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This is by no means a deep dig on the foreign policy and military scenarios facing the President with Iran, Iraq and the Middle East in general. In fact, I’ve been holding off on writing something like this despite my immediate reaction and speculation. I wanted to write promptly about the very real possibility of a ‘false flag’ scenario that could be devised to trigger a significant military escalation by the President. Such an escalation would be a palpable detriment to the President and his chances for reelection. This is precisely why it stands as an actual and plausible scenario and one of which everybody should be keenly aware. Nothing has stopped this criminal cabal thus far, so why should we rule-out a regional or global war as triggered by a ‘false flag’ event? We wouldn’t.

Rather, this is an acknowledgement of the actual forces and opportunities this construct creates for others (DSSG/MIC/President’s enemies) to either manipulate the administration towards ulterior objectives and/or to goad the President into taking action for the same express purpose – achieving ulterior objectives that are assuredly unknown to him. Notable – this isn’t to say that the President is fully in the dark. It’s to say that although the President may have his own speculation, information and intelligence about such plausible scenarios, which he most certainly does, whatever those objectives are, they aren’t intended for the President to know.

Sometimes this exact strategy is deployed by the President’s (any and all presidents) cabinet so as to insulate him and create a scenario known as “plausible deniability.” In such a case, this strategy erects a barrier between an event and sensitive information about that event and in a way to protect the President from criticism, blow-back and fall-out (think “need to know basis.”) This scenario gets wagged-out in the MSM all of the time. That’s not the case here, though. These efforts are universally nefarious.

Before we get into it, here is some important background information germane to this article:

1. THIS confirmed my prediction for Trump’s response to Iranian retaliation (Soleimani) the day before the President gave his “Dark to Light” speech (click link for visual.) The article also provides a link to the original item predicting what the President’s position would be.

2. THIS outlines Speaker Pelosi’s effort to intercede on Constitutional and legal authority that the President possess in his role as Commander in Chief of the US military. This measure was passed by the House late this week and was surprisingly supported by some Republicans angling for reelection with war-weary constituents.

3. THIS revisits the notion that the 25th Amendment option remains entirely in play, albeit on the sidelines and after several previous litmus tests in the MSM. In this case, the DSSG angle would be to entangle Iran and the 25th Amendment to use circular logic to oust the President based on his mental disposition.

The circular logic strategy is the same one that was used to launder the Steele dossier as legitimate intelligence. The DSSG players are using legitimate federal mechanisms to give credence to illegitimate intelligence. In this case, it’s the same play but in a different context and it represents exactly how public consent is fraudulently manufactured.

4. THIS is an earlier article providing a backdrop to the 25th Amendment angle and is offered in support of the previous point.

5. THIS outlines John Brennan’s most critical step as it relates to the framing of the President germane to the FISA process and the Steele Dossier. This singular step is the crux of the intelligence laundering effort.

6. THIS outlines the DSSG’s initial propaganda effort to scaffold and support the emerging Iran/Iraq construct.

7. THIS is from the old website and it’s a deep dig into Iran as the next possible target for US hegemonic expansion. It was written in April 2019. THIS is a follow-up item to the original article that was written in June 2019. Important: In these items and based upon the information available at the time, I considered whether there was any quid pro quo between the President as it relates to concessions on Iran that would be favorable to the DSSG/MIC. Please note that subsequent evidence has since ruled-out any such quid pro quo deal.

It is important to understand that the source of any such ulterior objectives remains the same – it’s the bureaucratic entanglement and entrenched cohort represented by corrupt self-serving politicians, unelected lifetime bureaucrats (SES), bankers, representatives of the MIC, the DSSG, etc. Those efforts appear to have been funneled through the intelligence apparatus with former CIA Director John Brennan calling the shots and coordinating with former President Barack Obama and his officials.

These ulterior objectives are analog to the roots of a tree in the sense that they are deep, buried, entangled, widely spread, mostly unseen and therefore, to an extent, not fully known. Evidence of those objectives; however, rears it’s head occasionally thus serving as a tip of the hand and allowing a peek at the cards being held by these criminals.

For certain, we know that the US intelligence apparatus was and continues to be the primary driver of the ongoing coup d’etat devised to at least hinder and at most remove a duly elected president in Donald J. Trump. Despite the President’s best efforts to assess personnel and do some housecleaning, with confidence we can state that a strong and capable cohort of anti-Trump personnel remains inside that apparatus (degree unknown.) So long as that is the case, the President faces exposure to ill-intent from these miscreants as it relates to Iran (and much more.)

Let’s get into it and let’s start with a basic definition of the most dangerous element that could be in play. If you are unfamiliar and I bet you’re not, it’s called a ‘false flag‘ operation. A ‘FALSE FLAG‘ is defined as, “a political or military action that is made to appear to have been carried out by a group that is not actually responsible.” There are many examples of false flag operations (Gulf of Tonkin incident in the Vietnam War, USS Maine incident in the Spanish-American War and, more recently, the attacks of 9/11. In fact, HERE is a list of 53 known false flags.

Here is what it looks like when the unwitting President of the United States is made privy to a predetermined false flag operation unfolding in real time:


Here is what it looks like when a false flag operation plays-out on US soil:


By understanding that the total body of evidence suggests that the Obama Administration was in league with Iran ($150 billion to Iran, $1.5 billion in a basket of international currencies delivered in the form of pallets of cash and further prohibited development of Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities), we can identify portals where the DSSG/MIC can insert itself in the capacity of executing a false flag operations.

In other words, by using proxy forces in the region akin to ISIS, false flag strikes can be used to frame a construct that draw nations into it so as to move them toward predetermined ulterior objectives. In this case, the President could be compromised by an application of 25th Amendment considerations, by being drawn into a broader military effort, by being goaded into a regional or global war, etc.

My overall assertion is that Obama was using Iran as a disruptive force in the Middle East so as to justify further US hegemonic expansion in the region. Further complicating that underlying premise is the factual and continued engagement of former Obama officials who are illegally interfacing diplomatically with a host of foreign nations; including North Korea and Iran. We’re looking at you John Kerry (see THIS and THIS.) CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to remember is THIS historical development whereby the DSSG/MIC essentially declared that it was intent on “taking out” 7 countries in 5 years and yes, Iran is on that list.

With all of this in place, we can assume that an element (degree unknown) of this Iranian construct is still in place and therefore, there is still an effective portal through which former Obama officials, via Obama, and the DSSG/MIC can effectively exact change in the region. The impetus for change takes the form of wars, fighting, conflict, taking down airliners, stirring up dissent, political assassination, embassy attacks, strikes on civilians, etc. There are myriad ways for this to play-out across the region and none of it would bode well for the Trump Administration.

Immediately following the President’s “dark to light” Iran speech, further geopolitical escalation occurred. Namely, the Iranians made a 2ND STRIKE on one US base in Iraq and a Ukrainian passenger jetliner was shot down. It contained a significant population of Canadians; understanding that Canada is an ally of the US. This is how entanglement works in undesired fashion. History tells us that indirect attacks vis-a-vis attacks on ones allies and whereby the US may have defense pacts with said allies, are sufficient to cause the US to take military action and be drawn into unwanted conflicts. For a reference point, simply study US history.


After first denying that it shot down the plane altogether, Iran has NOW stunningly reversed course and claimed that it was responsible for ‘accidentally’ shooting down the jet. Unbelievable. Sidebar – How in the world is it coincidental that, in this context, Iran shot down a UKRAINIAN jetliner? With Ukraine being the core and funnel of global corruption and positioned front and center in the 2020 US election, I find this ridiculously difficult to simply accept at face value (just like with all of the other coincidences and peculiar timeline alignments found throughout this entire sordid, corrupt and treasonous coup d’etat.)

This type of construct has the capability of being played-out over and over and over again in a region like the Middle East. Regional proxy forces that are often funded, equipped and trained by the US (looking at you dead John McCain) are often dispatched with orders to wreak regional havoc as to herd populations and governments into desirable geopolitical positions for things like personal gain, to construct justification for a military strike, corruption, US hegemonic expansion, etc.

This is an old script; it’s an old movie; it’s a book you’ve read a few times; it’s nothing new. It’s also something that the President and his allies must guard against. THIS is John McCain laying parts of the entangled foundation back in 2014.

Mr. Trump has and continues to use great restraint as this Iranian geopolitical construct continues to manifest and shift beneath his feet. The President must remain vigilant in recognizing potential false flag events. Perhaps more importantly, he must have excellent contingencies that will allow him to continue to take appropriate action predicated on sound, strategic decisions that align with his foreign policy and national security objectives and priorities.

For the sake of us all, good luck, Mr. President.

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