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You’re Swissbro, Right? Jack Maxey Confirms He’s Swissbro [Audio Recording]

In a brief follow-up article on the Garrett Ziegler/Marco Polo and Jack Maxey/"Swissbro" standoff over the Biden laptop, an audio recording is provided to Moonshine by a trusted source containing Maxey admitting to being "Swissbro" in his own words.

MARCO POLO and THE BIDEN LAPTOP: The Gateway Pundit Is Having Its Cake and Eating It, Too

After earlier attempts by The Gateway Pundit, Larry Johnson, Jack Maxey and Yaacov Apelbaum to discredit Garrett Ziegler, the Marco Polo team and its Biden laptop dossier, TGP reverses course, contradicts itself and embraces it all with no apology extended or attack article retracted. The Gateway Pundit is having its cake and eating it, too.

THE HUNTER BIDEN HARD DRIVE: Ziegler v. Maxey for the Truth, Maxey’s Self-Promotion as “Swissbro”

This is a short article serving three purposes: 1-As a follow-up to the article just published: THE HUNTER BIDEN HARD DRIVE: Ziegler v. Maxey for the Truth; 2-To put to rest any notions that Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo are anything but patriotic truth-tellers in service to America and Americans; and 3-To bring you exclusive and breaking information submitted to Moonshine about Jack Maxey.

It’s Not a Coup When the Primary Asset Absconds With the Primary Target and the Payoff; All $6.2 Billion of It

The third article in a short series on the spoiled Russian coup. After examining competing positions and further evidence, the Western intelligence community still has its fingerprints all over this abject failure with an apparent $6.2 billion price tag.