziegler resting on the basis of the Hunter Biden laptop being Hunter Biden’s laptop.

[Image sourced from my work at EDIFY Research & Consulting]

In between it all, The Gateway Pundit, Jack Maxey, et al have been angling in on Ziegler and Marco Polo by first denying due coverage to the work up until it was unavoidable – cover it or be left behind by others who are – and then giving it coverage by sowing a false narrative that Marco Polo had digitally altered the primary source evidence.

Ultimately, it was TGP’s own shoddy forensic analysis and failure to understand automated email timestamps that was to blame.

Maxey was then caught using the pseudonym “Swissbro” to promote his own work and once that came to light, the self-aggrandizing Maxey unraveled at the seams and disappeared.

This article is the most recent in a series covering it all and it contains links to the others: MARCO POLO and THE BIDEN LAPTOP: The Gateway Pundit Is Having Its Cake and Eating It, Too.

TGP’s reporting changed and it left Ziegler and Marco Polo standing alone as the authoritative and definitive source on an authentic Hunter Biden laptop.

Therein lies the real reason Hunter Biden is targeting Ziegler personally in civil litigation – because the laptop is authentic and Marco Polo’s lawful possession and publication of it is water-tight and reliably laser accurate.

Ergo, when truth stands in the way of self-preservation, attack the bearer of truth.

That is a comprehensive and full stop explanation for Biden’s lawfare targeting of Ziegler.

As we learned yesterday, reporting indicates that Hunter Biden has filed suit against Garrett Ziegler for the analysis and report he compiled on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the resulting report on it.

I’ve reached-out to Ziegler for remarks and will present them once received.

Here’s what I do know.

My background is in fraud work and I routinely prepared highly complex written summary reports of investigative and analytical findings that were submitted to my principals, which were primarily law firms and insurance companies.

That work and those reports were used to make determinations in legally contested matters and so the work and the investigator are subject to being examined in trials.

The level and quality of Marco Polo’s forensic report is expert and meets the rigorous standards for work in the field while it features troves of primary and secondary evidence and sourcing.

Marco Polo’s report relies on academic styled sourcing and citing and it is arduous, copious and expansive in support of Marco Polo’s analysis and findings; and where the citations are open-source based.

By augmenting and reinforcing primary and secondary source information and evidence contained on the laptop with open-source citations, Marco Polo creates a deep and wide container for the truth and it is one with no apparent weaknesses, flaws or holes.

Ultimately, the Marco Polo dossier on Hunter Biden’s laptop is a technically proficient and accurate forensic report that meets requisite standards and is suitable for submission in legal and investigative matters.

Marco Polo’s technically proficient report is designed by Ziegler to withstand the test of time while also meeting Ziegler’s demands for the work and report to be in-line statutorily and within the tenets of sound journalistic practices.

Marco Polo didn’t shoot from the hip.

Ziegler was tactical and methodical in his approach creating a model for the work and then deploying the model to pursue that work with the tenacity of a honey badger.

In several words, it was a systematic model of exhaustiveness and evidenced accuracy.

Notice the complete dearth and absence of litigation against one particular aspect of Ziegler’s and Marco Polo’s work: the merits of Marco Polo’s report contents.

No one is taking people to task over the veracity of the information because they can’t.

This is why the Bidens are targeting Ziegler the individual – the messenger.

It is because the message of truth is irrefutable.

The truth is impervious to scrutiny through any lens framed by fidelity.

Ergo the truth teller must be targeted and attacked.

As goes the truth teller, so goes the truth, or so they hope.

Here’s what I also know.

Garrett Ziegler is a good man, good friend and fierce patriot who is willing to fearlessly do what is needed for the benefit of all Americans; even those who detest him and consider him their enemy.

I’ve been to Ziegler’s home and have stayed with him and his family.

I’ve sat in Ziegler’s office examining a draft of this very dossier long before its publication and listening to threatening voicemails received directly from a DEA agent over the testimony of a federal whistleblower who is now dead.

When the intelligence community came-out to contest the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop, I had long been in possession of a copy of that very laptop provided by Ziegler.

An ongoing and years-long private dialogue with the Marco Polo team and others; along with opportunities to contribute to the report’s production, has provided me with a keen and exclusive understanding of how the report was produced from behind the scenes.

It’s as easy as saying that Ziegler and the expanded Marco Polo team are tremendous individual Americans making monumental sacrifices and functioning in a dangerous landscape doing difficult work for the American people and this nation altogether.

They deserve everyone’s support and backing.

The Bidens deserve to be excoriated and worse over their rampant deployment of lawfare to attack Joe Biden’s political opposition and now Garrett Ziegler accounts for one more victim.

In response to Biden’s suit, Ziegler had this to say to CBS News:

“I nor the nonprofit, Marco Polo, have been served with a lawsuit — but the one I read this morning out of the Central District of California should embarrass Winston & Strawn LLP. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on,” adding “Apart from the numerous state and federal laws and regulations which protect authors like me and the publishing that Marco Polo does, it’s not lost on us that Joe’s son filed this SLAPP one day after a so-called Impeachment Inquiry into his father was announced. The president’s son is a disgrace to our great nation.

Garrett Ziegler [Zero Hedge]

Recall my early reporting on the Biden laptop relative to Marco Polo when I said this about attempts to discredit the report citing augmented or altered contents:

There is important contextual backdrop to this entire story that envelops The Gateway Pundit and it’s this: TGP’s latest article isn’t their first attempt to discredit Marco Polo, albeit indirectly by giving its coverage to Jack Maxey, who made remarkable claims not proved that would effectively dispatch the accurate report provided by Marco Polo. I explained it in a Telegram Post on 08 Apr 22:

HEADLINE: Hunter Laptop Computer Repairman Says No Way 450 Gigs of Additional Data Was Included on Hunter’s Laptop

If Maxey claims that the Hunter Biden hard drive contains more data than what the shop owner verifies AND Maxey says he’s working with out-of-country IT specialists to recover something that doesn’t exist, it means:

  1. Maxey appears to be augmenting the existing hard drive data with fabricated information
  2. This in-part explains his pretext targeting and discrediting of Garrett Ziegler, Marco Polo and ToreSays
  3. Maxey’s role is what I’m saying it is – to control the fallout and mitigate the resulting damage from something unavoidable: the report that will be released by the Marco Polo team




Here’s is today’s smear piece from The Gateway Pundit for your independent consumption: Why Is the Marco Polo Group Editing Documents Found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop?

Political Moonshine

Now consider this aspect of Biden’s suit against Ziegler as reported [emphasis added], “The 13-page lawsuit alleges that Ziegler and others violated federal and California privacy laws by “accessing, tampering with, manipulating, altering, copying and damaging computer data” gathered from Hunter Biden’s purported laptop and iPhone cloud storage without consent.

One possible paralleling objective for this Biden lawfare suit may be to leverage the civil side in filing against Ziegler to discredit the veracity of the dossier as evidence in possible future criminal trials against Hunter and Joe Biden, as I initially stated.

If the case can be made that the tree has been poisoned and the laptop is no good as the fruit of evidence, the ramifications could be damaging to otherwise credible evidence in a long list of crimes committed by Hunter and Joe Biden.

Another thing to consider is the timing of Hunter Biden’s lawsuit relative to the timing of Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry.

By miring the Biden laptop and the Marco Polo dossier in litigation; and by making Ziegler a defendant in the same litigation, the Bidens may be trying to obstruct the availability of that evidence for an impeachment trial of Joe Biden.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Biden-Ziegler suit including any response received from Ziegler.



  1. pa96er September 15, 2023

    Ive been following Ziegler for 2 or 3 years now and have always been impressed by his balls of steel. It’s not mentioned in the article but fighting off lawfare is expensive. Ziegler is going to need all the help he can get. I donated what I could afford. In a world of grifters, he truly is one of the good guys and does exactly what he says.

  2. Tim Ozman September 22, 2023

    One of the 10 unnamed defendants being sued is Marcus Goldfinch.

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