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Ziegler Responds to Biden Lawfare Inquiry Over Marco Polo Laptop Report, Further Analysis Uncovers More Chinese Entanglements

Two days ago, I penned a piece about the Biden Crime Family’s lawfare suit against friend, colleague and patriot, Garrett Ziegler. The lawsuit filed by Winston & Strawn LLP on behalf of Hunter Biden targets Ziegler and his Marco Polo 501[c][3] outfit for its forensic analysis and publicly available report on the Hunter Biden laptop contents.

As with all lawfare litigation, this is a fraudulently constructed case forged into place by bending, embellishing and extrapolating a basic fact set until the Biden side had established a desired narrative for its filing.

Ziegler addresses this aspect of the suit [linked short video at the bottom] in his response to the inquiry made at the time the lawsuit article was written:

It’s important to note that the tactical objective in targeting Ziegler and Marco Polo, which as a 501[c][3] outfit relies entirely upon private third party donations for all of its funding, is to literally halt the collective effort to publicly disseminate the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop contents by bankrupting Ziegler the man and Marco Polo the team.

The Bidens and the wealth behind them will drag this litigation out trying to bleed Ziegler and Marco Polo dry in what amounts to a financial war of attrition between David and Goliath.

The other political, strategic and tactical objectives of the Biden lawfare operation are multifaceted and I detail that analysis in the first article; extending the analysis to the impact on the future judicial landscape relative to Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption and criminality in a wide swath of contexts covered arduously and extensively at Moonshine.

In the brief exchange with Ziegler, his urgency about raising legal defense funds was palpable, a priority and pressing.

In a subsequent conversation with a Marco Polo team member, Ziegler and team appear to face legal expenses that are commensurate with a lawsuit of this magnitude and nature; presumably making those expenses substantial.

As evidenced below, Marco Polo has set its current fundraising goal for legal defense funds at $175,000.

It is obvious that Marco Polo needs considerably more help from Americans who are able to assist noting that only $33,043 has been received so far [at time of writing].


Existing analysis shows the Biden Administration’s capture and conversion of the Judiciary into a tactical lawfare weapon targeting Biden’s political opposition and so it’s reasonable to believe that the battleground for Ziegler and Marco Polo is a detrimentally slanted one; meaning they face a long, uphill, expensive and difficult fight.

In evidence of this position, let’s consider the trial venue and judge [source]:

District Court, C.D. California falls under the notoriously and progressively liberal Ninth Circuit as the the most populous federal trial court serving over 19 million people in Central and Southern California.

The Biden Administration says this about Judge Hernan D. Vera, [emphasis added]:

Judge Hernán D. Vera: Nominee for the United States District Court for the Central District of California

Judge Hernán D. Vera has served as a judge on the Los Angeles County Superior Court since 2020.  He previously worked as a principal at Bird Marella P.C. from 2015 to 2020.  From 2002 to 2014, Judge Vera worked for Public Counsel, the largest pro bono public interest law firm in the nation, first as a directing attorney and later as president and CEO.  From 1997 to 2002 and 1994 to 1995, Judge Vera worked as an associate and counsel at O’Melveny & Myers LLP.  He worked as a staff attorney for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund from 1996 to 1997.  Judge Vera served as a law clerk for Judge Consuelo B. Marshall on the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California from 1995 to 1996.  He received his J.D. from UCLA School of Law in 1994 and his B.A., with distinction, from Stanford University in 1991.

Biden White House

Judge Vera’s associations and resume are loaded with progressive liberalism and Chinese entanglements.

Vera clerked for a longtime liberal who more recently has presided over cases involving gun rights, BLM riots, abortion, etc. in Judge Consuelo B. Marshall.

Marshall was recommended by Democratic U.S. Senator Alan Cranston and appointed by Democratic President Jimmy Carter.

This is Public Counsel, which is a bona fide champion of pro bono service in progressive liberal matters:

This is Bird Mardella P.C. and its Chinese principal, Fanxi Wang:

This O’Melveny & Meyers LLP, which has a Beijing office and a substantial presence in China:

This is Joe Biden who via his son, Hunter Biden, brokered a private equity deal with the CEFC China Energy Company, which was the economic arm of China’s primary hegemonic doctrine One Belt, One Road; and where the political arm is the CCP and it’s all backed by the PLA.

The private equity deal with CEFC is a central node to the literal treason on the part of the Biden Crime Family and I’ve referenced Joe Biden as a Chinese proxy in no fewer than 92 articles; including Biden’s retention of classified and secret documents and intelligence for Beijing.

This is Joe Biden’s Acting Secretary of Labor, Julie A. Su, who, “Prior to her appointment as California labor commissioner…was the litigation director at Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles, the nation’s largest non-profit civil rights organization devoted to issues affecting the Asian American community. Su is known for pioneering a multi-strategy approach that combines successful impact litigation with multiracial organizing, community education, policy reform, coalition building and media work.”

Her bio indicates that, “Su has taught at UCLA Law School and Northeastern Law School. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School and began her career with a Skadden Fellowship. Su speaks Mandarin and Spanish.”

A piece at The Nation evidences Chinese ties for Su, who also previously served California Governor Gavin Newsom: “Su…with a degree from Harvard Law School, was born in Madison, Wis., to immigrant parents (her mother, unable to afford a ticket on a passenger ship, came to the United States on a cargo ship from China; her father is from Taiwan). The family moved to the Los Angeles area when Su was a young child, and Southern California has been the family home ever since.”

The Guardian reports that, “When Biden nominated her, Su explained “my mom came to the United States on a cargo ship” from China because she couldn’t afford a passenger ticket. Born in Madison and growing up outside Los Angeles, Su went to Stanford and Harvard Law School, and then became a lawyer for an LA-based advocacy group Asian Americans Advancing Justice.”

Note that both Stanford and Harvard are institutions evidenced in existing analysis to be heavily infiltrated by China and entangled in things like the massive FTX/U.S. politburo/Ukraine money laundering operation with Joe Biden as the primary beneficiary and the COVID-19 construct of enterprise fraud that was leveraged to remove a sitting president and install Biden.

Also note that Judge Vera is a Stanford product.

Lastly, note that Su is the ex-spouse of Judge Vera; the divorce case being classified as “Disposed – Other Disposed” with a judgement issued October 2019.

Joe and Hunter Biden signed a private equity deal with the CEFC China Energy Company.

Evidence of that deal is contained on the Hunter Biden laptop.

Other Biden/China entanglements are contained on the Hunter Biden laptop.

Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo came to possess the Hunter Biden laptop and then produce a technically proficient forensic report on it according to freedom of the press, journalistic tenets and the First Amendment.

Hunter Biden then sues Ziegler and Marco Polo over the laptop and the report in the notoriously and progressively liberal Ninth Circuit.

The Judiciary controlled by Hunter’s father President Joe Biden, then assigns the case to a judge with deep and enmeshed Chinese entanglements and a service record of progressive liberal causes.

This judge happens to be married to Biden’s Labor Secretary, who happens to be the child of a Chinese immigrant.

And Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo are supposed to receive an impartial trial?

Why is it that every time I yank a thread, it ultimately strings back to China?

That’s a rhetorical question, friends.

In reply to my inquiry, Garrett also provided this, which I encourage you to watch for a short but comprehensive overview [3:14] of the Biden lawfare he and team face: or



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